The cRap Music Fantasy League Kicks Off In ’08…

Not only will we start a new year in a few days, but we will also start a new round of the cRap Music Fantasy League over at Dallas Penn Dot Com. The cRap Music Fantasy League is where all of you rap stans get a chance to see if you have the chops to assemble a kick ass rap music record label. You select the artists that you think will earn your label the most points during that fiscal quarter. Rappers earn points by selling records and ringtones, while establishing marketing and merchandise deals.

Since we are dealing with cRap music as well your label will score points when a rapper does some shit like star in a reality show or get arrested. The idea is that when you have an artist that can dominate mainstream media attention you have a high scoring crapper. There are dudes like Diddy who can go for a year without releasing a record yet still score a good number of points in the cRap Music Fantasy League just because of the lawsuits that are filed against him.

Remy Martin and Foxy Brown put in massive work during the later rounds of 2007’s cMFL between their arrests for assault and probation violations. T.I. was also a factor since he released a studio album, won several B.E.T. awards and was subsequently arrested on Federal firearms charges. Meanwhile KanYe West was the scoring MVP for the 2007 third quarter of the cMFL due to his albums’ performance and all the media appearances he made in support of the album. KanYe also scored a 1000pts in Q4 due to the passing of his mother (R.I.P. Dr. West).

As usual, Jay-Z is one of the highest scoring cRappers in the cMFL. Jay-Z releases records and he makes million dollar deals on the regulack. Between him and Alicia Keys you have the two MVP candidates for the fourth quarter of the cRap Music Fantasy League. It’s just that simple. You pick eight(8) artists you think will put in hell’a work for the first three months of 2008 and if you end up with the most points you will win a free pair of Nike Dunks. Since most of you humps are all about stealing your music off the internets you should be excited about the opportunity to get a free pair of sneakers.

Go To Dallas Penn Dot Com for the details on the cRap Music Fantasy League like the rules and the scoring system.

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  • *Niggarachi 24*

    Damn, Jay-Z & Diddy have found out how to earn millions with minimum of working… Is that fair? I vote: NO!

  • Flymasta


  • kane corleone

    ayooooo, got my squad together hopefully we’ll make it to the playoffs.Pullin Strings Ent., these niggas are puppets

  • Dan99

    I never knew they had anything like this going on the net, sounds interesting for a rap fan like myself. Thanks for the heads up Billy.


    Yeah, I needed to hear how it works. I’ve been checking it. Cats’ label names are hilarious. Shout to cRap-a-Lot Records.

    Dead Head Records in 08.


    This shit needs a salary cap to keep shit interesting. Plus people that win er… don’t go bankrupt can sign bigger rappers that could pull in more cash. Like real life business cept you still watching beef dvds in your moms basement at the end of the day.

  • Ali

    so easy it ain’t even worth it….no challenge……just think of all tha real, true hip-hoppers left in tha game, & draft tha opposite & there ya go

  • ghost dog

    I might just register for this cRap

  • beatz23

    when does the next one start?