Got to take the wife to dinner (I'm Ronnie Romance like that) and I don't think I got my proper DVR/Tivo on, but I'm super excited that my favorite video of all-time "Fight The Power" is getting its just due tonight. I was 18 back then and all of us young Black folks (yellow ones included) thought we could really change the muthafuckin' world. It was more than music to us. When Chuck D spoke about PE inspiring and influencing the Black leaders of the next generation, we believed him. Too bad it was all a dream. (Obama doesn’t count.)

Sidebar: I hope they crack the mystery on what LL Cool J was doing on stage tucked behind the big speaker on the right side of the stage. Dude was going through Panther backlash at the time and he sure looked tight about his labelmates snatching up all the glory. Props to Marley Marl for giving dude his swagger back.