Soulja Boy on Fruity Loops

In recent interview with hiphopdx , Soulja Boy spoke about how gets down on FL Studio 7, the software 9th Wonder made famous while die-hard MPC guys were banging on pads trying to keep it real.

The “Crank That” King said,

“To be honest, it took me an hour to produce the ‘Crank That’ song – at the most. Sometimes I just sit back…I can make a beat in my hotel room or I can make a beat in my dressing room, while getting ready for a show, and I can send it to Protools, and bam, get it right back recorded on my laptop. Then I can post it for all my fans to hear I have full creativity – when I want my snares to come in, when I want the beat to drop.”

I haven’t heard young Soulja Boy’s album, but many of my journalist pals seem to like it. And that’s saying a lot considering that most hip-hop journalists, at least it seems to me, are stuck in either 1996 or trying to take it back to the future with their hipster rap preferences for electro hop. Or what I like to call blip-hop. Songs made with 808s and bloopedy bloop sounds.

Still, is Soulja Boy the future of production or some guy who caught lightning in a bottle with a kitschy rap dance that was embraced by the millions of people who search youtube for dumb videos to entertain them while they’re bored with their everyday mediocre lives? That seems to be the question.

But the kid with Fruity Loops on his laptop sure had a hell of a year. Shit, he had a better one than 9th Wonder, and that guy is damn near a professional on that FL Studio program. So what is that saying about actual skill? Is Soulja Boy>9th Wonder?

I wonder what artist he’s going to bless next with his magical production touch.

I predict a comeback for Dem Franchize Boyz over Soulja Boy beats.

What do you think?

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  • boner jams 03

    Is Soulja Boy>9th Wonder?

    thats fuckin blasphemy dog….you should get 40 lashes for even thinkin that shit…

    • BK Cyph

      why ix that blasphemy? becuz Soulja Boy has a song that people like?

      Personally i think 9th is a better producer, but im not ready to take naything away from Soulja Boy. give him his props

      • Ghost Deini

        Cause you can’t compare a one hit wonder kid to a vet like 9th. Plus the Crank That bullshit is such a simple, plain, whack beat.

        • big dick cheney

          He’s definitely not a one hit wonder…his record is selling so you can kill the hate. I was doubtin him at first too but the album is decent.


          Yo Ghost Deini,
          Check the record. 9th Wonder has 0 HITS. Soulja Boy has 1

      • DJ Daddy Mack

        This whole blog entry is out of order, son. True that you cannot take anything away from Soulja Boy, but he represents what is wrong with Hip Hop. Why people are celebrating a cat who has 0 talent? If people keep doing this, you would have “Rap” that aint saying shit. I know a shit load of people who could do the same shit he has done. Lets show respect to those who really do their thing and go unnoticed instead of “cranking it.”

        Grammy Nod? lolllllllll. smfh at the grammys.

    • Sam

      No he ain’t I still think he needs to prove it!

    • joe p

      would somebody kill soldier boy already … i could make his fuckin beats in my basement fuck soldier boy … in about 2 or 3 years he’ll be unheard of til the next hip hope fad comes out … like ice t said “soldier boy eat a dick nigga” ha

  • mirked

    fruity loops is dope, its a great tool for your arsenal good to get the beat & creativity process flowin

    soulja sux i give him props for making kids dance but he’s wack

  • Tha Ace

    i always thought soulja boy was a fruit loop….he’s gonna sound as egocentric as kobe if he keep talkin about himself

  • EReal

    Not right now,

    but the fucking kid is 16, the fact that he’s even made it this far is insane. How old is 9th? Give the kid 10 years, see if he isnt a problem.

    Just Sayin. Hes got a future in music, in front or behind the scenes. Bet that.

    1 hunned.

    • LowEndofDaChi

      Good point here.

      I’m not a fan of Soulja Boi or his “smash” song, but at that age he definitely has alot of room to evolve and grow with the industry.

      Don’t count 9th out though, let’s not forget that he’s laced some high profile joints for artists like Mary J, Hov, and Destiny’s Child.

      • ian

        ok he may get betta cos he only 17 but dat aint da point der is ppl out der at 17 datare on another level so he shudn’t even b here if we sayin he needs to step his game up

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      SB will not be around in 10 years.

