Thirty year olds run this rap shit. Always have, always will. The twenty year olds are just foot soldiers, workers, thugs and interns. The twenty year olds that are smart take the direction from the thirty year olds and they jump through hoops like trained animals. It doesn't just happen in rap music either. How many of you twenty year old XXL Mag Dot Com readers have to work for a thirty year old manager at Foot Locker or the Verizon cell phone store?

Don't get mad and shit and hurl stones at the messenger. Pay your dues and you might get to be thirty years old one day. In the meantime and in between time take your ass to go see 'No Country For Old Men'. This was only like the most hardbody movie of 2007. Niggas was gettin' they wigs split for no money down. On some crazy shit too. Just being in the wrong place at the wrong time was all it took, and you were having a real bad hair day after that.

The story is all about this drug deal that goes bad as both parties try to double cross one another.. This dude rolls up on the aftermath of the situation and finds the drugs and the money. He does what you would think is the smart thing by taking the money and leaving the drugs. He knows that someone is prah'lee gonna come looking for one or the other or both so he grabs what he thinks will help him get away to the easy life. Shit just gets wild bananas from that point onward.

The main character is a cold blooded merciless killer who decides to kill people by coin toss. Son is psycho-matic. Like ol' boy put the 'matic' in automatic. Woody from Cheers is in this shit but that nigger gets merc'ked to death. Tommy Lee Jones is in this shit too and he plays the role of this grizzled sheriff who thinks he has seen it all until he has to clean up the bodies from this bloodbath. It makes holmes realize that this ain't no country for old men so if you ever start feeling old you should prah'lee just kill yourself in advance.

The book this movie was based on is even more thrilling for those of you weirdos that ever bothers in wasting your time reading books. I rarely do and I'm happy to say that I think my writing shows this detail. I came to this book after peeping a story by the same author called 'Child Of God'. Now that was some sick white boy shit but I couldn't put the damn thing down. The main character was only into fucking dead bitches. He even merc'ked a little teenage girl just so he could smash it. Me and my girlfriend play a game called 'Dead Black Lady' based on that book. True story.

For real though go see that 'No Country For Old Men' shit if your momma gives you enough allowance to pay for a movie ticket and your marijuana, er, prescription medication. Watch and see if this movie don't win the Grammy or some shit.