2008: Lightskin Is In Again…

This movement started early in 2007 when the Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl. The first Black-ish head coach to win a Super Bowl was a good-haired negro. I knew right then it was time for me to dust off my Al B. Sure CD’s. Christopher Williams is back out on tour, Halle Berry is pregnant, Derek Jeter isn’t too ghey and Alicia Keys is gheyer than a pride parade in Miami Beach.

XXL Mag Dot Com leads the lightskint movement on the editorial tip with ego trippin’ Elliott Wilson and maverick video blogging mulatto Jay Smooth. I’m my lightest complexion in the February month, word to not-so Black history. It’s time for all of us chosen Blacks to retain our titles as the gatekeepers to the great jig culture that we exist on the periphery of. Dark skinned Blacks have been scaring the shit out of white for generations. It’s time for those fools to go back out into the fields.

It’s not simply the return of the house negro that I am happy for but the ascension of the beautiful fair skin goddesses. When was the last time that you even enjoyed seeing a movie, music video or image of a dark skinned woman? Even Oprah has to bleach her skin, and rightfully so, dark skinned women remind me of Africa, poverty and AIDS. Who needs any of that? Light skinned women remind me of Vanessa Williams, Lena Horne and Dorothy Daindrige.

I predict that this surge of lightskint love will continue unabated through the rest of 2008. Barack Obama will be elected president, BeYonce will win a Grammy, Vin Diesel will win an academy award, Reggie Theus will be the NBA Coach of the Year, Royce Clayton will hit over 40 home runs and James Blake will win Wimbledon. Now is the time for some of you to start using the best available bleaching creams. Byron Crawford, this is your chance to enter the immortal pantheon of lightskin negroes. One of the benefits is 72 white virgins.

If Lil’ Wang lightens his skin I guarantee platinum album status. If you ain’t light you ain’t right in 2008. Get right

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    • http://xxl Doug

      It’s glad to see Willie Lynch’s Divide and Conquer methods are still working in 2008. When are we as black people gonna stand up and wake up. Ligh skin or dark skin is in is pure B.S.. How about trying to make being Black (people) as a whole in……..again.

    • EReal

      EReal > YN


    LightSkinned Mixed nuckas ain’t NEVER go outta style, we just wasn’t In Style in the “Black Community”, ask any Puerto Rican, Mixed with White or Other Female and she will tell you that LightSkinned Mixed dudes be gettin all the PLAY. Holla. Obama in 08′ !!!!!!!

  • moresickaMC

    Billy X…you are a sad human being. Do you really hate your skin color that much?

    The white man finally convinced you that your complexion poses a problem? Your life must be really depressing if you can’t love yourself.

    • Jomo.G

      I so agree with you. Some of these so called brothers should take there shades off and let the light in.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >Byron Crawford, this is your chance to enter the immortal pantheon of lightskin negroes. One of the benefits is 72 white virgins.

    As Killer Mike would say, I’m on it!

    • EReal

      Tiger Tiger Woods Yall!


    Dark skinned Blacks have been scaring the shit out of white for generations
    That`s black power homie

    Even Oprah has to bleach her skin, and rightfully so, dark skinned women remind me of Africa, poverty and AIDS. Who needs any of that? Light skinned women remind me of Vanessa Williams, Lena Horne and Dorothy Daindrige
    Are you ashamed of the colour of your skin BXS.

    • cocoachic

      Dammn this is a dumbazzsite, get a life, a slave is a slave whether he is light skinned or dark complexion, this is sum willey lynch shit!!!e

  • stopit

    your obsessed with lil wayne. its official.

  • http://www.myspace.com/larrybrite Larry Brite

    Download my mixtape – it’s called MULATTO


  • EReal

    Shit, its workin for Isaiah isnt it?

    Light is aight!

  • obi one kanobi

    first naggas

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    We back!!!!

    Break out the suntan lotion (nolo). It’s gonna be a hot spring.

