In one of my favorite X-Men comics we get a glimpse of a dystopian future scene. Mutants and superheroes alike have been shepherded into concentration camps. Society had feared their powers for so long that they were willing to allow the government to regulate them by any means necessary.

Rewind to the present day 2008 and listen to the Congressional arguments that are being levied against Hip-Hop from claims of its supposed pro-violence lyrics, to the closed caption vignettes of misogyny and anti-social behavior. Rap music itself has been pretty difficult to defend due to a lack of imagination and creativity from its artists. Speaking of the difficulty to defend and rap artists, there are several high profile rappers under indictment as we speak.

I looked around and tried to imagine what could save rap music in its 11th hour. Dance crazes are no longer valid or noteworthy. Rock and roll began to die the day the twist was started. By the same token, a rap song that is easy to memorize reduces the art to simple, childlike mnemonic babble. Hip-Hop needs a hero right now and I'm not talking about the classic club from Quizznos (get the wheat bread. Mmmmm, toasty).

The future of Hip-Hop is Super Hero Rap. This sub-genre has been quietly bubbling under the surface of mainstream rap but too many people have been afraid to embrace the movement for fear of releasing their latent nerditry. Now that Nerd Rap has proven itself a feasible sub-genre for Hip-Hop it is high time for the greatest nerd rap acts to claim their mainstream mantle. Those that aren't already at the top.

Ghostface as Tony Starks, Iron Man – GFK has to be the first or second rapper that comes to your mind when you think of Super Hero Rap. Of all the mainstream rap acts there hasn't been a more consistently creative artist than GFK. The culmination of Super Hero Rap's dreams may be realized when GFK crosses the silver screen during the Iron Man movie.

MF Doom as MadVillain – KMD is undoubtedly one of Super Hero rap's greatest champions. In the event that Super Hero rap is as short lived as crunk KMD is already forging ahead with Godzilla monster rap. Don't sleep party people, that shit is huge in Japan.

Eminem as Spider-Man - I said that here at XXL a minute ago.

Jean Grae – It's been too long since I've written a sentence with the name Jean Grae in it. She's still alive right?

Redman and Method Man – How about super hero rappers that actually get stronger after smoking some kryptonite, or anything else light green? The Sooperman Luva was trying to show us the way almost sixteen years ago. The future is now.

Sean Price and Rock as Power Man and the Falcon – Sean P was really my inspiration for writing this drop. He is an easy transfer over to the Powerman/Luke Cage character. As a former felon who returns to the streets to seek justice and crack skulls Price certainly has the background history and the bodytype. Plus he has a grip of hats with the letter 'P' on the crown. Rock as the Falcon is a no brainer.

Lupe Fiasco as Ant-Man – Who else has the ability to make their profile smaller after they open their mouth?

Fifty Cent as War Machine – Fifty needs something to revitalize his career here in America and Super Hero rap is just the ticket.

Missy Elliot as the Blob

I'm not sure who I would place in the role of the Black Panther. Talib Kweli seemed like a possible choice as did Mos Def, but I'm not stuck on either. I also want someone to fill the role of the Vision. Is there a secret Wu Tang clan member? Can we call him the Vza?

Super Hero rap is about to be huge in the '08.

Afterwards, I can't call it.