It’s Time For A Fag Rapper [ll]…

I was in front of MTV’s headquarters this morning as part of the protestors for the ongoing television and screenwriter’s strike when I read the newsticker scrolling along the face of the building.

Bow Wow tells MTV the truth regarding his emergency hospitalization

The first thing that came to my mind was how ghey of him to re-address this issue. Whatever happened inside of that Cincinnati hotel room doesn’t matter so much as the need for Hip-Hop to get a high profile case of the AIDS. Ever since Magic Johnson caught HIV and slam dunked that shit I don’t see why other rappers haven’t signed up for this shit. These same rappers are quick to attach their name to a bottle of liquor, a car company, or even a pair of sneakers, but no one wants to big up their HMO. Do you know how much money is involved in the pharmaceutical industrial complex? Trillions.

Why I’m surprised no rapper has stepped up to claim HIV is because there’s no money left in making records. The quickest way to the billionaire boys club is through marketing. Can’t you see a rapper like Lil’ Wang selling pills that clear up your chlymdia? Wait about Foxy Brown doing some spots for Valtrex? You know that chick caught something from all the random dicks she’s sampled. This is going to be the next level for rappers. I can already see the cross-promotion efforts going down like this… “Refill your Cialis prescription and get a free ringtone from Jay-Z”.

Getting back to Bow Wow… How the fuck do you faint after throwing a tantrum? Sounds like he needs more than just that athsmatic pump. Homey needs the whole oxygen bubble set up. I blame Jermaine Dupri for pushing Bow Wow into the entertainment business before his lungs were fully grown. So now Bow Wow has to continue the rest of the tour with a nurse doesn’t he? I’ve never heard of a hemophiliac rap star. Bow Wow should bring his plight to the light. As a matter of fact, do it on the cover of King Magazine. They deserve some sales this month too. XXL Magazine already has a fag on their cover.

Have you seen the latest Vibe mag, or their online cousin? The race to bottom for mag publishers has picked up steam. Hip-Hop Weekly and Vibe are making the Source look like the Economist. I wonder if magazine staffs are simply a reflection of the people that listen to popular music? XXL is the last man standing in this arena and even we are besieged by the Lil’ Wang syndrome of a flashy image with zero content behind it. Like those Fathead wall images are a highly detailed photograph only several millimeters thick. I’m not saying that everything needs to be deep and world changing either, but we have a situation where a pop culture icon who raps has a runaway white blood cell count and everyone is scrambling to call it what it ain’t.

I’m not sure Bow Wow is a fag, although Jermaine and L.A. Reid are wild suspect. You don’t even need to be a fag to contract HIV either. What isn’t rumor is the fact that AIDS affects African American women disproportionately greater than any other subgroup. The last time I checked the only people digging on the still Lil’ Bow Wow were little Black girls. The least he could do would be to make a safe sex PSA for these girls. This playboy needs to stop all the puppy love with ghetto girls and let some real talk out of his system. Tell the people that the price of fame is some fiya and I bet that you don’t want him to give it to you.

Okay, using Bow Wow song titles in a sentence is corny, but you get the point.

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  • Sinistah aka Piffnardo Davincci

    Billy, what da fuck!!!!!

    but nah you might actually be onto somethin…


    That faggot bow wow cant rap to save his live.i bet he has heart attack.That nigga is 28.

  • Wow

    I mean…shit….I ain’t gonna sit here and stand by Bow Wow for throwing a hissyfit and then having to go to the hospital-that’s some little girl shit and he needs to grow his ass up…but to come out and claim the nigga has AIDS!? Mayyybee a bit too much on this one, homie (but I do think he gay tho)

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^ I’m not saying this nigga has AIDS, but if he got it, then you got it. Arrrrrgh! -(c)Big Baby Jesus

    Think of all the money that a rapper could make if he/she were endorsed by Squibb or Glaxxo SmithKline?

    These niggas got so much paper they co-signed God’s college loan application.

    • D.R.A.M.A

      LMAO!!!!! rip Dirt Doggie


    You want to catch AIDS? Fuck a Black Woman…they represent 60% of new HIV cases this year!

    • fuck u

      and where the fuck you think black women are gettin it from? what just by walking out side? hell no they gettin from these black men these black men who are just going out fucking everything they lay they eyes on and these DL thugs who are having sex with other men that’s were the black women are getting from you dumb ass and do yo homework it’s not 60% it’s 40%

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    Theres already a bunch of fags rapping. Who ushered in all the powder pink, soft purple, tight jeans, t-shirts 2 sizes too small, since when was all of this hip hop? Hip hop is hella gay right now.

    • nappy_pappy

      you mean wearing pants that fit around your waist? or shirts that dont look like nightgowns? is that what u mean?? i think whats really gay is you using the word “hella” lmaoo

      • LowEndofDaChi



  • og bobby j

    On the real, Bow wow should have retired after that basketabll movie. I would love the opportunity to bitch slap his little ass….

  • Worley

    I been wondering about that dude Bow Wow. He was on Punk’d rolling his neck and his eyes like a girl. Bigranworld is right. There probably are gay rappers right in front of us already.

