Rap Music Stays Hustling Backwards…

I suppose I should give Plies manager a pass for trying to become a drug kingpin. Even though that shit is soooo 1980’s. Blue jeans tapered to “0” at the ankle have come back into fashion so I guess it’s only natural for someone to try to live the Tony Montana lifestyle. The only problem is that there were never any kingpins that weren’t installed by the government. At some point Manuel Noriega(the real Noriega), Saddam Hussein, and whoever runs the opium through Turkey, all these cats have had the biggest co-sign you could have, Uncle Sam. Anything else is hustlin’ backwards.

There are a few details of this shit that Plies manager has found himself in I can’t put together. How does Plies manager go from buying 500 grams of blow to holding eighty(80) lbs. of that shit? Dude went from a half of a bag of sugar into someone that was supplying all of Florida (for about a week)? 80 pounds of cocaine is a lot of work. He was going to be pretty busy on the phone and taking meetings if he wanted to sell all that shit before Christmas. In the meantime and in between time what was he doing for Plies career? If I were Plies I would fire dude right now for negligence. How the fuck are you gonna get your artist a ringtone deal when you are too busy politicking cocaine?

Why doesn’t this dumb shit ever happen to people in rock music? You know they are using at least as much drugs as rappers are. Rock niggas never get busted trying to supplement their income with drug sales. Who has the time to make shitty emo fag hair band anthems when they have 80 lbs. of cocaine to sell? Maybe that’s why rap music has sucked so bad lately? Everyone is too busy doing everything else other than making good music. Except for KanYe. He stays making G.O.O.D. music. Okay, you can hate me for the insertion of that fanboy pun. Jay-Z is the only dude that gets a pass on this account since he steady doing all kinds of business shit like that nigga has an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in Economics. I wonder who is holding that cat’s hand because someone told me that Jay-Z doesn’t even read well. Damn.

So I guess it’s a good thing for my ears that Lil’ Wang has decided to become a tattoo model instead of a recording artist. This keeps the Puerto Rican tattoo designers working instead of breaking into my car and it keeps Lil’ Wang from releasing too much wack shit for my ears to hear. Now if he would just stay in school to finish up his degree imagine how many Waffle House 40/40 Club franchises he could buy? And then he could hire Plies manager to work the grill. Sonn is gonna need a job badly when he finally comes home from upstate.

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  • jay

    you are a scrub ass blogger.

  • The Ghost Face

    This is irrelevant.

  • N.O. 4 life

    you are the weakest blogger ever…you are not progressing hip hop or entertaing anyone with this bullshit

    Billy X. Sunday you are not hip hop you are not funny you are just old and lame living your second childhood

    • Mean Greene

      Yikes, harsh words. Your blogs usually do suck Billy but I thought this one actually brought up pretty valid point about how any real drug kingpin has had the green light of the new world order. That is until they attack and kill you years later and claim to liberate the same very people they helped you to oppress.

      I’m actually glad these fuktards like T.I. and this schmoe are getting caught up. It’s all for the better so the next generation of kids will see the consequences of being gangsta…

  • CeezDiem

    It was bound to happen. if rap history/current events has taught kids nothing, its this

    Eeen Amedica, First ju get de drogs, den you get de money, den you get de power, den you get de recor deal.

    It’s a shame that rap aint like sports where you actually have to be GOOD to get picked up.

    Oh well. Tough titty said the kitty.


  • BIG O

    this is funny as shit!!!and its true.most rappers now always say stupid shit like “im not a rapper im a trapper”.if your not a rapper then stop fucking rapping!rappers no longer have the same passion for the art that they used to.that is why artist like kanye,the roots,lupe,nas are so good lyricaly because they arent to busy trying to move work. p.s off the top 80 pouns is between 19-19keys its a lot but not to much ecspecially in miami.

    • akaTheRealist

      you cn flip 19 keys into half a mil, maybe even more depending on where and how (halfs, quarters for more) you sell it.

    • Sonic

      Actually 80 lbs is around 40 squares. Get yo math right lil one

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Big O,
    I see you never held weight before, and that is a good thing. 80lbs is over 36kgs and that is considerable for one person to hold. No matter what city you are in.

    Yes, there are fools holding even more work than that but those dudes ARE drug dealers not ringtone rapper managers.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ akaTheRealist,
    What reality are you living in? Why would someone allow themselves to be raped for their money?

    Kilograms are sold on the streets for $15,000 to $20,000 dollars apiece(15 stacks in the big cities and 20 stacks in the ‘burbs). So at the highest price you would still need 25kg to expect 500 stacks.

    Now when you say “flip” what are you talking about? Keep in mind that you wouldn’t be able to keep the entire $500,000 since you had to buy the 25kg in the first place.

    Too many of y’all little dudes get your math skills from Grand Theft Auto and popular movies and y’all have no idea how shit goes down in the real world. Stick to the internets.

  • http://www.sp1200.net yoMAN

    lol this some really funny ish

  • jt

    shit is pretty funny man.