  • skeet

    this whole post was a waste of my time…stop giving props to soulja boy because he had a hit, its not a testament to his talent, its a testament to how dumb the american public really is

  • john

    in the latest issue of xxl.. artists got a chance to ask scarface a question..

    and you know what this fruit asked the legend.. ” what did you think when you first heard crank dat? ”


    • BK Cyph

      And scarface was geeked off the question. Not even the legendary Face fronts on Soulja Boy. Everything has a place…

  • major

    I aint gone hate on em for doin his shit, at least homie aint tryna imitate anybody else, he out there doin his own shit, but i don’t know if he’s the FUTURE of producing becuz u got alot of producers out there making good music. fruity loops has proven that it can be effective in the industry(9th wonder) but i dont think its the future of production either its just the most affordable.

  • major

    I aint gone hate on em for doing his shit. At least homie doin his music and not tryin to be like somebody else like alot of MCs are doing. I respect him for doin his thing but I’m not sure if he’s the FUTURE of hip hop production. There are alot of young producers in the industry who are starting to make names for themselves. I use fruity loops also so i cant say that it isn’t the future of hip hop production but i will say that Fruity loops has proved that it can perform in the music industry(9th wonder). I wouldnt say its the future of hip hop production either but that its the most affordable and effective tool for young producers who want to make music.

  • G7

    Come on, ya’ll need to get off that man’s dick. His beats are shitty, his rhymes are useless, and tha mufucka yells YOOOUUUU half the damn time. Shit is almost like mike jones repeatin his shit in every song. Just ridik. Nuff Said!!!

  • Jeopardy

    “why ix that blasphemy? becuz Soulja Boy has a song that people like?

    Personally i think 9th is a better producer, but im not ready to take naything away from Soulja Boy. give him his props”

    Damn, is that Ice Ice Baby you have playing in the background?

    • EReal


      lmao @ Vanilla tryin to explain how he straight jacked David Bowie.

  • gkid12345

    wow. Are they joking? He used stock sounds to make that trash. Prodigy was only 2 years older than soulja boy when mobb deep made the legendary shook ones, so how does soulja boy get a pass for being whack because of his age?

    • t.

      i agree, comparing him to 9th wonder because they both use fl is like comparing mims to nas because theyre both from ny

  • nelson

    Soulja boy is gay

    • mdot


  • Liqthez

    James can liqthez nutz like his hattin azz moma did last night. Funny how you ny fans hate on tha bay but half of your words come out our slanguage nigga. Meanwhile real rap muthafuka’s out the NY luv da bay, luv to kick it wit-us, even move out 2 dis bitch…Wit-yo-hatt’n-azz moma nigga.

    I smack bicthes w/ my left hand
    cause they goin 2 sleep
    if I use my best hand
    fuck a best man
    I ain’t getting married
    I’m a pimp till my coffins carried
    I’m very cut throat, y’know me
    I don’t call the cops
    People call’em on me…

  • RoseCity

    the extent of dude’s career is that one song, though, it’s not surprising it was popular, especially amongst peeps who take pride in being retarded. There is something very charming in its simplicity, however, its not like dick-head soulja boy is doing anything new here. Like hip-hop circa 2003-’06, he’s just regressing, regressing. If dude makes another Crank That, using, once again, the simplest of means, I’ll give him some credit–not likely though.

    As for 9th Wonder, anybody who is offended with the comparison is idiotic. But, once again, as for 9th Wonder, dude has never made a hit record in his whole career, much less expanded, or extended beyond, 70′s soul-sampling. Kanye made hits while Dilla made art, what did 9th Wonder do? I mean shit, the Heatmakerz were, probably still are, hotter than him. And Little Brother, they were okay for a sec, although their (his), best beat was better used by Weezy.

    • longsnatch

      have you heard destiny childs ‘girl’, jay-z’s ‘threat’, or Minstrel Show (classic)……… tell me those aint hott!!!! beats done by 9th.

  • Reservation Heisman

    So what is that saying about actual skill? Is Soulja Boy>9th Wonder?

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!

  • Casper

    Yeah, it don’t matter how you make music. As long as you perfect it so that it sounds good

  • jimmy

    this drop obviously went over some people’s heads…

  • az40


    good ass point on Havoc and mobb deep.

    That’s the good and bad of hip hop even if you have little or no talent you can still make it somehow.

    Most hip hop producers have little respect compared to other music genre producers b/c of stuff like F.L, it is a technological “advancement” but how may rap producers can play any of the instruments read the music or know anything about music.

