Little Brother > Lupe Fiasco

As I drive through North Carolina and past the Duke University Date Rape Center I think about what would have happened this fall had the producers from the Vh-1 Hip-Hop Honors Awards chosen Phonte and Big Pooh to hold down the tribute for Tribe Called Quest instead of Pharell and the D-bag? I prah’lee wouldn’t have shit to talk about I suppose. Other than the fact that Lil’ Wang sucks.

How long does a Southern bred rapper have to toil in obscurity because he doesn’t make rhymes about fried chicken dances or car wheels? I’ve always wondered what was up with the majority of artists that come from South of the Mason-Dixon line. Why don’t they have the spirit of justice in their hearts that the folks that were part of the Civil Rights movement had. Are these even the kids of that movement? I think the people that stayed in the South post-Civil Rights movement were the families that were scared to march in the beginning.

I can’t say I blame them either since this country has already set the precedent that they won’t prosecute or punish the people that disenfranchise others of their civil liberties. Maybe some of these longtime Southerners remember the days when the only Black people that white came to see on stage were standing on the gallows about to be lynched. How about that for progress? Do you think white would be willing to make the Wu sign openly in public fifty years ago? Prah’lee not, unless the ‘W’ was for white power.

This is why I give Little Brother all the credit for being a group that is willing to stand for a social purpose instead of being a bunch of happy go lucky minstrel performers. There’s certainly nothing wrong with being celebratory, but there is still so much work to do to educate people and remove racism and poverty. That job can’t fall on the shoulders of artists alone but at least its good to see some rappers from the South like David Banner, Juvenile and the group Little Brother that recognize the journey is still underway. My next stop is Atlanta, Georgia where the only king that black people care about is T.I., not Martin Luther.

Oh, and Burger King too.

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  • og bobby j

    yea, but them cheesey tots at BK are bangin….I bet even MLK woulda fucked with them.

  • eskay

    MM3 > The Cool

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      What the hell are you smoking?

      I think that the cool might be album of the year.

      THE COOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MM3>F&L

      Do not get me wrong. I liked MM3.


    • LowEndofDaChi

      You’re crazy.

      MM3 was dope lyrically, but that production?


      • DJ Daddy Mack

        Better than the Cool? Nah. Stop playing urself.

        Better than American Gangster? Yes it is.

        • LowEndofDaChi

          lol, I was talking to eskay fam.

          The Cool is a career defining joint.

          Its all good though.

    • REESE

      eskay says:

      MM3 > The Cool


      ARE YOU CRAZY????







  • jack bronson

    i kind of hear ya , but how could you not mention chamillionaire? Did you hear his new cd? Its top 3 of the year imo.

    sorry but no way in fucking hell is phonte doper than lupe fiasco , no way.

  • mcarroll4716

    Little Brother > Lupe Fiasco. No focking doubt!

    FINALLY, somebody gets it!

  • LowEndofDaChi

    While Phonte is iller than 90% of these deuchebags that happen to rap nowadays, he can’t freak a topic or ride a beat like the kid Lupe (no Eddie Murphy).

    The Cool>Getback

    I can’t believe you’re still harping on the Tribe shit, that horse been dead brother.

  • Big Dice

    Even the LOSER of this matchup is still better than damn near all of the A-holes on the Radio (yeah, this includes the Baby Kisser!)

  • Malik Shabazz

    Billy, cant we stop lying to orselves or can the critical community stop lying to themselves.

    Little Brother are okay and everything, even though their beats fell off hard as fuck and people pretty much stopped paying attention once 9th left. but thats not my point.

    Not rapping about selling drugs or consuming drugs is not a substitute for making some grand statement about drugs.

    Not rapping about violence or creating threats of violence in your raps is not some substitute for actually making a statement violence in your music.

    Little Brother, and the people who “enjoy” their music actually come off like Barbra Bush in the mid 80′s by repelling and alienating more people with their “message” than actually “helping or creating any type of helpful dialouge.

    To put it plainly, Young Jeezy or Ti or any other “happy go lucky minstrel performers”. Another black man just as disenfranchised and confused as you are by over 400 years of a corrupt system is not your enemy.

