Look, a falling star!

Anyone else notice there was never a new Nelly album this year?

Not that I check for Nelly like that, but I remember reading at MTV that there was gonna be a song on it addressing the Don Imus incident, and also a song with Chuck D from Public Enemy (maybe this was the song), and I’ll admit I was kinda interested in hearing what Nelly might have to say. You fruits know how I feed on contentious race issues.

The single from the album, which was supposed to be called Brass Nuckles, was released earlier this year, and I’d imagine I was subjected to it more than most people, since I live here in Nelly’s home town of St. Louis. Which was especially unfortunate, because that song was fucking gay as shit. It flipped a sample from that one KC & Jo-Jo record that white people used to like back in the late ’90s.

As far as why the single never caught on, which I’m assuming is why the album has been pushed back, your guess is as good as mine. Like I said, I didn’t like it very much at all, but I hardly liked anything the guy ever did – except for the “Tip Drill” video.

If I had to guess, I’d say Nelly is headed back into the studio to record something along the lines of that country song from Suit – pretty much the only album we ever sold back when I used to work at K-Mart. That song was way bigger than any rap song Nelly has put out since forever, so he might just want to consider a full-on career as a country singer at this point.

Another album that was pushed back for more or less the same reason (i.e. nobody liked the single and probably nobody would have bought it) was Mike Jones’ The American Dream, or whatever it was called. If his label felt like he had any talent at all, they probably would have sent him back in the studio as well. Instead, they gave away copies of the album for free with DVDs of some Master P-style hood movie he put out.

And I think they licensed it to be shown on BET, so they maybe they’ll even recoup. But that might be pretty much it for Mike Jones’ career, not to mention that entire Houston rap movement from a couple of years ago. You’ll recall that that second Chamillionaire album also underperformed, and even that first Slim Thug album – which was mostly produced by the Neptunes – didn’t sell very well. As far as Paul Wall is concerned… I mean, come on.

There’s an obvious connection between Mike Jones and the third group I’d like to discuss today, but I’m gonna have to tread lightly, in light of recent events – even though this actually occurred to me a while ago. If your self-esteem relies on nobody saying anything negative about rappers on the Internets, you might want to call it a wrap for the day and check back tomorrow.

Listening to Pimp C’s guest rap on a track on T.I.’s King last year (some crap about getting brain in a turning lane) it occurred to me that Pimp C was obviously the progenitor of that Mike Jones style of rap and that this was roughly the extent of his influence on hip-hop. Kinda like how 2Pac begat Master P, except on a much smaller scale. To this day, I’ll maintain that, like Mike Jones, Pimp C was only ever a marginal figure in this modern age, let alone the entire history of hip-hop.


Yeah, UGK had somewhat of a hit with that song “International Players Anthem,” but if you notice, even it was produced by Three Six Mafia, and it works the exact same formula as their hit from a couple of years ago, “Stay Fly.” Meanwhile, Three Six Mafia themselves have yet to come up with a hit of their own to capitalize on the hype generated by them winning an Oscar, and getting their own reality series on MTV and what have you.

I’m sure they would never cop to this if you put it to them in an interview or whatever, but if the guys from Three Six Mafia knew that Pimp C would be dead in a mere matter of months anyway, and that their own verse from “International Player’s Anthem” would be excised in favor of the year’s umpteenth gay-ass non-rappin’ guest verse from Andre 3000, and that this might be the only good idea they’ll ever have again ever, they probably would have saved that track for themselves. I’m just saying.

As it is, I’m assuming that their follow-up to Most Known Unknown has suffered the same fate as the Nelly album and the Mike Jones album. Here’s hoping, for their sake, there’s some third, heretofore unsampled Willie Hutch record they can loop up and shout bullshit over.

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  • bliz


    • Durty


    • Nizzy

      if it was well researched then he would know that that trak had already been used by project pat! fuckin asshole

    • Chris Lane

      You right about Nelly and Mike Jones. But Pimp is a Legend in the South even Before Big pimpin with Jay-Z.

      • ty from linden blvd

        bol u gotta realize that pimp c and ugk are legends.for me personally i never really got into they music but living down south for the last 10 years i know a lot of cats my age(i’m 28)that were pretty much raised of they music.

        pimp c was not a good rapper to me,but i know kids who will say that he’s the best rapper.and they been saying that shit waaaaay before he died.

        its the whole one man’s trash thing u know.

        wit that said RIP pimp!!

