Pwned by Lil’ Bow Wow

I don’t think I’ve done one of these stories where I mock a rapper for debuting low on the Billboard charts since the summer of ’06 (back then, it was shocking to see so many prominent rappers selling 60,000 copies their first week out), but you know something’s gone horribly wrong with the world when more people would rather listen to Bow Wow and the motherfucking Birdman than the Wu-Tang Clan.

Yep, the number’s for last week – probably the last really big week for these 4th Quarter rap albums, unless I’m forgetting something – are in, and the shit’s downright depressing. The week’s highest-selling hip-hop-related debut was Bow Wow and Omarion’s Face Off, which sold about 107,000 copies – which wasn’t quite enough to crack the top 10. Actually, I suppose that could be viewed as good news, in the sense that those guys’ careers are obviously in decline. I mean, if that’s the best the two of them together could do – during the big holiday shopping season, even.

[In this amusing video, Bow Wow, who's been on a mission lately to prove that he's gully, probably because he just realized he's teh ghey, throws a bitch fit re: his lack of respect from the industry. Here's hoping he develops a nasty drug habit and ends up like that guy from Hi-Five.]

And I suppose it could also be viewed as good news that the Wu-Tang Clan was not only beaten by Bow Wow and Omarion, but also by Birdman, whom I didn’t even know had an album coming out, whose album 5 * Stunna debuted at #18 having sold about 85,000 copies, in the sense that it proves once and for all that 8 Diagrams is a fucking awful shit sandwich that hardly anyone likes and never should have happened. Never mind that Pitchfork has seen fit to include in on their Top 50 Albums of 2007, along with a bunch of other high profile major label garbage. (Seriously, I thought that was an independent music site?)

8 Diagrams debuted way down at #25, having sold about 68,000 copies. Which is actually way less than I expected. I figured they might sell 100 or 150,000, and I’d have to deal with mofos who were all like, “Well that’s not that bad, given today’s sales climate. It’s still at least better than recent albums by the likes of Ghostface Killah and Wyclef.” But no. You’d have to think that last week was about as bad, if not worse, than any other high profile hip-hop flop this year, especially when you consider the number of kids who still show up to Wu-Tang shows to this day rocking 10 year-old Wu-Wear shirts. Clearly, those kids heard how much of a travesty 8 Diagrams is and stayed home in droves last week.

Speaking of which, I can’t imagine it will help matters at all, at least as far as this album is concerned, that the Wu has gone out on tour sans the RZA and isn’t performing any material from 8 Diagrams. At all. Supposedly, the RZA couldn’t make the tour, because he had his own solo tour to do; but I think it’s pretty obvious he just plain wasn’t welcome. It sounds like it might be the show to catch though. I read about it on the blog Fake Shore Drive, run by my boy AB, the guy who introduced me to C-Rayz Walz that time. Nullus! Pretty much every Wu affiliate you can think of besides the RZA was there, and who wants to hear anything from 8 Diagrams anyway? I only wish this tour was coming to St. Louis.

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  • ddubbzz

    Sad sad world. I didnt even bootleg 8 diagrams, and i was going to cop it…but a few of my homies told me that shit was garbage. Hard for me to believe, but like the nigga Jay said: People lie, numbers dont

    RIP wu tang


    Now you are talking Bol.i told you there is no way wu-tang clan will crack the 100,000 mark but you was like crackers likes them.
    a good album is one you just can’t stop listening to. a good beat is one that you feel and makes you want to blast that shit everyday.

    Now GOAT, SHEEP, or LAMB is not to be debated with what is currently out. I like all of Common’s music but he is never in the conversation.

    Its hard for me to believe that yall niggas think that even 90% of the music is even QUALITY MUSIC. Alicia Keys is killing all these rap niggas with her unit sales. Why are people buying her shit over Ghost, Beans, style p, and the rest?

    Nigga Nigga Nigga can’t you see? We got 2 problems: (1) music is too easy to steal (2) Low Quality of music.

