The hip-hop mayor

We’re approaching this weird point in history where hip-hop has been around long enough that there’s a lot of people who grew up with it, and certainly not all of them are gonna end up like myself: perpetually underemployed, getting paid to sit in my mom’s basement and explain silly shit to people, like why the GZA is better than Soulja Boy.

A few of us have even found success in electoral politics. For example, the other day there was a video floating around of the mayor of Philadelphia doing a semi-credible version of motherfucking “Rapper’s Delight.” Which seems pretty ridonkulous, if you think about it. If some shit like that happened here, I might have to move across the river to Illinois on GP. I just don’t know how much faith I’d have that my trash would get picked up at that point.

Barack Obama, who fucking trounced Hillary Clinton this weekend (white people, seriously, wtf?), claims to have never spent very much time listening to rap music, and I’m tempted to believe him. He’s not so old that it wouldn’t have appealed to him. For example, my old man is a couple of year’s older than him, and he’s the one who got me into hip-hop. But in interviews, Obama has stated that he comes from that generation that listens to shit like Stevie Wonder, and Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Which I guess makes enough sense, if you think about it. Most people with jobs that require them to leave the house at some point don’t follow music as much once they reach a certain age. And in retrospect, that’s probably what I should have done – if not because I was so adamant about going out and making a success of myself, then because it’s not like I would have missed anything anyway. Hip-hop, on the whole, hasn’t been worth a shit since back when I was in high school.

Also, even if Obama was a closet head, it’s probably best for him career-wise if no one knows, what with the heat hip-hop is taking these days. Take for example this guy Kwame Kilpatrick, the so-called hip-hop mayor of Detroit. (Again, I’d seriously be considering a move.) He fucked around and got himself into some shit, and you have to know people are going to try to blame it all on rap music. They might even have a point. I’m just saying.

Basically, what he did is, he lied under oath about having sex. Just like Bill Clinton, who I’m sure is this guy’s idol. Last year, he was testifying in this trial that didn’t necessarily have anything to do with him getting busy, and the issue came up of whether or not he was dropping it off in his chief of staff. So of course he said no, even though he was. Why risk getting thrown out of your own house on some ol’ BS?

Unfortunately for him, the court went through 14,000 text messages on his city-issued pager (a pager? Detroit, seriously, wtf?), and turned up numerous instances of the two of them talking about doing the nasty with one another.

An excerpt, for your reading pleasure:

I’m madly in love with you,” Kilpatrick wrote on Oct. 3, 2002.

“I hope you feel that way for a long time,” Beatty answered. “In case you haven’t noticed, I am madly in love with you, too!”

Other texts contain sexual content, like this exchange on April 8, 2003:

Beatty: “And, did you miss me, sexually?”

Kilpatrick: “Hell yeah! You couldn’t tell. I want some more.” (via)


A couple of thoughts on this mess:

a) Never mind the fact that this guy’s still using a motherfucking two-way (what, is he also dealing crack?), how come he couldn’t just spring for his own pager (or perhaps even a cell phone!), especially if he’s gonna be discussing shit like this. Makes you wonder whether or not the city was paying for his rubbers as well.

b) I’m not seeing any direct connections here to him being into hip-hop, other than the fact that our generation doesn’t have much of a track record with regard to relationships. But Bill Clinton did the same thing, and I’ve never heard anyone call him “the first hip-hop president,” though I’m sure a case could be made.

Either way, I can’t imagine this will bode well for the hip-hop generation’s political aspirations. At the very least, I imagine a lot of potential candidates will think twice about associating themselves with the genre, if only because the first guy who did it was such a fuck-up. Why even run the risk of having people think you might pull something similar? And it’s especially unfortunate because, like I said, I’m not even sure if you can say for certain that hip-hop had anything to do with it.

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  • these posts are racist

    ….”But Bill Clinton did the same thing, and I’ve never heard anyone call him “the first hip-hop president,”…”

    >>>>They call him the Hip Hop Mayor because he listens to hip hop, openly, and acts very Hip Hop. He used to go on the Hip Hop Detroit radio stations and act…very Hip Hop.

