There is this stigma about Atlanta-based rappers that says if you're not rapping about balling, trapping, hustling, etc...then you are biting Outkast. If you're not dressed in whatever mainstream expensive brand of the moment is...then you're biting Outkast. If you use too many odd sounds in your production...then you're biting Outkast.

So when I hear folks try to compare these cats Proton to 'Kast, it kind of urks me. Mainly, because these dudes have been circulating in the underground for a minute and have pushed the music envelope in their own way, its just that they never got any wide scale attention for it. The only comparison you could even make bewteen Proton and 'Kast is that they are duos who are from Atlanta. That's it.

That being said, I wanted to continue with my little New Year's Resolution of bringing alternatives and solutions.

These cats Proton are underground celebrities in Atlanta. I mainly started fucking with them a because the female-to-hardleg ratio at their shows are definitely in my favor. I mean, I like Jeezy and them, but it be too much testosterone at his shows sometimes.

But yeah, when I got past the eye candy at the shows and actually started getting into Proton's music, I heard alot that I liked. Their sound reminded me of those cool ass niggas in high school. The ones that were easy going, but bet'not run up on. I also appreciated their stripped-down production style in the midst of Atlanta's frequent overproduction syndrome.

They also inject comedy in their lyrics which is always a plus in my book. They had this joint called "Notice Me" about the shit some of us do for female's attention that really struck a chord. One of their more serious songs "Whats Up Now" about unfit fathers and unappreciative homeboys presented a angle about relationships that I hadn't heard done in a song before. Their accents also drew me because they sounded similar to not only mines, but the people I hang around.

Late last year they released a collection of songs on a CD called Girls & Ghetto Sh!t, and that's exactly what the content on the album is about. But, its presented in more of a satirical way than it is a "yeah, we on some bullshit and we love it" type way.

I can't really jump the gun on what all is lining up for these dudes, but 2008 looks like its going to be a decent year for these cats. Their bandwagon still has some seats available, so hop on while you can. I guarantee it won't be a sausage party.

If you fuckin' wit' it, you can peep their myspace page for more.

Ready To Go f/ Muffy

What's Up Now

Good Guys

Jheri Khurl

Notice Me

Boys And Girls

Now That I'm Without You

One Step