Shoulders. Chest. Pants. Shoes. What’s YN gonna do? I don’t know fuckers. Contrary to popular disbelief, I don’t have a masterplan. I’ve just been running this rap media game so long I’m exhausted and I gotta stay coming up with new shit to stay inspired. My mouth wrote a check about this idea last summer and it’s time for me to cash it. Why not share my thoughts with the world for 24 straight hours? (“Dear Diary” was always one of my favorite tunes off Akinyele’s Vagina Diner. I see you Keirna!)

OK, here’s how I think it’s gonna go: I’m gonna try to drop a new post at the top of each hour til tomorrow’s Knicks/Lakers game starts (why did my dumb ass schedule it like this. I’m gonna be dumb tired but I gotta watch Kobe’s punk ass). Oh well no sleep. And I’m in Brooklyn, baby. Ha!

I’m gonna try not to post any audio (I don’t know how to post video). It’s just my thoughts what I was thinking at the time… Actually that’s not completely true. Like that Noz post he put up awhile back, I’m sure in my gmail I have some half-baked ideas of things I wanted to touch on but never did. I’ve also asked a few fine folks for topics that they would like me to write about, and I’m even asking you 2 or 3 guys out there too.

That’s right you Purple Hulkamaniacs if you’re not out Xmas shopping, I’m down to answer any and all questions and comments. That’s right, it’s the rare occasion where the King is at your disposal. If you don’t wanna participate, fuck it though. Help me make history happen. Watch it happen. Or ask what happened? And go back and read it later. It all gonna be documented. Like the rise and fall of Chuck Taylor. Ha! Man down! The saga begins.

Sidebar: I plan to be bumping some music to keep the blood flowing so I’m glad Hot 97 is on that mastermix shit (which basically means a Jay-Z song gets played every 15-20 mins. Sweeeettt!) Or I got my Sirius box downstairs (publishing a Shade 45 mag has its privileges) and maybe on G-Unit radio I can catch Curtis crapping on his enemies live from Kazakhstan. I also got the big brown box of old tapes in arms length. The other day I found a MC Shan interview on the Mr. Magic show and when I rewound the TDK 90 min tape to record it—the tape popped! I almost cried. Somewhere Justin Smith is gonna sob when he sees this.