Impeach The President…

So Jay-Z isn’t the president of Def Jam any longer? Who the fuck cares? It’s funny that more of you dudes care about his faux presidency than you do for Obaama, John Edwards or Dennis Kucininnich(however you spell that niggas name). You certainly didn’t elect Jay-Z to the presidency and chances are you prah’lee won’t participate in the primaries or general election next year either. So why would you even give a fuck who sits at the corner desk in Def Jam?

What does this actually mean anyhoo? For one, people can stop blaming Jay-Z for sucking dry the Def Jam budget in order to promote his vanity projects. ‘Kingdome Come’ and ‘American Gangster’ received major promotion pushes unseen in rap music evar. KC had expensive videos filmed overseas with al kinds of cross-promotional efforts from superbrands like Budweiser and Nascar, while ‘American Gangster’ used a major motion picture starring the Gladiator and Malcolm X to herald its arrival. I got an e-mail a few weeks ago that ‘Kingdome Come’ just officially went platinum, as in the millionth album that had been shipped to stores was actually finally sold.

So now this means that maybe we see less of Jay-Z on yachts and white sandy beachs. Or not. Jay-Z has some affiliation with several businesses outside of music and he could always shift his attentions to actually learning some of the employee names at the 40/40 clubs he owns. One wonders if Jay-Z would have chosen that name for a franchise of night spots knowing what we now know about the use of steroids in baseball? That is why he named the club 40/40 right? There’s always that position at Roca-Wear that Jay-Z holds. Just in case you wanted to support Jay-Z’s clothing line they have Roca-Wear on sale at A.J. Wright for dirt cheap. I just copped a pair of Timberland field boots for thirty cent. I hope they’re authentic.

The odds on favorite to replace Jay-Z at Def Jam is Jermaine Dupri. Now that Rocko is signed to Def Jam I expect to see a wave of Atlanta based artists coming to the record label. The same way Jermaine Dupri was used to help him fill Arista with young talent will be what this child prodigy does for Def Jam. All the acts that were on shaky ground at Def Jam just got a little shakier. Those acts ith little to no pop music appeal need to pack their bags. Cats like Memphis Bleek, Peedi Crack, Uncle Murda and Juelz Santana should get themselves a locker over at Koch Records headquarters. I think LL Cool J will stick around since he has always been able to deliver a crossover hit and since he does so much work on television and movies.

So now we can’t blame Jay-Z when it takes Redman six years to release another album and we can’t blame Jay-Z when the next Roots crew CD doesn’t even receive a promotional poster. To tell you the truth, we shouldn’t have blamed him in the first place. This is all Russell Simmons fault.

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  • BIG O

    im glad jay stepped down so niggas can finally stop bitching.def jam didnt even pay for the kngdom come video.budweiser did.and yeah he did do a video overseas but all them niggas was in it smiling like it was all good.if they was really mad about marketing then stop kissing his ass.its more of a media one really blames jay for anything.even beanie said its more than one person.jay z is the only one whose name you know.he still owns roc a fella so all those artist are ok but juelz better watch his ass cuz jay has been hanging out with p diddy lately so now he really knows hw to dick his own artist

  • j

    I am glad my dude step down. Now all those artist who take 4 years to drop can stop saying it;s Hov fault. Not there for taking years to drop there second album JOE BUDDENS. LL can finally drop his 13th album from his 20 plus year career. I am I the only one who see the real problem. Even the ones that are on ROC come on man get in the studio and make some GOOD music not shit. Don;t worry about record sales that shit is down, so now make quality music.

  • Brooklyn

    I think Hov is a evil genius. “Im rapping Def Jam till Im the 100th million man.” He knows he was the buffer that stop LA Reid from turning Def Jam into Arista 2. Just like he knows all those artist will follow him. Remember he has a clause in his contract were he can buy out the artist rights hes signed. He wants to try something new with selling music and if it works he wants to be the first to do it.


    you r very stupid…first thing kingdom come is certified 2X platinum….next thing do u really think jigga spent alot of money on promo..u mentioned it urself..he had alot of cross promo……..u obviously dont know anything about marketing jay-z didnt spend alot marketing his album it was all paid for by other companies not def jam….he only shot 2 videos………no other rap artiste can cross promo they dont have the star power……..and also def jam has the most grammy nominations for any rap label rnb label…………since ur complaining which record label does promo like u want so we can compare……………thank u…..none……….dont hate jigga……………..hate the music biz………….and even if hardcore artiste go the independent route..they still wont sell becuz pplz will still download that shit but at least with a major u get paid and maybe shows when ur label mates go on tour……….could u plz give me a benefit of being on an independent label

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  • ddubbzz

    KC is 2x plat

  • It’s The Real!