    • Mr.Wang

      Worley you right. There is gay rappers. I heard the nigga 50 cent was a homo thug. This real talk man. Heard he was down low ya dig

      • Dickrider Hater

        Why you ridin 50 Cent’s dick so much? Dont you know he’s taken by his gay lover The Lame? Its over for you, give it up, homo.

        • Mr.Wang

          You a bitch. thats all I got to say.

  • Crocker

    U a homophobe Billy?

  • Chris

    Damn. This post if FIYAH.

    Quotables for days. Props.

  • plagues

    Sure, I guess its easier to blame everything on homosexuals rather than adressing the real problems affecting hip-hop.

    Oh, I don’t know if you heard, but using “gay” and “fag” aint as cool as some homies made you believe it was.

  • ten

    I think you contradict yourself when you write a ‘is he gay or not’ post and then complain about XXL having no substance. Real deep knowledge you are dropping. It’s also suspect to discuss if a dude is a homo or not, like who cares? Only gay people would be thinking about that shit and thats cause they are playing a different mack game.

  • Kane Corleone

    Damn why ya’ll fuckin with Bow Wow?Gonna make the lil homie pass out and shit.But as far blood diseases and shite I thought cuz from mobb sleep had something .



  • tyrone

    bow wow and omarion fuccin?


    I’m lost……..

  • blacker cracker

    good post billy

    but, all STD’s are not bad. For example, when my girlfriend gets a case of the dry pussy, i just peel off the scabs of the sores from inside her fun hole and use the puss for lubrication ,and i already told you about my genital warts doubling as an all natural ribbed condom

    as far as the next gay rapper, i volunteer THE UNDERWRITER

  • dolo

    Cosign the vibe = hiphop weekly .. I never was a big vibe fan but I peeped it the other day and saw how its turn to a fan rag … did they get rid of the bobbito column? How da vibe has fallen


    That Face Off cover is the suspectest thing I’ve seen in terms of CD artwork in a good minute. Nolo.

  • eknight

    yeah I won’t be renewing my subscription to vibe and i’m on the fence about xxl but i suppose if i’m only gonna read one hip-hop magazine it might as well be this one.

  • reignman


  • EReal

    Don’t you know? That’s been Cam’s idea. First he tried out I.B.S., that didnt work out, the companies said it wasn’t enough, they needed more.

    So then he bought a pink truck, caught a couple dicks the the booty (II) and now he’s fuckin wit H.I.V. He’s been in meetings all summer.

    Watch, spring 08′ homie.

  • sunny

    for a second when i read this post title, i thought you were actually going to have something thought-provoking to say… nope, i was wrong… just a bunch of word throw-up and wasted internet webspace…

    despite the fact that most likely there already are gay mainstream rappers – It would be interesting to see how hip-hop reacts to a gay emcee (and i ain’t talkin bout no Dykey bitch, i mean a gay male) who can actually write and spit…

    Hip-Hop is the most homophobic genre of art, not just music, and it’s strange because you would think two of the most discriminated minority groups in this WORLD would be intelligent enough to focus on the SIMILARITIES in their daily struggles and come together… rather than bash eachother for no good reason.

    You know those ultra-macho thug types that are posted up on your block that you see on a daily basis, well, there’s a REASON they still on the block, and they still gon BE on the block for years to come – because they ain’t tryna see the future and push ahead.

    They the same lame dudes who would be the first ones to beat up a gay person for no good reason. And they the SAME people who if someone attacked them because they were black, they’d cry “Racism” and play the race card… but it’s okay for them to hate on, judge, discriminate, and bash gay people.


  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Sunny,
    You sound something like a jilted fag. We all know there are a ton of queer rappers. The question is which one will stand up to get paid off by the pharmaceutical giants to promote HIV medication. Just like Magic Johnson did.

    For the record dumbass, homos and Blacks did NOT suffer the same persecution. Homos have been getting rocks thrown at them since the days of Gomorrah. Mostly fags would be forced to live outside of the village. This way townspeople didn’t have to worry too much about their kids being raped. Homos was never placed into chattel slavery.

    Lastly, homos are responsible for a lot of bullshit, but the extent of that bullshit is pretty much confined to awful fashion trends. AIDS does not exist. It wasn’t created by homos or Haitians. It doesn’t even have a molecular fingerprint like every other virus on this planet has. All AIDS has are symptoms. Shit like sweaty palms or dry skin. AIDS was created as a myth to enable the pharmaceutical industrial complex to experiment on people as research subjects.

    Big medicine makes big money in America. Just like oil, tobacco, guns and television. I’ve already said too much for the XXL audience. If you think you can handle the truth go to

    • wanna know

      where on that website?

  • B.C.

    You blazed Wayne AND Bow Wow… WOW


  • lafaye


    That’s real talk!



    Gotta salute Sunday for that last statement, before the bullshitters get a chance to call ignorance.

    *Co-sign lafaye* – real talk.

    My best homie (nolo) is a MD. He swears that AIDS is much harder to catch than we’ve been led to believe. I have to take his advice, after – fuck – 12 extra years of education. Plus he likes it as raw as ODB (RIP). At least he’s done the research.

    Psychological warfare – on many levels.

    “How they make it so we afraid to fuck?”

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