    • Fire

      How the fuck can you act hip hop? It’s not like everyone who raps or likes hip hop shares the same views and the same exact beliefs on everything.

      • these posts are racist

        Wow, Fire is a tough guy now. The interet…

        I did not say people who like Hip Hop share the same views and same beliefs, you just made that up.

        If you’ve never seen someone act Hip Hop, then you’re either lying or you’re being silly.

        • Fire

          Asking a question is not trying to act tough. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think I needed to. I never said you stated those things, nice way to evade the question. I have never seen anyone act hip hop. I’ve seen wannabes act stupid, but that’s about the closest. I want to see what you think “acting hip hop” is.

        • Fire

          I say this because saying someone’s acting hip hop is like saying someone’s acting white or acting black. You can’t act black or white because those are races, not clearly defined belief systems, attitudes, or patterns of living that everyone in the racial group adheres to or follows.

          You can’t act hip hop because it’s a genre of music with many different artists that cover many bases, too broad of an area to define by simplisitic requirements or preconceived notions that people dream up.

        • these posts are racist


          Google Kwame Kilpatrick and watch some video footage of him. Then google, say, Mike Huckabee and watch some video footage of him. After you have done this and thought about it, let me know which one is “hip hop” and which one is not.

          You’re a clown.

        • Fire

          Why am I a clown, son? Because I’m questioning you? You asking me to Google dumb asses like Kwame Kilpatrick and Mike Huckabee is completely irrelevant to my question, which you still haven’t answered. Nice try on the red herring tactic, though.

          What do you think “acting hip hop” is? Being an ignorant person in a 9XL white tee? Railing against the man? Just put down an answer. As you so often like to say, challenge me on a substantive point instead of making vague criticisms.

        • these posts are racist

          You’re asking me to “define” acting Hip Hop. I never said I had a rigid definition, in fact, I don’t think one exists. But, for the limited scope of my assertion that Kwame “acts Hip Hop”, my request that you google those two individuals, think about it, and then tell me who is “hip hop” is a solid response and makes my point clear…

          You’re not questioning me nor are you challenging me, you’re being silly. Google the two, then respond.

        • Fire

          “I never said I had a rigid definition, in fact, I don’t think one exists.”
          Thank you very much for finally telling me what you think of my question. That is all I wanted. I don’t care about Kwame Kilpatrick or Mike Huckabee, the question isn’t about those two. I feel the same way about “acting hip hop”. Just like acting white or acting black, you can’t. Thanks for backing up my point.

        • these posts are racist

          Your original question: “How the fuck can you act hip hop?”

          You question implies that you believe a person CANNOT act Hip Hop. How did I back up your point? I think a person can act hip hop, hence I asked you to google the two examples. Even though I do not have a rigid definition, I still provide an example (the mayor) of someone “acting Hip Hop”…something you deny exists. Our positions remain distinct.

        • Fire

          The videos I saw on You Tube provide NO EVIDENCE to your point. The only thing I can tell about Mike Huckabee is that I don’t agree with his heavily faith based viewpoints. The only thing I can tell about Kwame Kilpatrick is that he shouldn’t have been screwing Detroit out of millions of dollars. This has nothing to do with hip hop.

          Liking hip hop and being a fan of it is not the same as “acting hip hop”. Like I said before, I’ve seen wannabes acting stupid, and that’s the closest I’ve ever seen to what you call “acting hip hop”.

        • Doobie

          Maybe to say that he exhibits more of what many people would generally consider more stereotypically “hip-hop” affectations would be a better way to put it TPAR.

        • Doobie

          Maybe to say the he exhibits more of what many would generally consider more stereotypically “hip-hop” affectations would be a better way to put it TPAR.

  • stoneyisland

    I do not envy Obama, being a black man is hard enough in america but if Obama wins the presidency, he will have more pressure from black people then any pressure white folks are gonna put on him. If you muthafuckas think tht Obama winning is gonna change the way cops look at us or proverty in the inner city then you are some stupid muthafuckas. If you wanna geta realistic view of what Obama is gonna be picture……..Tiger woods minus the golf swing. If Obama wins, there aint gonna be no 40 acres and a mule or reverse slavery, it will be status quo just like it always has been

    • Around and Around

      stoneyisland, I do agree with you about nothing changing, but if you think Obama gives a shit about the ‘pressure’ from black people you’re fooling yourself. What kind of pressure can Black people put on the prez??? Pressure takes power.