    Yeah I get it, Dj Unk and Huey suck. No Shit. Oh Yea and Baby isnt the greatest rapper in the world, but can you honestly
    say their isnt any value in Ti’s “Be Better Than Me” or Plies’ “100 Years”Bi

    P.s Fuck that Starbucks Rap Shit

  • gluvnast

    the only thing phonte is better at is singing. PERIOD

    phonte’s not a better storyteller, isn’t more original, doesn’t come with more different of array of concepts and topics…or even more charismatic than lupe…

    truth of the matter is that phonte WISHES he was in lupe’s position…he wishes atlantic records showed him the same love they gave his former labelmate…but in the end he’s more of a punchline rapper with a chip on his shoulder on why him or big pooh not getting their proper due outside the net….

    i mean lets be real about this…atlantic records gave BOTH artists a chance and one hustled and marketed himself better than the other…the truth is that little brother have trouble broading out because they WANT to be that next ATCQ type group instead of giving themselves their own identity…whereas lupe is trying his hardest NOT to be pigeonholed into that category regardless on how much it will piss off the backpack loyalist….lupe is looking and working on the bigger picture whereas little brother is content with where they stand, but will never get that broad audience, because they only cater to a specific group…lupe is setting himself apart from anything else outthere…so instead of a carbon copy emcee of either the mainstream or the backpacker…he’s shines by himself making people to look at him more regardless if they appeal to it or not…

    “fiascogate” is the best thing to ever happen to lupe….it garner him more free publicity than he’ll ever asked for

    • BIG O

      co-sign just cause lupe aint fuck with atcq hes hated on?little brother is cool and the getback is probably the most slept on album of o7 but phonte is no where the hustler or mc that lupe is

  • cannon the catalyst

    I don’t mean to prod into your argument because I agree, there’s A LOT of partying going on in southern hip-hop and not enough knowledge being distributed….but Pharell is technically from the south if you talking strictly mason-dixon line.

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  • sooch

    But there are bitties in the BK Lounge. All they do is beg and they scrounge…yoouu betttaah!!

    The only Lupe I give a fuck about is the one that does my landscaping once a month. What up Lupe! I see you!

  • Shawty J

    Little Brother, they’re dope, but I don’t understand how they’re being compared to Lupe Fiasco. Little Brother does songs more related to everyday life, while Lupe does concept songs. Little Brother, they’re good at what they do, Lupe is good at what he does.

  • fakerthanfake

    billy x sunday is what’s wrong with the progressive left

  • Stu

    Shit. Both are fucking dope, but Lupe is very underrated.

  • i Fux aka Etheraldinho aka Farouq Obama aka the Immaculate Erection

    Yo Billy Check your DP email, I got you…….. now dont sleep fellas
    Blu > Phonte > Lupe

    the Getback > the Cool

    Phonte has charisma and is funny, Lupe not so much

  • blacker cracker


    while you are in atlanta, i urge you to notice that you will not see any lynchins or ku klux klan members. In case you havent noticed, MS doesnt rep banner. We dont rep him, because he doesnt rep us right. I have lived in jacktown,ms for 24 years and have never seen a kkk member. Im not saying they don’t exist. I am saying that they are rare enough, that i have never seen one(kinda like grizzly bears)

    You claim to wanna help with issues of racism, but you are worsening the problem by spreading propaganda. People up north actually believe that shit when they see it in david banner’s videos and read it on your blogs. you’d rather focus on the 60′s than the present day. You might as well do an article on jimi hendrix. you would be better suited to just give us props for the progress we have made.

    jacktown is 70% african american, whitey is a lot more scared of us down here than we are them. thru affirmative action and college scholarships, the opportunities for blacks are greater than whites’.

    ask your boy, the underwriter. even tho, he is a major tool, i’m sure he’s honest enough to tell you that being black has been much more of a positive than a negative for him in the south.

    please quit spreading hate and acting like you are some part of a conscious social awareness revolution or whatever the fuck it is that you think you do.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Every blogger on earth > Billy Sunday

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    even the Internet thugs

  • MB

    MORE SOUTH HATE???? Behind every succesful person, THERE ARE A LOT OF HATERS! Dont just look at the south when when you think of bad rappers. I hear a lot of bullshit coming from every corner of the states.

  • stoneyisland

    As much as I love LB I cant front Lupes new album is way better…HOWEVER Lupe cant fuck with Phonte as a lyricist. Phonte is one of the top 5 MC’s alive. In my opinion he’s a man amongst boys when it comes to spitting. Common gets more props but Phonte would eat this light skin nigga for breakfast, lunch and Dinner.

  • ceedat

    Quit Hatin’ the South. Besides what kind of grown man looks to rappers for validation of their beliefs. Say bro if your looking for knowledge look at a college or a book not Little Brother. Knowledge isn’t given free and you can’t sit around waiting on someone else to give it to you. SMH at a grown man whose life philosophy is based on a Biggie rhyme

  • Kane Corleone

    BXS SAID- My next stop is Atlanta, Georgia where the only king that black people care about is T.I., not Martin Luther.

    Oh, and Burger King too.

    ^^^^^ I bet $$$$ yo ass will not say that in front of a real Atlantian!!!why do you NY cats hate so much?Damn is there any real niggas over there,face it your ny rap is one wants to hear that shit.

