Black people, who needs ‘em?

The Hillary Clinton campaign keeps managing to run afoul of the black community, but what if that’s the whole point?

Take for example this hilarious incident the other day, when Bill Clinton kept falling asleep during a service to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at one of these black churches. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill did that shit on purpose.

On the one hand, of course a lot of black people are gonna see that and be like, “See, this is proof Bill Clinton doesn’t give a shit about black people. Never mind that shit about him being the first black president. I’m voting for Barack Obama.”

But on the other hand, I imagine a lot of cracka-ass crackas and black folks with a proclivity to hate on shit (such as myself), will only applaud the former president – not only because the shit was fucking hilarious, but because, fuck having to go to a black church on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

So perhaps this was a subtle nod to his cracka-ass cracka constituency that Bill Clinton is not going for black people’s okey doke any more today than he was back in 1992, when he had to throw Sista Souljah under the bus.

Not convinced yet? Well, there was a similar such incident a couple of weeks ago, which is when I first realized what was going on here.

Remember when Hillary Clinton said that shit about how, for all of MLK’s marching out in the street and getting sprayed with a water hose, black people wouldn’t have civil rights today if it wasn’t for Lyndon Johnson?

In the past couple of weeks, there’s been a lot of back and forth as to whether or not this is true. The PC community is suggesting that it isn’t, which of course leads me to want to side with Hillary Clinton. But I’m gonna go ahead and take the nuanced position that both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lyndon Johnson played an important role in winning civil rights for black people.

I know, I’m smart like that.

Either way, I wondered why Hillary would mention some shit like that while she’s in the midst of running for president against the first black man who was lightskinted enough to be taken seriously. Then she sent her husband of all people out to conduct damage control, and it became clear to me that this was all part of her plan. Er, probably his.

I didn’t hear any of this myself, because if I had that much free time on my hands I’d probably pick up a nasty drug habit or something, but apparently Bill Clinton did the ol’ Don Imus Apology Tour, first on the Al Sharpton radio program and then on the Michael Baisden show, and all it consisted of was angry-ass black people calling up and going off on him.

Now, you’d have to think that Bill knew that this would happen, if not because it occurred to him that these are the type of people who would listen to Al Sharpton on the radio, then because Don Imus got suckered into going on there last year and the same shit happened. As stage-managed as the political process is these days, at the very least he could have opted not to take call-in questions.

So my guess is that Bill Clinton went on those shows on purpose, hoping some shit like that would happen. And the dumbasses who listen to those shows, who – let’s face it – probably aren’t the most strategically savvy people in the world (to put it nicely), played right into it.

Now they can play clips from these appearances on shows cracka-ass crackas listen to (I’m not gonna like, that’s where I heard about this shit), with the tacit message here being: If Hillary Clinton doesn’t win this shit, these are the kind of people who could end up with access to the president.

Brilliant, I have to admit. Way more complex than just finding some black bogeyman and stringing him up in front of a crowd of cracka-ass crackas, the way they used to. Which is not to say that I condone that sort of thing, or that I support Hillary Clinton. I’m just saying.

I remember last year, when the polls would show that Hillary was beating Obama in the black vote, I just assumed that a lot of black people must still be nostalgic for the Clinton era. But then, as it began to get closer to the election, none of the black people I would speak with personally could conjugate the verb be were riding with Hillary.

Whether this was a matter of Hillary finding a way to juice the polls (you see how she got all of these black churches in her pocket), or black people gradually warming to Barack Obama and realizing he could win, I’m not sure. Either way, I think it’s obvious by now Hillary Clinton is not gonna win a majority of the black vote.

Could it be, then, that Hillary Clinton figured that, if she can’t win the black vote, she might as well focus on turning cracka-ass crackas against Barack Obama? I’m assuming this is the case. What do you fruits think?

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  • og bobby j

    I just don’t see either of them running this shit. There are some crazy white folks with sniper rifles out there….im just sayin.

  • jay

    Time is running short ,so it is kind suspicious that hilary made that dumb ass comment and then you see her old ass narcoleptic husband sleeping on martin luther king day , in a black church(you cant be serious). i think its no coincidence. time for plan B.

  • hallik

    Your point got drowed half way through the post. I dont think I understood your position at all. I usually enjoy you posts…but im just sayin

    • Bol

      I’ll have you know I spent a lot of time working on this, to make sure it flowed logically.