  • CaesarDuke

    Kwame Kilpatrick is funny he spoke at an NAACP event he should’ve been a comedian less critism 4 real but dudes cool and people do make mistakes so I would forgive him and he does have to deal with da consequences of his actions

  • Doobie

    I’m actually concerned about the pressures and demands that black people are going to put on Obama too. If he wins, what it should do is further encourage us to strive for excellence, and help to dispel some of the, at the very least counterproductive, identity myths that many of us harbor. That’s what *should* happen, but I doubt that that’s what actually *will* happen. He can and I believe will push for policies that will help to address the ills that plague inner cities, but the only way that that things will really change, is if the people change their outlook and their own perception of themselves. That IS the great effect that I’m hoping for if Obama wins.

  • Thelonius

    Those text messages between the two are actually over 5 years ago, when text messaging was pretty much non-existent.

  • b-ease

    ) Never mind the fact that this guy’s still using a motherfucking two-way (what, is he also dealing crack?)

    Barack Obama, who fucking trounced Hillary Clinton this weekend (white people, seriously, wtf?),

    how come he couldn’t just spring for his own pager (or perhaps even a cell phone!


    And how ironic is it that the “hiphop mayor” last name is Kilpatrick?!? I mean, by default, shouldnt it be Johnson or Jones?

  • realtype

    just check it out…wide range of topics…see todays post

  • Flymasta


  • Malcolm X

    “Never mind the fact that this guy’s still using a motherfucking two-way (what, is he also dealing crack?)” —> I laughed for a good two minutes on this line. WOW.

  • ri067953

    Yo, they didn’t call Clinton the first Hip-Hop president but they damn sure made a case to call him the first Black president. I guess white america look at blacks as reefer smoking, fat whore oral sex loving, jazz music playing individuals. Sounds like a stereo-type to me! Pause…or maybe not.

    • Bol

      Yeah, but what was his position on chicken?

  • wtf


    “Did you miss me, sexually?”

    Who the fuck talks like that?

  • moresickaMC

    Gangsta rap made him do it

    vote Obama

  • ITwasaBlackberry

    They were actually using Blackberry’s the news/media called them pagers… I live in Detroit…

    The situation is a lot deeper then him having sex with a staffer. They went to highschool together and have a long history…they conspired to fire cops that were investigating a stripper party that the mayor had at his mansion.

    The 2 strippers ended up getting killed to save his ass. All of this is coming out now since they have the text messages proving that Klpatrick & Beatty were lying under oath. The girls families are suing the city. The mayor had halted the investigation into their deaths before, but now his power is fading because the fired cops won their lawsuit and the case is going to be reopened.

    He is just very immature and let the power, and authority go to his head. But all of that is tumbling down now. In the end, 2 ladies lost their lives for no reason. Rumors around here is that a cop did it.

  • Fresh.

    What seriously concerns me is the fact that this guy thought it would be a good idea to do all of this on his CITY ISSUED PAGER. What a dumbass?

  • kane corleone

    Bol said- and the issue came up of whether or not he was dropping it off in his chief of staff. So of course he said no, even though he was. Why risk getting thrown out of your own house on some ol’ BS?
    Realest shit u have evar said!& Cosign what STONEY SAID-tiger woods minus the golf swing cuz thats real talk.

  • Boosie

    Bol= The soulja boy of the Blog game, No real talent Just Gimmicks.

    Now with that said. No, hip-hop has nothing to do with Kwame Kilpatrick, but It was inevitable as a Niggas kryptonite is Pussy. Thats a fact.

    Kwame kilpatrick ethered himself, when he came into the political game, with an earring. White folks and middle aged blacks folks already didnt like that. See when you bring that “hip-hop” shit into the politcal game, you are only just setting yourself up for failure, cause people dont want hip hop to be associated with anything Policy related, due to its negative perceptions as well as Negativity within its spectrum.

