How many people that read this blog fuck with DJ Shadow?

I gotta admit, I was very late getting up on Shadow. Not because I didn't think "Midnight In A Perfect World" was dope when I saw it on MTV back in the late 90s. I actually thought it was really incredible, but for whatever reason, maybe it was the time of my life or whatever, I just didn't get into Shadow like the rest of the hardcore beat heads. Then around 2001, with very little knowledge about dude, I remember reading something about how he produced Entroducing... solely with an MPC60 and vinyl. So like anyone who thinks something someone else does is incredible, I basically spent the next year or two trying to make beats completely with samples, no synthesizers or anything. Not even a bass line. I can't front, I recently listened back to a bunch of that stuff, and while I certainly accomplished my goal, most of it was kinda whatever. Couple hot joints. But, ya know. So I've got to hand it to Shadow. He is undoubtedly the fucking man.

Check out this mix of a songs that were sampled by DJ Shadow. It's a really dope listen. You might wanna wait till you get home to check it out, then you can turn up the volume and burn one down. Here's the tracklisting.