Readers of Scratch will remember that Mixmeister was profiled in the mag a few months back. Version 7.2 of the Fusion and Studio editions were announced at NAMM this week.

Basically, and I don't want to downplay the features, the software is like an Itunes with actual DJ tools built in. It's got a grid, like Pro Tools, and you can just drop audio files onto the grid and the software will automatically beatmatch the songs for you. Along with that, you can specify where exactly you want the songs to start blending, change the key of the song, use EQs and effects. And even if the tracks aren't matching up properly, you can go in and fine tune things. The ill thing is that once you have your set all created, you can save it and pull it up later. Walk in a gig with a laptop, press play, and go grab a drink at the bar.

A couple of improvements in 7.2:

  • Mac OS X support
  • Improved time-stretching so now fast and slow tempos can be matched more accurately
  • Effects can be automated with MDI controllers
  • Can store EQ settings in templates
  • "Fade" and "Cue Next" features allow for tracks to be faded out so the DJ can talk or make an announcement or something like that, and then go right into the next track.

Obviously not everyone's gonna care about or use any of these features, although they will come in handy. But I think it's the most simple thing- the Mac OS X compatibility- that will make Mixmeister a real draw for people now. It's like Garageband for DJs- a sort of not so professional program, but still pretty damn handy. I don't know that you need any skills whatsoever to really use it. And now anyone can be a DJ.

Isn't that great?