    • derrick

      You are a lame a$$ dude you fat bastard.Let me catch you in Houston or anyotherplace on this earth and i am going to put my hands on you Byron Crawford.You are very disrespectful and just out of respect you should haveleft that Pimp C comment out.I know you just tryna be the Howard Stern or any other shock jock of the lame as blogger world but you betta watch your mouth or you gone let your keyboard get ur ass ito a situation you cant type your way out of!!!I mean that from the bottom of my heart B.A.N. i am sure you can figure out what that mean.and dont be mistaken i called you a N cuz your are very ignorant it got nothing to with you being black homie iwish we could give you away cuz we dont need or want black men like you.fill free to get at me i will leave you my e-mail byron kjbutta@yahoo.com doubt if i here from you thou.F you and Die slow bet yet how about i drop you off in P.A. with your Pimp C comment on your head.”UGK 4 Life”

  • http://www.cocaineblunts.com/ noz

    Well researched!

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      I’m a member of a lost and restless generation. What do you want me to do? Run for the Senate?

  • VArep

    Project Pat had a song using that exact same beat years ago called ‘Choose U’ produced by Three 6.

    • Shugg

      Thank you^…Iv’e been a UGK believer for a while. Pimp C was greatness. I’m just sad I didn’t get to truly feel his vibe until this years…You would never thought that he was 4 years younger than Jay.

  • these posts are racist

    I’m trying to decipher some message from this incoherent drop.

    Claiming that Tupac’s only contribution to Hip Hop is Master P, is just (as the late Johnny Cochran would say) ludicrous your honor, ludicrous. If you didn’t mean that, well I don’t know what the Tupac reference meant.

    As far as criticising Nelly: He is a Rap Superstar and has sold millions of records. It is difficult for any musician to come out with album after album and have the same success as their previously huge record sales. This is rare in any music genre. To talk down on Nelly is just not being honest.

    • Josh

      I think he just meant that Pimp C started the Houston movement the same way that Pac started the Thug movement. Poor use of sentence structure.

      As for Nelly, he’s a pop star. He’s a rapper the same way Fred Durst is a rapper. He makes pop music influenced by rap the same way Durst made rock music influenced by rap.

      They both sold very well.

      Both of their careers are over.

  • EReal

    You’re gonna catch some shit for this one Byron. Imma laugh when someone sees you, heh. I dont think itd be too hard to pick you out in a crowd homie, and Im sure you’ve given away enough information thru the years on this site and yours to find you. Matter of fact, Im kinda suprised you havent caught a bad one already! HA! Just sayin, do ya thing. But, I didnt quite follow, theres another IPA without Pimp C on it? Or they should, or what? I dont listen to the radio dawg, help me out.

    Damn, with Byron bloggin beef dosent stop when you die, it stops when he does, lol.

  • Y. Fame

    Good post. Beatsandfoodstamps.blogspot.com

  • Fernando


    I know “hatin” is your thing, but to compare Pimp C’s rap style with Mike Jones, is just plain ignorant. They sound and rap nothing alike.

    Granted, Pimp C didnt have the deepest or most complex lyrics, but he had a nice style with a voice to match. Mike Jones is just plain grating on the nerves.

    One more thing. To say he had very little impact or influence in Hip Hop is also wrong. UGK was one of the first acts out of the South to make it big. Along with Ghetto Boys, Ball & G, South Circle, Outkast, and a few others, they helped pave the way for Southern Rap. I know you hate Southern Rap (actually ALL rap) but when every act from the south pays homage to them, they must have done something influencial.

    And by the way, how did you manage to link albums by Nelly and Mike Jones being pushed back to Pimp C??? I re-read that part and it makes no sense and has no place in the posting. Did you just throw that part in to hate on Pimp C? Im shocked Bol.

    • http://xxlmag kenny

      master p was the 1 2 open the south 2 the wrold

    • big dick cheney

      Yea this whole article sounds like a rookie wrote it that just started listening to rap this year. You know nothing of southern rap history so for you to talk down on southern rap in an ignorant ass manor is expected. You fuckin retard. Get cha shit straight.

      RIP PIMP C

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Yeah, this is all true. But I don’t get why. I mean Mike Jones went platinum and then suddenly no one gave a shit about him (they shouldn’t have in the first place, but they still did)

    Same thing with Three 6; they made a good album, had hits, won an Oscar, got a show, and then no gave a shit about them. I mean for years they hardly had a big mainstream following, but then they suddenly got one with “Stay Fly” but they couldn’t maintain it. It’s not like they had a garbage record and which fucked it up or something.

    And, if you’ll remember, the last song Nelly really had out was that “Grillz” joint. And somehow that bullshit became a big ass hit. Why can’t he do that again? (Not that I want him to) Hip hop fans are fickle.

  • N.O. 4 life

    wayne basically took mike jones single and made it a mixtape classic…

    never heard of nelly who is that?

    three six need come with one cold beat right now and they would still be able to sell

  • b-ease

    The problem is that everyone you mentioned above (with the exception of Pimp C, and not because he died, but because he really IS important to hip hop as an artform) is that they blew up making “hot” music, not “good” music. The Monkees used to be alot more popular than the Rolling Stones, but you don’t see them still selling out arenas do you? People eventually see thru wack shit, and people finally saw thru Nelly’s. Mike Jones faded faster just because his music sucked that much more. Hip hop fans arent fickle, its just that are artists, since like 2001, havent been making timeless music. Just shit you like for a month that you will NEVER hear again.