    • Young Deuce aka Princinnati

      I seriously cosign with Jay Stone

  • The Nicker

    Attending a Wu-Tang Show = Fucking a Deal or No Deal Caseholder . . . how could you go wrong?

    Bow Wow’s career was officially over when that fake interview of him dissing Jay-Z and Ciara got sent out last year. For those that don’t remember, peep it from somewhere . .

  • Incilin

    Haha, good looks. They coming to NY and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. But things seem good and they just won’t have RZA. I mean, I’ll miss him not being there but then again Meth is the reason you show up anyhow.

    How the fuck did Birdman sell that much??? I think one of your older posts got it right; The South Will Buy Anything.

  • AB

    Cappadonna = Easily the most entertaining member on the tour.

    • The Nicker

      When I saw him in Detroit he was rocking an orange M & M NASCAR jacket. I doubt he’s seen a NASCAR race, needless to say . . .

      • zipperhead

        if you live in detroit and you’ve seen nascar, you are a 14mile fag….fag


    Before OG BOBO J comment here i got a word of advise to him cracker you on the wrong site fam and the right URL is or

  • AB


    unintentionally, that is

  • b-ease

    Here’s hoping he develops a nasty drug habit and ends up like that guy from Hi-Five.]


    Funniest sentence of the year???


    It’s a sad day in Hip-Hop, when Bow & Omarion can out sell Wu-Tang Clan!! But I can understand why their “Face Off” sold more. It’s because thy been marketing their cd everywhere!! How many times have they been on 106 this month? Plus how many little girls gonna have that cd in their Christmas stockings? The older Hip-Hop fans are the only ones buying cds!! While babyboomers only blogg and complain about everything!! Stop downloading from your friends or off the internet!! If you really care about hearing real Hip-Hop, you gotta go out and buy some cds!! Must I school you all to the fact that corporate America is stealing hip-hop from us!! Thy already stole jazz, rock, blues, Micheal Jackson and BET!! I can’t take anymore people!!!!!

    • Mr.Wang

      I agree wit ya comment man. I mean even after reading Bol’s article I feel a cloud over Hip-Hop. I was lucky to have a father who introduced me to real Rap and half this shit out ain’t real. I’m a youngster who be around these Soulja Boy lovers and I hate it. I keep sayin’ Bow Wow garbage and it makes me mad that he sold more than the Wu. That gives his big cocky mouth something to talk about. And I could go cop an Ipod but I still buy CD’s. I be collecting them thangs. But on the real we got dudes like my homie Lupe Fiasco who is like a future legend for good reasons but yet niggas complain talkin bout they can’t understand him and he need to tone it down. I be like nigga that’s real Rap. That is what we need but niggas ain’t listening. It’s sad man it really is.


    My bad but y`all fools got to hear this
    Nobody’s buying albums because everyone wants to be rich-
    Rich is whats kool now-
    Being broke is now shunned upon-
    Why spend money on an artist that gets paid to tell you he is etting paid-
    The internet has nothing to do with whats coming out of these rappers mouths-
    50 Cent/Lil Wayne/ Jay Z have all given up way to much information, (along with magazines; XXL, The Source, Scratch, King, Kickz) on how the game works-
    Nobody believes these artist are doing what they do to take the ‘publics’ ,mind of the harsh reality’s of the “NOW” Society-
    “I’m rich, with lyrics thanks to you” find me in a Enzo, driving past you and that public elementary school”, why should I run out and buy a cd that in som many words states just that-
    The heads that are buying albums are a reflection of the amount of consumers that would really of bought albums 6-7 years ago-
    White America does not approve of thse “rappers” that are now making the same type of money they’re making, and teaching the young ones how to make it with out schooling, so they are not supporting Urban musick anymore, nor will they prolly ever again-
    Being thatwe are not “Brenda had a baby” type of Emcee’s anymore, we’re “Poppin Bottles” #1 on106 & park…-
    This shit frightens them, so now not supporting us, subconsciously makes them think, since Music, particularly rap, makes us “urban america” alot more money than the streets or these corporate jobs, let’s not invest in their music, and they will destroy each other trying to make the dollar that they(rappers) aren’t making anymore. Hence the fact every rapper in the game is Hood, street, and dangerous all over again; when just 5-8 years ago, we were talented Lyricist that could spit better than anyone on the block(right?)-
    “When I heard Who Shot Ya, I was like yo, call Clark up, I need to hit the studio and top that, he one up on me…” Jay Z 1998-

