The Real American Gangsters…

Do you know what was the biggest news in rap music last week? Here’s a hint, it was bigger than Jigga being given the boot from his presidency at Def Jam? Larger than Lil’ Wang’s ‘Leak’ and Lupe’s ‘Cool’?

When the lawyers for Makeda Barnes-Joseph smartly attached Universal Records as the co-defendant for their multi-million dollar lawsuit this was the loudest shot ever heard in rap music. This is bigger than the deaths of Tupac and Biggie Smalls combined.

Several blogs ago I asked the question why people had not yet filed class action lawsuits against rappers and their record labels for the damage that has been wrought from the profiteering of poor people’s addictions and disenfranchisement. Think about it, all these rappers that were trappers in their former day jobs should have a long line of victims in their wake. Although rappers have told us that they live with no regrets I’m sure there are plenty of families that regret the day their father, mother, sister, brother became addicted to drugs. Some of these rappers might start to at least feign regret after they receive a notice of monetary disposition from some shark ass attorney.

The attorneys for the alleged victim in the Remy Martin trial know that Remy is two steps from filing or bankruptcy. Universal Records however, has reportedly given money to Jesus Christ in order for him to pay off his Pell college loans. Universal’s pockets are that deep. Universal, as a corporation, owns Def Jam, Interscope, and half of the planet Earth. It makes sense to sue them since they write the checks for Remy Martin in the first place. If they have made any money from her thug image and music then they should be giving it back for her thug behavior.

Keep in mind, we discussed some time ago that the people who pull triggers are the thugs, while those that order the hits are the gangsters. So Remy Martin was never really a boss after all like Lil’ Kim was. Remy Martin was just a weedcarrier for Fat Joe. Her most memorable verses are from the song ‘Lean Back’. Don’t play yourself on this forum by saying anything different. Lil’ Kim went from stashing weed in her punany to having her own lil’ army. Lil’ Kim’s soldiers were also her shooters and she even did a bid for them as foolish as that was.

Still and all, this fantasy mafia lifestyle shit will eventually run its course. The real mafia wants their name back and what will all of these gangsta Man-Tans be left with? Bupkus. What I’m left with is a community that has seen the high life with no reasonable route to secure it, nor the true understanding of really how little it is worth in the end. In a few days the 2007 Maybach will be last year’s joint and one step closer to being washed up. I can see more proactive religious groups hiring lawyers to file more lawsuits in the coming months. Smart dumb rappers better learn how to rhyme shit with the word LITIGATION.

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  • Incilin

    Well said Billy. And yes, Remy’s best verse is on “Lean Back” (Although his best line is from Jigga anyway).

    • ill G

      um…what about her verse on “My Turn” off Big Pun’s second album “Yeaaaaaah Baby”, or her verse on Big L’s track “Tri Borough”? and theres one more i just cant think of it

      • Dickrider Hater

        Dickrider HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


        This fag only comments on comments, bahhahaa.
        Fuckin Drama Queen ass Cracka!

  • Powermoves

    Billy, I’ve also thought about all the rappers who claim to be former drug dealers…Surely not all of them could be great at laundering money and hiding that drug game cash, correct? Which begs the question of were they really selling as much drugs as they would have us believe?

  • ekb

    funny how when you on some real shit nobody got a damn thing to say…..good shit my dude

  • jaislayer

    You are on point once again. Dumb rappers need teaching. Peace.

  • JonR

    And that’s real!

  • Big Moe

    So true.

  • EReal

    Bitch wont get a dime.

    Who you think has a better legal team? Makeda or Vivendi Universal? Yeah.

    Did the bears get sued when Tank decided to slam some strippers face into the stage? Nope.

    Did the NFL get sued when O.J. pez dispensered his wifey? Nope.

    How about did WWE get sued when Chris Benoit went all canadian crippler on his fam? Nope.

    Theres no way Universal is going to be convicted of being responsible for this womans personal behevior, period. SO keep dreamin.

    • Stonymanh

      Damn you seem pretty sure about yourself. Crazier shit has happened and all you really have to do is put it in front of a jury and anything can happen.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You are one of those niggas that can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Did the NFL promote and PROFIT from O.J. as a wife beater, or a running back.

    Does Universal promote and PROFIT from Remy Martin as a broad that will shoot someone?

    I’m not saying what the outcome will be dipshit, but anyway you slice it lawyers, the niggas with ESQ behind their names are getting paid.

    Keep in mind that the lawyers from Universal have a retainer that keeps them hungry for work and the ambulance chasers that are serving the alleged victim aren’t going in pro-bono either.

    Get over your bitchmade emotions and learn to read.

    • EReal

      Your favorite word – Bitchmade

      The word you call everyone who has an opinon opposite of yours valid or not. They cant read, they cant comprehend. They’re bitchmade, emotional, lol. You are too predictable. Your reply has all the emotion in it, not my post. My post is just my opinion. You’re the one name calling. Besides, that drop had more to do with patting yourself on the back and rappers being aware than the lawyers actually getting paid.
      I dont think that you were anywhere NEAR that point with this drop.
      Fact is that these cases are too vague to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Universal profited from this bitch getting shot. I noticed you stayed away from my Benoit question, theres someone who’s company promotes an atmosphere of violence and known steroid abuse, can we blame the WWE for Benoit’s violence? Of course not.
      Just like you cant sue Marilyn Manson for columbine, or McDonalds for fat people, it would open a pandora’s box of frivalous lawsuits.
      The most this chick is hoping for is hush money, straight up go away cash.
      And for someone not predcting the outcome why would you say this-
      ” I can see more proactive religious groups hiring lawyers to file more lawsuits in the coming months. Smart dumb rappers better learn how to rhyme shit with the word LITIGATION.”