    And yes, Master P had a large part in this (I could go on all day on this shit…)

    • Josh

      Who are you? Lil Wayne or something?

  • http://www.myspace.com/steebiebrown steebie

    You are a complete and utter idiot. UGK was the sum of it’s parts Bun was the lyricist and Pimp produced a sound that inhernetly set the tone for the laid back groovin style that is prevalent in southern rap today. I hate you corny ass narcissistic east coast negros that think your shit don’t stink.
    P.S. I would love to sit down with you drink a beer have an intelligent conversation then slap the taste out of your mouth.

  • BIG O

    to say that pimp c was only a marginal figure is ludicris within itself.then to say that anyone knew that he would be dead in a matter of months?you definatly need to get off of the computer and out into the real world.mike jones was only one artist that he influenced.he has influenced a whole generation of southern artist.and was more relevent than ever.he had the power to squash a number of beefs all across the south.any idiot cn cause violence but only a king can bring about peace.

  • og bobby j

    For the record, I think nelly is ass. I do, however, own and occassionally knock out to his country grammer album (or atleast 2 or 3 tracks) Having said that, I would give his new shit some unbiased spins. Mike Jones….negative. Saying shit twice is for grammer schoolers, not rappers. I dont hate him, but his rap game is weak…and I wont be checkin for it. I have always enjoyed an occassional UGK or 36 record but never with the consistency to go out and purchase there albums.

    Side note: I am not about to discredit the influence of Pimp C on hip hop, but up here in NY, I didnt feel it. Pac, a legend in his own right, was felt everywhere…..or at least his influence on the Game. Respect is due to both.

  • thoreauly77

    wow, this post was indecipherable. were you high on oxycontin or something?

    personally i could give a shit about pimp c’s emceeing, because he actually wasn’t much of an emcee. as a producer though he had some soulful skills; the word buttery comes to mind when i listen to his beats actually. fernandos right though — the hate on pimp doesn’t even make sense in the context of this drop about albums not being released.

  • http://www.gnaa.us Stonewall Jackson

    This whole post is “ludacris”, pun intended.




  • sATaLyte

    Of course, your opinion of Pimp C is based upon your experience living in St. Louis and, I am assuming, not being very familiar with Old School Southern Hip Hop.

    You live in a St. Louis suburb, you probably have a different and more favorable opinion of some St. Louis rapper than someone like me who lives in the south.

    Yes in the grand scheme of things, his death may not have caused a great ripple, but as far as hip hop is concerned it is a huge loss.

    The only thing is that after his release from prison he was way worse and his rhymes played out and outdated.

    However that does not negate any of his work before doing his bid, which was classic. Actually sit back and listen UGK, it becomes a little difficult with that NY Chip planted in your brain.

    • sean_izzle

      hahha you sound like a real country bitch,
      i comin staight outta Europe

  • mja

    “I’m sure they would never cop to this if you put it to them in an interview or whatever, but if the guys from Three Six Mafia knew that Pimp C would be dead in a mere matter of months anyway, and that their own verse from “International Player’s Anthem” would be excised in favor of the year’s umpteenth gay-ass non-rappin’ guest verse from Andre 3000, and that this might be the only good idea they’ll ever have again ever, they probably would have saved that track for themselves. I’m just saying.” homie that ugk so called hit was a project pat song a few years back same beat same sample so if nething ugk asked for the record and flippd it three6 just gave the okay for a re release

  • The Nicker

    Wow, Bol and his ilk are now referred to as “Columnists” instead of “Bloggers.”

    Roffle at the implied journalistic credibility.

    • http://www.cocaineblunts.com/ noz

      Actually we were columnists to begin with. Now some pages say bloggers and some say columnists. Both titles have their advantages – if I’m trying to sound new media savvy I’ll say I’m a blogger, but if I’m trying to sound professional I’ll say columnist.

      • EReal

        His point being, they are two different things Noz.

        One has to have credibility, the other can say anything they want, because they don’t have to have any. I.E. Bol.




  • Cuban Link

    >>But that might be pretty much it for Mike Jones’ career, not to mention that entire Houston rap movement from a couple of years ago.

    Thank the lord. I kinda feel bad for three 6 mafia.They have a mega hit, win an academy award, then get accused of worshiping Satan, then fall the fuck off.