    Be on the lookout for my new online sperm donorship for single heifers:


    We got light-skinded, chinese eyes, “good” hair and widow’s peaks, all optional with the standard khaki baby package.

    Call THE UNDERWRITER right now to order the light-skinded baby of your dreams today!! For $99.95!! Be the first on your block with a baby that passes the paper bag test!!

  • Young Deuce aka Princinnati

    Doesn’t matter to me. I’m right in the middle.

    • big dick cheney

      Me too homie..I’m right in the middle. Brown skin niggaz is definitely in style too. Charcoal motherfuckas….yall just outta luck. The only way to get back on top is to find another Wesley Snipes mothafucka to lead a new Darkness movement…

      Lol.Let me stop. This..is what the white man wants you fuckin Uncle Toms. Get over it. No matter how light you think you are, the white man still views you as a nigga.

      Now as far as the ladies go, Brown niggaz definitely get all the play. Just look around.

  • yessir

    ahahahaha my man another classic this one was too funny!! yellow boys stand up!!

    no homo but you also gotta count young chris brown replacing usher and omarion and all them other darkness spreading mofos as that one r&b dude that takes over too lol

    “if you ain’t light, you ain’t right” hahahaha keep it coming.

    lebron better watch out before ira newble takes his spot too lol maybe not that one tho


    YOU ARE A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately there are alot of sad people of African descent like you.
    Do you feel that way when you look at your mother or other female relative’s?
    I’m sure whitey is pleased to know those shackle’s are still wrapped around your brain.
    Even if you just wrote it in order to provoke responses you’re still an example of how damaged some of us are.

  • Da PartyStarter

    It pains me that some of y’all can’t tell that this is meant to be funny.
    It pains me even worse that this is NOT that FUNNY.

  • BossGame

    Old grocery bag brown brother myself.

  • shut it

    ease off of him, that dude. this is called satire, and it’s beautiful. you’re on a winning streak in ’08, billy.

  • BIG O

    like that chicago nigga said light skinned niggas never went out of style.will smith is still king,juelz and camron suck but niggas follow them like they are gods.rihanna,alicia keyes,keyshia coles,meghan good are some of the baddest bitches alive.and barack will be president.i admit it is sad that blacks are conditioned like that.but im cornbread so i dont give a fuck

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I just signed a new R&B quartet to Dead Head Records called Vitiligo.

    The debut album is called 4 Creams; No Sugar. In stores on MLK’s birthday.

    COP DAT!!!

  • Raskel

    I AM LIGHT SKINNED BLACK/CREOLE even though it is basically the same. And I am considered by basically attractive by all women. THIS DUMB BLOG IS BULLSHIT.

  • baz

    i like how you ape BET specials for posts and then present as our own complete thought. way to go!

  • render

    LOL homie, from what I’ve read from you, you’re an intelligent dude, even if i dont agree with what you say half the time. that considered im gonna guess that this is satire

    lol if it aint…smh…shame on a nigga. This comin from a less-than-snipes ass dude thats equal parts dominican, rican, jamaican and sri lankan in him* (if that aint that the most fucked up, benneton ass mix u ever heard of let me know)

    *no homo of course


    like that chicago nigga said light skinned niggas never went out of style.will smith is still king,juelz and camron suck but niggas follow them like they are gods.rihanna,alicia keyes,keyshia coles,meghan good are some of the baddest bitches alive.and barack will be president.i admit it is sad that blacks are conditioned like that.but im cornbread so i dont give a fuck
    What has this got to do with the article post by BXS.
    GO back to school asshole.

  • T. Oxner

    I love my Hershey Milk Chocolate skin color if you can’t accept yourself who will.