  • master cheef

    if bill is anything like me, he can’t stay awake in a white church either. there’s just something about church that makes you so motherfucking sleepy

  • Ayre

    I like how in the news they show Hilary roasting Obama, But they don’t show him replying back

  • ddubbzz

    Why i gotta be a fruit?

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  • these posts are racist

    The “black vote” can literally turn the election. You are acting as if the election will be between Clinton and Obama. Most people play no role in the primaires, so a lot of your discussion is moot. When H. Clinton made the comment about LBJ and MLK, she was taking shots at Obama’s nack for uplifting speeches and making it clear that you need a strong leader who can actually sign a bill into law. It was a nonesensical comment, that was only meant to make Obama look like a man full of words, uplifting words, but one who could not translate his words into sound policy.

    That said, once the General Election is underway, if the “black vote” is used properly, it could be the deciding factor in who becomes the next President of the USA.

    • Bol

      Nice strategy, TPAR. Pretend as if this post is about the general election and then accuse me of making it seem as if it’s between Clinton and Obama.

      Is this the kind of shit you try to pull in the courtroom?

      • these posts are racist

        What? I’m confused. I’m saying that the “black vote” is more relevant in the general election, in my opinion. I could be wrong…hence I’m engaging in this discussion.

  • juz

    Eyo, I still love Bill Clinton, hell I even rehspect him more…who has the energy to get upset get the f outta here…
    Why is Obama always presented as the black candidate? He n Halle Berry, Lenny Kravitz are the only “blacks” crackas” except.

    Obama aight black to me, he was raised by his white grandparents and talk like Dave Chappelle Imitating some Old White dude.

  • these posts are racist


    My comment answering your question in your previous post, never posted.

  • BIG O

    hillary is smart.she knows she doesnt have to cater to the black community.all she has to do is have bill clinton for a long as she gets some of the black vote she will be real niggas dont vote!!!!!ecspecially young black a 21 year old black male when i went to vote in 2006 i stood in line for an hour and saw about 10 black people and none were bush showed that all you need is the women vote,and the white vote.statistically black people dont vote and if they do its not on the same candidate and thats why barack obama will lose.only one way to change it.get off your lazy ass and go vote with me.other than that hillary clinton could give a fuck about blacks

    • akaTheRealist

      you went to vote in 2006 where?

      • BIG O

        in the midterm elections dumbass i voted for congress and the senate keep up.

        • LowEndofDaChi

          I think he was meant geographically.

          Just a guess.

  • Mr41tx

    Ummm am i the only person who thinks barack obama is a manchurian canidate? I mean look on youtube type in meet barack obama and watch the entire video first both of his parents died when he was a toddler (bullshit) second the pictures of him in college doing civil rights work etc are all in black and white making them feel malcolm x’ish or martin luther king’ish when those pics were taking in the 80′s to me it gives kinda brainwashing effect because they had color then why the bush cheney regime thing give a nigga or a woman ( im 23 blk smk wed aldy) all that power? Are Clinton and Obama our only choices where are the ross perot’s the white guys wit money?

    • Doobie

      “Ummm am i the only person who thinks barack obama is a manchurian canidate?”

      Nope, lots of other people with a penchant for irrational thought think the exact same thing.

  • South City

    Well said. The Clinton’s are some of the most calculating politicians this side of George Dubyah. Their campaign staff can’t even pass gas without them orchestrating it.

    It should be obvious to anybody with an 8th grade education that Bill fell “asleep” on purpose; knowing full and well that if he seemed the least bit disinterested in the black messiah AKA MLK, it would strike up racial controversy.

    If I can see this fuckery, I would hope that Obama can see it too. Hopefully he doesn’t play right into their hands.

  • Chest Rockwell

    Fuck Bill Clinton and the rest of the Clinton’s its dumb how my people call Bill Clinton black. When people were gasing each other about it he wasn’t doin shit for black people. Just because you have Tel-lie-vision feeding you images of him being a laid back and cool cat doesn’t mean he is or ever was.

  • The Nicker

    ^^none of the black people I would speak with personally could conjugate the verb be^^^

    Ahhhhh, classic . . .

  • FPL


    This post made me think….you made a good point and thats rare. The political process for selecting a president is so complex it makes you wonder if its possible to make a mistake at all…slipping of the tongue or falling asleep. I appreciate the thought provoking post.