    That doe boy fresh track was pretty good too

    and I was diggin 3 stacks verse off International Player’s Anthem

  • http://myspace.com/marko4aoc Marko-V

    I thought Nelly’s first single was the song wit the late great Pimp C and ole boy from Youngbloods (show’s I’m not a fan of their music) where he went at Huey and “The New St.Louis”. Correct me if I’m wrong. Oh by the way, stop by my myspace page and check out my new joint, Big Boy Status. http:myspace.com/marko4aoc

  • Harry O

    Awww man this was one funny blog. LMAO.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Around and Around

    Bol says,

    I’m sure they would never cop to this if you put it to them in an interview or whatever, but if the guys from Three Six Mafia knew that Pimp C would be dead in a mere matter of months anyway, and that their own verse from “International Player’s Anthem” would be excised in favor of the year’s umpteenth gay-ass non-rappin’ guest verse from Andre 3000, and that this might be the only good idea they’ll ever have again ever, they probably would have saved that track for themselves. I’m just saying.
    WTF….Technically that’s a paragraph with two sentences..But I seriously don’t know wtf the point of that paragraph was…clarify?

    • Josh

      Um, read the newspaper. There are paragraphs with one sentence all the time.

  • Ox_150

    I’ll say Pimp C is a LIL’ above Dike Jones. But thats it. Barely, if you was like listen to Dike Jones or Pimp C/UGK or whateva I guess I’d choose them, rather not have any hearin’ though if those were my options. Yeah they (UG-Gay) had “hits” but what tha fuck is a hit when some retarded radio head that loves to hear ’bout peoples cars, money and hoes all day is sayin’ its a “hit”. Nelly, Dike Jones, Pimp C/UG-Gay, & 3-6 suck PERIOD. I wouldn’t expect people to agree except for maybe tha Dike Jones one. But hey, most of y’all on here are stupid as shit anyway. Some idiot says “Nelly is a rap superstar!”, yeah he is. But what does that mean? ANYBODY CAN BE A RAP SUPERSTAR. Put some jewelry on, rap ’bout shit you don’t have until you have it wit’ your “hit” record. You know tha one made a “hit” because all of those dumb kids (who ain’t goin’ nowhere and are retarded as hell) and tha adults wit’ a GED or less who don’t read or have a thought worth mentionin’ said so. Wow its a such an exclusive and prestigious title “Rap Star” (I hope you idiots can detect sarcasm I’m not sure.). Tha words “Legend” associated wit’ lame ass RAPPERS like PIMP-C, and “Talent” (Which is EXTREMELY over used to describe these TALENTLESS fucks.) are so easily attainable in tha RAP world. So it don’t even mean shit when anyone says it anymore. But I wouldn’t expect anybody here to agree wit’ anything I said here anyway.

    • Liam

      Lol I agree, I don’t think any of the above mentioned artists made a valuable contribution to hip hop in an artistic sense (let alone possessing talent), but i guess that was never the point.

  • akatherealist

    bol..I think it actually had a few good points I won’t repeat though..mostly in part due to my indignance for you disrespecting UGK like that…you treaded heavily with them words about a great deceased man for a few lines…fucked up if you ask me. I’m just saying though


    As a black man who grew up on hip hop how in the fuck can you say pimp c has no influence thru out hip hop. Pimp created the whole soulful sound thats going on in hip hop right now. UGK early albums are the blueprint for the samples and soulful sounds we have today. And if you were an actual fan of music (which means regardless of region u know good music) you would know 3-6 isnt an every year group. They craft sreet singles that play for half the year then release one of their artist behind the single. Nelly while i am not dudes biggest fan I respect his hustle but feel his head is to big for him to redo or stay on the level he was once on.
    But in closing to you mr coward (sorry crawford) REMEMBER PIMP C WORDS= QUIT HATIN THE SOUTH

  • DC Dirty

    “Boy deez internet gangstas is a trip!” I guess anyone with a keyboard can write a blog huh? Damn nigga who the fuck do you like in rap?! Check your facts first before you write. Last I checked International Players Athhem is up for a GRAMMY and UGK album debut at #1. What the fuck are you talking about Pimp C is like Mike Jones? Thrre-Six Mafia is some shit for what last WINNING an OSCAR?! Damn, your St. Louis ass is ignorant as shit! These muthuafuckas are being nominated and winning awards! “Quit Hating the South”.

    Hip-Hop has changed, I admitt lyrics aint what they use to but fuck it! Black men are making money and progressing in business. WE could be out shooting and robbing each other. But becasue of Hip Hop we get to read ignorant muthuafuckas like you on the WEB.


  • mit

    i have to agree with this one. i’m not trying to be harsh but it seems like the best thing that can happen to a rappers career is dying these days. I mean who ever heard of stack bundles before he got popped. UGK was pretty good at their best but i think its pretty obvious that Bun b was a better rapper and while pimp c did handle theyre production, its not like it was groundbreaking or anything, the guy basically just looped old soul and funk samples over and over again. Don’t want to sell the guy short but really who did he influence that is worth a shit. Most of the good rappers from the south, be it scarface, outkast, and i guess the D.O.C. seem to be in a different league than pimp c altogether.

