The moles at the Universal Record Emporium have confirmed that there is no Lil Wayne album coming in the 4th quarter. The Leak was a pipe dream. It’s never coming out! Tha Carter 3 the most anticipated album in the history of mankind is still tentatively (don’t-hold-your-muthafuckin’-breath-it-ain’t-gonna-really-come-out) scheduled for February 2008. I’ll believe that when some fabulous Frenchmen let Nas come out with an album named Nigger.

Bottom line: Cash Money’s master plan was always to milk Wayne’s moment of fan supremacy for as long as they could. Putting an album out can only knock the fucker off his throne unless he defies all of us and has a classic locked up in his foggy-ass brain.

But all is not lost rap fans: Fresh off the chump charges, Papa Crazy is still dropping next Tuesday. Baby basically pimped the system. “You ain’t getting what you want, I need my moment in the sun.” Nuff respect to ole girl but one thing is abundantly clear: Sylvia Rhone lost. Unless she heard some stuff that hasn’t leaked and she’s doing us all a favor. If that’s the case, she’s a saint ‘cause I just can’t take another half-baked Weezy track.

Sidebar: And there’s no Nelly! Say what you want about Antonio but at least he follows the Lyor blueprint and keeps our stockings stuffed with some rap. Peace and blessings this holiday season, Black man! L’chaim!