In defense of Ike Turner

Poor Ike Turner. The guy supposedly invented rock and roll and yet, now that he’s died, all anyone can think to say about him is that he beat the shit out of Tina Turner.

Even as TMZ was announcing that he had died, they were all like, Ike Turner, who used to beat the shit out of Tina Turner, has died. Some of the stories I’ve read since then have basically been like, Yeah, Ike Turner invented rock and roll, but you know what? Fuck him. Look what he did to Tina Turner.


It makes you wonder: What would Ike Turner have to have done so that he’d be remembered foremost as something other than a heinous wife-abuser. Cured cancer? Brokered peace between Israel and Palestine?

Not that I’m excusing what he did to Tina, assuming what was depicted in the awesome film What’s Love Got to Do With It? was true – which, for all we know, it might no be. I don’t condone beating the shit out of a woman, unless you absolutely have to.

But I wonder: Is beating the shit out of your wife a crime so heinous that you should only be remembered as if you were a Nazi war criminal or somebody? And would this even be an issue if Ike Turner was white? Hater that I am, of course my answer to both questions is a resounding no.

I know, pulling out the race card at a moment like this is some ol’ Al Sharpton shit, but whatever. I feel like it’s applicable in this case.

Take for example the aforementioned Ike and Tina Turner film. If you notice, it isn’t even mentioned anywhere in the film that Ike Turner invented rock and roll. I wouldn’t even have known this had it not been mentioned in YN’s post the other day, and as a damn near footnote in several of the guy’s obits.

No, to hear the film tell it, he was just some bum who exploited Tina for her talent, forced himself on her, beat the shit out of her, then took her for everything she had (except for his own last name) in a divorce settlement. But fortunately, some white guy in Germany came along and helped turn her life around.


When you put it like that, if you notice, the shit almost sounds like the plot to Birth of a Nation, but with Tina Turner playing the role of the innocent white girl, preyed upon by the savage black buck, only to be saved by a cracka-ass knight in shining armor.

Coincidence? Given this country’s history with race relations and the way black men have been depicted in the media over the years, not to mention lingering issues with regard to the invention of rock and roll and white people’s “appropriation” of it as an artform, I’d have to say no.

At any rate, I can hardly imagine a film in which a white pioneer of rock and roll is thrown under the bus like that. And you know pretty much all of those motherfuckers are guilty of something.

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  • ahahaah

    I co-sign Bol on this one

    James Brown beat his white wife, nobody cared about that when he died except for the dyk.. i mean Feminists

    • Izza

      Bol: And would this even be an issue if Ike Turner was white?

      Yea, it would.
      Never heard of Phil Spector?

      • Lmary

        Probably not and that just proves his point!! Bottom line I’m not saying domestic violence is ok but Bol is absolutely 100percent right!! Wether you like it or not bangazz22 there is no I repeat NO EXCUSE for hypocrisy,selective persecution or singling someone out ESPECIALLY when it comes from a place of racism and bullshit. Tommy Lee is a wife-beating THUG who Pam claimed hit her while SHE WAS HOLDING THEIR SON!! Yet THAT ass-hole gets 2 reality shows same goes for Ozzy Osbourne who choked his wife to the point of where she almost died but the media sure as SHIT won’t mention that if that asshole dies. And it’s no NOT know so spell check yourself before you correct others and check your OWN ‘role models’ before you start vilifying or acting so f–king high and mighty with others. Condsidering you carry banners of righteousness that are VERY undeserved.

  • AK D

    I was saying this the other day. John Lennon beat the shit out of Yoko and no one mentions that. And all he ever did was take drugs and make horrible contradictory songs.

  • Ryan

    Truth. They never threw Elvis under the bus like that in any film I’ve seen (there may be one that I haven’t seen, I don’t avidly watch Elvis films) but he was a biggot who jacked black people for their steez and he gets rewarded with Time Life collections being sold to old farts during daytime tv.

  • stoneyisland

    Bol says: I don’t condone beating the shit out of a woman, unless you absolutely have to.

    Thats a bitch move unless by absolutely you mean in defense of yourself. That said Ike has admitted to beating on Tina but he went to his grave denying he was the monster hollywood made him out to be in the movie. Hollywood made Tina a victim for spouse abuse, I mean name any other hollywood star who is know more for getting beat up by their husband then tina? name one. First it was Tina now it’s Whitney, I guess white dudes arent beating up women on the daily huh….I NEVER condone beating up on a woman under any circumstances (the exception is if one is physically trying to injure or kill you) Ike was a pioneer who got exploited by hollywood and most of all the so called pioneers of rock and roll like that fat bloated racist Elvis and them old ass rolling stones cats. RIP Mr. Turner, RIP.


