Even though I distinctly remember Killer Mike saying "Grind Time is a gang nigga you ain't know, we don't fly colors we wear Polo," on "Body Rock.," GT Rap Gang member SL Jones' new album C.O.L.O.R.S. (Collectively Organizing Leaders Offering A Revolutionary State of Mind) is a worthy exception.

As we all know, most of the time when named rappers try to impose their rap "sidekicks" on their fans, it comes out sounding sloppy. First, the "sidekick" is often times just plain wack. Second, they make albums that sound too similar to their boss. Third, there are the ones that are actually dope, but they unfortunately fall into that hole where they become too associated with their boss that some listeners don't care to distinguish them. Then you have the "sidekicks" who aren't "sidekicks" at all, but actually pretty damn good rappers, but for some reason, never get a chance to put an album out and show that they can stand on their own two feet.

That being said, fan or not, you have to appreciate this SL Jones album. Dude didn't litter the album with Killer Mike cameos (3 out of 21 tracks ain't bad) or stamp Mike's name all over the cover to draw more attention. He did a good job in creating his own identity image wise and sound wise (which should be too hard to do since he is from Little Rock, Arkansas). With that being the case, the album has more of a Texas than Georgia feel too it. You'll hear that with the screwed hooks and slow rolling production.

Another thing that I liked about some of the songs on this album is that was creative gangster lyricism. You know, kinda like how Kurupt does his thing. He lets you know how he gets down, but he is still spitting metaphors at will letting you know that he is a rapper at the end of the day.

Jones' voice is very streamlined, but not to the point that you get bored of hearing it (ala Lloyd Banks). And yeah, at points, the production could use some !!!!!!!'s, but you can appreciate that the album isn't all over the place due to GTO in-house producers Smiff-N-Cash trying to stay congruent with Jones' flow and voice. Unfortunately, it looks like GTO's other in-house producer Chaotic Beats wasn't able to contribute more due to his current situation, but it would have been nice to hear more from him here.

Anyways, just like last time, this isn't meant to be a music review, just a quick drop on an album you might not know about but may interest you.

Here are some tracks from the album:


"Keeps Getting Better"

"In My Blood"

"Brang It 2 U" feat. MacBoney and E Dubb

Oh yeah, since the 'net is going ape shit over Killer Mike's Ghetto Extraordinary album leaking last week, I thought I'd share some tracks from the album that didn't appear on the leak:

Based off the hook, I believe this one is called "M.O.B." From the time I got this album 2 years ago to now, this song is an instant motivator. This shit gets me amped! It should do the same for you (the ladies will appreciate the 2nd verse especially). It's produced by DJ Paul and Juicy J. And yes, its the same beat from "You See We Poe" from Da Headbussaz album they did with Fiend a while back. Fugg it, it still goes hard.

Killer Mike-"M.O.B."

Sorry, I can't remember the name of this song, but I know this is one of the one's Mike did with Sa-Ra. Its a pretty nice concept about bridging the broke with the bougie, listen close.

Killer Mike-"???" prod. by Sa-Ra