    Fuck you very much

  • independentblkchick

    The differing opinions and the media promoted “split” of the black vote proves that there is no such thing as “the black vote.” After years of denying us the right to vote…then the years of fear and ignorance where black people just didn’t vote…we finally reach today. Today, more than ever, black people are just not monolithic. The stats you quoted show that black people’s…like whites…beliefs and political agendas diverge along class lines. I went to college, but my older brother didn’t. He’ll likely vote for Obama just because he’s black (if he even bothers to vote). I, on the other hand, don’t give a shit what color Obama is. I want to know what the next president is going to do to undo what our current “leader” has done.

    • Dub Sac

      You’re such a smart lady.

      People tend to forget that class has a lot to do with politics and that poor people of every color are getting fucked and that rich people of every color are letting it happen.

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  • Big Rob

    I’m not from the states so as a third party I have an fairly unbiased opinion. It’s 2008 and you have a white woman lobbying for the “black” vote and a black man lobbying for the “white” vote. Your country is just as seggregated as ever. The fact that in the USA the idea of rich is synonomous with white and poor is synonomous blck is rediculous. Where I’m from (your freindly nabourgh to the north) we are extreamly multicultural and poor is synonomous with poor. The Hip hop movement is a smarter political stance than white or black. Poor peoples issues are the same no matter what race is broke.


  • Fernando

    lol @ Webbie making the song “girl gimme dat” and then releasing “i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t”

    effing classic.

    Him and lil boosie deserve some kind of humanitarian award.

    ‘YAH TRICK YAH’…..Mr. Collipark “bwatradilabwaaaaahh”!1

  • daddy

    in this new age of info every tinyest thing can b blown up and over analyzed to the tenth degree. but i think shes tryan to sidekick barack. like he cant b prez but would b a good vice pres. pres in training like how gore was supposed to b

  • these posts are racist


    You are a racist and comment on a Hip Hop site. I don’t even know what to say.

  • moresickaMC

    It’s too late hillbilly clintons startegy worked. theyve boxed in Obama as the “another angry black man”…so Hill is home and dry. Sad Obama fell for it.

  • The Spaniard

    I’m not voting for either of these fucks (until the general election at least) but…

    “could conjugate the verb be”

    was worth reading the post for me.


  • Fernando

    Realist, not racist.

    After your mama changes your diaper, try and figure out how to explain the plight of the black race in america without using the phrase “the white mans fault”.

    Or better yet, use that phrase, and then explain how crying and making excuses makes things better.

    You are your own worst enemy.

  • Maddolies

    I propose a series of Rioting if dat evil Bitch beats Obama!

  • Fire

    I think Fernando and TPAR need to realize that it’s in the middle. TPAR can’t blame everything on ethnic stratification, but Fernando can’t just pretend it doesn’t exist.

  • 2HQ

    I agree that bill’s pandering and hillary’s indirect way of bringing obama into a fight about race, which if he had continued to avoid would have possibly meant another Iowa result, was “swiftboat-like” in nature. I don’t know if all the strategic ploys are “smart” politics (as dirty as the nature of most politics always seem) or if we as Americans are conditioned to think we need elbow-throwing liers governing as a basic necessity (if hillary’s elected it will be our fault, are any of you registered for the primary.) Oh and Fernando, I don’t know you but think your half right. If something is the truth, no matter how many times you say it and people get tired of hearing it, it’s still the truth. These are people dying, not the boy who cried wolf. But new approaches are definitly required…….People (any people) will always rob, cheat and kill to keep power.

    • Doobie

      You’re right, but Politics is all about perception and truth is usually the first casualty. Lies are often much more effective than the truth. Cut-throat political strategy dictates that you define your opponent before your opponent gets the chance to define themselves, and I strongly get the impression that some covert operative for someone’s campaign is behind all of these emails claiming that Obama is a Muslim/Terrorist. It’s a lie but it’s been highly effective in defining Barack Obama in the minds of many voters. I find that man is motivated by two things above all else: fear and selfishness. That’s why tactics such as these work every time–you want to win an election, you play upon people’s fears. It’s up to the people to change this type of Politics but unfortunately, I think it may take a couple more stages of evolution before we get to that point.

  • barbarian over the wall

    Fire, this wouldn’t be a proper & healthy hip-hop site if the folks can’t play the blame game.

    Taking a good, hard look in the mirror instead of automatically throwing out some half-assed, racial rationale??

    Middle-ground & reality be damned!

    • Dub Sac

      What good has reality ever done for anybody?

  • makandal01

    c’mon we all know hillary gonna win they run the show dont forget what happens with bush and the florida vote cnn news already hating on obama.