    This excludes the elite producers like Timbo, Neptunes,etc.

    • EReal

      *Bumpin my Dj Premier “no talent required” mixtape*


  • fuckthatsnapshit

    what i think is that the music industry is going down the shithole thanks to sites like this and people like soulja boy

  • INS’











  • Fedz

    Is SouljaBoy 9th Wonder?
    Hell no!, the dude who did that interview was a motherfuckin’ idiot. Any motherfucka in the underground game beats SouljaBoy, go get yourself some good music, wu tang drops today and lupe next week, go check out about music making, go do something, new artists, old artists, why the fuck is that bitch predictin’ Franchize Boys comeback, those faggots never got out, or else go get their fuckin’ cd to add to their 9 sold copies.

  • Chris

    please kill yourself

  • Eman

    YO can u name one of those journalist pals that like soulja boys lp? I mean have u heard I got me some bapes? FUck Any program u can download off of limewire and find/make the same example 808 drum pattern as crank that wtf is that shit? it aint fresh and its ruining hip hop oh I mean rap. Annoying fake synths and 18 drum rolls to keep morons atention fuck that Id take lyrics and a soul sample all day over that bs

  • DirtDogggy

    What the fuck is the point here ? his beats are wack as fuck period. The Travis Baker remix is a perfect example of how shitty the origional crank that faggot boy is.

    And 9th wonder shits on soilja all day every day no question, I honestly can’t believe so many fags like this shit, oh well it shows the people that don’t that we are the origional ones while 90% of fans still have no idea what corny and what’s not. Crank that sausage fags.(no craig)

  • Moe

    Souldja bitch is trash he is a one hit wonder and not even a hit to those who know hip-hop. He is famous for no reason its sad

  • daz_oc

    Soulja Boy tellem’!!!!!!!!!!

  • LoRDPsI

    Any good producer is gonna want to have a full arsenal to bring dope tracks. Be it hardware or software (or both) FL studio is an excellent tool for today’s hip hop beat engineer. I mostly use Logic now, but Fruityloops was one of the 1st programs I learned. Can’t knock that fool for rockin the FLP

  • LoRDPsI

    tho i forgot to mention… while we’re on the topic of 9th vs Souja …c’mon man. are you smokin rocks???? soulja boy got LUCKY wit that shit. and like i said I aint knockin the dude. But soulja boy and 9th wonder don’t even belong in the same sentence. 9th is a genius with pure talent (skillz) not sum flavor of the month.

  • longsnatch

    thats like saying, is jibbs better than jay-z, he doesnt have enough shit out to be compared to a dude that has produced on CLASSIC albums. 9th all the way!!!!!!!!

  • NAN from EAST ATL

    Lean wit it, rock wit it.

    im still trippin on why dudes get heated comparing someone like Soulja boy and Mobb Deep…different styles, beats, way of life…whence the last time you heard mobb deep in the club? now think whens the last time you did the crank dat dance in the club? last weekend drunk of remy or whatever beer your cheap ass could afford…?

    my point is SB aint out tryin to win die hard backpackers. but he will pick up some tweenies, white america, and maybe your dopeboy on the corner doin the “superman” on dat hoe.

  • gteach

    Soulja Boy>9th Wonder?


  • justis

    word to fl studio, but it’s definitely not a strike in its favor that that fuck uses it.

  • beatz23

    “But the kid with Fruity Loops on his laptop sure had a hell of a year. Shit, he had a better one than 9th Wonder, and that guy is damn near a professional on that FL Studio program. So what is that saying about actual skill?”

    …skill is NOT the same thing as selling a bunch of records!

    • big dick cheney

      Yea you right. But it goes to show you that this kid is a hustler. Do ya’ll even know the process he went thru to get his music out? the shit was genius so he deserve to shine. Don’t knock the hustle. a hustler is always gone beat the master of the craft when it comes to selling.

      As far as putting out quality music??, yea he slackin but don’t hate on the results. Jeezy is not that good either but he knows how to hustle. Yall get where i’m goin wit this? Maybe hustlers gettin into the rap game isn’t neccessarily a good thing

  • Shawty J

    Soulja Boy is seventeen and has time to evolve, into what, I don’t know. I don’t think he has much of a future as a rapper, but if he can diversify his music and incoporate a wider range of instruments he can become a better producer. Comparing him to 9th Wonder was retarded. 9th Wonder is way more talented the Soulja Boy. Talent is not meassured by sucess.

