Over the holiday, I finally watched the first two Godfathers in their entirety. (I know how did I survive for so long without?) There’s so many incredible scenes and dialogue but I like the part in part 2 where ole boy tells Pacino, “You can’t kill everybody Michael.” He was like, “I don’t want to kill everybody. Just my enemies.” That’s me right there!

Speaking of which, this guy Phonte is trying to take me out as the side hustle blog king. Fall back, brother. First Jay resigns to take away my moment of glory and now this…

OK for the record:

YN’s 24 in 24 > Twelve Days of Getback

Ludacris “Get Back” ? Getback album

Roxanne Shante > Phonte

The “Big Brother” song > Little Brother

LMAO! I’m just playin’. Have a sense of humor. Just spreading some mo’ holiday cheer with a few playful jeers. Gotta admit, I’m really not a big fan though.

Side thought: Guess I'm gonna get Ethered on Okayplayer. LOL!