  • Fire

    There’s definitely a history of whites keeping other races down in American history. As a matter of fact, in all societies the dominant group usually subjugates another group. Consequently, things like social status, wealth, and education are affected and make it harder for minorities to “come up”, so to speak. Yet that isn’t the be all and end all. The systems in this country need to be made fairer for all citizens, yet all citizens need to do more for themselves.

  • Fire

    By the way, go to Bol’s website, click on Scenes From A Redneck Wedding, and scroll through the comments.


    Throw black people under a bus? Are you serious? Hillary Clinton would do this country proud as our president. I like Obama, as most people probably do, but his lack of experience really is alarming. BUSH has more experience than him and you see how that worked out. Bol, I think you’re looking for a reason to antagonize Clinton. The fact of the matter is that Black people WOULDN’T have rights if it weren’t for Lyndon B Johnson, Simply because MLK didn’t have the ability to pass bills and laws, or change them for that matter.

    BIG O, I hate it when people like you speak on race related issues, because you sound more racist than the people you’re talking about. You say that young black people don’t vote on the same candidate, as if they should. Are they not people? Do they not have their own opinions and principles? White people don’t vote on the same candidate either.

    Alot of black people just LOVE Abraham lincoln but a quote of his is, ” If keeping slavery would have kept this country together I would have”. He didn’t give a shit about black people. Lyndon B. Johnson did. You have to start acknowledging the fact that some white people are actually trying to help, and that sometimes we need it. To say that MLK didn’t have the means to physically give blacks civil rights says nothing bad about his character and in no way lessens the degree of broadness and power of his status. Unbeknownst to several of us, however, you have to be a very powerful political figure to change laws.

    • THA KID MD

      You gotta understand also if MLK didn’t do anything Lyndon wouldn’t have done anything.

      We just need the person who can make the USA better for all races and no one can know who that is if there continuously avoiding how they will actually help “US”/”EVERYONE” if they keep going after each other.

      Its a great scheem dont u think, battle each other but not focus on only the issues, or things you are going to change.

      • Doobie

        “The fact of the matter is that Black people WOULDN’T have rights if it weren’t for Lyndon B Johnson, Simply because MLK didn’t have the ability to pass bills and laws, or change them for that matter.”

        And the fact of the matter is that Lyndon Johnson wouldn’t have done anything if it weren’t for Martin Luther King and other people involved in the civil rights movement. Change never takes place until the public climate reaches a certain critical point, it always happens from the bottom up. It’s because of the pressure created by King that Johnson signed those bills. Plus Hillary’s criticism didn’t make any sense anyway, Barack Obama is not running for “civl rights leader”.

  • barbarian at the gate

    Hmm, must be a rather benign & rewarding subjugation, Fire, because people from every corner of the planet pour in every year in ever larger numbers to get as much of it as they can for themselves & their families.

    White oppression & subjugation never seemed more popular.

  • Fire

    Barbarian (are you at the gate or over the wall?),
    I’m not saying that America isn’t a great place to live, no one could pay me to live anywhere else. America, however imperfect, is truly a great country. But we can’t deny that some people let race affect the things I mentioned earlier, and that’s a problem that should be dealt with. But like I said before, people need to be more self-reliant. See, it’s somewhere in the middle.

    Trust me, I believe in equality for everyone, not one person over the other. To me, race is nothing but a social construct and man made boundary, but many people are too foolish and shortsighted to see it that way.

  • Fire

    Barbarian (are you at the gate or over the wall?),
    I’m not saying that America isn’t a great place to live, no one could pay me to live anywhere else. America, however imperfect, is truly a great country. But we can’t deny that some people let race affect the things I mentioned earlier, and that’s a problem that should be dealt with. Things aren’t as cut and dry as you make them. But like I said before, people need to be more self-reliant. See, it’s somewhere in the middle.

    Trust me, I believe in equality for everyone, not one person over the other. To me, race is nothing but a social construct and man made boundary, but many people are too foolish and shortsighted to see it that way.

  • barbarian over the wall

    Fire, I jumped the wall ’cause I grew weary of the city guard throwing spears & shooting arrows at me while at the gate.

    Is the concept of ‘race’ an all-damning, contrived construct and obstacle toward some notion of ‘pefect equality’ in America?

    Do you & I give it more importance and weight than it truly merits?

    By centering around ‘race’, do we tame & lessen the beast, or do we wind up building the beast even higher to anyone’s advantage?

    Do you err in defining ‘race’ in terms of “one person over the other”?

