Honeymooners marathon > My 24 hour blog-a-thon
Snoop Dogg on Auto-Tune > Lil Wayne on Auto-Tune
“Gossip” live > “Gossip”
Deb Gotti > Victoria Gotti (Deb is a stunna!)
Al Bundy > Al Sharpton
50 mockingly throwing up the diamond > Jada seriously throwing up the diamond
Jay’s real White bodyguard Norman > His fake Black bodyguards in the “Roc Boys” video
I Am Legend > John Legend
The crust between my toes > David Banner
T.I. in his bathrobe > Ghost in his bathrobe
Dinah Shore > Ellen
A.I. with the Sixers > A.I. with the Nuggets
Clemens with the Red Sox > Clemens getting steroid shots in his ass
Nelly’s weed carrier Ali > Ali G
Brett Favre’s jock strap > Tony Roma’s thumb
Bill Parcells the coach > Bill Parcells the executive
Jay-Z the rapper > Jay-Z the… (damn, nevermind. LOL!)
Jay-Z leaves > Jay-Z stays (Or…
Jay-Z stays > Jay-Z leaves (I can’t call it)
Sugar Ray Leonard > Floyd Mayweather
Sugar Ray Robinson > Floyd Mayweather
Roberto Duran > Floyd Mayweather
Uncle Roger Mayweather > Floyd Mayweather
15 round flights > 12 round rights (Sorry Duk Koo Kim)
Jamie Lynn > Jamie Lynn Spears
Patron shots > Tila Tequila
Pimp C’s funeral > Ike Turner’s (No offense!)
Rudy Ray Moore > Rudy G
Spygate > Fiascogate
Water For Life > Watergate
PTI (ESPN sports show) > PYT’s (Pretty Young Things) (Hey the wife is reading this. She ain’t sleep yet. Oh wait, she is.)
MJ recycling his catalogue > MJ letting go of his past
MJ retiring > MJ making new music
Jordan on the court practicing > Jordan puffing stogies in the owner’s box
The Wire > “Through The Wire”
Don Shula > Bill Belichick
Commando > Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is > Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood
Doggy Fizzle Televizzle > Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood
My father > Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood

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  • Rey aka Alumnah’s Charles Oakley

    Hey YN… Lemme just ask and hope to get an answer your sleep deprived ass will be too tired to bullshit around:

    You seem to genuinely care about hip-hop’s days of yore. Why do you continue to pander to the base, destructive, wack-as-fuck elements of this industry?

    We know you don’t give a shit about half the artists you put in the magazine. Why keep doing it?

    It’s okay if your answer is “YN has a mortgage and I’ll ‘Yessa Massa!’ all day long if it keeps my wife and kids comfortable”, but at least say it.

    No disrespect,


  • The Dynasty

    Just got home… Last call 230 here in DC, good to see you still goin at this yn… I aint caught up yet but how bout some lists:
    10 mcs
    10 albums
    shit like that… rile up the net

    I told you ill be here all 24… The REAL black Jack Bauer



    T.I. in his bathrobe??? I knew it… The tide is turning. LMMFBAO… *nolo*

    But I agree with most of the rest. This shit is classic. Good shit.



    I think Jay’s gonna leave. Why would he stay? It seems like everybody but Nas hates him there. Bad sign…

    The only Sugar Ray that isn’t > than “Money” Mayweather is the white group with the token negrus. As you can see, they’re dead.

    RIP Pimp C and Ike Turner. Long live the goon hand (if necessary).

    COMMANDO: “I told you Sully, I was going to kill you last… I lied!” LMMFBAO.


  • Jew-Z

    nobody can fuck with ellen

  • YN

    Fall back, Rey. It’s late.

    • Tray

      He’s right though. Jay is no GOAT and Wayne is no anything, if you really know hip-hop you know that. Sell copies of your magazine, that’s fine, you can do covers with Bow Wow for the next 20 years for all I care, but don’t editorialize about Jay’s GOATness, that’s nonsense. The man’s never made a top ten or even top twenty album. He had a five, six-year run. Then he fell off. That’s all.



    What are you listening to right now while you’re writing? I’m on Miles Davis.

    Shit feels like I’m making A Spike Lee Joint.