  • K_Lang

    First of all, u only made one statement in ur blog about your tagline which is completely bogus! Second of all, Phonte is older than Lupe, so yeah he’d know that sh*t. Third of all, Phonte’s everyday lyrics cant even touch Lupe’s creative lyricsm and lyrical content. I mean c’mon the Minstrel Show was a good concept but the overall album compared to Food & Liqour?!? XXL CAN I HAVE THIS N*GGA’S JOB PLEASE? Next time type something thought provoking, cuz u just wrong for that, just wrong man.

  • nation

    >> Phonte is better than 99% of the game.

    so true. especially that Last Days shit… pure comedy. he’d be better off if he stopped rapping and made one whole album of adlibs, solo though

  • Cassius

    Yo Bill, you ever swing by Underground and meet a chick named Lil Bit, STAY AWAY

    She’ll burn a brother faster than the Street Family…. (n/h?)

  • daz_oc

    I like LB but Getback was missing 9th. Dont get me wrong its a good album but something was lacking. The Cool is ok, I guess it jus needs to grow on me

  • jihod

    The Cool had TERRIBLE production! Point Blank, the album started of with a bang but as you moved along sountrackk’s beats got worse, also Patrick Stump’s beats wasn’t all that either, he shoulda put “Coulda Been” on the album cause it’s better than any song on the album. Little Brother’s Get Back was better because it was a good listen all the way through. It was an album done in the essence of De La Soul(who was the better group) not ATCQ. Get Back could be bumped strait through but I skipped a few songs on Lupe cause the beats are unbearable. Median, Phonte, and Lupe Fiasco are all on the same level lyrically, Phonte just needs to be pushed inspirationally sometimes


    Don’t forget about Wing King. And King Cobra.

    I don’t even take this as south hate. It’s pretty fucking true. The DF needs to do something about all this ringtone dewshery that’s become so damn pervasive in Atlanta. T.I. was heading in the right direction until T.I.P. took over.

    Radio out here in Atlanta is killing everything. This is the type of Hip-Hop that will drive you crazy. Maybe that’s why I’ve been on RHCP, Coldplay, Winehouse, Hall & Oates, Garbage and other non-rap this week. Too much nonsense.

    But yeah, Phonte is way ahead of most southern cats. That’s because he’s thinking. Lupe… I still can’t co-sign somebody that doesn’t realize that those Q-Tip/ATCQ comments were just wrong as hell?

    Maybe I missed something… has he apologized for that yet? If not, I just can’t cop The Fool. Sorry.

    Chitlin’ Circuit >>> Chi-Town Guevara

  • mac

    Phonte> Lupe all day. The Cool only had like a few good songs but Getback although they were missing 9th, the production was wayyyyy better.

  • Professor P

    Thank you Billy X. Sunday. At least someone finally gets it. I can’t stand the attention Lupe gets. I used to be a fan but after that Fiasco-gate, I was glad Phonte put him in check. It’s like because he’s “different” than most artists, people wanna sweat him. To me, he’s different just for the sake of being in different, which means he’s really the same. He doesn’t go over people’s heads either; it’s more like people don’t want to listen to him is all.

    LB may never get that same recognition as Lupe gets, but at they stay true to what and who they are.

  • eric jr

    I think its important that all of you all realize that people are reading your comments. Phonte is awsome and lyrically better that 97% of the known game, but its important to be real and undertand that this Lupe guy is something special. I really dont think alot of you all understand that. Bar for Bar out anyone up against Lupe besides 3stacks and its really not fair.

  • aludin

    lupe can’t fuck with anyone in the entire justus league. lupe can flow, but his voice doesnt command attention. he’s just a corny muslim skateboarding bitch with wack concept songs.

    • nellz

      lol…u a hatin ass nigga

  • Flymasta

    um not to be criticizing the blogger but I read this whole thing and u didn’t talk about lupe @ all or prove why little brother>lupe fiasco u went off the point with this one

  • texastoker

    IMO, if u ain’t ever had to live through it, you have no place to talk about it. If u never had to wat white wrice n honey and bread/water, shit like that and had no chance but to hustle then stfu, cause these rappers aren’t really trying to relate to you. this is for those in tha real dirty dirty trying to survive. u rememeber that thunificnent boondocks epi, shit like that been going on for 200+ years dawg..u, i, or that mothterfucking president with his black bitch in his cabinet can’t (read: won’t) do anything about it.

  • Meemsr

    Lb And Lupe, both great at what they do, its stupid to compare, what kinda shit is that…both bring a different fire and both get mad respect, any Lb fan is a Lupe Fan, and vise versa…(Truth)

  • conceive a boy

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