    Is that notion ridiculous interpretation, the essence of exaggeration, or simply being simplistic?

    • master cheef


    • Fire

      The funny thing is that I never defined race in terms of one person over the other. I said I see it as nothing but a social construct that some people let get in the way of things. We do give it more importance and weight than it truly merits, that error began thousands of years ago in societies much different from ours. There will never be perfect equality, and we can’t erase prejudice completely, but we can definitely go for lessening the effects. At the same time, people can’t constantly play “the blame game”, as you say.

  • Tray

    I don’t really think that’s the idea. I think Hillary would welcome as much of the black vote as she could get.

  • Tyler

    BoL, U have been riding the Clintons White Dick this whole time. Don’t try and jump off now U hoe Bitch!

  • Tizz

    Hilary doesn’t really need the black vote for a chance at a win. She’s got the white woman demographic right in her palm. Not so sure about the males of that race, but she’s got enough to put up a fight. Tray is right that she would welcome it, but it’s not her true concern. She doesn’t really want to associate with Bill’s supposed love for blacks, so she’ll do whatever she can to ward off such a thought. It seems like most ig’nant ass niggas (oooh!) aren’t even trying to side with Barack, under the presumption that he “ain’t real”, i.e. won’t magically fix up shit for broke ass people, which definitely isn’t a big goal of his. Either way, Hilary ain’t got shit to worry about. I’m still not sure who I’m gonna vote for in my first election evar, but it ain’t gonna be the one who talks a good talk.

  • Doobie

    I had a Political Science professor in College who told me that Bill Clinton is the greatest Machiavellian politician that he’s ever seen. I didn’t understand why he said that before seeing what he and Hillary have done to Barack Obama over the last two weeks. I think their intention all along was to marginalize him racially, and I’ve got to give them credit for their diabolical brilliance. But, Hillary is no Bill, and they may be misgauging the public climate this time. Machiavelli also said that you have to appear “good” when it’s politically expedient to do so, even while cutting your opponents throat behind the scenes. Bill was great at that, Hillary has trouble hiding her knives. I think Obama was actually effective in exposing her knives the other night, and we’ll have to wait and see how the public responds to that. Hillary’s strategy to marginalize Obama racially could win her the battle but cause her to lose the war. If a large number of black people decide to stay home in November, there’s no way possible way that she can win the general election. I think what they’re banking on is that they can make a few high profile appearances with a few famous and well-regarded blacks and people will forget all about this shit. If Bill was running then that shit would work without question. It’s risky for Hillary though seeing how 50% of the country absolutely refuses to vote for her. She is the most despised figure in the entire country amongst Republicans. If the Republicans pick Mitt Romney, and I hope they do if the Democrats pick Hillary Clinton, or even Giuliani or John McCain (who I don’t think is as strong as people are making him out to be) then the Republicans will be spending another four years in the White House.

  • gerald n. the birdman

    “..angry-ass black people..”


  • Jas

    I dont think falling asleep is a sign of overt racism to be honest,no disrespect to Dr King but memorial services are always kinda boring.Clintons an old man now he needs an afternoon nap..

  • Quel

    I totally agree that this is her tactical ploy now. It took me a while to warm up to even to listen to Obama(he’s cool now) but I realize that the Clinton Legacy as they call it havs experience not in action but reaction and the making folks react a certain way. They know that at the end of the day blacks are still the minority in America so Obama can have those votes, so lets play to the “folks” in our favor by playing them against him. (shakes head in sorrow)

  • Riley Freeman

    Uncle Ruckas,
    Uz a hater

  • Combat Jack

    brilliant post homie.

  • these posts are racist

    Fire and Bigot at the Gate,

    Why don’t you guys challenge something I say substantively, instead of making vague criticims. Bigot at the Gate, you have proven time and time again that you cannot have a discussion. The minute I back you against the wall, you respond that you don’t argue and that there is no point to have a discussion…an easy way to back out of an argument you are about to lose.

    Your logic on this post is hilarious. Just because there are worse places in the world to live in, means one cannot criticize the US Government? Just because there is greater injustice in other countries means we cannot demand justice in the US? Just because people want to move to the US means those living here who have suffered injustice should not demand that justice be served?