    • the best

      you are foolish if you think the people who run the company make less than the rappers!!!!! who you think is marketing this monkey music, in 96 birdman ablum would have been the joke of the year,

  • og bobby j

    I thought I felt a little extra weight on my sac…ohhh its GaySTone. The fuckboy that keeps my name in his mouth like its his fathers dick. Your on the wrong site sonny….I run this shit like crack in the 80′s. You dont want shit with me….

    I wont argue with you. You are too far beneath me in every sense of life, starting with your reflection, to be worthy of my attention. Please, save face, and get off my dick. Burger…

    • maxwell

      Damn. Seems like ever since I called you out for being a white wanna-be John Brown (yes, THAT John Brown!)you’ve been catching heat (hallelujah!). When you gonna realize that it won’t end until you show the founders of the music you love some respect? You know….. blacks!?!! Or as you like to call us…. niggas. HMMMMMM?
      And of course you feel extra weight on your sack, because there was nothing between your legs to begin with.
      Son still sniffling? Nope, he’s moved on to sniffing, huh?

    • Mr.Wang

      OG I ain’t fuckin wit ya but you got enemies homie.


    OG BOBO says Your on the wrong site sonny
    This is fucking hilarious.white boy you got me rolling.
    so i bet whiteys invent hiphop huh?

  • Around and Around

    Really, who gives a shit how much an album sells in the first week? Is that what makes it a good album?

    The industry hype machine is what guarantee’s a nice first week, not content that shit has been proven.

    So because someone spends more on a marketing campaign that makes the record a success?

  • OG Bobby J AKA the GayStone Destroyer

    Listen Cakeboy, I told you to get off my dick. Stop putting words in my mouth, and take my dick out of yours. I bnever said whites created rap. But since you mention it, I would have no choice but to attribute the wipespread acceptance and popularity of rap (at least in its prime) to white americas and the White owned corporations that distribute and marketed it. Would you disagree? As a matter of fact, your opinion is so biased that it is not taken with any level of seriousness. Your a fuckboy who wishes he was a black panther. But the truth is that you have done nothing productive with your life in the last year other then perfect the soulja boy dance in front of your mirror. I am not here to debate with you over who created rap. However, while you rock out in you hoopie, remember that about 50% of the samples used in the beats you love were originally used by white artist. Music is a tool of expression, not a trophy for you to point to as a cultural accomplishment. And in the state of rap, and the obvious downward spiral it is stuck in, why would you be so proud to have “invented” it. Your an ass clown, for real.

    Ive shit on you in the past and will continue to expose your bitch ass until you learn. Didnt anyone ever tell you…”Dont tug on supermans cape” you fucking chump.

    • Matt Herbz

      I gots to agree, my nigga…you sunned that fag. Hip hop didn’t set out to exploit the fact that white’s could afford Cadillacs and blacks couldn’t. That wasn’t the original message, but you wouldn’t know that by listening to today’s music. I don’t give a fuck about what you fools say, that Wu-Tang album is nice. The only songs that outright suck are the Beatles joint, and the RZA solo shit. As far as I can tell, there were only 2 tracks that sounded under-produced, the rest of them shits bring the dope rhymes and complex beats I was looking for. Who want it with Herbz?!