  • wood grain grippa



  • BIG O

    first of all i was agreeing with you that no man should allow themselves to be raped for money.and im not fronting like right now i have that amount of weight on me.but the fact of the matter is that if he is managing plies who sis a preety succesful rapper.he could get more artist and make plenty of stacks.oh yeah just doing the math.by your calculations 36 keys in the burbs where i live is 720 stacks.i dont know what aka the realest meant by flip.cause if you are talking aboutflipping it to crack then thats a hell of a lot more than 500,000.and thats net not gross.i know he had to buy it first asshole.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Big O,
    Get your mind right. First you say that 80lbs = 19 kilos. Then you say that 19 kilos isn’t an amount for someone to hold. Even though that person is supposed to be MANAGING A RAPPER.

    Listen fella… 19 ki’s is a lot even for a drugdealer, but it’s what drugdealers do so I guess that’s par for the course.

    I see that you agree with me on the absurdity of this situation. All I’m telling you to do is to refrain from talking about drugs and their relative weight comparisons since you aren’t familiar with those mathematics.

    ‘Nuff said.

    • Midwest

      Haha, I guess not everybody knows as much as they think they do about the drug game.

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  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    If I were Plies I would fire dude right now for negligence. How the fuck are you gonna get your artist a ringtone deal when you are too busy politicking cocaine?

    Exactly. One foot in the booth and one in the streets. Meanwhile, Plies, like Lupe Fiasco, is going to suffer for trying to employ goons so he could look more a boss.

    Hope the CIA isn’t reading these math figures in the comments, tho… I know Nathaniel about drugs. Especially this purp that’s burning between my fingers.


  • nappy_pappy

    I dont know whatcha’ll talkin bout this was a good post he hit a lot of points … but chill with the puertorican comment… we dont all go scavenging thru whips lol

  • k_lang

    THERE IS A LOT OF RELEVANCY TO TO THIS. the ones who hatin is ex-dealers and nickel and dime hustlers. how ignorant is it 4 u to b cheerin Plies manager!?!? u must aint came down off ur pediquo buzz yet. That road only ends up in prison and all the shit you got with the dirty money goes too.(even the stuff in ya mama name.)And the math definetly aint a factor cuz the keys is gone to police lockup and now they about break it up to get paid off it. Look u can tell bein dudes manager was his moonlite job or else he would’ve have put hisself in that situation to begin with. Lots of rappers start off like that cuz aint no developmental plan for rappers and cuz honestly you get ur name out in the street 2. But you can tell Plies is gonna blow up so really u dont got nothin to be worried about. “U can take Dashiki out the hood but u cant take the hood out of Dashiki”.

  • http://koolkidkulture.blogspot.com/ http://koolkidkulture.blogspot.com/


    Boost Mobile Anthem 2.0 video (hi res)
    Young Jeezy
    Jermaine Dupri
    Mickey Avalon

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  • TaZ

    Is Billy really teaching ppl how to sell coke? Is this not a hip hop website (granted hip hop was built on a foundation of doing whatever it takes to make a living, i.e. Sellin Drugs) but grow the fuck up. No one is impressed that you are trying to be an online hustler. Get out your nicks and dimes, pay your bills and shut the fuck up… Nuff said?

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    All the Lil’ Wang fans got made. Fagets! !Ha!Ha!

  • richard ro$$ da bo$$

    a key is equal to 2 lbs 2 oz.weight conversion of 80 lbs=36.2872kg even.560,000 grams even.1,280 oz even. .2872kg is 8 lbs. know i am the bo$$.i got it on lock and i got the keeeeeeys’.i could do more math but that would lead to even more math so much dirty money i need a warm bath bubblin cause i’m hustlin hustlin hustlin hustlin everyday i’m speedin trilla. bo$$$$$.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Piffnardo Davincci

    lmaoo@you sheep ass niggaz not knowing the metric system but then swear like you slung enough to supply a small african village…..

    grow the fuck up, 80lbs. ain’t no light work, nickle and dime come-up flip you bum ass niggaz, that shit either came from consistent consignment or one hell of a publishing percentage on a ringtone deal………..

    and instead of Scarface, you all should hang my myspace default pics on ya walls….

  • Doobie

    “Who has the time to make shitty emo fag hair band anthems when they have 80 lbs. of cocaine to sell?”

    LOL! That is the funniest line of the day.

  • dolo

    Lol @ straightlegging jeans at size 0 lol .. Good post billy .. you failed to mention afghanistan is the major importer of heroin in el mundo .. The only thing plies manager gonna be flippin is whatever commisary plies gonna send him if he’s gonna send him that 10% managing fee lol

  • the educated

    80 / 2.2 = 36.36

    Billy is trying to screw you guys out of a third of a kilo!!! And he cut that shit before he flipped it. So now he has 37 kg or more to sell.

    I’m just kidding i dont know much about street shit I’m from the kountry. Do you guys remember the scene from that cheech and chong movie when people start snorting the comet cleaner, and the cops think it is super coke? That is what everyone in this blog reminds me of.