    • Fire

      Like I said, I merely see race as a social construct and worthless man made boundary.
      I have acknowledged the impacts of ethnic stratification. I haven’t denied or discounted them, and it’s obvious they both play a part in how easy it is for minorities to have equal access to adequate education and certain power oriented, social, and economic positions. However, it seems like you act like that is the end determinant for most African Americans, that they should give up because of this fact and the history of ethnic stratification. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • these posts are racist

        “However, it seems like you act like that is the end determinant for most African Americans, that they should give up because of this fact and the history of ethnic stratification.”

        No, this is not my position. I have never stated anything like this. I also do not want to engage in a vague argument about my “positions”. When I say something, you and anyone else are free to challenge. I welcome it.

  • Doobie

    “Hmm, must be a rather benign & rewarding subjugation, Fire, because people from every corner of the planet pour in every year in ever larger numbers to get as much of it as they can for themselves & their families.

    White oppression & subjugation never seemed more popular.”

    First of all, immigration and the history of white oppression of minorities, particularly blacks in this country are two entirely separate issues. But as far this massive pouring of people into the U.S. business, this is something that is often exaggerated by egotistical conservatives. Lots of people pour into countries all over the world that suck less than the country that they’re living in. I mean, let’s be real about this; people aren’t flowing into America from “every corner of the planet”, people are pouring into the U.S. from Central America and Mexico. Why? Because Central America and Mexico really suck, and the U.S. is the country in closest proximity that sucks a lot less. It’s that simple. People in other parts of the world who live in really shitty countries go to closer countries that suck less. People aren’t sneaking into America because America’s so great, people are sneaking to America because Mexico is so shitty (and the climate change in Canada is FAR too drastic).

  • b-ease

    I swear, I was talking to my girl the last week and said the same exact thing. Bill and Hilary know they aren’t getting the black vote, so now they’re subliminally showing white folks that are racist but don’t want to admit it, that their interests are being looked after. Ingenious.

  • Fernando

    Oh god, here goes TPAR again.

    Nobody said you cant criticize the US government, but when all you do is complain and cry about why certain people cant get ahead while everybody else seems to have moved on, people like myself take exception to it.

    And nobody on this site needs to point out specific holes in your arguments, because they all revolve around the same thesis, which is: “Im only going to point out the flaws in the US government, economy, social structure, legal system, military etc. But I will never embrace or recognize the infinite opportunity this country provides for millions of people or any of the good that the US has done”

    Anybody can take this side with any country, but the real question is what fuels your hate for your own country? I could sit here and bad mouth basically any country out there, but I dont really hate too many countries and dont feel the need. But you seem to have this compulsive urge to throw America under the bus at every opportunity that you have. Then you come with weak statements like “why cant I demand justice in the USA” or “I wont accept this government as my own”. And you wonder why people on here tell you to move somewhere else.

    Every country has dirt on its hands, and I would expect that the most powerful nation in the history of mankind probably has more than Greenland, Iceland, Madagascar, or any other small time nation.

    Do you ever spend time going through the atrocities of other nations or does your investigation stop at our borders? Because I dont hear much about the governments of Arab countries coming from your mouth unless its prefaced by “Its America’s fault that (instert country here) is the way it is”

    Why dont you pick on Chile, Cuba, France, or some other country for a change, might make you appreciate where you live a little more, if at all.

  • Fernando

    “the climate change in Canada is far too drastic”???

    So people are willing to take subjugation and white-imposed economic slavery because they are scared of climate change? Im not buying that one.

    So according to Doobie, they come here because Mexico sucks. Well why would they not just go south to an entire continent that speaks their language? Oh yeah, because most of those countries are shady and worse than America too. So that knocks of one continent. We all know that nobody would immigrate to Asian countries because they are just weird. Africa is terrible. Most of the middle east cant get their sh!t together either.

    So by process of elimination, most people would choose America or Europe as a destination to immigrate to. So, as you said “people arent coming here because America is so great, its because Mexcio sucks so bad”. Well add most of the world to “sucks so bad” and America ends up looking pretty damn good, even if it is by process of elimination.

  • these posts are racist

    Nice try Fern. Since you cannot debate any of my substantive points, you change the issue to whether or not I should I criticize other countries…

    I am an American and as an American am sworn to uphold the United States Constitution. I am not sure if you have ever read it, but it starts off with “We the people…” I am one of the “people” and as such have the duty and right to make MY nation better. The world is a big place with a lot of problems. There are a lot of causes to champion, but to do attempt to deal with them all would be ridiculous. I choose to address those closest to me and most relevant to me. The fact that you cannot understand this shows that it is you who has a hidden agenda, not me. Examine your own hatred and try to actual debate me next time…

  • these posts are racist


    The US has never made amends with its past. The government owes African Americans restitution and unpaid wages for the hundreds of years of slavery. The US Government owes Black Americans restitution and reperations.