  • Raskel

    THIS BLOG IS BULLSHIT. I AM BLACK/CREOLE AND I AM CONSIDERED TO BE ATTRACTIVE BY ALL WOMEN. And by the way the DARK SKINNED GUYS are either homo, or very insecure, or straight sell outs. 50 aways posin with white bitches. Darkskined cats have to lift weights because nobody would notice them if they didnt. And they get real insecure when I come around, and I aint no curly hair prettied eyed light skinned nigga I AM 30 YRS OLD AND WILL KNOCK YO ASS OUT. You see IN L.A. the light skinned niggaz will whoop ya ass.

    • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

      Flava Flav is doin aight wit the ladies, LMFAO!

  • dsnice14@gmail.com

    Lol nigga u mad?

  • Reuger

    Complexion does not put you on, confidence and a big black BENZ wit a pink slip dont hurt either. HA HA HA HA

  • http://www.myspace.com/gibraltarproductions ROCK

    a bunch of you idiots don’t read well…on that note…YELLOW POWER!!!!

  • Mr.Wang

    For anybody takin’ this seriously I’m sure Billy was jokin’ cause this shit was funny.

    I myself am dark and I thought dat blog was funny.

    And why you keep sayin’ Lil Wang?

    Answer me NIGGA!


  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    If I am watching television it ain’t BET. Them niggas don’t entertain me.

  • http://bgdboom.blogspot.com Enigmatik

    I wish you’d stop telling lies about my woman.

  • blacker cracker

    ah yes, good ole lightskindedness, being brought to you by jungle fever. big shout out to the brothers straight off the ship, who have found that fucking white bitches is their way of sticking it to “the man”. big shout out to all the white hoes who love having their fun hole filled up with big black throbbing hard cock. big shout out to all the whites dudes who fuck sistas because they’re easy and cheaper than white women. big shout out to all the sistas who fuck with the white boys because they’re tired of the brothas cheating on them and beatin their ass.

  • chocolate Rain


  • K_Lang

    I am a non-mulatto, full black brotha, light-skinned with green eyes. Both of my parents are like a Mary J Blige complexion. People always tellin me im mixed, and i just say i just have some indian in me. I just gotta say that i aint NEVER went out of style(nigca!) and before i turned 21 i been attracting all kinds of females in a variety of shades, races, shapes, social classes, and and ages ranging from 16 all the way to 35. Its just since chris brown came out yall wanna stop hatin! Now we got Barack leading in the way tho, as the head house nigga. OBAMA IN 08!

  • jamdown production

    Darkness darkness everybody, they should’ve never gave u niggas a blog! But on a lighter note(heh heh)one love to all my grimaldis word to ras kass and yall can keep wayne(smooches)-no homo we good with T.I

  • yourFATazzMAMA

    Man, u katz r funny. But FYI.. If it wasnt for the Niggaz fuckin white bitches, or Crackaz fuckin Black bitches, You mudbloods won’t even exist, it would be juss black, white, Yellow, and Brown, in dis country. This is comming from a BLACK CUBAN American And I’m not bein racist or nothin, juss bein Real

    For those of u don’t kno

    BLACKS (African)

    WHITES (Caucasion) can’t spell it

    Yellows (Asians, like Japs, koreans, and Chinese)

    BROWNS (Mexicans, Ricans, Solmolins you get the picture)

  • Smoove

    they said lightskinned niggas went out of style…but I didnt feel the effects. hoes love me, and they always have. word to gewd (good) hair.

  • yourFATazzMAMA

    Hey I take dat back for calling you guys Mudbloods, I guess dat was racist, my bad……

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Let’s try this one…

    How long will it be before we – meaning Black people – start calling Barack Obama…

    The “White House-Nigga”?

    If you hear or see Glenn Beck, Bill Maher, or somebody else covering that one, remember where you heard it first.

  • Wow

    Wow. When did hip-hop heads get so stupid? I guess shit like irony, satire, fuck it- even sarcasm, is as dead as James and Ike….

  • JuJu Madinez

    It’s about damn time. And now that we back, hopefully I won’t find myself on XXL looking at blogs on a Friday night again. Fingers crossed.

  • barbarian at the gate

    The ‘Congo-look’ not passing muster these days?


