My Life is Like A Movie

“Flyer than Sanaa Lathan”—Hova

Dana Dane appeared in the movie Brown Sugar. Maybe you heard of it. It stars Stan Lathan’s daughter as me the eic of XXL magazine. Hold on. Please let me explain. The movie was written by my former editor Paula T Renfroe’s baby’s daddy Mike Elliot and originally the character was supposed to be working for The Source. With all their legal nonsense going on at that time, the movie studio decided to switch her residence to the home of Hip Hop on a Higher Level.

Believe it or not Sanaa even came to the XXL cave to visit your boy YN. I thought she was gonna study the God’s character on some Bobby Deniro shit. But after a weird convo I recommended she holla at the sisters who were out there who knew what it was like to run a magazine (including my future wife).

The most memorable moment of our chat was her inquiring by the mass of mixtape CDs on my desk. “So you listen to mixtapes all day in your office?” she asked. “Yeah I do,” I said. “Then I’m gonna listen to mixtapes in my office!” she exclaimed. It was all I could do to not chuckle in her face. She even asked me to get her some mixtapes she could use for the role.

At the time, I remember thinking: Doesn’t ole girl go out with Omar Epps who’s a wanna-be rapper his damn self (Wolfpack, bitches!). She doesn’t know about mixtapes? Still I trekked to Canal St and got doubles of all the current CDs I had in rotation. Put together a nice lil package and messengered it over to her hotel. Just like she asked.

And what did I get for my kindness. A peck on the left cheekbone. A thank you note. A box of chocolates. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

The first time I fell in love with hip-hop? When was the last time YN watched that wack-ass flick? I don’t even remember. I try to pretend the whole thing never happened. I give it: Two thumbs down.

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    First? Nah…

    Let’s try Best.


    The only Brown Sugar movie I remember is the first pr0n movie I ever saw.

    The shit was cheesy (no clinic). They replayed the same fuckery over and over, making it obvious that whoever the male donkey was couldn’t keep his stroke up.

    I’m still looking for that joint so that I can school wifey to the golden ages of adult films. Knowing how she acts, she’ll probably prefer some West Coast Productions.

    Eff the B.S.

    STAY UP!!!

  • TrackSTAR

    I’m not gonna front YN, I left and went to a party, went out after to IHOP (Damn a nigga misses the Waffle House in the South) and came back expecting you not to be on your grind… Shoulda known better than that. > Any industry website


    This shit is historic. No retreat; no surrender!!!


    No-Doz… squares… coffee… drank…

  • Jerz!

    lol not sure why I’m up but these posts are definitely wassap. Good lookin Mr. Wilson, the shit that you write is even tougher than dykes.

  • DANJA29

    Maybe she failed to notice the dopeness because she had no insight.


  • Kobi


    Blogger to blogger – I salute you. I did 54 days (count ‘em!) back to back on some Prince and politics sh*t this summer. 24 in 24 hours is something else.

    Keep goin!

    Keyboard K


    keep it up YN, these anecdotes are awesome.

    purple hulk is at home cryin somewhere.

    Elliot won.


    Whuddup Hawaiian.

  • DANJA29

    Oh, and Taye Diggs may be THE worst actor of the last 20 years.

    (cringes at his ‘drunk’ act in ‘The Wood’)

  • YN

    I can’t believe folks are still riding. I’m humbled. A lil bit. Ha!

  • nation

    hold your head YN… we appreciate you keeping it real.

    i’ll read all these tomorrow, but fuck… posting + moderating… *tips pillow @ YN*


    Purple Hulk + TPAR + all non-blog having XXLMAG.COM blog haters < everybody that stayed up for this religious fuckfest of Hip-Hop history.

    I can’t believe that I gave my son a shout out. I must be throwed. Time to crank that white tea…

    STAY UP!!!

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  • Brendan

    Ren & Ten The Hip-Hop Dalmations were hilarious though.

  • Kane Corleone

    well u know its very honest of u to admit for once in the realm hiphop you were a RESTHAVEN FOR Gaye Diggs too

  • Josh

    Nah, that movie was fire. Even copped it on DVD. And there’s something about shorty…she even looked fine all half-dyked out in “Love and Basketball.”

  • latino heat

    “the ho is mine, gonna get that bitch!” ren & en were hilarious. damn yn, first no pic with big then no love from sanaa. when u lose, u lose big time.