    If you don’t agree, I would love to see how you react if/when someone steals your wallet or hit and runs your car. Or if you had to give up that which you benefited from your ancestors and your past.


    1. Everybody done fell asleep in a black church…lol, so Bill can slide with that one.

    2. Hillary is wise, why care about the minority, because they are simply that= the minority

    3. Obama/Hillary hasn’t shown me anything but promises like every other politician. So you must vote for the one you actually believe is going to “LIVE” and turn things around.

    4. Obama just needs time to get in office and change things before they try and take him out. If he can do it, than even racist people will leave him alone.

    5. There are poor whites who want a change, and those whos children are in the war who want one too.

    6. The real question is what will hillary do for not only black people but people in general?


  • Fernando

    What substantive points? You were debating your right to criticize (hate on) America, and I jumped in. So I actually didnt change any topic or subject at all. You can hate on America all you want. I was just trying to figure out where all of the hate comes from. You seem outraged by what this country has done in the past or what we are doing now, yet the fact that 99% of the worlds governments have done things just as bad or worse does not stop you from only pointing out your own country. Its the nature of mankind and the evil that men do, not something inherently bad with America.

    Most nations in the history of the world were built on slave labor. Im so sorry that you cant accept the fact that America was one of them. Get over it. You arent getting any money, nor should you. Times were completely different back then. Im not going to ask for money based on the exploitation of my ancestors, thats just lazy.

    And to take you analogy of a “wallet being stolen”. My house was broken into and burglarized just last week. They caught the guy, but many of the items will never be recovered. He will go to prison, but we will never get restitution because he is a poor coke-head. Sh!t happens, but we gotta move on. Im not going to cry about it.

  • Doobie

    Oh that’s mighty specious reasoning there Fern. First of all, like I said, they come here because America is closer. In case you haven’t noticed, America is actually adjacent to Mexico. Have you checked to see how many people from Mexico actually do migrate to South America, or why it is that we don’t have massive numbers of South American’s migrating here like we do Mexicans? That line about Canada was a joke by the way, why the hell would someone cross the United States to get the Canada when the U.S. has a pretty comfortable living standard. But, if geographic positions were reversed, people would likewise stay their asses in Canada instead of crossing through it just to get the U.S. Have you asked yourself why it is that no one is talking about putting a fence up at the Canadian border? It’s because Canada doesn’t suck, and therefore people don’t feel compelled to run across the border. Lots of Asian countries have comfortable living standards too, and I’m sure that people in other parts of the world don’t consider them “weird”. I know lots of Americans that have moved to Asian countries. Does that mean that those countries are better? And most of the people in the Africa and the middle east that are in countries that are experiencing great turmoil actually DO migrate to other countries in Africa and the middle east. Some of those countries also have relatively comfortable living standards. That stuff about people coming from every corner of the world is exaggerated bullshit like I said. I’m sure that egotistical conservatives aren’t alone in their delusions of grandeur, most nationalists in most countries probably think like they do.

    Comparing countries is a faulty undertaking that I’m not crazy enough to engage in. How can you possible do that without being biased as hell? The bottom line is that most people are going to stay wherever they’re born as long as there is a relatively comfortable standard of living.

  • barbarian over the wall

    Ah TPAR, I knew your whining “we been done wrong” Progressive ass would come skulking over.

    The US govt. owes Black folk neither restitution nor reparations.

    I advise you not to hold your self-righteous breath or shut your fantasizing eyes waiting for that big silver platter full of free money to come to the Black community because IT NEVER WILL.

    All that is owed is a level playing field and that you’ve basically got.

    Whether Black folk can pull it together and either rise or fall is the sole responsibility and burden of blacks on both an individual, as well as group, level.

    So buck up, stop the ‘sour child’ whining & sniveling, act the responsible, productive adult, AND GET ON WITH IT!

    You are more than welcome to fucker off back to Africa to change places with a native African who is desperate to get over here and make a life for himself.

  • these posts are racist

    “back to Africa…”

    Wow, what a creative response!

  • barbarian over the wall

    and appropriate!

  • SMH

    smh at brabarian and fernando. wow. and to think this is a hip hop site. both of you sound like lonely white kids/grown men who ‘go against the grain’ just for the sake of having ‘realist’, racy or deviant opinions. america is fucked, comparing it to other countries or attributing it to ‘the evil that men do’ is a dubious ploy that doesn’t detract from this fact. the situation in every country differs. as for america, it’s going nowhere unless its so-called ‘minorities’ are given visibilty. that ‘get over it shit’ is played.