  • daz_oc

    Yes Mike Jones sucks ass knowwadimsayin. But aint no way you can compare him to Pimp C, knowwadimsayin.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    If you subtract the most controversial lines from this one, Bol isn’t really that far off. The point seems hidden, but I think I get it…

    The South is falling off. Too much fucksmanship going on and not enough consistently good music. All hype and no hope.

    The South is looking fat and greasy right now, because it is feeding off of itself and not branching out as much as it should. Where are the collabos with other major artists of other regions? And I don’t mean the DJ Khaled sonic orgies. They don’t count, because they don’t stay relevant for more than a month.

    If you’re saying that Nelly is the biggest star in the south, and that his wig pushing is a sign of bad times coming for The South, I have to agree.

    But 3 Stacks is still The Best Rapper Alive. Not Jay, Wayne, Em, Talib or any other candidate could roast him. As long as he stays southern, the South shall rise again.

    Shout to Alabama.

    • EReal

      Man, 3stacks is tight, but damn, Em has pretty much murdered everyone thats ever had him on a track. Plus theres underground MCs like Madchild and Prevail that could keep up if not win. 3stacks is just that cool laid back spoken word type ish, I dunno about him battlin.

  • Slim83

    Man cuz you need 2 go some where wit ya hatin’ ass! Pimp C influenced more people than just Mike Jones biotch! Like Lil Wayne will tell you Pimp C influenced him, Jeezy,Rick Ross,Slim Thug,Chamillionaire,Paul Wall,Rich Boy,Young Buck,David Banner,Etc…. Boy you have no clue of what Pimp C and Bun B (UGK) did for the Southern Hip Hop revolution they paved the way fool! They brough them dope ass rhymes to the Underground scene in 1988 boy! With Pimp’s incredible ability to create his beats as we like to call em “Country Rap Tunes” UGK was kickin them songs that the boys on the block, not from the suburbs holmes. It was a way out for us niggaz we pop in a UGK tape or CD and just ride out and Grind all day gettin that money. UGK made they music for the underdogs. They influenced people to get on they grind and get that money by any means. Back in the day when you listen to there shit its like they Inspired you to flip that shit and get paid boy! So don’t u dare hate on Pimp C when you no damn well you don’t know jack bout him fool!!! He was well respected in the South and is a damn Legend and his legacy will live on fo sho!!!!! Ain’t nobody could kick them dope rhymes like they kick on them classic UGK albums…

    UGK 4 Life!!!!

    R.I.P. Pimp C

  • mike

    pimp c is the truth . nelly and mike jones are on some bobo ass shit and three six are alright but UGK is the truth and if u cant recognize that ur a stooge

  • L@@K @ ME!!!

    The new crop of Jigs from the South is HORRIBLE! The South got about 1 Summer left and thens its Move-On time!

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    I smell hate. Not gonna get on that Makaveli reference u made I’ll let that slide since u live in the Lou.Pimp C as his influ on the game was more felt midwest and West (the south)more than ny.2 much hate over there,u ask a ny ngga how he feel bout pimpin nigga will say some shit like it aint trickin if u got it.Now I ask u how could they really feel C? and nigga 3stacks is serious cuz his verse’s are real Grande . Whats Craccin “UN”

  • real texas g

    this nigga talking down on the Pimp (pimp c) the day before his funeral with that bullshit about mike jones
    im switching back to THE SOURCE just for that bullshit xxl is on that other s hit now i guess 2

  • Jew-Z

    three 6 was on the original version of the song with UGK. then they got replaced by outkast. that is what he is talking about. as far as the project pat song i have no idea.

  • dreal88

    Who is the cat that wrote this dumbass article. He needs to be fired for writing dumb shit. Go back to flipping burgers.

  • chez

    pretty accurate
    with the usual niggas hatin on other niggas sprinkled in


    man bol you drank some haterade and had some haterflakes before you wrote this one. 3 6 was dropped off the song because they could not get there vocals cleared. they used the same sample for projects pat’s ghetty green cd the song was called out there. they just played up the horns more for the ugk version. who cares songs get reused all the time as long as it sounds good. now what you said about andre and pimp c come on you just want people to scream on you. you said alot of bullshit in this one bol but i do agree with you on two things. nelly sucks he made one good song that was EI everything else sucks. also mike jones sucks i was able to listen to him along paul wall and slim thug. by himself his songs are just fucking terrible

    • mr.615

      no bignat the song is choose u on the layn tha smack down, stop giving all these people false information! lol.. They were not dropped off the song, Pimp C called them and asked if they mind if he used the beat and 3 6 gave that beat up! I was not planned for outkast to be on the album, big boi heard ugk’s version and told them he would like to be on it because he had laid a vocal because he had sampled the same song. Bun B said he didn’t even want to do the album because pat had used it already!!! All u net junkies look up bun b’s first interview since pimps death and u will here what i’m telling u. That’s totally a different track on Out there, u smoke’n some getty green over where you are! lol….let hit that!!!lol
      I plead the 5th on Nelly & Mike Jones! who Mike Jones