    Yo Bol in Africa you can beat the shit of your wife and get away with it but goddammit that shit ain`t cool.You know what Elvis is worse a bitch.That cracker has been know to beat the bejesus out of her wife but them crackers don`t mention it.

  • Chris

    Dumb cats shouldn’t speak on subjects they have know knowledge of, which is everything except what’s “hood” and bitching about rap. Even with the internet, niggas are as stupid as ever.

    1st, its “bigot”. 2nd, Elvis wasn’t a bigot.

    Black people believe the dumbest shit.

  • smog

    domestic violence as we like to call it in the field is the foundation of all violence in the community, its were people learn that inacting physical and emotional harm to another for the sake on personal benefit is acceptable. not only are you harming the person that you are supposed to love the most in this world, you are also teaching your child who is watching you that it is acceptable to harm those you love, and if its ok to hit the people that you are supposed to love what does that mean we can do to the people that we dont like?

    national domestic violence help line


    I couldn’t agree with you more on this one.Not condonig what he did but who is to say he wasn’t frustrated by the white man stealing his invention.He probably would have made more noise about helping to invent Rock & Roll but he saw how the white man ridiculed Little Richard’s gay ass for demanding his credit.
    It’s rough out here for a black man!

  • steebie

    I don’t believe in hitting a woman, but sometimes you just gotta shake the shit out of em’
    - cosign Bernie Mac

  • these posts are racist

    once again your are bigoted and straight up homophobic. Ike stands for systematic abuse of the minority woen in this country. he should be remembered for what he did in the negative because that serves as an example on how not to treat your spouse. Of course you side with the animal. My father beat my mother all the time and none of that felt good, seeing your mother cry like that.

    • og bobby j

      Well that explains it…..Cant say Im surprised…well I am that you knew your father…but not that he beat you and your momma ass. I understand now why you think everything is racist…still worried “daddy” might come in your room at night….suck ass nigga

    • these posts are racist

      I did not write this and will not comment on this post.

      Please stop posting under my name.

  • Marvelous Mo

    Whites will cut a negros throat first before they cut one of their own. so yes, Elvis was fuck the fucked up. Jon Lennon…fuck the fucked up.

    Any Black musician who were involved in the evolution of soul, jazz, rock & roll, etc will never get their full credit as they should. Not until negros developed their own award shows did you see some sort of surge of acknowledgements whenever they did a lifetime achievement award to someone…or a dedication piece in memoriam to the fallen masterminds. even at that platform, recognition is limited. you don’t really get to read about their acomplishments until you read a bio written somewhere.

    unfortunately the movie glorified the plight of his life. even if the dude did find a cure for cancer, the movie made his antics more influential across the board…
    that’s just his public identity. it’s over for that “inventor of rock & roll” shit.

  • jeff

    yea..that movie really fucked things up. She was a consultant for the film, but he wasn’t. If he was…that story probably would have been completely different. There are ALWAYS two sides to a story. They were BOTH dope fiends, so I am sure she contributed way more to the situation than the movie showed. It wouldnt have been a good film without her playing the protagonist. You can’t really go by what a film says because in Malcolm X the film, there was no mention of Farrakhan and his role in the assassination. Liz Taylor played Cleopatra in a movie and fucking Charlton Heston played God in the Ten Commandments, so movies have a history of being inaccurate. If they are accurate, Gid is a white man. Whatever….Ike never denied the fact that he smacked her up and all, but in Hollywood…theatrics are a must. Fishburne and Bassett got Oscar nominations for their roles, so of course the director said “BODY SLAM HER!” and shit like that. I’m not gonna remember Little Richard as being a homo, so I’m not gonna remember Ike as a wife beater. He was a pioneer and he deserves to rest in peace just like anyone else. He wrote a book not long ago trying to restore his name, but hollywood succeeded once again and demonized another black man. I hope they don’t make a Marion Barry movie.

  • b-ease

    I don’t believe in hitting a woman, but sometimes you just gotta shake the shit out of em’
    - cosign Bernie Mac

    That’s Chris Rock’s bit.

  • Josh

    It is fucked up.

    I mean, if you think about it, Ronald Reagan’s sins seem to have been clensed upon his death.

    And nobody remembers a pre-9/11 Rudy Giuliani.

    Give Ike Turner a break.

    They say the movie was very exaggerated…

    I bet when OJ dies nobody will remember his allustrious football career.

    He’ll just be known as the guy who killed his ex-white (I mean wife).

    And OJ was found innocent!

  • barbarian at the gate

    Hmm, did white folks ‘grab’ Rock ‘n Roll and run away with it?

