Was listening to Hot 97’s DJ Enuff spin that new Janet Jackson single “Feedback” and I finally caught those provocative lyrics that some cracker from Blender.com wrote about:

“I gotta body like a CL5
Make a nigga wanna test drive but I'm so on fire
Flyer than a pelican, find another chick better than, I don't see her
‘Cause my swag is serious
Something heavy like a first day period.”

That’s the problem with you ladies in the rap game. Y’all don’t rhyme about your menstrual cycles. That’s why the game is sour like milk. Are you out there Remy? Go on girl and let us know what’s your life like during that time of the month. Let me help ya.

“Queen of the flow, Aunt Flo can’t stop my shine.
I got the nine, buck you in your belly or hit you in your spine…

Oops nevermind.

And didn’t the Jacksons’ baby girl say “nigga.” I think QB’s finest needs to bless the remix. Let’s go Esco! Don’t forget your words. Ha!

See this just might be the type of high quality blogs I’m gonna bring you at 4 am on a Saturday night. No pre-writtens with what I’m spittin’. Lissteennn!

Shit sounds like some fake Britney song to me though. Pardon me Antonio.

Sidebar: At press time, Bfred reminded me of Lil Kim’s “Aunt Dot.” That’s why he gets paid the big bucks! And Lil Shanice was the truth! Where ya at lil mama? And where's the mixtape Ms. Jones?