  • Ghost Deini

    Is everybody outta there fucking minds ?? This kid BLOWS. Whack beat, says the same 4 lines over and over, and throws 100 “YOUUUU”‘s in there. I understand he’s got a smash hit, props to him…..but don’t act like he’s the new thing, or even act like he’s got mad talent. If Soulja Boy is the future of Hip-Hop production, i’m through with Hop-Hop, forever.

  • King Ben

    Of course 9th is a better producer. With that said, 9th wonder’s sound is not appealing natiowide/mainstream his sound is intricate, Soldier Boy created a hit, a hit is a hit.

  • Ak-Nolij (16 yrs old)

    From a music fan’s perspective, he’s not worth listening to. From a Hip Hop head’s perspective, he takes whack to a whole nother level. From a Gangsta’s perspective, it’s amazing his ass doesn’t have a cap yet from making that garbage. From a Beatmaker’s/Producer’s perspective, his shit is straight whack, ass-backwards, bullshit, whatever says it isn’t good from the ground up.

    His dumb ass doesn’t even know how to use 808s correctly, let alone provide a good sound everyone can admire. I feel sorry for the city he’ll try to “represent” in the near future. I feel sorry for America as it is.(no offense, as I too grew up in the States)

    And “Rose City”, just because you never heard 9th’s music doesn’t exclude the fact that he’s an infamous Legend in the era of and among Beatmakers. And Second, we aren’t seeing any evidence of “Soulja” Boi ever “expanding” or “extending” from using incredibly simple note patterns, using less than 4 different sounds/instruments OR refraining from “rapping”. He’s just a local and that’s that.

    Other than that, I made better 808 beats than this dude before I even turned 15. That’s pathetic.

  • work

    im not gonna even throw 9th wonder in this convo.but ima put it like this.dude is 16 years old,hes comin up in a new era where kids got access to equipment alot easier than we had it back in the day.not only kids but i see adults enjoying theirselves to his let him do his thing.i just like seeing people happy.i wouldnt buy it,but thats me.

  • jg420

    aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Soulja Boy is 32 years old.

    • EReal

      32 is the new 16.

      Im so hot still…..

  • Hood$ta


  • Vindi

    To be honest it sounds like he done the beat in an hour its that wack – no way can using fruity loops be the future otherwise beats be sounding like Laffy Taffy – 9th Wonder does a good job with it he doesn’t


  • capostatus

    soulja boi a fag dats all i have 2 say……..wut a damn question LMAO

  • epitome

    hip-hop is dead

  • Ringking Ent

    Dont ever compare Solja Boy to 9th wounder, For all the people who use FL Studio, you can hear that he used stock sounds, the beat is simple to make, There is no creativity in his production

    • LowEndofDaChi

      I think that’s the point Gooch was trying to get across with this blog. You should peep the DJ Khaled one where he kinda does the same thing. I can dig it, though.

  • RL

    I’m not gonna waste my time hating on Soulja Boy because what really made the song was the dance at the end of the day. Without the dance the song isn’t anything out of the ordinary radio pop singles.

    And though I’m not the biggest 9th fan…

    9th > Soulja all day.

    At the end of the day either you like the music or you don’t.

  • A1thegift

    Yo nobody gonna be a super producer until they get out the box and pick up a real instrument…


    1st of all lets not get ahead of ourselves here. 9th is the FL wizard, master, king or whatever is the highest salutation. he has numerous classics under his laptop belt. if you feel 9th ain’t the best on that program i recommend you listen to his track record from jay-z to destiny’s child. how can anyone say SB is better than 9th? 9th reinnovated a sound adapted from the dilla primo days. and flipped it. SB just recreated a snap track with a twist. and i have FL studio…trust and believe its not hard to make a track of that nature. yes his sound was intriguing and it got the people up and dancing but please leave it at that. bad enough we got the grammy’s recognizing it (which says nothing since they GAVE a grammy to Milli Vanilli) but now you puttin hin in the same category as 9th? that doesn’t even look right on paper! and plese leave his age outta this convo because the GOAT himself was a meer 16 YO with i need a beat dropped. hit record? or classic? which do you prefer.

