A victory for men everywhere

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

-Barack Obama Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you’re a guy, it’s probably the worst thing you could imagine, short of something bad happening to your junk: You come into a shiteload of money, just to have to share it with some broad, because you used to fuck her, probably because that used to be your best option. But obviously now it isn’t.

It’s the situation 50 Cent found himself in a few years ago, when he had all of this newfound money, and you just know his baby’s mother (oldfound pussy, if you will) was chomping at the bit to get her grubby palms on as much of it as she possibly could. As if she was the genius mind behind such masterpieces as “I Stay High All the Time” and “Bitch, Get in My Car.”


Now, I don’t mean to suggest that Fiddy Cent regrets his son being born, or even the woman he had the baby with. (There’s times in a man’s life when he has to take what he can get, and for 50 Cent that time was 10 years ago.) But I’m sure he does regret having to pay this woman an exorbitant sum just because she had his baby.

In fact, I would imagine pretty much any man who’s being honest with himself would object to that sort of thing on principle, even if he has the means. Why should a woman become rich for no other reason than the fact that she had some man’s baby? I mean I could see if a man decides of his own volition to break her off. But if he doesn’t, then so be it.

The reason I bring this up is because it was announced just now that Fiddy Cent and his baby’s mother, one Shaniqua Tomkins (don’t be a racist), have come to an agreement with regard Fiddy’s child support payments. She was trying to stick him for $50,000 a month, but Fiddy got her to settle for a mere $6,700 a month. Damn.

How in the world Fiddy managed to swing that, especially in light of rumors with regard to several recent paydays of his, is beyond me. Not that it would sit right with me in the least bit (as if it has any bearing on my life one way or the other), but Fiddy Cent might be the one rapper who would be capable of being extorted by a broad like that without it being any sweat off his back. (Nullus?)

As he put it himself: Have a baby by Fiddy Cent, be a millionaire!

Whatever it was, I’m sure he can expect to be fielding calls from cats like Diddy and Fiddy Cent, who have had similar issues. Especially Diddy, who already pays more in child support than anyone, and apparently can’t be made to wear a condom (though I can hardly blame him). Fiddy, Russell Simmons or somebody needs to sit him down and have a talk already.

It’s a shame though that having to pay a broad $6,700 would even be considered a coup in the first place. If it was up to me, a man wouldn’t have to pay a woman any more than it would cost to buy a kid some clothes, feed him, and keep a roof over his head, i.e. enough to keep the bitch off of welfare and hence out of Bol’s pocket. (As if!)

The argument generally put forth is that a woman (er, the parent who isn’t worth a shit) should be able to provide the child with the same level of comfort that the man would, I guess so the child doesn’t think poorly of its mother. But my thought is this: unless it’s retarded, the child will eventually realize the true nature of its parents’ relationship anyway.

And otherwise, I’m at a loss for why a man, unless he really wants to, should have to provide any more for a child than he absolutely has to. Perhaps TPAR would like to explain.

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  • Ghost

    Uhh…first? Happy Valentines to all… Would this sort of settlement have to do with the fact that she’s used to a different lifestyle? not to say that Fifty ever provided for her like that, but I remember seeing something about Anna Nicole getting shitloads of money after rich mummy husband died solely because she was accustomed to a decadent lifestlye…is that legal par for the course or is that complete bullshit?

  • Dub Sac

    “And otherwise, I’m at a loss for why a man, unless he really wants to, should have to provide any more for a child than he absolutely has to.”

    I hope to the god I don’t believe in that you’re not a parent. It should be fairly intuitive why a man would want to ensure his child has a good life and maybe give more “than he absolutely has to.”

    Why he should be forced to pay anybody money just for having their kid is a different issue. But if you’re going to run around dropping kids off in the world, you should take care of them so they don’t end up terrorizing the rest of us trying to get something to eat.

  • The Spaniard

    “I’m at a loss for why a man, unless he really wants to, should have to provide any more for a child than he absolutely has to.”

    Odd, isn’t it.

    • http://thisis50.com Bill

      This sentiment is the problem with parents today e, especially in the balck community. Provide only what a child absolutely needs, obviously you don’t have kids. Ther is no scroll of things a child needs. A child’s need is constantly changing on a day to basis without any notification. This is why our youth look to the streets, drugs or whatever to fill that void. Provide by being in your child’s life and knowing before anyone ask what they need. Know they need a figure to look up more than they need a paycheck in the mail. Give them a positive person in their life they can aspire to be like. Provide monetarily, physically, and spiritually. Even if you an the BM has issues make a way for your to know I am here for you in whatever way you need me to be. Be a man and not a boy who did the deed and now makes excuses!