    Now that is a question I have wondered about over the years.

    While black folks were critical in getting the ball a rolling, after Elvis hit in the mid-50s, black musicians seemed to voluntarily turn their face away from the beast & turned back to more familiar & comfortable forms like Jazz, Blues, and R & B.

    While some black artists like Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry kept on with it, the vast majority of black artists stepped away from working the R & R beast and clearly let the white musicians define the genre.

    Yeah, we’re always guilty of “something”, like civilization, technology, law & order, democratic govt, ect, but it’s a burden we gladly carry, and we have always been happy to define & carry the ‘rock ‘n roll animal’.

    • Liam

      Wow, another white racist post by bigot at the gate. I must be seeing things

  • steebie

    cosign chris rock, you got me, touche’…

  • og bobby j

    I see alot of people with a mouthful of bullshit. I will not pretend to know the womanizing tactics of Elvis or Lennon, but I wouldnt discredit them artisticly simply becuase they are white and therefore “privledged” by hollywood. Fact is, you dont hit a bitch, unless its a matter of life and death. Of course the movie is exaggerated for hollywood dollar purposes, but Ike was known to handle a bitch with a swift 2 piece. Therefore, he will be remembered as such…. Also, to say he “invented” rock and roll is exaggerated. That shit tends to happen when people die…ie–> see Pimp C’s new found and overwhelming influence on hip hop. No disrespect, but let them rest in piece and be remembered as they were…lets not get carried away.

  • KFrizzle

    Christ, now every fucking white rock legend beat their wife so you fucking morons can justify Ike doing it. That’s why y’all stay losing man. Keep losing baby!!!



  • Sinistah aka Atum Ra

    KFrizzle, shut da fuck up, it’s just facts being stated and documented that the white’s mentioned beat the shit out of their wives/girlfriends/groupies they couldn’t shake/etc/

    they mentioned because unfortunately mainstream media will make it a point to point out that Ike’s backhand may have been more powerful than his music.

    but i doubt they would make extensive mention of the drug-dependant white counterparts who vehemently went postal on their spouses at random or for something as simplistic as a “Sonny, put that damn pipe down before you wont be able to make us some money” followed by a right-hand cross that even Mike Tyson in his prime would envy……

  • Who dat ?

    Typical Barbarian!!

    Claiming shit you do not own.

    White folk did not create civilization…ironically go ask the folks in Iraq about that.

    White folks did not create technology. You better give back the Arabs their algebra, the chinese their science and the indians their math

    Created law and order ? wont even comment on that.

    The key word here is CREATE. Now the barbarian has perfected the art ,maybe science, of picking up a little here and there to create something and then putting a patent on it under HIS law and order…man fogetaboutit!!!

  • Jozen Cummings

    Bol, I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. No one is saying what Ike did to Tina was right, but it should be the focus of his life? Hell naw! I’d be willing to bet every cent that Tina cried when she heard Ike died. As much as he beat her, I’d be surprised if she didn’t still love him just a little and wasn’t at least thankful for what he did for her career.

  • Bangaz22

    let’s be real here, Ike beat the hell out of tina. Just cause other people have beat thier significant others doesn’t mean that the shit is right. Playing the race card is completely inappropriate. And I’m a BLACK MAN!!! We can’t throw the “it’s because I’m black thing around”, because Ike was wrong 110% for abusing his wife. I sorry, but for me, your value as a man is gone once you have to hit a woman. It is inexcusable. So Ike, we appreciate your contribution to music but I will not make a hero and legend out of a man who has been a complete fuck-up. Just cause a nigga dies we shouldn’t forget he spent his whole life acting like a nigga!

  • Banga

    I appreciate Ike’s contribution to music but once you put your hands on a woman other than to make love, you are not even considered a man. Just case a nigga died doesn’t mean we should forget he spent his whole life actin like a nigga! (That goes to you Pac lovers too!)

  • blacker cracker

    bitch get out of pocket, she need some discipline. -50cent

  • barbarian at the gate

    Who dat-

    Now peanut, don’t be gettin’ petty & spiteful on me.

    Take a good look around & notice where the concept of ‘cililization’ has reached it’s highest, most healthy, and most prosperous form.

    Sure as fuck ain’t Iraq, India, China, or the Muslim World.

    As far as CREATING things go, the list of Western inventions and applications are so many they defy listing or summarizing.

    Hell, to name just one for your immediate reference, look down at the device your fat little hands have been manipulating: yes, jughead, the COMPUTER.

    • these posts are racist

      Bigot at the Gate,

      Did you invent the computer? What have you invented? Exactely. You are hilarious. I am American, therefore do I have a right to claim responsiblity for all that which Americans have invented? You are a clown.

