"Black man doing his motherfucking thing in the world, baby! You feel me?"

"Look at the Colin Powells, the Condeleeza Rices, the Ward Connerlys...We have to be careful with the black people who are put before us by the media."

Forget everything you knew about the '08 presidential primaries, at least on the Democratic side.

As recently as the last time I was on the Internets (I spent all weekend at the BGM), it looked like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were about tied going into New Hampshire, and that this might be her chance to get her shit back on track after coming in third place in Iowa.

But then I rolled off of the couch at the ass crack of noon today to find out that Hillary Clinton is now way behind Obama in New Hampshire, just like she was going into Iowa, and there's even speculation she might just say fuck it and call it quits already, lest she run the risk of further damaging the Clinton "brand."


In fact, word on the street is that the polls were never as close as the media said they were going into Iowa, but that they were presented that way anyway, to better fit the narrative from last year of this thing being Hillary Clinton's to lose.

And I'll even admit, I put way more stock in those polls than I should have, though I wonder from where else I was supposed to get my information. As Hillary Clinton would say, I was misled by the intelligence.

That said, it's not like I give a shit who wins the Democratic nomination. I never would have guessed that John Kerry would receive the nod in '04, for that matter.

And there's a while still between now and November. Even if he wins, something could happen between now and November, in which case who knows what would happen? They'd probably wheel Hillary back out, which would suck balls. Imagine having to spend eight years with her as president on some BS like that. That would almost be as bad as the last eight years.

Assuming nothing like that does happen, you get the idea that a lot of black folks will be reevaluating their position on the senator, if not because they believe he's the messiah or anything, then because they don't want to be left out in the cold should he actually be elected.

Take for example all of these people who endorsed Hillary, or at least haven't endorsed Obama, because they figured she would win anyway and they didn't want to ruin their chances of being invited to spend the night in (and hence fuck somebody in) the Lincoln bedroom. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of them coming out for Obama in the coming days and weeks.

In a column posted on the Fox News website yesterday, Roger Friedman runs down a pretty interesting list of prominent black people, many of whom have donated to Hillary in the past, who haven't donated shit to Barack Obama thus far. Included are the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce, Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Diddy, and billionaire BET founder Robert L. Johnson.


And I already broke down for you fruits the other day how Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton aren't riding with Obama, with Sharpton going so far as to say he might wait until right before South Carolina to endorse Hillary, so as to sway that state's black vote in her favor. With speculation now that Hillary might throw in the towel, you wonder how he's going to play that one.

If Barack Obama manages to win the nomination (and maybe even the election) without the support of those two clowns, I imagine that would damage their credibility quite a bit, perhaps to the point where the media stops calling them every time they need a sound bite from a black person. Or is that a bit too much wishful thinking? What do you fruits think?