      –Matt Herbz–
      The ORIGINAL White Nigga

  • stoneyisland

    Point blank the new RZA album (nobody but him really liked anything about the album)sucks balls! I have listened too it over and over trying to catch a feeling and the feeling was the album is extra wack with fries. I thought Rae and Face were wilding out but as my main man said early people lie numbers dont. Thanks Rza for fucking up what could have been a monster release. Go suck Tarintino’s cock and focus on soundtracks


    BOl, Don’t you work for XXL?

    How can you say “Birdman, whom I didn’t even know had an album coming out, whose album 5 * Stunna debuted at #18 having sold about 85,000 copies,”

    I WANT TO KNOW…HOW DID YOU not even know THAT Birdman was dropping an album?

    Birdman advertises on your site! He has cllips on Bangers. He’s all over everything!

    I don’t even like Birdman….but, he knows how to market his albums.

    Are you just ignorant? Or, did you really “not know” that Birmdan was dropping an album? You need to stay up on this rap shit. We are listening to garbage….hot garbage! You should be clued in on all the hot garbage on the radio.

    -IT’s your job…


    The only person I’ve talked to that’s actually heard 8 Diagrams is a white dude, and he loves it. Raved about it. Said it was that “real Wu-Tang shit.”

    That’s just the truth, not racially motivated at all. Crazy though.

    I still don’t know what to say about Ghost and Rae dissing the project before it even came out. Seems like if you’re going to do something, you stay down with it no matter what and let the people decide. For all I know, the shit might be good, because people diss good albums all the time. But when the artist disses it, I can’t see myself paying money, and I’m not pressed to ‘leg it either.

    RIP O.D.B.

    • LowEndOfDaChi

      I dl’ed the album with intent to purchase shortly after. After one listen I ended up deleting that shit. RZA is out of touch with what the fans want at this point. Like a few of his other fellow New Yorkers, he needs to gracefully bow out.

      Ghost still has an ear for what the fans like though, I mean he’s easily one of the most consistent dudes in hip hop right now.

  • blaze22

    I actually like 8 Diagrams. How can someone diss it that didn’t even listen to it? Fuck the haters. RZA is trying to get hip hop moving in a better direction. Props to him

  • LowEndOfDaChi

    Yep, the number’s for last week – probably the last really big week for these 4th Quarter rap albums, unless I’m forgetting something

    Yeah I know you won’t admit it, but Lupe had one of the best albums this year. You can’t hate forever Bol.

    The Cool>I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead

  • Bol’s little brother

    The intelligent rapper/writer is offically dead! Let that be a lesson to all you future rappers out there. You wanna sell records then you better 1. make up your own corny dance 2. End every sentence with “nah mean” or ya digg”
    3. Never read a book in your life.

    Oh and if you got some time, sell some crack.

  • green eyes

    damn. wu coulda outsold them if each wu members family bought 1 copy each. fam slackin

  • DirtDogggy

    “but like the nigga Jay said: People lie, numbers dont”

    Jay done fucked up on that one, numbers lie all damn day including Jay’s.

  • Mark Mays

    How is it surprising those two pop stars outsold Wu?
    1) People have forgotten about Wu-tang
    2) There are only two groups of people actually buying CDs (as opposed to downloading them legally or illegally) older people and teenagers (girls). The older people who were Wu’s fan base have moved on and teenagers are going to buy Face Off rather than some rap from some “old” rap group.

    It’s a function of time. While you lot were making fun of Uncle L for being old, the groups you loved became old themselves.

  • Hot Male

    Dude! You’re fucking obsessed with C-Ray Walz..

    Remember that time you blew him in a Chi-area bar? I was there too. I said, Yo, is that Bol blowing C-Ray Walz up in this bar? And this girl I was with said, Yeah, that’s him, blowing C-Ray Walz in the bar.

    True story.