      • BIGNAT

        thanks for the setting me straight. yeah i was only talking about the beat. what i heard about 3 6 was they were on the orginal version with ugk for the players anthem song. 3 6 could not get get cleared to do the song so outkast was called to do it thats how i heard it. but whatever both songs are good

  • Mr.615

    Mr. Crawford, you have to be the “Biggest Hater of all Times”! Your can’t be from the South, how dare your punk ass talk about UGK not having any hit’s before International player! Let’s start from the beginning simpleton, 1992 To Hard to Swallow:Something good,Pocket full of stones, Cocaine in tha back of tha ride, and Trill ass nigga! 1996 Ridin’ dirty: The whole damn cd, #2 One day, diamonds and wood, fuck my car, and High life! 95 Master P and UGK, playa’s from tha south, Break You off somthin, and They have been on all the southern Old school, Eightball & MJG, triple six, Them nigga’s been tha shit and they always will! That’s just a little from the early 90′s. The shit that set the foundation of Southern Rap Tunes!!!! How long has the south been in control of hip-hop now? We hold’n this shit longer than any other coast, Now lean wit that!!!! Rest in Peace PIMP C…….and find something else to talk about other than shit you totally no nothing about Mr. Crawford!! Go write about wu-tang or someshit.

  • http://www.myspace.com/smoothoperateur Smooth Operateur

    Man I’m from Paris, France, the other side of the world, and I see shit you dont see.

    First let me say the industry is punks. That means that you can not put any logic into what’s happening in the entertainment industry. In the major industry, contrary to the independant game, people become popular because they sell, and they sell because they’ll get backed by the right people with the right budget.

    Which means that from Nelly to Jay-Z, 2 Pac to Pimp C to whoever else, in music, cinema, whatever, it’s all about who you know and who got the heavier account, from L.A. to Paris, France. Skills dont have nothing to do with that. And that’s real !

    Nelly did some of the first worldwide hits with a bounce flava so respect him for that. And to me, his first album brang a new sound to the game. And with the money he has, he can hire the best lawier, accountant, manager and publicist to get things done properly whenever he wants to drop.

    Master P took his style from so much people, not only Pac but also people like C.Bo and Scarface, not lyricswise of course.

    As far as Pimp C, him and UGK were not only southern pioneers, but like the Geto Boys, Outkast, Ball & G and 36, Pimp also brang a sound made of real instruments that bred the whole Houston scene (from Mike Jones to Lil Flip to the S.U.C., to Slim Thug, and veterans producers like Mr Lee and the Rapalot producers), and got bitten by some of the most known rookie producers today (especially in Miami, check The Runners and Khaled, nobody used organs before like that except Pimp C).

    IPA got produced by 36. But that’s why UGK released that song as a single and got nominated, because of the name 36, since they got so hot, not for their music but for their business tactics. Same formula as Stay Fly ? Just like Kanye West, Premier, Hi Tek, Lil Jon and every big name producer use the same formula all along their career…

    36 is too big to fail (same as for Nelly). Plus if I speak in an Eastcoast perspective, their productions are tighter than any NY producers I’ve heard since years… Well it’s been a decade now.

    The Willie Hutch sampled-songs are made for the squares (I dont talk about you Bol, but it looks to me you only listen to the radio-singles and not the albums, like every fake DJ’s-and-industry-punks-who-wait-to-
    receive-the-records-for-free-I know) even though I like them. The “I choose You” sample sounds soulfull to me, I like it, and the track Project Pat used a few years ago with that same sample was one of his best from his “Layin The Smack Down” album. So I dont understand your idea.

    So what happened since ? Could Project Pat not get a grammy for his ? Are UGK’s verses so much better ? Why did people like it so much and why did the record company dropped this song out of 30 songs on the album as the single ? Not because it has the best production, lyrics or flow (every track where Pimp C produces and every track without guests are the best tracks of the album) Just because: a multi-platinum group is featured and an Academy Award producer is producing. Plain & simple. No question of talent, artform, rap skills or musical alchemy…

    So basically your critics comes back to something you dont even realize you’re doing: quit hating the south homie, because you dont know rap, you dont know your subject, you dont know the industry (or you play like you dont know, just like every fake DJ’s-and-industry-punks-who-wait-to-
    receive-the-records-for-free-I know).

    A question to XXL: are you paying this dude for writing such wrong statements ? Hire me, I can do better (but I forgot: you must be part of all those fake DJ’s-and-industry-punks-who-wait-to-
    receive-the-records-for-free-I know!!!!). I’ve been writing all over European hiphop press (and even put UGK on some cover), DJing, producing a radio show, rapping , producing for years and I barely make a living because here the industry is punks too, and poor also lol.