    • these posts are racist

      Also Bigot at the Gate,

      You never responded to this which relates to your statements here:

      How do you define the “Islamic World”? Do you know there are an upwards of 3 million Muslims in the US? So is the US part of the Islamic World? Did you know there are millions of Muslims in China? Europe? Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US, Europe and the world. There are Muslims in every continent and country in the world, so is the entire world, the “Islamic World”?

      Did you know that the US has killed over 1 million Iraqi Children since the first Gulf war? Is this barbarism?

      You see, your ignorance only works on those who don’t know…like ‘Pac said, “but I’m knowing.”


    TINA DESERVED AT LEAST TWO OF THOSE ASS WHOOPINGS. We know black women stay getting outta pocket

  • kevin

    “And would this even be an issue if Ike Turner was white?”

    if it ain’t white it ain’t right !!!

  • Kane Corleone

    I cosign King Blair,black women do come across sideways if and when they feel like it.Nigga I’m married and I thank god I haven’t beat the dog shit outta Mrs Corleone.All women are pysco u just have to make it come out….BEWARE if you do layeth down the smackeze dont fall asleep nigga…we’ll be saying RIT for yo ass also!!

  • Yinka

    you funny as hell bol! I responded to your personal blog on this subject and essentially already said this shit about rock n roll (no YN) but i cited dr. dre. I guess great minds think alike huh? It’s cool – i don’t want to be a blogger but is ee how u do. “Ideas aren’t copyright” as they say (no intellectual property!) Do like the way you threw in the race thing 4 extra spice tho!

  • barbarian at the gate

    these posts are racist-

    Son, if you aren’t the most self-righteous, squalling little soul I have ever come across on the Internet.

    Looking forward to stepping on your Progressive, sour old-woman fantasies & hopes in 2008.

    Enjoying that American computer?

    Do you think the ‘Islamic World’ is enjoying them?

  • these posts are racist

    Bigot at the Gate,

    You fail to address my questions and comments. Yes, i am enjoying my computer, and yes, I am American, so I guess I can thank myself for this computer, per your logic.

    I don’t know what the Islamic world is, since you haven’t defined it. Again:

    How do you define the “Islamic World”? Do you know there are an upwards of 3 million Muslims in the US? So is the US part of the Islamic World? Did you know there are millions of Muslims in China? Europe? Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US, Europe and the world. There are Muslims in every continent and country in the world, so is the entire world, the “Islamic World”?

    Did you know that the US has killed over 1 million Iraqi Children since the first Gulf war? Is this barbarism?

    • Og Bobby J

      Fuck A TBAG – The islamic world is that big patch of desert, you know where people blow themselves and innocent civilians to taco meat in the hopes of achieving false religious promises of virgin pussy. The same place that is occupied by miserable people who wake up each day with hatred for the “west” because we got it and they dont. Shit, I would be mad too if I was sleepin in a cave in the middle of the desert with some camel skin clothes on. Meanwhile, those crazy americans have hotpockets and air conditioning. As for the 3 million muslims in the US, that number on a grand scale is minute. There are more crackheads in Brooklyn. I smell Bean Pies………

      Tpar- be careful what you say, I may take my belt off and make you call me daddy….

      • Around and Around

        The same place that is occupied by miserable people who wake up each day with hatred for the “west” because we got it and they dont.
        Or maybe the ‘hatred’ is due to the fact that the ‘west’ occupy’s two countries, supports and funds fucked the fuck up dictator’s in just about every country considered a ‘muslim’ country, and continues to support Israel against the wishes of the rest of the world?

        My bet is that they don’t give a shit that the ‘west’ gots ‘it’…..and on that note, don’t people in the west have health insurance? After all they ‘got’ ‘it’…right? Why don’t you?

        It’s a comedy you just fuckin stay loosing bitch

  • Kane Corleone

    Hoe g johnson says-(Well that explains it…..Cant say Im surprised…well I am that you knew your father…but not that he beat you and your momma ass. I understand now why you think everything is racist…still worried “daddy” might come in your room at night….suck ass nigga)Cuz u are a bitchmade nigga for that one cant let that one slide nigga.U net faggots talk slick about the wrong shit punk.Put down “Baby Sloth” wipe that drool off your back and check yoself.Kerr ass nigga

  • og bobby j

    Kane, seriously, stop attempting to construct sentences…your embarassing yourself. Did I touch a nerve with that one? I guess your daddy (or more likely the dude your mother was suckin off for crack) would beat on your bitch ass too. You need to get off this gang bang alter ego that you rep on the web and go take care of your wife, before you find a real cat like me balls deep in that smut. Get off my dick…and I will let you live…. “your arms are to short to box with God” (in this case, your “arms” are your vocabulary and overall intellect)


    Wow… I guess I’m right on time for this one. It’s a veritable fuckfest going on here. Where’s Hoe-G’s mother when we need a fluffer?