  • Rapper’s Delight


    Its almost 2008. Hannah Montana is making even the gulliest rap Jig’s numbers look short. When will hip-hop finally come out of denial and admit there’s no longer any ‘real’ money in putting out major label records? When will the ‘Rap Industry’ and all its excessive record pools, A&R conferences, talent showcases, and Ghetto Award shows finally stop front’n like being in the ‘Rap Game’ equals being paid? When will all the cookie cutter, rent a hoe, rent a ride videos finally end so we can all get back to making GOOD MUSIC?1?!?

  • white widow maker

    when wu-tang said they wasn’t nuttin to fuck with, i didn’t realize they meant while you was in the record store

  • kritiq

    lol what happened to all them white boys who use to buy wu ablums? guess they on some soldierboy shit now , maybe Billy Sunday can explain this shit to us.

    and oh yah Old Gay Bobby J stay loosing, that wiggro gets ethered in every blogg lol

  • og bobby j

    Subliminal shots….cause like I said, none of you niggas want it with me… all. You can continue to live in your little fantasy land, but we both know your bitchmade. You niggas lost at birth….just like your parents.

    • Fire

      All this e-thuggery is making me sick. Anyway, Ghost’s album is definitely better than what I heard of Wu Tang’s, and like one commenter in another post said, that era of rap is over. I hate to say that a kind of music I love’s era is over, but the facts are facts. People like dumb ignorant shit more than music with meaning now, and that’s all across the board, not just with rap music. It’s a shame.

    • maxwell

      Damn Hoe J , if we lost at birth, then I guess your son forfeited. Let me get this straight. You imitate our speech, our culture, and love our music.
      Seems like you want to be just like us. So if we’re losers what does that make you? A wanna-be loser? Admit it you’re just like Keyshawn Johnson, you just wish you could play the game.

      • og bobby j

        Listen close Maxipad,
        Since when did words become “yours”, or music become “yours” Again with the fantasy land comments. Go pump your fist at someone else, cause I aint buyin it. Keyshawn….lol At least I got a ring…you still critisizing the game form the couch….cause your were never on the level needed to get in the game. Why you trying to play off some ESPN T.O. Comments? Suck ass nigga…. You couldnt hold my dick with both hands…ask wifey nigga

        • maxwell

          She said two fingers didn’t work either. But the tweezers took care of it!!!

  • Mr. Whats Beef

    long time but im back, if people think the shit is hot they would have bought it now would’nt

    well at least i got one song from their album
    “weak spots”


    “Jig Rap” is all the rave…Labels signing it up!

  • b-ez

    Is 8 diagrams that bad? I haven’t heard it yet but I have heard alot of mixed reviews of it. I guess the Rza was trying to do his own thing instead of going with the group concept. I knew birdman was going to sell because the south loves that shit. But somebody said that a birdman album would be a big joke in ’96 is very true. Most of the southern shit would have been a joke during that time. Lupe is cool but he does need to slow his shit down a notch instead of cramming a bunch of shit into a sentence. His flow needs some work and the dude lacks charisma like most of this artificial rappers today. I miss that pac and big type shit. The early to mid ’90′s joints when they were really killing it and good music was more important than anything else first. And everybody knew the words to all big hits. Now you forget these fake rappers and their music within a few weeks. The game is overexposed. Now the fans know all about the artist’s marketing schemes and label business. Nothing is a mystery in the music game anymore and everything is about soundscan numbers. The shit is sickening. None of that shit was out there like it is now. There’s more salesmen in the game then real rappers these days. And I dont blame people for not buying most of this shit these days, it’s watered down, has no felling, and wack. If the shit is bangin and has quality people will buy it. Until then the sales will be way down.

  • bizzle

    og bobby j…your losing right now while your sitting in your parents basement typing tough guy blogs like a bamma.

  • Og bobby J

    Bizzle??? Sounds like something i would do on your mothers back….

  • diego lopez

    tell bow wow i said whats…
    check out my personal blog…


  • Mr.Wang

    These pop stars is killin me. We got to bring Rap music back.

  • the G.O.D


    You know what those same people dissin’ 8 Diagrams would do the same thing if 36 chambers were to come out right now.