Three The Wrong Way

A triumvirate of dudes that the rap world wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire.

Rick Ross
“Hustlin’” is a classic. Undisputed. The production on Port of Miami was powerful. But dude is destined for a sophomore jinx and no one can stop it. First off, Trilla? Comparing it to Thriller? MJ’s Thriller? C’mon William. Someone should have deaded that in the marketing meeting. I’ll admit I like the “Speeding” video. It tickles me. But mostly because of Khaled and his funny “We the best officer” ass. Oh well, he’s got a Sauce cover coming. All is not lost, huh? Ha!

The fake Freeway Ricky’s fellow Floridian is more known for the hot babes in his vids than much else. Is he a rapper or a merengue singer? He’s got 4 albums. 4! How fast are them fuckin’ BPM’s? Is Lil Jon on every song? He’s a walking earache of mash-up styles who wears tight jeans. The Latin rap community deserves better. Big Pun is turning. Slowly.

Mike Jones
I already dubbed him the Coldest MC last summer but things are even worse for dude. After more delays than a post-Memorial day flight from Miami, the American Dream finally came out to zero fanfare. Instead of being a true second album, it was a cheaply packaged EP of Mike’s old hits and songs that were previously released from this album that didn’t hit. The saving grace is supposed to be the inclusion of some DVD that’s already aired on BET that I can’t bring myself to watch. Time is too precious for a man my age.

Supposedly all this is a warm-up to an album called The Voice of the Streets. Huh? The Voice of what? Bfred told me dude keeps putting up YouTube clips of himself doing mundane shit. Is that what the people want? That’s what’s going on in the streets? Plus, has anyone heard “Crunch-N-Munch” a song about consuming the product of the same name after massive weed consumption. I don’t make this stuff up kids. 281-330-8004? Nah. Someone please call 911!

Next Up: I’ll attempt to explain to Bow Wow why he quite possibly will never ever ever get any respect.

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  • N.O. 4 life

    lol…true…im mad you really doin 24 in 24

    • ill G

      hell yea he’s doing it!!! and im hangin on every one of em…Shit aint bad YN…guess thats why u at the top… this site keeps me goin thru the week while at work Keep it up!!! LMAO @ Pitbull wearing tight jeans…he does dress funny but hey…props for not following the masses.

  • daz_oc

    LOL!!! Port of Miami did have decent beats on it. But I havent liked any of his new shit even some of his guest verses.

    Pitbull’s first album was ok. the second sucked balls. and just like you said, the only thing I remember of his 1st single on that 2nd album was that THICK ass broad with the white tank and short ass shorts…….damn I need to youtube that vid.

    Mike Jones sucks ass and balls. I was bored so I saw the damn movie and I nearly slapped myself for sitting through it.

  • lukee lefty

    shud do something on internships

  • The Historian

    First off props on the 24.

    I was wondering if you could go into more detail on the Benzino incident in one of these blogs.

    Also could you comment on the story behind one of the greatest XXL covers of all time. The one with Nas burning the Source and your mag on the cover. That issue was a classic.

  • dsread

    I saw the video for that Crunch N Munch song it could be used as an anti drug commercial like kids if you do drugs you too can become a washed up rapper with a cheap chain makeing boring youtube videos to keep all five of your fans intrested so remember dope is for dopes.

  • DXL

    Pit who? Last time I heard a bout a PitBull, the four legged animal bit some kid around here.
    A rapper called Pitbull on 4 albums, he must do reggaeton.

  • daesonesb

    soon as you start hating on some shit, in pour the comments.

    I agree with all those calls though. Rick Ross and Mike Jones are history.

    You know who was kinda dope though? Slim thug. He had some tight rhymes, but when already platinum didnt go platinum, most of his fans jumped ship.

  • turnerclassicmovies

    slim thug was money

  • DANJA29

    co-sign on all of these- especially Pitbull who no one’s given a damn about from day one. With Ross and Jones, you know your career’s had its run when your second album gets pushed back, and nobody even KNEW it was supposed to be coming out in the first place.

  • KJ

    I gotta give it to you Mr. Wilson,

    you are settin a major precedent here!1 y i cyant even bah-leeve tha tI am delayin my pre-funk gettin cleaned up on a Sat. nite to read this/ these, but I am!!

    Nuff respect homebwoi


    Yo, Pitbull is booty juice.

    Mike Jones should have fell way back into the Texas mud. Where Houston at?

    Rick Rawwss… I can’t remember a single lyric after “Hustlin’”. Then again, it isn’t like I really tried.

  • latino heat

    damn how come when i said the same thing about rick ross on a post a few weeks ago, all the internet bangers where up in arms. yes mike jones sucks, yes pitbull has bad ass females in his videos and thats about it. preach on yn, preach on.