    Comments – in numerical order…

    1. Click THE UNDERWRITER (nolo). Scroll down to the Ike Turner post. As you can see, there is a precident for this one…

    2. TPAR is getting hijacked for his screen name? Damn, son. Who is the real you then? What’s sad is that neither version is really worth a fuck anyway, so who cares. Don’t answer that last question, just keep being a lonely schitzo.

    3. Hoe-G Boobie J, you should have never grown fingers. Your mind is like a bean pie. Your shit is garbage. It ain’t like you ever make any fucking sense, ever. As in, ever. All you do is say that people’s moms are on crack and cheetos and something else about their pops being in jail.

    Your son (you know, the real one for whom you really can’t afford health insurance) probably has a 103-degree fever right now, and you’re probably putting Yagermeister in his milk to keep him from crying all night. You’re the biggest bitch since Roseanne Barr. Please, go beat yourself to death with a frozen 2-liter of roach skeet.

    4. Back to the subject…
    Check my blog for my feelings on this one. Not that wife-beating should be legal, but one has to wonder what Tina did – besides not singing the song right – that kept her catching the goon hand. You gotta assume she wasn’t always the perfect wife or just an arbitrary victim…

    RIP Ike. I hope Anna Mae forgives him and goes to his funeral.

  • Kane Corleone

    @ Hoe-g…nigga u already proved u cant handle a bitch, kerr yo girl is white and little sloth is a mixed nigga.Aint that the same bitch the reason you’ve been disowned and will be spending the holidays in the jects wit “Tay the wino”?Whitebwoi u lost,nigga what u need 2 do is call daddy and ask for forgiveness.xmas gets real lonely wit no family and family that aint yours.Dude is like Jim Carey in” me,myself&irene” cept your kid thinks his hockey helmet is a fitted cap.6STAR BITCH say it wit me now

  • Jew-Z

    “Sure, I’ve slapped Tina… There have been times when I punched her to the ground without thinking. But I never beat her.” – Ike Turner

    Possibly the greatest quote ever.

  • these posts are racist

    Underwriter, you really need my attention don’t you?

    OG Bobby J, if you were more respectful, I would advise you how to appeal your son’s adverse medicade application decision. Now BG Bobby J is stuck with the sniffiles.


    i had a great laugh at Underwriter’s second point.


  • toine

    St.Louis need to stop claiming Ike that nigga straight from East Saint Louis. For yall that dont know East Saint is in Illinois.

  • toine

    Ike aint from STL that nigga from East Saint Louis

  • allnice

    Ike was just a real thorough dude. Some dudes won’t hesistate to put their foot in a chick ass no matter negro or white. It isn’t right or wrong. It just is what it is. People get all upset and what not, but at the end of the day, some cats will still two piece a chick that talks sideways to them.

    I don’t think Tina deserved it, but she was with him for a while. She had to know that if she said something slick, Ike was going to flip on her. If she kept on saying slick shit and kept on getting smacked instead of leaving sooner, then that is on her. Real talk though, women will love their man no matter what he does. Chicks stay in abusive relationships because they know they won’t find another dude like the one they have.

    Ike deserves to be remembered for being a wife beater and also a pioneer of Rock and Roll. He lived his life and accomplished his goals. Dude had Tina Turner for his broad. Now that he passed people are talking about him more. Go figure…..


    No, TPAR, you need your attention.

    I’m just saying, maybe Ike could have schooled you on keeping your internet hoes in check.

    Then again, like Ike in court, your name got stolen.

    Go do what you really want to do and beat up on a woman (Hoe-G) or something. Don’t even talk to me.


    And on that note, I’m out to a Christmas party.

    You kids don’t get out of line while I’m gone. You know I’ll be back for that ass – early (nolo).

    Whuddup Kane C: Do your boy a favor and babysit these dewshes until 2:30 EST.

    *Daps Hawaiian*

  • Kane Corleone

    Fuck it homie I’m in a giving mood since its so close to Xmas… shoot me your address and I’ll send LITTLE SLOTH a box of Baby Ruths.Talkn bout smuttin a bitch when your actually taking care of another niggas retarded ass baby and gettin cut of will,stayin in the jects on the 2,679,950TH FLOOR & shit…your not only a kerr but now it comes to my attention you are a trick,a resthaven for hoes.

    U know what it is pussy say it….I’ll wait.

  • Kane Corleone

    UN, whats good my dude ? If its a white party watch the Egg Nog they be using that JB.