    It’s plenty of white Politicians who cheat on their wives, and visit happy ending japanese massage parlors, as well as S&M clubs, but they always get away with it why?…They have a stronger force behind him. Kwame didnt have A

    1. Hip-hop Treasury
    2. Hip-hop Accountant
    3. Basically a Hip-hop staff

    President Bush has a good ol by system Fortress, which he is able to elude a lot of things. You gotta know what you’re getting into, before you just start getting radical.

    Moral of the story….If you want to associate yourself with something of a radical nature, You can’t be the only Nigga who is the radical. You need a staff and some watchmen to guide you when shit pops off. Kwame lacked that, and crackkers set him up for the fall. Shit happens all the time.

    Shits disgusting b.

    Bol- Your next subject will prolly be about Some poor niggas, and your amazing Affinity for Caucasians, and the culture that bestow upon you. I’m bout to ether you out this blog shit fam….2008 will be your last year.

    • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Fire

    Too many good lines in this one, Bol.

  • Maddolies

    To Be Honest i dnt knw what the real crime is here? He Buss his nut in sum bitch hu wanted the dick.. So Whats the Big Deal?

    Some People need to adapt to the times i think.


    Kwame Kilpatrick = The New Bill Campbell.

    (ex-ATL mayor, now in prison)

  • FreedomCalls

    Bol, WHY haven’t you done a cover on Ron Paul yet??? Do you have any idea how revolutionary and neccessary he is to Black people RIGHT NOW!!!???

  • conflikdiamond

    First of all, they were using BlackBerry’s and the media said two-way pagers because of the connected lines…city issued.

    I’m from Detroit…the crime here is not the cheating and him sleeping around, this is the beginning to a string of lies by the Mayor, leading up to him being involved in a strippers death.

    When he first took office, age 32 or 33, he had a party at his city mansion, and the wife walked in and assaulted a stripper…the stripper went to the hospital, filed a police report.

    Mysteriously, the reports dissappeared and the stripper, Tamara Green, was killed 2 weeks later. To make it worse, her friend with her at the party, moved to ATL to try and excape the threats and she was killed down there.

    This is why it’s such a big deal, not over the booty calls. Two officers sued the mayor, city, for firing them after they were involved in exposing the mayors misconduct, party, and the stripper getting killed. The officers won in court. And because the mayor lied about the affair with Christine Beatty, he is now the focus of a perjury charge. And this further substantiates him lying about the party and the strippers, etc.

    Now more and more is going to come out and he is ultimately going to pay for those young girls deaths. Rumors are that a crooked cop killed them.


    Good post Bol!…but you left out a few key points. Kwame Kilpatrick has been running this city like some kind of frat house for years. he has lied about numerous other things during his tenure, which is why it’s such a big deal that he got caught red handed this time! also, the reason that he was in court (when he lied under oath) was because of the fact that he fired 2 high ranking police officials simply because they wouldn’t cover up his mishaps. He lost that case, which subsequently costed THE CITY OF DETROIT, 9 million bucks. Now, less than a year later, we’re finding out that the things he said in this case were lies! He coulda never even went to trial if that were the case! It’s also a known fact around here that he had a stripper named “strawbery” murdered because she was informing the public about a lewd party that he had at the mansion, which he also denies. As a matter of fact, that was the murder that was being investigated by the cops who were fired (Google it if you think i’m lyin)! So moral of this story, don’t be so quick to say, it’s cool, it’s just sex. DETROIT IS BROKE, we have no time for this type of bs….9 MILLION BUCKS!?! Also, currently kwame is still in hiding…this dude hasn’t shown his face since this shit went down…a real coward!


    another thing that needs to be noted is that everyone is making this a black/white issue…understand this, the police he fired were black, the girl that got murdered was black, the commuinty that lost 9 million in funding (in a city that has a 25% graduation rate) is black. SO KILL THAT BLACK/WHITE SHIT! If anything, the fact that detroit is a black city is the reason he was able to get away with the bs for so long! He was getting over on us…not “Representing” us!

  • ddubbzz

    Yo, i remember when this site would have daily new blogs put up, now i’ll be lucky if you guys have 2 a week, BOL, you know you dont have anything better to do but put up blogs…get on ya job homie