    • http://www.myspace.com/sogentllc these posters are idiots

      Keep your bigotry at the gate, lame.

  • field nigger from corona

    Back “In” where? The leader of your light skin Fraternity Shamar Moore was bukid nekid on a limp wristed beach-NOT A GUD LOOK for the light skinned man. LL cant get a job….i see a future in chap stick commercials for him soon……what makes it worse is the crab in the barrel mentality Jay light skinned but he wont let the the old “in” light skinned boy win…..Cant we get along look at Jewelz santana and Lil Peezy’s collabo lights and darkies getting along….Now dont get me wrong i am trying my best to inseminate as many white girls as possible to eradicate them and to perpetuate your race…but brother we gotta stick together….Look at Kid and Play now thats the perfect marriage of the house and the field…As a black as coal brother i wish some melanin on you this new year. tons of sun son from me too you.
    And to those like me. who are happy to be nappy put a fist in the air and sing the national anthem. SAY IT LOUD IM BLACK AND IM PROUD

  • Gee

    You ain’t nevah lied!
    Preach, Reverend Sunday, PREACH!

  • SUN

    I’m sick of hearing about dark skinned and light skinned people being in and out of style, that shit is so trivial…

    When is intelligence gonna be in style?

    When is graduating gonna be in style?

    When is having self-respect and higher standards gonna be in style?

    When is listening to people who have been here before, gonna be in style?

    When is knowing about how you came to be gonna be in style?

    When is being a “nigga” gonna go out of style?

    “We are more than what we have become…”

    I hope we can find what it is… before its too late. Speak on some real topics instead of trying to cause division between black people because of our skin tones.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    I remeber when I lived in the ATL niggas thought I was mixed cuz I have green eyes and shit,not even that “Yella” and my hair nappy but not that “water-drys-as-soon-as-it-hits-it-nappy”.But it did seem like er’body was “Nestle Snipes” black and shit.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Lemme stop bullshiiting…

    4 Creams; No Sugar, the most energizing new album in R&B music, hits stores this January, on MLK’s birthday.

    From the most light-skin-ded-ded group in America…

    Vitiligo. That’s Parm-a-Lot, Milkie Waye, Creamawheet and Alfredo.

    Only on Dead Head Records.

    *Managed by “these posts are idiots”*
    (whuddup wa’lee… LOL)

    • http://www.myspace.com/sogentllc these posters are idiots

      lol, word thanks for the shout.

      Hey ya’ll, Underwriter’s got this ill ass blog about bad light skinned bitches on his site. Be sure to peep it and please, leave a comment.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Figga 8

    Peace To All,

    my yellow ass neva had a problem snaggin chicks thru any era, its all about being ya’self. I admit some niggaz my complexion got scared when chicks started diggin da Wesley Snipes, Omar Epps, midnight black type brothas…But me personally, that only made my pussy percentage increase….

    My self-confidence (not to be confused for arrogance) tranquilizes the thought of the stereotypical, “lightskinned cowardice type” dude when i’m around ladies, i exude an aura only meant for the lesbian (in most cases) or blind female to ignore….

    other than that, it’s the ever so cliche` but truthful “Watch ya girl around me” thing i got goin on, i can almost remove a girls undergarments without having to touch or say anything……

    Yes what was once in the dark, comes back to the light!!!! All Praise!


  • king_rich

    i hope u die in yo sleep, i wish your great great great grandfather could come to the future and smack the shit out of u!

    • LightSkinned LiSA

      BWAHAHA “die in yo sleep”. thats the most cruel and unusual ish u can say to somebody! Classic!

      On the real, please, please as a people stop with all the dark skin vs light skin. House nigs vs field nigs. I got mad hoes on the job hating me because of this!