      From a Real Father schooling you dumb nukka’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • b-ease

    This post, along with 50′s victory, made my day. The bitch got greedy, she was already getting like 25 a month!!

    Also, if you keep referencing TPAR at the end of your posts, I think some of your slower readers will actually figure out that you are TPAR. I posted this like 2 months ago, but I saw another poster write the other day, so I just wanted to make sure I was achknowledged for staying ahead of the curve. (yes, that is sad).

    • blue balls

      well im retarded so wutdafuk iz TPAR?!!!

  • Y. Fame

    You and Billy made some of the best Valentine’s posts I’ve ever read. I’m happy yall actually thought outside the box and didn’t write a damn thing about love or some other corny shit.


  • akaTheRealist

    “Especially Diddy, who already pays more in child support than anyone…”
    Great Post, but you’re wrong on that one. Lionel Richie has got Nicole’s mom stickin’ him for $300,000 a month…for plastic surgery and make-up and all that shit. Nicole’s grown now isn’t she (with paper and a kinda rich rockstar boyfriend I might add)? So I believe that becomes “Ex-Bitch Support.”

  • Mr. X

    First of all fuck valentines day!! Second, 50′s girl should be getting $2,000 a month at the most. Now she’s getting almost the same amount of money doctors make for not doing shit.

  • http://xxlmagazine.com Cal

    Good Good Good!!! What fucking world do we live in nowadays man? No disrespect to women but any female that’s no longer kickin it with the dude who put the fucking roof over head, decides to stick him for all he’s worth needs to be put in a fucking ditch for real. If ya’ll know cameron crowe the dude that directed the terminator flicks ended up marrying T2′s star Linda Hamilton. Pretty soon she Paul McCartney’d his ass out of nowhere. That bitch didn’t put in on shit that took him took half his life to make now look.!

  • Youngz

    Ey, seriously, I fuckin hate Valentines just remind me of all the strike outs Ive had previous year.
    And seriously all women are scandalous hoes, golddiggin, mind playing trixters….

    Im gonna find myself a thai broad…


      thai women have no soul either, my friend.
      i had a thai girl do some serious damage to my view of the world. you just can’t fall in love and shit. you gotta treat these hoes like their life don’t matter. yes, that’s right, like their life don’t matter.

      • og bobby j

        i dont think co-sign’n truly expresses how right you are.

      • BIZZLE


  • Combat Jack

    Bol, you omitted to mention that Fif had already been paying Shaniqua Tomkins $25k per month!!! Bitch decided to get greedy and took his ass to court with intentions of copping $50k/month!!! What an effin idjit she is. A victory for men everywhere indeed!

  • The Spaniard

    Oh yeah, you just reminded me…fuck a Valentine’s Day. Thanks.

  • stoneyisland

    Any dude stupid enough to fuck ANY woman except his wife without a rubber deserves EVERYTHING the court throws at his dumb ass. In this day and age of golddiggers and chickenheads, who in their right mind is bare backing these lazy ass women? If you worth 200 or 300 million dollars then assume full custody of your kids and avoid paying some bitch a lot of paper. We cant have it both ways. Take full custody and raise your kids or pay the fuck up. Half ass nigga’s

    • D.

      PREACH!!! *catches Holy Ghost and drowns during baptism*

  • wood grain grippa

    seems bol is on a winning streak this year. God damn.

  • jimmyjoints

    i’ll say it again because it bears repeating:

    shaneequa, chill baby!!!

  • DirtDogggy

    50 spoils his kids anyway along with most filthy rich fucks, why should the bithces get anything period ? if the kid asked 50 for anything I’m sure he gets it. These bitches should have to send in all receipts each month to support their claims of money spent actually on the kids.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    2 tell the truth if u like 50 or not if you’re a man who pays “Childsup” you need to stand up and clap, applaud this shit cuz what kid needs 25,000 to live even 50,0000.

    *now what bitch!!*

  • memoirsofagangsta

    Lionel Richie’s Ex-Wife Gets 300K A Month. And Nicole is Grown, dammit!

  • Gin Joint Jukebox

    “Whatever it was, I’m sure he can expect to be fielding calls from cats like Diddy and Fiddy Cent, who have had similar issues.”