  • blacker cracker

    i wonder if kane and UN(it’s hard to even type that with a straight face) do this much dickhuggin in person, ya’ll are becomin real suspect, you two banana blowers should really get a room

    • Around and Around

      That’s funny, I was thinking they were the same person or some shit…I mean with the way they 69 eachother’s comments every dam day.

  • Kane Corleone

    What the fuck is yo name homie? What bitch you want somebody to say something to u too?Feeling left out?well since I just took my keyboard out of Hoe-g’s ass(no-bobbin-for-johnsons) here punk smell it.Bask in it.Now bitch you’ve officially been Pretty Tony’s voice”when grown folks talkin shut the fuck up,hear.”

  • blacker cracker

    kane, i get tired of schoolin lil niggas, but since your dad aint around, i’m gon let you in on a lil sumthin about the game, sometimes when you fuck up, you just gotta own up to that shit. You made some real dich huggin comments. You should just admit that your and “UN”s internet daps are pretty fuckin lame and that you’re not a six star general. you’re a fuckin tool. then, i could take whatever the hell you type semi-seriously.

  • OG Bobby J Killer

    the average iraqi had a better standard of living then the average american before the war they got all the oil dumbass

  • og bobby j

    Where to begin…

    Un- I thought you learned already…but I guess not. You are truely the biggest toolbag I have ever encountered. You live and breathe this internet shit and it is clear why. This is the only place you feel accepted and the only place where you think you can be taken seriously (at least by you your fake thug buddy Kane). Fact is, you a band camp hoe type nigga, whose sole stregnth is his internet connection.

    Kane – your a joke. Reading your posts are like reading ancient hebrew. Your honestly too stupid to compete with me. Unless of course we are referring to e thuggin and claiming fake sets, cause you got that game on lock. Is you wifey a e thugger too? Please realize that the only thing you are good at is giving your cockboy UN an online version of the “i want your dick” face. Your a sucka ass nigga who deserves some sympathy. I too feel the Holiday spirit, so I will ease off. I hope you and wifey have a nice holiday….

    Tpar – What did I tell you? wait, which one are you? I see what happened, you revealed a little too much and now wanna claim it wasnt you…. There is no sense continuing this with you. I dont want to be the reason you go back to therapy or blow yourself up (cause that type shit is in your nature)….I am sure no one has spanked you this bad since daddy Arafat. I hope your mother is Ok. Bean pie ass nigga.

    Black Cracker – I am not co signing or giving you props (cause thats how these homo niggas get down), but it is nice to see that someone else sees how sad these two faggets are. Trust me when I tell you, a war of words with this clown Kane is childs play. If you use words with more then 3 syllables, he will be sweating hard looking through the dictionary and shit. As for UN, he is so corny that it aint worth your time. This nigga lives on the net, just sitting around waiting to comment on shit. He is flea that once attached, is hard to get off your balls.

  • barbarian at the gate

    “your arms are too short to box with God”

    Ridiculous, but that kind of line makes everyone smile.

    Good stuff for the holidays.

  • Matt Herbz

    Since this is a topic on white niggaz, let me throw in my 2 cents. Although, I’ve never hit a woman with anything other than hard dick, and never been a husband to anyone, I think in this case, the man gains such recognition for beating Tina’s ass. It ain’t just about if you beat the shit out a bitch, but this dumb nigga beat the shit out of one of the most famous singers/performers of all time, it just happens to be that she’s black. If nigga’d decked Shaniqua Jones in the head, nobody’d give a fuck and there, you’d have your racial equality, Bal …I mean, Bol.

    –Matt Herbz–
    The ORIGINAL White NIgga

  • Dee-El

    Word!!! Co-sign!!!

    Dee El Sends

  • Kane Corleone

    To soggy cracker;so you speakin on other niggas is a validation that you are official or does it mean nigga your a hater.IDK just a thought.To bitch bwoi johnson;How many times must I tell u nigga YOU R NOT REAL.What set is fake nigga? Show me please.What is fake is how you’re trying to be hood when it was forced on you.Fucked the wrong bitch now u stuck with that hoe 4EVAR.Not my fault get over it ,see ya’ll white bwois always be on that gay shit constantly “say that he’s suckin that nigga dick “,taking it in his ass,take my swipe out your mouth”.Ya’ll bitches are obsessed with another man cuz some rapper said it was ok.Nigga I aint gotta lie to u bout me kerr who r you that I gotta lie too? nigga I never said I was active nigga ,busters take shit and run with it.But look since you dont wanna dickride soggy diaper over here I’ll send in a 5$ donation to Jerry’s Kids and hopefully lil sloth will have w cool holiday .