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  • DJ Epik

    The REAL difference between 9th Wonder and Soulja Boy are their fans. 9th Wonders fans are older and less interested in “whats hot” and all the media hype because they have lives to worry about,while Soulja Boy’s fans faint when he takes off his shirt………So who’s more likely to go out and buy a cd?

  • sincere

    Bring Back Scratch!


    If this is the future of Hip-Hop, I’m done with it. Fuck it, Kiss the Baby, I’m leaving it alone! Call me a hater or whatever, but this shit is not for me. Along with every other real Hip-Hop Head!

  • Cinsere

    I’m approaching 30 and, quite honestly, I’ve grown tired of having these discussions/debates. 10 years ago me and my boys would argue about who’s the best MC, meaning who had the best rhymes, flow, style, classic albums. Now all the debates are about back then vs. today, and how these no talent having one-hit-wonder cats are ruining everything that we held dear. And while I believe that to be true to an extent, at some point it just becomes repetitive and boring to continually beat a dead horse. Yes, Soulja Boy sucks and has had a huge year. Yes, 9th Wonder is a dope producer and is hardly known. That’s just how things go sometimes. Led Zeppelin hardly sold any albums back in the day when they came out…now they are widely regarded (me included) as one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Illmatic went like copper in ’94…it doesn’t take anything away from it’s classic status. There will always be greatness that is overlooked in favor of something of less quality but more accessible. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just how it goes.

  • niggafrommemphis

    My thang is this:How can a young nigga with a song that only children can dance to (and all that other shit) get a grammy nomination when I can think of alot of niggas,and not just Ugk, that have made albums that will stand the test of time and they never got nominated.Politics,that’s all.And I know now that the pimp is dead,those faggots at Jive are gonna make sure that Ugk wins.A damn shame!

  • FrenchyBlaq

    XXL needs to stop this shit right now…Soulja Boy neva Been hip hop …If y’all wanna make this shit hip hop music…Only the media can do it…When NaS whuz Sayin’ hip hop is dead he waz talkin’ ’bout dis… Fuck all yall Hip hop will neva Die . N stop talkin’ Soulja Boy on fruity loops… Whut does it have to do with the fact his music is wack? Look U can make good songs with fruity loops …It’s just the way u work it Leave Fruity loops alone … Just talk ’bout the people usin’ it wrong dumb ass…Why don’t u Put “Soulja Boy n a fuckin’ big lack of creativity make music for the livestock?(cuz it is whut it is)”

  • Shawty T

    I was a hater like yall before you can’t hate on him nomore. the music he make aon’t for hip hop its for the youth and for the clubs. if he was lyricalthen he would still be the reason for killing hip hop to yall. hip hop dyin’ because everybody a fuckin’ thug in the rap game and not their selves. not because of soulja boy.

  • Shawty T

    I was a hater like yall before you can’t hate on him nomore. the music he make aon’t for hip hop its for the youth and for the clubs. if he was lyricalthen he would still be the reason for killing hip hop to yall. hip hop dyin’ because everybody a fuckin’ thug in the rap game and not their selves. not because of soulja boy.

  • Pedro

    MY THOUGHTS———————————–

    Listen everyone Soulja boy is Hip-hop too. It’s all hip-hop it’s just crazy pop too. If this shit was made way back then when rappers were not very lyrical we would of been saying remember that soulja boy song. Plus not everyone is lyrical. Somebody has to make club music. Aint nobody want to listen to some conscious ish at the club. Remember it’s all hip-hop just a form that many of us die hard hip-hop lovers dont seem to appreciate. Oh and soulja boy is no where near the level of 9th wonder. he could probably make a cool ass club banger but that ish aint really his cup of tea. Thats real talk. hit me up if u want to discuss this topic please : here

  • Trilllla

    wtff is this shit. fuck soulja boy. he aint runnin shit EVER!!

  • Yung Boy/Man

    It’s crazy him(SB) The future of producing????? Did I read it wrong or did they make a mistake I mean he’s trash besides make a dumbass dance wat has he done…. nothing….I’m ashamed as both a lyricist and a youngen(17 years old) Damn R.I.P Hip Hop

  • Supreme_Being

    skeet says:

    this whole post was a waste of my time…stop giving props to soulja boy because he had a hit, its not a testament to his talent, its a testament to how dumb the american public really is

    i co-sign….nuff said…the American public is dumb



  • Lucky

    Soulja Boy on Fruity Loops…lol man that shit is stupid. super man shit is not hiphop whats the story behind the stupid shit.

    take common he is hiphop. jay-z is hiphop,nas is hiphop. why are lil rappers.

    hiphop is just being made fun of with those lil wanna be rappers– all that shit all that hand clap shit a bay bay shit. thats just gay gay gay. they should sit down and write down some real shit bitches.