    He’s going to field calls from himself?

    PS: @ claims that she got greedy, she initially claimed 50Gs a month and while the case was being settled the court ordered 50 to pay 25Gs. She claimed 50 to begin with, and got 25 while the case was being settled. Learn to read.

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      Gin Joint Jukebox, everyone!

      He found a mistake in a blog post. So now he’s the man, and everyone else is just visiting.

      Management, when should GJJ expect his limousine to arrive?

      *stays up half the night, for fear that someone might go through the rest of his posts and find all the typos*

  • Boosie


    Answer this fam:

    1. Have you ever fucked a black chick?
    2. When is the last time you had some Pussy?
    3. Are you only able to smash Fat white Hoes, or do the sistas show you Love?
    4. Would you smash a white girl before a black girl?
    5. Who would you rather Fuck Beyonce or Angelina Jolie

    These are no shots fired, It just seems Like You write from a perspective of a nigga that dont get no Pussy. It’s like you got made hate in your heart, and all this negative energy stored up.

    Here’s 250 dollars fam, go hop on some pussy…Be easy on valentine’s day

  • blog junky

    Well Im bored and I will answer this for bol,

    1.Of course not bol has never fuked a black chick

    2 The last time Bol had pussy when he payed a crackhead for pussy which is like every single day

    3 Bol prefers to smash white hoes and no sistas do not like bol. Sistas actually love him

    4 Bol prefers wants white hoes before black girls

    5 boi would rather fuk Angelina Jolie, a duh @ boostie

    Boosie you seem like you don’t respect other peoples freedom of opinions. And why would you be so caught up in wondering whether the next man got pussy or not. Thats kind of gay on your part its sounds like you want him for yourself.

    Boosie whens the last time you got any pussy?

  • stoneyisland

    All you nigga complaining do have a choice…You can shut the fuck up and pay or pulla a Rae Carruth and end up in jail getting fucked everyday for sport. Your decision……..Go ahead take a minute to let it marinate, i’ll wait……………Until we stop playing the victims in this shit and start raising own seeds, we aint got shit to complain about. Nobody made you fuck your woman without a rubber, you had a choice, you made it, now man up and be a man muthafucka. Hell do I like forking over paper every month? hell no! but do I want my shorty living a comfortable life? hell yeah, besides if his moms aint happy then the kids aint gonna be happy which will lead to you not being happy. It’s easier to pay the shit and hope for the best.

  • Youngz

    Ha ha ha ha, LOL at Boosie triyng to be a psychologist. But those questions are valid, LOL!

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    “a man wouldn’t have to pay a woman any more than it would cost to buy a kid some clothes, feed him, and keep a roof over his head, i.e. enough to keep the bitch off of welfare”

    If you’re worth like $300 million, why in the hell would you allow your son to live like he’s middle class. There’s no way I’d have millions of dollars worth of cars but allow my kid to go to public school and live in a house that could fit in my bathroom.

  • Ryan

    Ugh, I love birth control and condoms, they’re beautiful things.

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    LMAO, your column was hilarious bol.

    LMAO @ 50′s baby moms losing out on all that cash. She should have kept quiet. Do you know how many women out there would kill to get the amount of money that she was getting? LMAO! That bitch is dumb as hell. What makes her think that just because he made so much cake off that vitamin water stake she’s entitled to a piece of the pie?

    Lucky for me, I don’t have worry about such shit…i’m 18, and children are the very, very last things on my mind.

    50 stay laughing straight to the bank.

    *laughs derisively*

  • Tyler

    Great post Sir BoL. From the number that this bitch one it only says one thing to be really. . And that’s 50 must not have as much money as everyone thinks cause if he does then he just got away with is 1st real murder for real. And speaking of baby’s mama’s and shit. Just when are U due BoL aka the Black Jennifer Lopez?

  • Fresh

    First and foremost a man should not have to supply his baby mama with nothing ……he should be a father to his child and provide his child with the fruits of his labor. His child deserves to by living lavish and going the the best schools etc the baby mama dont deserve shit you think cause you had a baby by a nigga who all of a sudden got rich your entitled to that guap bitch please!!!! Your broke ass wont complaining when you was making due with that 250 a month and it was taking care of the child all of a sudden you want to retire be fucking lazy cause your baby daddy worked hard to get that paper andfinally blew up the system is fucked up first off he needs to get custody then this shit would’nt be an issue.