Days Of Future Past…

In one of my favorite X-Men comics we get a glimpse of a dystopian future scene. Mutants and superheroes alike have been shepherded into concentration camps. Society had feared their powers for so long that they were willing to allow the government to regulate them by any means necessary.

Rewind to the present day 2008 and listen to the Congressional arguments that are being levied against Hip-Hop from claims of its supposed pro-violence lyrics, to the closed caption vignettes of misogyny and anti-social behavior. Rap music itself has been pretty difficult to defend due to a lack of imagination and creativity from its artists. Speaking of the difficulty to defend and rap artists, there are several high profile rappers under indictment as we speak.

I looked around and tried to imagine what could save rap music in its 11th hour. Dance crazes are no longer valid or noteworthy. Rock and roll began to die the day the twist was started. By the same token, a rap song that is easy to memorize reduces the art to simple, childlike mnemonic babble. Hip-Hop needs a hero right now and I’m not talking about the classic club from Quizznos (get the wheat bread. Mmmmm, toasty).

The future of Hip-Hop is Super Hero Rap. This sub-genre has been quietly bubbling under the surface of mainstream rap but too many people have been afraid to embrace the movement for fear of releasing their latent nerditry. Now that Nerd Rap has proven itself a feasible sub-genre for Hip-Hop it is high time for the greatest nerd rap acts to claim their mainstream mantle. Those that aren’t already at the top.

Ghostface as Tony Starks, Iron Man – GFK has to be the first or second rapper that comes to your mind when you think of Super Hero Rap. Of all the mainstream rap acts there hasn’t been a more consistently creative artist than GFK. The culmination of Super Hero Rap’s dreams may be realized when GFK crosses the silver screen during the Iron Man movie.

MF Doom as MadVillain – KMD is undoubtedly one of Super Hero rap’s greatest champions. In the event that Super Hero rap is as short lived as crunk KMD is already forging ahead with Godzilla monster rap. Don’t sleep party people, that shit is huge in Japan.

Eminem as Spider-Man – I said that here at XXL a minute ago.

Jean Grae – It’s been too long since I’ve written a sentence with the name Jean Grae in it. She’s still alive right?

Redman and Method Man – How about super hero rappers that actually get stronger after smoking some kryptonite, or anything else light green? The Sooperman Luva was trying to show us the way almost sixteen years ago. The future is now.

Sean Price and Rock as Power Man and the Falcon – Sean P was really my inspiration for writing this drop. He is an easy transfer over to the Powerman/Luke Cage character. As a former felon who returns to the streets to seek justice and crack skulls Price certainly has the background history and the bodytype. Plus he has a grip of hats with the letter ‘P’ on the crown. Rock as the Falcon is a no brainer.

Lupe Fiasco as Ant-Man – Who else has the ability to make their profile smaller after they open their mouth?

Fifty Cent as War Machine – Fifty needs something to revitalize his career here in America and Super Hero rap is just the ticket.

Missy Elliot as the Blob

I’m not sure who I would place in the role of the Black Panther. Talib Kweli seemed like a possible choice as did Mos Def, but I’m not stuck on either. I also want someone to fill the role of the Vision. Is there a secret Wu Tang clan member? Can we call him the Vza?

Super Hero rap is about to be huge in the ’08.

Afterwards, I can’t call it.

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  • b-ease

    Damn Billy. So close, yet still so far. Writing these has got to be getting frustrating for you.

  • QuEen k0n9

    First! I have been anticipating this Wayne drop for a minute. ALL his mixtapes are FIRE and this dude is dangerous behind the mic. This dude is Hiphop!

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Jean Grae – It’s been too long since I’ve written a sentence with the name Jean Grae in it. She’s still alive right?

    ^^^^LOL! I’m sure she’s still around, doing something, somehow…

  • bongolock

    haha goog stuff!

  • these posters are idiots

    Lupe Fiasco as Ant-Man – Who else has the ability to make their profile smaller after they open their mouth?

    Too bad his first week sales trumped those of the Wu and Sean Price combined.

  • AK D

    I should point you in the direction of Brixton’s Marvin The Martian – his new single, Superhero, is fire. Pixel and me did a joint called Part Time Superheroes last year as well, in which we did battle with the evil forces of Pete Doherty , Rebeckah Wade, Dick Cheney et all. Good times.

  • vega

    Word, I still remember when Last Emperor’s “Secret Wars” came out, that track was dope.

    What if I had the, power to gather, all of my favorite emcees
    With the illest comic book characters, and they became arch enemies?
    Inconcievable? Unbelievable? Yet as wild as it seems
    The Emperor and Stan Lee would coach the two opposing teams
    Keep it clean, no bats, no gats, guns, no interfearance
    Comic book characters would go head up with raw lyrics
    Now I take, whoever might be on break from doin tours
    And have them signed up for the Last Emperor’s Secret Wars
    Sure, for that kind of capacity, you need a crazy large arena
    that might stretch from west Philadelphia to east Medina
    If I’m able, I’d put it on pay-per-view through my label
    And give free tickets to my neighborhood bums with no cable
    Yeah, that sounds phat, now that we’ve squared away the propositions
    Let’s begin with the ultimate toughman competion
    ‘Let the games begin!’ Set it off, it’s the fight of the century
    KRS and Professor X would battle each other mentally

  • Incilin

    “Now that Nerd Rap has proven itself a feasible sub-genre for Hip-Hop”

    ^^^ Ahhhh, when did that happen??

  • barbarian over the wall

    Naw, Billy, if you want to cast ominous mutants for a “dysutopian future”, you naturally look to the Islamic World.

    If you’re looking for true freaks to put in the bucket, you drift over to the most whacked-out well on the planet.

    • Around and Around

      Like the guy in Texas who killed his girl friend and tried to cook and eat her?

