Sippin’ on Some Syrup

So we all know Lil Wayne’s only real relationship is with his white Styrofoam cup (Sorry LL—Lauren London). But what if all that alleged sizzurp use catches up to Cash Money’s meal ticket. And God forbid, like the great DJ Screw, Weezy bites the dust. You know what’s gonna happen, don’t you? With all them damn songs and random verses. He’s gonna be the new 2Pac. The greatest of all time to the next generation. True comp to Jay-Z and his Jordan-like legacy. Big and Pac meets The Carters.

We have to stop this. Not just for Wayne’s health but for the betterment of hip-hop. Keep Lil Weez alive! When you see him, tell him YN said put that cup down son and live. You don’t need it lil homie, do you? The funny thing about Wayne’s ascension to the top of the MC race is that his peers can’t believe that the lil wobbidy-wobbidy-drop-it-like-it’s-hot kid is on their level. They all keep saying or acting like if Carter 3 comes out and lives up to the hype they’ll give him his props. But the public already has. Actually the only thing that Carter 3 can do is fuck up Wayne’s legacy if it ain’t a classic.

Speaking of which, is Kanye’s boys G and Hop gonna be able to get this album out of dude. It’s a simple music industry truth: things don’t get pushed back if the music is there. Artists always say it’s sample clearance problems but no dice. They must not got it. I don’t want to sound like Fif but there’s still not even a real Lil Wayne single out yet.

Still and all, with all the mixtapes and lost verses if young Carter left God’s green prematurely we would be inundated with even more material. You know how many posthumous Wayne albums you could put together? It’s like trying to put together a true Snoop Dogg discography. It boggles the mind. But be clear: I wouldn’t wish death on no man. And as any self-respecting rap fan I suggest you do the same.

Next Blog: YN lists 3 rappers who he knows no one gives a fuck about. They could croak tomorrow and no one would care. But it’s gonna be fun dissing them.

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  • dblock

    first! hahaha…push it along, yn! it amazes me how everyone waited until lil’ wayne was wack again to declare him fit for goat status. dude is a shadow of his decication 2-level of spit. shyt, i’d take drought 3 weezy at this point. at least then all the hype would be half-way warranted. oh well… more tales of rapper-on-writer violence!!!

  • 6-100

    Wayne is not great, and never will be great.

    He just got a rhyming dictionary, and people think he’s spitting metaphors.

    He’s just spitting simple simile.

    And Lauren London messing with Wayne makes her look bad. It’s like Mya messing with Shaheim

    Think about it. Dukes in his late 20′s and the only people feeling him are 19 & under

    • Darkman

      I second wat u sayin 6-100

    • http://wow Suckabigdick

      Wow yo suck a big fat dick and die slowly for that statement,thats like..WOW go die , Somewhere , Nobody will miss you,
      Shit like that is why HIPHIP is diein..slowly, saying wayne aint “great ” is straight hatin, and you makin comments about who should date him? your a girl right?? i hope so
      anyway take your ignorant pathetic ass back and lisen to some Soulja boy
      Weezy f rapper alive

  • triLL Lac


  • http://AHH Ruste Juxx

    if its not classic, you can put him in the Jada, Styles, Beans category…cause lyrically hes not better than any of them…so if his album doesnt meet his mixtape hype you have to put him in the cage wit the real wolves and stop compairing him to hov when the comparison isnt even there..

  • lkharley

    it’s the truth…wayne for right now shoudl just be considered a hot spitter not a songwriter…he spits hot verses but if i wanted to hear a whole song u would go to jay z or 50 first

  • turnerclassicmovies

    he’s a teen dream. ll cool j without the power, without the lips, without real true swagger.
    and, really, even in this day and age,
    artists put out albums.

  • Cannon

    24B-N-24H: I bought a ticket for the whole seat but it seems like I only need the edge.

    As far as Wayne, I think he’s already dreadfully close to posthumous Makaveli status. Think about it, how many awful unofficial Makaveli mixtapes were made after the 2nd one was a hit? I think they got up to 11 when it stopped? Now compare that to all the “The Leak” mixtapes and “The Drought” mixtapes…and lets not forget those Squad mixtapes. So my point is, alive or dead, I think he’s (unfortunately) already reached the status that you’ve written about.

    Topic suggestion: Beef and why is it such a great marketing tool for new & returning artist?

  • lmn

    i’m here because i thought you’d be going IN

  • wax

    these posts look promising.

    question: who is the picture of in your masthead ?

    question: why do u post main articles on the site, thus ruining my enjoyment of kickin back witha cold one and readin my subscription

    question: the making of album articles are brilliant.. why dont you do more on classic albums?

    question: will anybody know who souljah boy is next year and will he invest his loot or be broke?

  • M

    keep it up man

  • Bigmike1

    It’s about time someone said something about that damn white cup. YN, I predict his demise as well. Before the news of Pimp C, God rest his soul, I always thought Lil Wayne would be the next MC to perish due to his abuse of drugs. Its also a shame that the people around him see that it is okay for him to have it. Like one time I read where Baby was questioned about Wayne’s drug use, and Baby response was like Wayne can handle himself. To me thats fucked the fuck up.
    For me being from the south, and knowing history on dude. I know its all entertainment just so someone can talk about it, but shit is entermaintment worth accelerating your death. Um……..answer here.