Go Get A late Pass…

I’m gonna switch my pitch up today and crib a page from Noz by talking about rap music that I actually like. Surprise, surprise, this won’t even be another Wu-Tang, Redman, Sean Price, Joell Ortiz drop either. I’m going back to Cali (I don’t think so) for this drop.

First off, shouts to my blogger fam on the west side, Meka Soul, Passion of the Weiss, Belize and my nigga iFux. If you don’t know these niggas by now you should stick your head in an oven. These dudes will listen to all that Lil’ Wang Bolshevik that you humps know you like. BTW, Wang is innocent. How the fuck the police gonna charge him with weapons possession and his gun ain’t have no bullets in it?

So check it, my nigga iFux was like, “Ayo Billy X., you fucks with Blu & Exiles?” I was like, “Nahh, I heard of ‘em, but I ain’t hear they shit.” Bong! Sunn hits me off with with this shit ‘Under The Heavens’ CD. Do y’all niggas got this shit? If you don’t then go get your late pass like I did. It’s rare to get an album that you can play from front to back and maintain your vibe for the entire disk. I give credit to whoever sequenced the tracks. This shit is real Hip-Hop with rhymes and beats. No overproduced Hollywood madness. No voice modulated singing. No body lotion with glitter flakes inside of it. [ll] to that last sentence.

I feel the spirit of J Dilla inside these cats music. ‘First Things First’ is definitely reminiscent of the Ummah and Slum V. I don’t listen to cats shit and look for other artists though its just that the sound on this album is laid back like a lawn chair. I would never suggest that anyone should smoke that green shit, but if you do, then you should do it to this album. This is the type of music that I make sex to a little Filipina chick, or Vietnamese broad. Do not sleep on Vietnamese chicks. All I’m saying.

‘Simply Amazin’ is another joint that I could bump all day long. Sunn, said “I’ll make you niggas see the light like a bright idea.” This kid Blu is a fucking rapper that I fucks with [ll]. Anytime motherfuckers make me rewind a song to catch some slick rhymes is when I’m happy. This is like that shit that would make me rewind my tape until that shit got stuck in the tape deck and then I would pull it out and it would be all unrolled from the cassette chassis. This tape is that Hip-Hop shit I been waiting for.

My badd to iFux and to Belize. I know y’all stay hitting me off with shit and I get to that shit on some lazy pace. I’m about to go in and see what I have in my mailbox that I haven’t peeped yet.

Hip-Hop lives.

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  • Trey Stone

    i’m becoming convinced that hip hop’s “realness” is judged by how boring/traditional it is

  • http://www.zombieradio.net E-Dub of zombieradio.net

    I feel you on that Trey, but Blu’s shit is very fresh. The CD was one of last year’s best. My only problem with it is it may be a TOO laid back with 18 somethin joints, I was full at the end of it. Still very dope tho.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    stop crying and copp this album

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    hmmm. i have it but i did not peep it yet. maybe i should. thanks billy.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    How is this WestCoast? The shit aint even gangsta, idk cuz i’ll check it out who knows you might pull my coat to something new. oh & you cant say “going back to cali,i dont think so” that song was a sneak diss to The WestCoast real type!

    • Re-yo

      “How is this WestCoast? ”

      …you missed the point long ago

      • daesonesb

        This CD is someof the nicest shit ive heard in a long time. Glad B sunday found it. I think a lot of people slept on just how good this cd is.

        This CD is like Common Mixed with Souls of Mischief.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

      @Kane – nigga you dumb.

  • ri067953

    Yo Billy, Blu and them is cool. I dig that “Below the Heavens” joint. Yo, you wanna hear some real L.A. style hip-hop, pick up that Lexicon LP from a few years back. I think it’s called “Youth is Yours”. Man, I’ve had it for a few years and I still bump that shit. They are some white boys but they had some of the illest beats and some dope song concepts. I think you’ll dig it. Too bad they did a Beastie Boys and turned into some sort of rock group.