      Why go across the ocean? You ignorant white bitch

      • akaTheRealist

        did a dude in Texas really kill his wife and try to cook her?
        I guess that’s what hungry people do when they have a stove and no food, or money at all…

        • QuEen k0n9

          WTF!! I can bet money the girlfriend was white. No Crow!

    • Fire

      Yeah, since all Muslims must be terrorists. Real good observation. Your barbarian namesake isn’t far from the truth. There are crazy people on every continent in every religion and walk of life. I hate it when people feel the need to pigeonhole each other into certain categories. It’s completely ludicrous.

  • Mr.Wang

    Billy! Whats good nigga! Ya mutant lovin’ motha fucka! Do ya thang man cause you da only good blogger left cause Bol startin’ to get bad now. Everybody else cool but you da best nigga. Keep on nigga!

  • Jason Murk

    Who can save hip hop? Fresh, new artists. None of those niggas you mentioned are gonna save shit… all of em are well over 30 years old.

    Fuck hip hop. Invent some new shit. Right now, I’m listening to “Country Rap Tunes” by the late, great Pimp C…

  • khal

    that marvel universe game for the ps2 is all rpg style, and you can create a 4 man team. i always choose luke cage b/c he is that nigro.

  • cold war kid

    What about the birdman as ……the birdman….

  • Mr. Ramos

    Is there a secret Wu Tang clan member? Can we call him the Vza?


  • Combat Jack

    ^”Jean Grae – It’s been too long since I’ve written a sentence with the name Jean Grae in it. She’s still alive right?”

    She is. She lives up the street from me in BK. Really. Looks sexier in person. The last block I moved from, Foxy lived across the street. Really. Does not look sexier in person.

    That’s some wierd shit when I think about it.

    Btw, “Days of Future Past” was the culmination of John Byrne’s finest work evah!

  • barbarian over the wall

    Around and Around-

    Turn up the volume and stick your head back into that big pile of blunt till the feudal, desert mutants arrive.

    they’ll give you & your shorties some real X-Men action.

    • Around and Around

      White barbarian bitch, get off your local public library computer (I’m sure others want to use it) walk your ass back to the trailor and stick your head between your cousins legs, you white inbred simple ass ho.

  • ah huh

    Your really getting tired of post blogs here on XXL aren’t you Billy S. Whats the deal, got something better in the works somewhere else, got a touch of the ol’ DJ Drama syndrome have you, STEP YOUR GAME UP before your ass gets YN’ed dammit

  • BossGame

    Man! I was just talking with my son about that particular X-men book. I had that when I was a kid. Got fly and sold it (along with two thousand other Marvel Titles) for gas money. Bought it for 50 cent then, saw it in a comic book store recently for 75.00. Damn!

  • Kane Corleone

    STEP YOUR GAME UP before your ass gets YN’ed dammit^^^^^^^^^^LMAO

  • Rey aka Alumnah’s Charles Oakley

    Nice drop, Billy.

    Can Soulja Boy be the one “Robin” that was so annoying that fans of DC comics actually campaigned for him to die?


    • Cal

      Preach brother PREACH!!!!


    If your gonna have Super Heroe Rapers you must also have Super Villan Rappers.

    Lil Wang – The green goblin (he looks like one)

    Fifty Cent- Venom (they both talk with a snarl and look alike too.

    Remy Ma – The Black Cat (she always trying to start some shit)

  • Kane Corleone

    @ BossGame ,cuz i know you were HEEEAAATTTTEEDDD like a muthfucka.Remember when comics was like a niggas color tv,back when you had the black/white tv with that UHF knob on that sumbitch

  • Flymasta

    Twista as The Flash- HE RAPS FAST AND THE FLASH IS FAST.



    these posters is an idiot. He secretly wants to be Lupe’s pre-concert sack barber, shaving away the smegma beneath ol’ boy’s bawls and french braiding the publics.

    First week sales do not equate to success. And I don’t know a single line from The Fool. I bet you have memorized the entire album, including breathing patterns.

    The Underwriter is a superhero. With extra pickles, onions, tomatoes and spicy mustard on a whole wheat bun. Double meat (nl).

    these posters is the royal fool. Surely, you jest.


    Whats the name of that song???

  • these posters are idiots

    Your ability to spew unfunny yet super graphic gay jokes at the drop of a dime is alarming.

    But on the topic at hand, some hip hop writer you are, you hardbody ass nigga you. I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under or site you’ve been blogging at, for that matter, but unfortunately we live in a time where so much emphasis is placed on first week sales that major label releases that don’t crack 100k are considered failures.

    Maybe if the Wu did the tribute to ATCQ, their album sales would’ve increased exponentially. I mean, 30 yr old and up Tribe stans do make up an impressive demographic of the population still purchasing music these days.

    Next time I won’t respond to your comments on XXL, but on your blogsite so at least it’ll appear as though someone is reading that shit.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Good looks on them Last Emperor lyrics.

    You preaching to the choir pimpin’. I lost all my books to repay a debt. The store that I traded them into essentially paid me pennies to myh dollars. My entire John Byrne, Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Marshall Rogers collection. Crazy shit like three issues of Hulk #181, X-Men #94, etc

    Learned the lesson that shit is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

  • daesonesb

    I feel like there is an elephant in the room no one is talking about here at xxl. What the fuck is gonna happen now elliot is gone?

    • EReal

      The magazine, and the site will get better and we wont have to deal with his gay ass self congradulatory posts anymore. Thats What.

      Shoulda took my advice *SMH*

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  • St. Paco

    One of Method Man’s aliases is Johnny Blaze (aka Ghost Rider).

    “Play my position in the game of life, standin firm on foreign land, jump the gun out the fryin pan, into the fire Transform into the Ghost Rider – from “Triumph”