Turn The Lights Off

The other day in one of XXL’s creative meetings, the homie Brian “B. Dot” Miller smh-d in shame when talk of DMX came up in the conference room. No the news of him signing to Booga Records was no cause for celebration. The talk was more about him passing out at studios and more web videos poppin’ up of the Dog looking dazed and confused. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. And maybe Earl Simmons hasn’t defeated it for good. It’s a damn shame when you think of what X meant to hip-hop.

I remember sleeping on Def Jam publicist’s Jana Fleischman’s couch when I got the call from Dave Mays that B.I.G. had been killed the night before. All the big editors had to dead any weekend plans and head to the office on Sunday and begin work on a tribute package. The morale was low at the corral. Big’s death six months after the death of Pac felt like the death of hip-hop back then. We all felt like it was all over.

Still we persevered. Puff took the ball and ran with it and along with Master P made hip-hop business front page news and those cash cows kept the dance floors packed and the Cristal flowing. Still something was missing. Enter Earl Simmons. Simply put, he brought the rough, rugged and raw edge back to hip-hop. He bullied the game on some 50 Cent shit. And we couldn’t get enough of him.

I remember Irv Gotti, to his credit, predicted the whole thing. He saw the future before any of the cats at 215 Park Avenue South did. I was Music Editor back then handing out the coveted mics and I remember Irv kept sending me different versions of It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. It seemed like every time they mixed a new song, someone at the label was sending over a gray cassette labeled with Warren G’s name on it so no one would touch it. (LMAO!)

A typical convo with me and Irv back then would go like this:

YN: “Yeah Irv I like the joint with the two voices. This shit is coming together. Might go gold. Maybe even platinum.

Irv: Platinum?! 5 Million! 5 Million! 5 Million, Elliott, I’m telling ya. He’s 2Pac.

Like Pac, X caught a rape charge. His was right before his album dropped. Not exactly concerned by it or remorseful, Irv remained focused: “Fiiivvee Million! Elliott!”

Sidebar: Another funny Irv story I have was the time he was up at The Source. I was in a DMX meeting with him while simultaneously being in another one in my office with AZ’s peoples whose were threatening to do some bodily harm to Berta’s baby boy. Slightly amused, Irv quipped. “Elliott, you need me to go downstairs and get you a gun.” He was just kidding Federalis. Just kidding.

Anyways, to sum it up, Give a dog an intervention. For Christmas.

Next Blog: I can write about all the times I almost got my ass kicked in the rap game or I can give you my theory on how another rapper’s alleged drug use could change the course of hip-hop history. I’m Rockmaster Scott (not Raymond Scott. The cornrows are gone like Amil-lion!) and the request line is open.

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  • Dwyck

    We need more Raymond Scott samples in the game. Man’s a genius.

    This post is fire, I vote for the ass kicking anecdote

  • The Dynasty

    Dont want to sound like too much of a dick rider, cuz youve covered this guy hard before, but how is hov’s presidential skills, as far as you know? At first I personallly thought it was just washed up stars hating, but now the Roc boys (Beans and free) seemed to be throwing the big homie under the bus as well, and Free’s album was fire. Does he really deserved to be fired, do he really not show up in the office, why dont he promote anybodys album, where the hell is half of these roc-a-fella albums (tru, uncle murda, peedi peedi, memph bleek?!?!?!)

    • Fire

      I agree, why doesn’t Jay promote other artists’ albums? I feel the same way as The Dynasty. Freeway’s album was indeed fire and incredibly underpromoted. What gives? Jay is a good businessman, but damn it, he needs to stop exclusively looking out for himself at Def Jam because that’s sure as hell what it seems like.

  • dodger

    yeah i’m feeling this 24 hour thing.

    you gotta write about how much the personal lives of hip hop performers affects the business side of things. i can’t imagine it does that much.

  • JustKC

    yo YN! my man! I’ve been waiting for this since you 1st announced this. I know it sounds corny but yo you gotta keep all the blogs up for the day cause I gots to go to work. Hook a brotha up!

  • daesonesb

    I’m just waiting to see if you’ll makeany sense tommorow morning.

    You’re gonna throw your back out staying on the computer that long. Maybe strain an eye muscle… lol

  • turnerclassicmovies

    “I can give you my theory on how another rapper’s alleged drug use could change the course of hip-hop history”

    yep that one

  • http://incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Almost got fucked up!!! Almost got fucked up!!! Almost got fucked up!!! Do those posts! Lmao

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  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Damn, I’m late!!!

    Ok, so far, so good.

    STAY UP, NIGGA!! (nolo).

  • 2 Girls 1 Boy

    Its insane how much “Its Dark and Hell is Hot” is slept on as a Hip Hop classic. That album was banannas, the prayers, the characters, the enery and emotions… put that wit dope lyrics and classic beats… that mutha fucka murdered anything Jay did at the time.

    Sidebar: Didnt know Irv was that instrumental in the actual process of recording the album. What a fuckin shame them niggas couldnt all get along, its no wonder none X’s albums carried that same magic as the first 1. Niggas egos have killed alot of potentially historic musical eras.

    …Oh Yeah, real talk, just to put it in perspective for the youngsters, nobody loved 50 more than me back in ’03 but: IDHIH > GRODT
    No bullshit.

  • do tha damn thing money

    interesting post