  • Government Names

    My suggestion for one of these posts today is to run down your top 10 albums for the year. We get a lot of explanations about who’s career is in the toilet, or who deserves to get the cover of XXL, but not so much who you really think made a good album. Also, I’m curious why you don’t seem to ever vote in critic’s polls like the Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop (where hip hop writers have always been somewhat underrepresented, even when they send invitations to folks from all the big rap mags).

  • 911


  • Trey Stone

    is this going to result in an angry-ass Banner tirade? that could be funny.

    agreed on Snoop-Pain, but i personally still think he should do a remix with Weezy and T-Pain, with all of ‘em auto-singing. that shit’d be classic. here’s hopin’ the song keeps blowing up, it’s at #30-something i think.

  • The Dynasty

    LIke I said, just finished up last call at 230, after a night in the district we go to the late night food spot, some wanna be thugs get in a fight at the spot bringing the police all over the shit and forcing the rest of us to leave, and a serious conversation takes place on the way home… What is Hip-hop? Is that shit we just saw hip hop? Is keeping it real hip hop? Is not snitching hip hop? Is hip hop made for people not to succeed? I mean look at rappers, most people say rappers have lost touch with their hoods. So is succeeding not hip hop? Just maybe some insight from your pov?
    Also later on in the ride, shit got intense again when your boy Weezy F. came on and my boy called him teh best rapper alive. Now I want your genuine answer YN, no industry bullshit, just cuz the kid is selling you mags right now. Personally I cant take my friend seriously cuz he is the rap equivalent of a fair weather fan cuz he been on wayne for a little and before that it was dipset and before that it was g-unit and so on and so forth. I mean I can think of 10 rappers alive better than wayne (Jay-Z, Nas, Rakim, Ice Cube, KRs-one, Snoop, Eminem, Ghostface, ‘kast, LL) so I jsut want your imput

  • bldngblck

    question: is there a kingdom come accapella album?
    and if so, can i get a copy of it from you?
    i’d rather play around with those vocals than american gangster


    It’s about that time…

  • YN

    Get ready for the 25th hour post! I’m bout to take another shower. LOL!

  • DANJA29

    Sully’s death on “The White Rapper Show” > Sully’s death on “Commando”.

  • Trey Stone

    if Hov’s not the GOAT then who is?

  • YN

    Props to Danja for the Sully comment.


    *DAPS Danja*

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  • livefromny

    I mean look at rappers, most people say rappers have lost touch with their hoods. So is succeeding not hip hop? Just maybe some insight from your pov?

    good-ass comment/question

  • DXL

    YN, you’re officialy an ineternet geek, don’t deny it…when you start doing the greater than shit…This > That, you’re offically a keyboard warrior.
    Damn you going strong on the red bull, I just woke up, slept 8 hours ago on your 8th or 9th blog now I’m back.

  • DXL

    YN >> DN (60s-80s) That why MJ bleached himself to white.
    DN >> YN (90s and beyond) God pulled the plug outta Al B Sure ass niggaz, mofo went pitch black, Dark Skinned niggaz came thru.

    YN you’re done!!! it’s over for you and your simpson complexion ass niggaz…your stock stopped going up in the 80s.F.U and T.I, y’all never coming back, how does it feel to be a musuem ass nigga? Your only reign supreme in the 80s, History channel mofos, thats the only time we see y’allDN, we’re CNN, all over the news.

    YN=Yellow niggaz
    DN=Dark niggaz

    I’m f**ing with you YN, it’s all love.

  • ill G

    hahah i liked this one…have to disagree on a few. The crust between ya toes shit was hilarious!! I have to say that A.I. with the nuggets is better only cus he got Carmelo on his team…i mean c’mon what a duo! (even though they suckin ass right now) but keyshia cole show is def not better than snoops! i cant stand that bougie bitch

  • Autumn

    ha ha liked that lesbian referance. peace

  • Kane Corleone

    “UN” COMMANDO: “I told you Sully, I was going to kill you last… I lied!” LMMFBAO.-actually its remeMber when I told Sully-lol i c u tho cuz .Merry XMAS MY DUDE

  • Crocker

    Lol….preach YN…thats some funny shit.

  • Josh

    The crust between my toes > David Banner

    I hope you answer the why behind this one.

  • Davina Minotti

    Hello there, just moseyed by. Interesting page. Later.