In recent interview with hiphopdx , Soulja Boy spoke about how gets down on FL Studio 7, the software 9th Wonder made famous while die-hard MPC guys were banging on pads trying to keep it real.

The "Crank That" King said,

"To be honest, it took me an hour to produce the 'Crank That' song - at the most. Sometimes I just sit back...I can make a beat in my hotel room or I can make a beat in my dressing room, while getting ready for a show, and I can send it to Protools, and bam, get it right back recorded on my laptop. Then I can post it for all my fans to hear I have full creativity - when I want my snares to come in, when I want the beat to drop."

I haven't heard young Soulja Boy's album, but many of my journalist pals seem to like it. And that's saying a lot considering that most hip-hop journalists, at least it seems to me, are stuck in either 1996 or trying to take it back to the future with their hipster rap preferences for electro hop. Or what I like to call blip-hop. Songs made with 808s and bloopedy bloop sounds.

Still, is Soulja Boy the future of production or some guy who caught lightning in a bottle with a kitschy rap dance that was embraced by the millions of people who search youtube for dumb videos to entertain them while they're bored with their everyday mediocre lives? That seems to be the question.

But the kid with Fruity Loops on his laptop sure had a hell of a year. Shit, he had a better one than 9th Wonder, and that guy is damn near a professional on that FL Studio program. So what is that saying about actual skill? Is Soulja Boy>9th Wonder?

I wonder what artist he's going to bless next with his magical production touch.

I predict a comeback for Dem Franchize Boyz over Soulja Boy beats.

What do you think?