  • freaky!

    boner jams 03 says:

    Is Soulja Boy>9th Wonder?

    thats fuckin blasphemy dog….you should get 40 lashes for even thinkin that shit…


  • Ryan

    Soulja Boy’s album beat wise, it garbage. Lyrically garbage. The worst album released this year.

    Anybody can make his “Superman” beat in less than an hour on FL7, it’s so fucking basic a caveman could do it.

  • sapper

    Hip hop has turned bubble gum, True artist don’t get any air plays anymore. It’s old school, and rock’n'roll for me from now on.

  • deandre surrell

    while the world was tryn to figure out hip-hop
    and debatin on kanye and 50….soulja boys music said fuck yall and sucker punched hip-hop….before yall could catch on to em…he bubbled……

    as for da a&r type a nigga…nigga cant tell me when to put out albums and when to do this and tha…..uhuh..suck dick nigga yall aint da only niggas wit lambas…and i got the power so im startn shit and im smashn first.

    u dont know what i got..but ima pump fear in yo punk ass and make u come out yo comfort zone.once u do that ima polish up yo character and put my spin on it and win…..

    fuck whoever dont believe in me and my direction…i got the connection,and ima teach these niggas a lesson.nah,nah,nah u thought i was by myself huh?i fooled u niggas…i really did.

  • http://yahoo dmonsta

    soulja boy is wack we know that but he making money so he doing the damn thing so you can’t really hate an hip hop is dead er one after the money now nas is right the corprate suits at the record labels making sure we listen to this bubble gum shit an the a&r’s are doing what their told tryna get club banga’s all the time an the mofo’s running the labels are white and DON”T KNOW SHIT BOUT HIP HOP AN THEY KILLING IT EVERY YEAR every one want those gay ass sing along jingles an shit fuck all that

  • Ser0 Productiond

    I will shit on Soulja boy’s FL Skills…. …. FREE BEATZ!!!

  • 9mill

    i no dat nigga using fruity looops dat beat has every instrument dat comes with fl 7 dem beats is week

    check me out if u dont like my song listen 2 da beat and i also use fl 7

  • yo moms

    stop the hatin bitches

  • Kid Wave

    Have you motherfuckers forgotten something? You are comparing Soulja Boy to 9th Wonder….
    First of all, the fact that XXL is even posting anything to do with Soulja Boy is a disgrace, someone needs to pop this kid.
    Secondly, 9th Wonder is a producer. He’s not an artist, he’s a producer. So you can’t really compare him to someone that actually says stuff on tracks (I didn’t wanna call Soulja Boy an ‘artist’ cause there is no art in his music, and I didn’t wanna call him a ‘rapper’ cause his gay ass doesn’t rap, he just yells bullshit over noise).
    Third, that Crank Dat beat was terrible…9th Wonder’s beat “Threat” on The Black Album was dope. Sure it wasn’t a hit, but who said a song had to be a hit to be good? I’m sure 9th could be out there makin hits for all these big names rappers, but he’s about Hip-Hop and the realness of the music…big ups to the nigga 9th

  • mc2da

    Nelly was hot for a minute and had some of the biggest hits in the country but it was all bullsh*t just like so in a year a two after his third album comes out and people are sick of the same sound they’ll be pushing his album back just like Nelly’s was over and over til now and still sounds wack and 9th will still be doing his thing you don’t compare something official to something that isn’t proven

  • Chris Mac

    Someone should supamaned his mom as a kid maybe he wouldnt be half as retarded

  • ripper311

    Is Soulja Boy a rapper? Yes. Is he hip hop? Yes. Does he sell albums and has he made a couple hits? Most definitely. Does that really mean he’s that great? No. Soulja Boy has the promotional padding and commercial appeal that the media has been pushing on the masses for years. I give him credit for what he has done, but, to say that he is anywhere near the talent level that 9th Wonder has, would be quite absurd.

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  • Benmark

    Soulja Boi is a shitty rapper with a whack ass flow. Nuff said.