Aight so...

I stumbled across this cat named Gripplyaz around 05-06 surfing through Myspace, you know, back when Myspace was that crack and you really thought broads was putting up real pictures of themselves. I didn't know shit about him except he had some rather interesting profile pics. Not weird, but, interesting.

I gave a listen to some of the songs on his page and was like, "hmmm, this is different." Then, next thing I know his songs started popping up on folks' pages as their profile song. So obviously, he had to have at least a few folks fucking with him and his music pretty tough.

I wound up seeing dude perform a couple times and it gave me a better understanding of what dude is on. Slum shit, skr8 up!

I mean, dude really don't give a damn and you have to appreciate that shit. He's one of those rappers where you can really hear that "nigga my shit jammin', fugg what you talkin'bout" attitude in his voice. I feel that's the kind of attitude that's needed to keep Atlanta Hip Hop alive and kicking. Like it or not, that's the same attitude that Bankhead shit, oh, excuse me let me use the proper media term, "snap music" had (at first) and that's why the shit was able to blow up for a little bit and offer folks a choice. Because either way, whether you liked it or not, those dudes was gonna keeping doing the shit because in their heart, they though it was jamming and they people around them that genuinely fucked with him and not just because they got programmed into liking them.

Now for clarification, Grip is not a "snap" rapper, listening to the songs at the end of this post will let you know that. Plus, he's from 4th Ward down there around Boulevard and they don't really be doing a whole whole lot of dancing around those parts. Only for the sake of reference, not to box-in or label anyone, but, Grip kinda reminds me of Sean Paul from the YoungBloodz...but waaaay more slummer. He can get down with the lyrics when need be, but ultimately he spews attitude and personality on the tracks he hops on...and its gutter to the fullest, nothing pretty about it.

And oh yeah...I'm not doing anyone any justice in saying this, but, computer speakers aren't going to cut it with some of these tracks. The true knock in some of these beats are strictly for the Chevy riders (Crown Vic' and Grand Marquis riders too though). That got damn 808, Miami Bass knock is hear all throughout.

So, if you fuckin' with what you hear, you can peep dude's myspace page and download his shit and have at it.

[Shout out to Skape Zilla and Battery 5]

"Black Matador"

"My Chevrolet"

"Ya'll Already Know"

"Big Ballin'"

"Breathe" w/YelaWolf, Proton and Poncho Grady (this song is a little aged but still jams)

"Project Ho"