  • bizLaureatte

    I really feel sorry for the African American, regardless of ur shade or tone, Because actually outside of these states of urs, Ur viewed as one.
    When will this type of black ever unshackle his mind, You have every single thing to help ur selves but somehow everyone else comes past you, the stinking Indians, the Asian and just about every1 else.
    You just hate urselves so much that you can’t stand seeing anyone curve out of the mental state most of you seem to have inherited from your so called “hoods”
    Actually, there’re so many examplaries here but that’s another whole subject.
    Now most of you were against Obama simply becoz of his name, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I started seeing such trivial on different media platforms. When was the last time an African American Presidential candidate was ever actually taken serious and not becoz of his skin colour,aggression, anger and outright dumbness, Jesse or Al, gimme a break. Why cant u just look at Obama as an American and not just lightskinned, Mullatto, creole or any other slave prejudice u use to describe someone black or mixed race. I mean dont get me wrong, I love u PEOPLE and it seems the world outside ur little enclosure of a country does too. Most of them are fascinated by you, but most of U “monkeys” are dumb enough to that you will never know that unless u open ur cornbread fed brains. My emotions are having the better of me at the moment…..
    Most times I wish u could all just die or just be wiped out because u’ve consumed if not all the best examples and hopes of all the fine and courageous blacks did in the past…for u
    I dont even think that you PEOPLE realise that there’s something innate called a family..or wait maybe u call’em “hoods”
    because they’re ur sanctuary, right?
    where u don’t “SNITCH” when ur whole family’s practically dieing under ur very eyes becoz of substance abuse.
    Oh wait, the whiteman brought that in hence I can’t control it, Its not my problem its someone else’s …type shyt.
    Frankly writing, we’re tired of it, it’s a tired excuse.
    Oh that dude said “ask” not “ax” he’s an uncle tom,
    U have the best schools in the world, yet u as a “PEOPLE” persistently lag behind. the world is rooted for u enough times…its time you anchored your own destinies, becoz like or not, ppl around the world have always been on ur side……METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING DUMB ASSES…..

  • lonestar

    yo im light and bright and i never went out of style the way i see it ive always had me bout 3 sexy ladies hittin the kid up like “yo i wanna come threw” maybe its just my swag

  • http://www.myspace.com/the_trap_boy el negro

    fuck dat shyt i better not see of u light skinned bitchez at tha next million man march

  • barbarian at the gate

    Best be careful what ye say, UNDERWRITER, or TPAR will throw a very heavy Liberal curse down on your head.


  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I see some of y’all still need to be reminded that white was the original nigger.

    Word to Zwarte Piet and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    • big dick cheney

      What you mean? please billy x. sunday…enlighten me..just give me a quick history lesson

    • Around and Around

      Didn’t some German speaking fuck on your article about white niggers show you how exactly your logic was fucked w/ Schwarzenegger?


    Y’all crazy lol, i aint no yellow nigga but im light ya diggggggggggggg

  • http://www.myspace.com/PreZZure13 PreZZure

    real fuckin talk lmao

  • geico lizard

    another name for you list is the rapper Common he just was cast as “green lantern” in the new justice league movie so light skinned really never went out of style it was just a few guys like wesley snipes and morris chestnut who got love but for the most part the average dark skin guy was still getting hated on in real life.

  • YoRapper

    Light skin people are some of the most confused on earth.

  • liqthez

    Too all the light bright, almost white, and fair skinned




  • http://www.MySpace.com/GrimeyHipHop.com Stan

    “dark skinned women remind me of Africa, poverty and AIDS. Who needs any of that?”

    LOL As I was reading that, I couldnt help but think of the Chapelle Skit where he does Cribs… He said “Africa has Aids and Poverty… And that shit Aint “Baller” to me….LOL That shit was hilarious… YN Keep doin you son… I Love the blogs and editorials… Its the first shit I read when opening a fresh new XXL… Big Up On the Weezy Cover this month…. Lipe next??? Asking too much??? Love from Boston… Much Success

    MySpace.com/GrimeyHipHop (selfish plug, but YOU”LL SEE…)

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Everyone, be aware:

    These posters are idiots IS NOT TPAR. He’s so pathetic that he went and sampled a screen name. If that ain’t pus, I don’t know what is. Why not call yourself “The Underreader?”