    When you talk about UGK, you talk about me too, cause I’m an underground keeeeeiiiing… That’s my new signature. Peace.

    • Josh

      First, as much as anyone wants to hate on the xxl mag dot com bloggers, they are all pretty good writers and use propper English (except for maybe Billy Sunday).

      That would automatically disqualify you.

      Second, they are all entertaining.

      I’d stop coming to this site if you were a blogger.

      Third, you obviously don’t know shit about the music business.

  • mr.615

    Project pat had this track called choose u, on the Layin da smack down cd. Triple six produced it. Pimp C was locked up when he heard the track and he knew it was a hit, pimp said that everyone slept on the track because the record label didn’t push the album.

  • tha_face

    3000 has had some of the best moments of hip hop this year as far as his verses go, ya damn hater

    • sean_izzle

      who is 3000, Andre 3000 u must be bullshiting, he is not Hip Hop he sings if u didnt know, hes one of the worst artists of all time and make pop music for the kiddies across the globe, HEYYYY YYYAAAAA

      HIP HOP??????

  • DC

    Is “setting the foundation of Southern rap” really that much of an accomplishment? Pimp C influenced that kid to bring that AK to the mall in Nebraska more than he influenced any non-shitty version of hip hop. It’s funny how when someone dies, no matter how bat shit the person was, people act as if the dude was Mother Teresa. Half the readers of this website would probably want to see Pimp C and TI canonized.

    • mr615

      Pimp c didn’t make that White kid do shit!!! Crazy,fucked up America did that shit!! And wayyyy before tha pimp died, i and many others was roll’n wit him, then and forever that what it is!! It gets no better, the pimp spoke from his heart, regardless. You have to respect that out of any man, when we live with the average joe being as fake as DC and Bol!! Tru hater til the end! And as far as that canonized shit!!! I wouldn’t wish death on my worst enemy, and ti, i feel that you are responsible for your own actions, but all those white muthafucka’s with felony convictions that r rich as fuck(Enron)etc. and are cool with W. Bush, fuck that they don’t even have to be cool with them have the right to protect there family’s and us black folks don’t!! It’s just like Sean Taylor, i think that his name, rest in peace, since he is a rich black felon and he knows if he get found with a gun, he’s going to jail or the fed’s are coming! The fucked up laws got him protecting his family with a fuckn big ass knife! Know if he would have been strapped we know the out come, he would still be playing on sundays. We never here of the fed’s messing with rich white folks, the raids and shit don’t happen. And we all know they got allllll tha guns!!!!!!

      Remember, in the 60′s it was fine to bare arms until the panthers figured that shit out, and pooof they changed tha laws!!

      • DC

        Obviously he didn’t make the kid in Nebraska kill those people. I was just alluding to Pimp C’s little incident with an Ak in a mall, and my point was that PImp C has had little impact on good hip hop, or what I deem to be good hip hop, and was not a positive figure at all. He was a shitty rapper and a crazed sherm head. Stating the obvious doesn’t make me fake, but defending and falsely glorifying people in death is pretty damn fake. Also, this whole issue has nothing to do with race, and making it into a black versus white thing is simply ignorant.

  • Steam Room

    Doggy, you really are a hater, and while not totally, you seem to have a lack of judgement about who can spit. If Andre 3000, can’t spit in your eyes,(which he should for that comment, nah but you violated) then I’m not sure if I can take any of your opinions seriously. He had verse of the year on the joint in question, and I don’t mess with southern rap like that, that’s just real talk.

  • Fire

    All the people hating on Pimp C don’t have their facts right or know enough about UGK. I’m not even from the South and I can recognize his talent. He was a great producer and I liked a lot of his lyrics. He made good music throughout UGK’s career. Pimp C influenced a lot of the South. Just because some wack MCs got lost in translation is no reason to hate on the man himself. RIP Chad Butler aka Pimp C

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER


    Smooth Operateur went in…

    Good points.

    The South shall rise again. And just in case any of you forgot who said it first…

    3 Stacks is The Best Rapper Alive.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Shout to Kane Corleone, Steam Room, Fire and tha_face. Good to see some agreement out chea.

    Oh, and shout to Around for putting in some independent good thoughts by himself this time. I see that you let TPAR give his opinion without giving a co-sign, which is a good sign for creativity and maturity on your part.

    If I was your father, which I am, I would say you don’t need to be hanging around young girly-men like TPAR just to get a rep. He’s only going to lead you to the YMCA.

    Sorry, everybody, I just couldn’t help it.

    Champions beat losers every fucking time, even after the game is over.


    Andre 3 Stacks is The Best Rapper Alive…

    The South shall rise again…

    There Was Never a Drought…

  • gluvnast

    bol would of been on point about UGK’s legendary status except for the fact that damn near EVERY southern rapper have said they’re the ones that influenced them…as well as going gold in ’96 with absolutely no radio spins, video, or single…just world of mouth

    and the fact that they basically laid the blueprint of the south’s identity as a whole…to include houston…

    where you think the word “trill” came from??? trillville????