      So get off your high horse and learn to deal with people having an opinion. You sound like a little Wang fan with that mess. Oh, you disagree? You’re a bitchmade hater! lmao. Grow Up.

      • SUN

        Billy X = OWNED!!!!!!!!!

      • Doobie

        “Fact is that these cases are too vague to prove beyond a reasonable doubt”

        You don’t have to prove a civil case beyond a reasonable doubt, the standard is “preponderance of the evidence” in civil cases. The plaintiff only has to prove that what their claiming is more likely true than not true, the scales only have to tip slightly in their favor. Precedents are set all the time, and I’d imagine that their lawyers couldn’t file such a law suit unless the statute allowed. The examples that you cited don’t really strike me as analogous to this one, and hasn’t some actually sued McDonald’s for fat people? Given today’s social climate and the growing belief by many in the mainstream that Rap is simply a scourge on society, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if Universal actually lost.

        • Doobie

          But, I don’t think that they should lose unless the plaintiff’s attorneys can prove that Universal encouraged and enabled her in committing the illegal act, which is going to be tough to do. Her Rap image should be irrelevant, but like I said, I’m not so sure given the general public’s view on Rap lately, (juries have been known to issue judgments based on biased preconceptions before.

    • ill G

      wow Billy X do you read my comments or sumthing? cus I swear to gawwwd i had said the same shit about “STD real” in a couple comments back… how he gets all emotional, just like a female… lmaooo i guess great minds think alike, and props on the post its very true these rappers gotta start watchin their actions especially with a whole “task force” assigned to the hip hop community which we all know as the “hip hop police”….oh and “std real” im wondering, do u bleed once a month too? lmao

      • EReal

        Ali G, you’re a loser, you stay on my nutts.

        • Dickrider Hater

          Of course he stays on your nutts, hes the #1 Dickrider!!

          Hey dildoG- how do EReal’s nutts smell?


          DildoG #1 Stan Fag, lmmfao! You’re all excited n shit, lol, Billy X do you read my comments? HAHAHAHAHA!!! BXS has a sack holder like TPAR now (no chronic)

          What a fucking lammmeee!! bahahahahaah!

  • these posts are racist


    “Bupkus” – I’m impressed by your command of Yiddish. Do you know what a “Hausa” is Frank?

    Anyway, what is the nature of the lawsuit against Universal? What are the causes of action? Are they claiming Universal is benefiting from the crime? You are using this lawsuit (which you do not discuss the nature of) as a basis to claim people can sue record companies and rappers for past crimes and current crimes/ill effects they have on the black community. This is simply not true.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I haven’t seen the lawsuit yet but read the article linked below…

    This is a precedent that can be followed onward.

  • Blak J

    Well Said, We as a people are hustling backwards and won’t catch up until we have nothing. But then, it’s too late, because we will have nothing but a loud clanking chain with some ignorant and irrevelant charm on it.

    Invest in yourself, not in what the ignorants have.


  • these posts are racist

    >>>>>>”The suit also names Universal Records and Sure Shot Recordings, two of the rapper’s record labels, claiming that they encouraged her to engage in violence as part of her image.”

    This will be dismissed.

    • EReal


    • Fire

      Yeah, clearly this case is one of a girl who just wants some money. There are too many frivolous lawsuits in this country. Why would she wait this long to sue?

  • steebiebrown

    What I have noticed is that most of these rappers are not the kingpins that they rap about, they are merely telling a story about persons they have had association with. The real drug kingpins are financiers of theses rappers and remain behind the scenes, merely wanting a way to make thier dirty money clean. Any real heavyweight shys away from spotlight it is thier nature to stay low key. It is these rapping braggadocias corner boys who rap about a life they espouse to have. There are of course some exceptions to this ala master p, and the like thier business acumen undoubtly comes from thier success in the streets.

  • Dais

    Class action lawsuit?I may be witness to the most 1995 Lugz that YOU ARE STILL Rock…ing? chewin on stained gummy sole wudayasay?Who’s next?Billy D?Colt never sent me a sip for free.Let them talk bout it,don’t make it the only way to see Brie.

  • Worley

    Sunday got his grown man on with this one. Lawyers are shady as hell. Don’t pay that inovice and you will be in court by yourself. Those sharks get paid win or lose.

  • texasleen

    remy sucked all her verses are from jay she just changes up the wordplay…props on this post x

  • texasleen

    now thats what the fuck i call a chain reaction

  • al-mighty

    that broad aint getting a dime, but these labels should start taking responsibility for the behavior they promote. the easest way to sell a album is to get locked up a week befor it’s release date this shit is worse than wwe

  • these posts are racist


    Billy, props to you on your overall analysis on how these rappers are fake gangsters, etc.

  • MiSsUnder$t00d

    I completely agree with what EReal is saying because the fact of the matter is the suit holds no strong grounds in court. Dismissed! X is also right about these dumb ass rappers needing to smarten up

  • Kane Corleone

    Remy has better flow than fat joe all day!Also one thing I’ve always wondered what happened to the 8ball/double up dealers? the ounce to a half ounce niggas.if u notice every trap rapper starts out no less than a if someone just threw a whole pack at em and said bring back my money

  • vega

    First off the burden of proof in civil court is preponderance of the evidence (51%). Secondly, this lawsuit, although it will attract media attention (already has) will not get off the ground in Federal Court. For a perfect example google the multiple products liability lawsuits filed against gun manufacturers. Even in that case where the nexus between the product and the harm was much closer, the suits were dismissed. Keep in mind, actual cause is not proximate (legal) cause.

    ps. Billy your pseudo-intellectual ass stays losing.

  • ESQ

    she suppossedly stole 2 grand from remy.that is why she did what she did.universals lawyers will state this to the know the rest

  • jacko

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