    You’re my autistic stepchild.

    You need to find something to do, like work. While you’re trying to get the upper hand on me, you’re obviously not doing much “professional client services”, are you?

    You’re either a male hooker or a transvestite au pair.

    Go find a better artist to manage, and do your damn job. Stop trying to promote your acts through Myspace. Stop pretending that you’re helping wa’lee get anywhere. I’m helping him waaay more than you, just by being fearless enough to tell you that he’s audio doo-doo.

    But of course, you already knew that. You and I both know that an 18-year old artist is easier to manipulate than someone that is seasoned and aware of the industry.

    Then again, who am I kidding? You’re a pedophile that probably makes recording contracts with alphabet soup and Jesus Juice.

    GTFOH, Bitch Man.

  • daesonesb

    I dont think anyone is understanding that this post is 75 % sarcastic.

    The amount of shit that flies over peoples heads…

  • http://www.myspace.com/sogentllc these posters are idiots


    Billy make sure you throw this nigga extra hardbody points for calling a brother a bitch over the net, that shit is mad intimidating.

    The Underwriter keeps it real thorough, not only does he have the blog game on lock, but he’s also created the blueprint for all you cats out there looking for ways to get your alpha male on via the net.

    Keep it poppin out there in the blogosphere, killah. The game needs you.

  • B-EZ


  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Dude… (tpai)

    What is your purpose again? What do you bring to the table? What are your talents? Who are you? Where did your mother drop you off, and how many children have you touched? What the hell are you doing here?

    Me? I’m a writer, so I can do this and still be true to myself. You? You are running from your own losery. If you hate your job and your artist that much, find new ones.

    My balls have no room for you. Take that garbage to St. Elsewhere.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sogentllc these posters are idiots


    If I’m not mistaken, I dropped the whole back and forth thing we had going on in the YN drop days ago. Once again, sorry for hurting your feelings. I guess it takes a few years for a blogsite to start actually receiving comments. Also, if my reading serves me correctly, you mentioned my name as well as the whole “wah’lee” thing in this drop for no reason at all.

    I guess real niggas are supposed to backpedal after realizing how lame they appear. I get it now. Make sure you guys take notes, the Underwriter keeps it real thorough with this blog shit.

    Billy, more hardbody points are in order.

  • Jimmy Jump

    Why whould you say this “dark skinned women remind me of Africa, poverty and AIDS. Who needs any of that?” I thought (BOL)Byron was the ignorant f*ck now you as well or we’re you trying to strike some type of cord in people??? I hope it’s the latter or else your in the same boat as BOL FUCK YOU!!!

  • JT

    haha too bad Elliot Wilson got fired

  • Blak Blazini

    I heard the Yellow Nigga got fired…

    • http://www.myspace.com/byggbwoy BYGGZ

      …..me too.there goes your light skin is in theory,lol,billy

  • roo[

    Yess stand up my fellow light skinned niggaz…and no im not being sarcastic…08 is our year..

  • http://about:blank tony

    Man, billy this was a hilarious blog, I very rarely stray from coming to XXL solely to view BC.C but this shit was hilarious. Though I have to say im a little disappointed to see the number of your readers who very acutely seemed to have missed the obvious trolling going on. Nice work either way.

    also, lol @ obama leading some kind of skintone fashion.

    “One love to my butter-pecan ricans for calling me papi”

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Shout to YN. C’entanni.

  • EReal

    EReal > YN

    The Higher Ups Have Spoken!

  • 6 100

    If light skin is in, why is Elliot Wilson out?

  • Soul Clapper

    Shout to YN. Stay up.

  • http://myspace.com/moneyburnzofficialpage Money Burnz

    funny shit…..”””’light skin is back”…..”when were ya’ll ever in?”…..lol…