  • Suckapunkin’

    Jesus Billy, I know you’re a sloppy motherfucker but at least get the name of the album you’re telling people to buy right; it’s “Below the Heavens” not “Under”.

    And Blu should find some better producer to work with. The beats are all alright but they sound too similar and as Trey said too boring/traditional. Blu’s better than that, he’s like the charming everyman Phonte can’t quite pull off because he sounds too superior and Andre can’t be cause he’s just too weird. He’s not as good as early Andre or early Nas, but it’s nice to see a young rapper taking that as his reference point rather than mindless boasts. Overall it’s a solid debut, but I hope his next album is more ambitious and musically interesting.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    yeah Below The Heavens. Shit is good like a muthafucker.

    I like this dude’s production style.

  • E-Fleezy

    I’m surprised u ain’t kno about these boys yet. Below the Heavens is top 5 albums of last year easily.”No greater love” is the joint that knocks the most. The title track beautiful too. Blu’s madd lyrical, and he on that everyday common man shit which is a breath of fresh air from all that southern trapstar bullshit. If I didn’t kno better I’d swear these moafuckas was from the East Coast the way they be puttin’ shit down.

    • Around and Around

      Cosign, that’s raw and real album top to bottom.

  • http://chlorococaina.blogspot.com miami_vice305

    wow! that Blu & Exile shit is wild.


  • why

    i downloaded this like two months ago from some forum because on rapreviews.com some put it as album of the year for 2007

  • http://www.myspace.com/woodrodropteam woodro

    shout to the nigga fux


  • EReal

    Crooked I, Strong Arm Steady, & Swollen Members.

    That is all.

    • http://colby-sempek.com Ghost

      …you know Swollen is Canadian right?

      • EReal

        Yeah but they all met up and started the group in Cali. I know the other two are Cali, but I was just throwin some dope music out there people might not be checkin for. Canada actually has some dope ass hiphop.

        I been on a death rap kick lately tho, lol. Alot of Circle of Tyrants, Goretex, Ill Bill, Necro, shite like that. Jedi Mind, ect.

        Ive been watchin too many Tribal DVDs, lmao.

        (Word to Tha Jabawokees)

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    damn billy- while i am glad you finally listened to the album, i am shocked it took so long. people (such as myself) have been writing about this album for months and fux wrote about it at least a month or two ago over at alumnah.com. eskay has been posting new tracks that blu is making with ta’raach (sp) with the group C.R.A.C. Knuckles (might have spelled this wrong too). anyhow, the point is that there is tons of blu’s music floating around out there, go find it!

    also, check out the dennehy LP by serengeti, it’s excellent.

    • Hawaiian


      ive been bumping Blu and Exile for the last couple of months.

      Billy, you need to check out C.R.A.C Knuckles…that ish is fire.

      don’t sleep on Jay Electronica either.

    • Liam

      That CRAC song ‘Respect’ is nice, def worth a look

  • http://whowalkinbrooklyn.com the music director, wwib

    Jesus Price album of the year 2007… speaking of The Lateness:


    anywhere on Flatbush or Ralph to get Blue & Exile, BXS?

  • http://colby-sempek.com Ghost

    Yeah, XXL mag was smart enough to put Blu in the Show & Prove section a minute ago and I copped right after. Shit is real and LA cats are still on top of it…

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Meka Soul

    *21 gun salutes*

  • http://bella.kenyanblogger.com bella

    thank you, thank you, thank you! this was the best album released last year and is the best shit i have listened in a minute…blu is one of the most slept on emcees and exile one of the most slept on producers….i love it when blu spits, “hell is a fallacy n heaven is a fantasy created by man” his train of thought is crazy…

    by the way, it’s called Below the heavens not under the heavens…


  • cold war kid

    glad u finally up on that real shit…that “below the heaves” title track is some of the realest shit i ever heard…u gotta play it like 6 times in a row for it to really sink in…

    “so build your heaven full of blessed thoughts”

  • Crispy Bacon

    Check out the Cool by Lupe…lyrical kingdome

  • Belize