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    ” that their own verse from “International Player’s Anthem” would be excised in favor of the year’s umpteenth gay-ass non-rappin’ guest verse from Andre 3000″

    proves you know nothing about Hip Hop so go dust off your Fresh Prince albums and enjoy

  • C-Dope

    wat the fuck iz u talking bout nelly is fye i agree wit mike jones and pimp c but nelly finna hit yall hard wit the next one

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    LOL @ BET calling you a coward.

  • http://myspace.com/loonyt706 Loony T

    this has to be the lamest negro on the planet to not like Pimp C, Master P, or Andre 3000. Who else do u think had the most influence in the south? Get a life duuuurty.

  • these posts are racist

    The Underwriter is the De-Haven of the XXL comment section. There, I gave you some attention.

    • nasty nicca

      so tru, so tru, that chump stays losing, and im from hotlanta, i seen dude around, he aint liteskinned, he’s dominican(not that there’s anything wrong with that), I’m just saying, dude dont know how intimate his moms was with the milkman(or more likely,the gardener)

      i just dont no wy he keep getin etherd by dudes like OG BOBBY J and blacker cracker and keep ackin like he winning

  • K.ola

    How dare this bitch diss Pac…

    then 3-6

    fuck Boi you fat carl winslow lookin muthafucka…

  • derrick

    You fuckin east coast clowns kill me.If there was no UGK lame azz 39 year old gay-z wouldnt be sh!t.Big Pimpin made him and Bun killed him on the song.Pimp C’s verse is the most repeatedhad they not been on the song it wouldnt have even been a single and forgotten long ago like the rest of the songs on that cd.so how the F can you clowns talk down on UGK.The south sale the most records now and until the lord come back deal with.Byron you need too check urself cuz you headed for selfdestruction!!!whats funny is these east coast cats be signed for years and never drop nothing.how long jae millz,pap,tru life,uncle murda,joe budden(he tight),saigon,and the list go on and on been signed with no real cds out just a 1000 mixtapes.y’all cats hate on each other thats why y’all never gone get shit no more.Gay-Z drop when he get ready who else on done put something out.yea i dont know either and when they do they get no promo cuz Gay-z is selfish and on top of that he sucks.the umbrella chick can drop cds thou no problem thats not his lane so she good.be for real the east coast is the east coast problem thats why Busta went west.UGK 4 Life.what young neef tell these niggas how gay-z really is.wasnt for kanye he would have been fired a long time ago.





  • c. gabi

    In terms of rap, unless you’re one of the heavyweights (Kanye, 50, Jay-Z), your album isn’t going to sell…It has little to nothing to do with what region of the country you’re from or how good/not good you are. It’s just simple. Rap/Hip-Hop doesn’t sell (unfortunately).

    I’m not really sure where Bol was going with this blurb or whatever. It just seems like a series of incomplete thoughts that you thought we were too dumb not to figure out—

    And whoever said in a comment that Master P opened the south up to the world–I’d have to disagree, I think Scarface & Luke/2 Live Crew can take the credit for that.

    • http://xxlmag kenney

      i like face,luke but they didn’t have that star power like P,he was doin it all

      • Alcoholic Boogieman

        yeah they did, I was but a youngin back then but still i remember yeah they did

  • stayfresh

    Thanks 2 Looney T, K.ola & er’body that agree. Nuff said.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    TPAR is the The Gimp in XXL’s Pulp Fiction.

    You only get to talk when your handler Around (aka Zed) lets you out of the wooden chest in the basement and unzips your leather mask.

    Go get some attention for yourself somewhere where you’ll be appreciated. Like the bathhouse.

    Goooooood morning, Vietnam!!

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    By the way…

    Has anyone noticed that, like before, they’re putting rap in the back of the store like ’94?

    Of course not, because we don’t go in anymore.

  • Stop Tha Hate

    This dude don’t know shit about rap or hip-hop must not been allowed to listen to it when he was young but anyway can everyone please stop it with this Nelly shit the man makes good music he don’t run around talking about shit he don’t do so he’s not a rapper lets grow the fuck up the man has sold more records than any of your favorite artist(except 50 and maybe outkast)other than that the list ends bout there don’t believe me do the research Nelly even Murphy Lee went double so please and the PIMP C comment you should just kill yourself nigga I getting tired of you pussies now starting to talk about this man when while he was alive he damn near begged yall to say his name and yall didn’t so if you aint got nothing good to say don’t say shit the man aint been dead a week and you disrespecting him like that well I hope when you go someone can say your writing never meant shit cause this blog didn’t



  • beatz23

    Do you like ANY rappers?

  • Anonymous

    “Quit hate’n da south” PIMP-C R.I.P