Finally got around to reading the LA Weekly N.W.A. article re-release and I must admit it’s quite entertaining. It’s always good money when the gangsta rapper (in this case group leader Eazy-E) shows off his automatic weaponry to the wide-eyed White journalist.

“Give me the revolver, man... Put in the gunpowder, boom. Give me the scope, man... No, man, that’s a BB gun, ain’t nothing in that one... That one is an ugly motherfucker right here, man, you got to hide that, yeah... John F. Kennedy. John Fuckin’ Kennedy — that scope is def.”

But it’s not the greasy gun talk here that has me vexed, it’s a slick backside comment made by Mr. O’Shea “Can You See” Jackson on page 2 of this historic 1989 article.

“Public Enemy uses plastic guns, you know,” Ice Cube says.

Say what, you jheri-curled bastard! Ha! The irony is less than a year later the nigga who’s wasn’t getting paid would be 100 miles and running into the arms of Chuck D and PE’s production Bomb Squad. Ooh, the irony.

Way before Jay would become an American Gangster, Cube was Amerikkka’s Most Wanted—one helluva solo debut. Here are a few of YN’s faves from a classic that many true heads like the homie MC Serch have in their top 5.

“Once Upon A Time In The Projects”

“Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside)” (Featuring Chucky D)

“I’m Only Out For One Thang” (Featuring Flavor Flav)

“It’s A Man’s World” (Featuring ego trip’s Miss Rap Supreme co-host Yolanda “Yo-Yo” Whitaker)

Sidebar: Peep the homie W.C. on the far left of the cover. He’s the only dude who’s still rolling with Doughboy from day one. I see you K-Dee! “I’m the Freshest MC in the world.”