    Cmon Hoe-g u know tell your boy what I told u.Kerrs

  • these posts are racist

    Underwriter, you clearly want my attention. You mention my name in almost every comment you make. It’s weird, please stop.

    OG Bobby J, you should only use words on the internet that you would use in public. For example, you constantly use the “N-word”. You would not use this word in public, in front of black people, so why use it here?

    Finally, I recommend you appeal the adverse decision for BG Bobby J, so he can have a warm holiday season and proper medical treatment.

  • barbarian at the gate

    Why TPAR, here it is the holiday season, and all you can do is come off like a little patronizing, handjob punk.

    Where is that ‘enlightenment’, Progressive ‘wisdom’, and ‘compassion’ to cast a better image?

  • jah pookie

    I dont condone beating a woman unless she is actively tryin to hurt and or kill u. NOW that being said. NIGGA BEAT THAT BITCH WITH A BAT LOL. O and i laugh cuz that bitch coulda left like a smart human but chose to stay wit him so thats on her.

  • these posts are racist

    Bigot at the Gate,

    You’ve proven yourself incapable of addressing any points I have made towards you. All you do is response with some odd generalizing catch phrase about me being self rightous or something…

    By the way, thanks for inventing the computer and the airplane, i’m sure glad that you personally, invented it. What would the rest of the 6 billion people on the world do without YOU and YOUR inventions.


  • barbarian at the gate

    Such generalizations hang so easy & fit so well around your pompous, twitty neck, TPAR.

    Glad to hear you enjoy the computer and are being able to take part in the mysterious, yet beneficial Western process of flying to different cities, countries, and hemispheres.

    One can only hope the rest of humanity is enjoying such similar Western concepts like modern medical care, vaccinations, real surgery, and the elimination of many various diseases and maladies.

    Hey, I was on a roll and I’m that kind of truly generous, altruistic cat, TPAR.

  • ah huh



    Just as I figured, you “men” have nothing better to do. You idiots obviously spent more time blog commenting last night than you did remembering that nobody really cares what you whores think.

    Yo, blacker wacker, you haven’t existed since I shitted on you weeks ago. Don’t try to grow a tailbone now. You’re one of those I don’t even have to try with. After you’re done dry-humping your laptop tonight you should stop having such gay thoughts.

    Around, keep it trill. You and Hoe-G actually blog together from the jacuzzi. Neither one of you web-sluts have what it takes. Whenever you get a chance, kill yourself.

    Yo, that’s all. Sorry I couldn’t entertain you crumbs any longer tonight.

    And TPAR, before you go getting all T.I. vs T.I.P. on a pimp, with all your bi-polar “I can’t control my screen name” buffoonery, have you taken your Zoloft today?

  • Kane Corleone

    TPAR says;OG Bobby J, you should only use words on the internet that you would use in public. For example, you constantly use the “N-word”. You would not use this word in public, in front of black people, so why use it here?:

    ^^^^^^ON MY MAMA CUZ COSIGN^^^^^

  • blacker cracker

    underspiter, i got some bad news for you, dawg. you’re not the grim reaper, you’re more of a rim reamer, your blog will get no hits, and nolo will never catch on.

    kane, me and my cuz cosign on your mama too

  • Kane Corleone

    ^^^^^C,thats what I’m talking bout!!! u & hoe-g always saying something bout gay shit.If I’m lying I’m flyin. Talkin bout suspect half of your comments on this thread are the subject of gay sex.Come out the closet fo real cuz . soggy cracker you’re a fag in denial just admit it.& bitch your cum dump of mammy couldn’t cosign for a pack of Now&Laters.

  • Kane Corleone

    AROUND TPARS DICK said”That’s funny, I was thinking they were the same person or some shit…I mean with the way they 69 eachother’s comments every dam day.”

    (smacks his lips)no bobbin for johnsons


    • Around and Around

      The following are offline comments on underwire’s blog…I mean gay ass diary:

      Underwire, “Hey Kane mad props my homey” (All said in homo-thug tone)
      Kane, “Oh what up my homo-thug Underwire, circle jerk tonight? 8pm?”
      Underwire, “Right after I get done at”
      Kane, “Word, bring the KY”

  • og bobby j

    What Nigga? I will say it your face the same way I would MLK’s. You niggas dont want it with me….thats obvious. Kane, I just want to thank you for continuing to post your illiterate rants…you stay proving my point for me. You are the true product of our education system. Un- I already put you where you needed to be, and I will refrain from exposing your hoe ass any further if you stay polite. The rest of you cornballs can eat my crumbs


    jesus is black
    Muhammed is black
    civilization start in Africa
    All the prophets mention in the bible are black
    Blacks invent technology.
    Arabs invent science

  • Kane Corleone

    De Nada, I figured only u could understand seeing as you’re the father of a retarded ass baby.Damn homie you’re up at the crack of dawn hating ,1st thing on your mind when you woke up is a MAN….proving my point that most of you muthafuckas on this site are fixated with gay sex.Why do you hate black males so much is it because of a.)Some nigga deflowered your girl, impregnated the bitch and now you gotta foot the bill.or b)Your cum catcher of mother has converted to loving black dick.Hey it happens,or in your case its past tense!!