    DOOBIE and THE KID MD!!! Are you two just stupid or are you making fun of yourselves? Obviously Lyndon B Johnson wouldn’t have done anything if it were for MLK. It took both of them and that’s what the WHOLE discussion was about. You two were trying to sound intelligent by saying nothing at all. So just shut the fuck up!

    • Doobie

      Jesus, Bol was right about the reading comprehension skills of some people on this site. Back up for a second there memphisshithead, you’re the fool who thinks that Hillary Clinton actually wouldn’t throw black people under the bus to win an election if it was politically expedient for her to do so. It is in this case, at least in the short term. I understand that Political strategy may perhaps be, shall we say, a little bit beyond your grasp, but more savvy individuals like myself and just about every major talking head on every frickin political TV and radio show saw this starting to happen over two weeks ago. It’s nothing personal, but like Bill Clinton told Bob Dole when Clinton ran an intentionally misleading ad about his Medicare plans, “you gotta do what you gotta do”. And exactly what WHOLE discussion are you referring to? Go point by point and show us where we were saying nothing at all. You “obviously” don’t understand the fact that either way, Clinton saying that it took a president to get it done didn’t make sense as a retort to Obama when he is running for the position to “get it done”, which I’m sure you already knew since your so naturally luminous and all. Obama basically said, “MLK had hope, JFK had hope, etc.,” then Hillary Clinton said, “yeah, MLK had hope but it took a president to get it done”. WTF? Obama IS running for president, so how does that make sense as a retort? I think at the very least it was a Freudian slip of some sort, because deep in her mind she doesn’t even consider that his black ass could actually be president. Obama’s position is more analogous to JKF to MLK. She was essentially trying to say that Obama is all talk and no action but she messed up big time in what she actually said, that’s the bottom line. Too bad you’re so busy eating corn out HRC’s crotch that you have to make nonsensical arguments trying to defend her.

  • prevster

    Your point being that the clintons provoque the most ignorant black people to act up.. So that we can assume that most black people are ignorant and therefore no wise person should vote for Obama.. Without directly attacking black people or Obama as person?

    Strategically it’d be genius to let the black community discredit themselves.
    Don’t know if it’s like that.. but it does sound genius

  • Rizzop

    You made a man falling asleep more than it should be….at least he went to church! Hillary doesnt really need the black vote because alot of us cant (or wont) There just happened to live in SC.

    This is the reason we should vote for obama. These folks dont care about the people that REALLY suffer in this country.Heck maybe obama doesnt either, but at least we can say a black man(??) got a chance to make shit right!

  • Anacostia

    interesting how all these white folks post on this site – frontin like dey black.


  • barbarian over the wall

    It’s a hobby, Anacostia.

  • mike paahana

    me 1 hawaiian an people treat us like we black so i no need black people they makes us looks dum

  • allnice

    Hillary Clinton is supported by the Rothschild family. They are putting massive amounts of dollars behind her campaign. These same European private bank families supported Bill Clinton. They are not interested in seeing Obama elected because he represents a rogue power elite. Both candidates are poor choices for president, but I guess Obama would be the lesser of the two evils.


    1. H. Clinton has no experience as a legislator, except her current position as a senator. She has spent the bilk of her career as a part-time 1st lady in D.C. and as a corporate attorney in Arkansas making paper.

    2. she is part of the establishment of taking money for favors.

    3. Obama challenges the conventional system by actually wanting to work for the people, not for those who have the money and the connect.

    4. In terms of them courting the black vote, that’s why Bill made his comments about the Black electorate in South Carolina. He was born and raised in the south and nobody can play the race card to bring about fear better than a White southern Male.

    5. Bush stole the election, just watch the HBO series “Stolen Democracy.” not sure if that’s the exact title, but it’s about the electronic voting machines.

    6. Truth be told, Black folks with money and those without tell their children they can be anything the want, when deep down the feel there are limitations and there are.

    7. IF Obama gets the nomination and is elected, I wouldn’t put it past the invisible hand to kill him simply because if he gets meaningful legislation passed, they may fear that he will eventually get around to exposing the truely corrupt, immoral and unethical things that occur everyday in the Boy’s club, because he will interfere with them making money. “The Love of money is the root of all Evil.”