    Around seriously fam ,U KNOW u should just walk away from this one.If I could suggest that we go to anyone of BXS’s threads and see you on your knees(not praying to Mecca)but ummm……No disrespect TPAR but yo boy is outta pocket.


    @OG BOBO J and barbarian at the gate aka baah goat.
    I love fucking white sluts in the ass! 100 years of slavery in every cum shot! Bet you racist white fucker never thought it would come to this huh? TAKE THIS BIG BLACK NIGGER DICK! I break these white hoes off proper cuz there lil dick White husbands can’t do it for them.


    Aight you lil dick ass crackers! I’m out.
    You cracker as crackers don`t belong here.
    the correct URL is or

  • barbarian at the gate

    Not having a good day on the prison computer, JAY STONE?

    Should I give your sister, the one turning tricks on the corner, a roll & a tap to help your Momz & Pops make rent?


    Black Wacker, if nolo will never catch on, why are you even mentioning it? Why are you reading my blog again anyway? You’re slipping dude. Don’t fall into the manhole. NOLO.

    You fuckboys (Around is AClown, Black Wacker and Hoe-G) are of no consequence to anyone but yourselves. That blog of mine you’re all secretly reading and simultaneously dissing already has a few hundred visits more than your blogs have. Get it?

    I bet at least thirty of them came from you dewshes. Bitch, please. You should be honored; I’m even making TPAR better by association with me.

    Before I started commenting, back when I was just reading the posts, TPAR used to write shit like this:

    “Bol/Byron, the metaphoric asphinxiation of your earlier preface is stupendously extravangant by way of its methodic exfoliation. You consistently eradicate the purific constipation of the Afrocentric media hyperbole to a degradation of plethoric, remedial blasphemy…”

    Now he’s writing in my style. Which is good. Break your sentences up a little more, my child. Use punctuation clearly, and don’t use a word you can’t spell out loud if checked, especially when it makes no effing sense in the context you’re using it.

    I have no problem with helping him, nor do I have a problem with him anyway. But if you can’t take criticism, why are you criticizing the paid bloggers here at XXL? Don’t you have a job? I mean, I know you don’t have a blog, but damn!!

    Oh, and Whuddup Kane. These dudes are pointing the same fingers they just removed from each other’s asses. I’mma fall back…

  • Around and Around

    Underwire says,
    That blog of mine you’re all secretly reading and simultaneously dissing already has a few hundred visits more than your blogs have. Get it?

    Yeah you win. (And I bet my dad can beat up your dad)


    Ahhh — the belligerent spirit of Ike Turner lives on in this comment section… He didn’t necessarily invent rock, but he was a major pioneer of the genre. Maybe we can thank Laurence “Don’t Call Me Larry Anymore” Fishburne for burning the image of Ike as the prototypical wife-beater into our brains, cuz he really earned the Oscar nod. Hopefully, people won’t forget Ike’s musical legacy (they damn sure won’t forget him shoving cake into Tina’s grill… *LOL*)

  • Lmary

    To the poster whining about ‘just because white pople do it’ or the writer playing ‘the race card’ what a bunch of bullshit!! Wrong is wrong and right is right if ANYONE puts their hands on a woman wrong they should be vilified but they won’t be and we ALL know damn well why. I don’t know about Lennon but I DO know Tommy Lee is a wife-beating thug creep who was arrested FOUR times for hitting Pamela and Ozzy Oddourne choked his wife to the point where she almost f–king died!! So don’t give me that holier than marlarky the media and a lot of the public in this country are some seriously racist bitches who turn a blind eye and deaf ear when it’s a white person but scream like crazy and act very high and mighty with banners of undeserved righteousness. There is no I repeat NO EXCUSE for hypocrisy or selective persecution or singling someone out especially when it obviously comes from a place of racism. Perfect example Barry Bonds you’d have thought he f–king KILLED somebody the way those racist,biased,hypocrite,full of shit bitches were acting but when it’s WHITE cheaters such as Mark McLiar or Roidger Clemens the media gets real quiet. Well gosh,golly,gee I wonder why!