    Being an executive is a thankless job. Period. When an artist garners it success everybody applaudes them for all the hard work they put in and how phenomenal they are…but when a project flops, people can can come up with a million and one reasons why they’re album didn’t hit…none of which being my project was just simply some trash! Now there are the rare case where an artist comes out with a gem that label just does not know what to do with it (i.e. Little Brother’s Minstrel Show) but those are just that-rare.

    Let’s face it…what it REEEALLY boils down to is when I push the album jammin’ or not…simple as that. LL complainin’..that nigga album was some garbage. The Roots…they had a good album but they didn’t sell on there former label so it’s not like Def Jam hurt they career.

    True east coast hip hop is not trending in the industry right now so these niggas can huff and puff all they want to they STILL won’t sell records. Like my man said above, people can’t deny quality music so all these def jam cry babies need to just sit the fuck back…make good music..and wait the there turn for some shine like the south had to do for so long.

    Jay broke 2 new pop/R&B acts in his tenure and 2 southern acts. These are the genres that are poppin’ right now so in that sense he’s a winner…b/c nobody else as broken any new artist to meet platinum success in the last 3 years but Def Jam.

    P.S. If Jay eatin’ all the promotional dollars and video budgets, How the fuck Fab get a major push AND 4 videos??

  • Wake Up

    Jay-Z does not own Rocafella. Def Jam does. Remember Jay, Dame and Biggs had to sell it when Def Jam exercized its option to buy Rocafella back around 2002. Jay-Z is still in charge of Rocafella and owes Def Jam one more album under his contract.

  • lukee lefty

    jay payed for the music videos for KC and the companies that promoted him payed him to promote the album………

    still in all Jay being the president at IDJ brought attention to the executive spot of a record label unlike ever before, some of it was good some of it was bad the nigga is paid i cant hate thoe

  • Cassius

    He didn’t use DJ’s funds to his last 2 albums; he used that money to finance his “I Will Not Lose” Roc-A-Wear campaigns. Ads and posters was crazy everywhere

    I know…

  • EReal

    If I were EIC of XXLmag,

    I’d stop writing shit ass blogs.

    I’d stop putting Lil Wayne on the cover every month

    I’d kill whoever compiled that list of the “future of rap”

    I’d hire some bloggers that can do their fucking job and arent so pre-ocupied with their own crappy websites.

    I’d have features on real artists and up and coming artists with actual talent.

    Oh and Id stop posting 50 shitty blogs a day, did I mention that?

    I’d save my magazine from going down the toilet, its a sad fucking state of affairs when you goto the rack and you see The Man Sauce has Nas on the cover and XXL has Wayne.


    Enough with the blogs, how about overseeing your crap mag a little better.

  • K_Lang

    Yo, im glad he stepped down. I think being in a suit jacket 2 long made his flow weak, or it could be just old age. Now the artists can get all the promotion they need. with all his side ventures he had his hands full. So Def Jam needs to pick a CEO of a record label that will just be that and that only, a CEO of a record label.


    I wasn’t gonna comment until I saw that scary shit about Jermaine Dupri taking Jay’s spot.
    The only adult rapper he discovered worth a damn was Da Brat.He can only work with kid act’s like KrissKross & Lil Bow Wow it seems like.I don’t give a fuck how many of you were leanin’ with it and rockin’ with it them dudes was some coons.Just cause it’s a dance song the verses don’t gotta be wack.

    Oh shit!,he gonna pull a Jay and get his solo career going again.Too bad for any real M.C.’s left at that place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It’s good to see that a few people are actually paying attention to what’s really going on. All of the records labels (Indie and Major) are having trouble figuring out how to reinvent the Industry. The labels haven’t found a way to circumvent the proliferation of their artist’s music on the Internet. Further, artists need to start having some integrity in the bodies of work that they share with the public. Sadly, they don’t and that makes for a bad marriage.

    I mean really… was LL really murdering soundscan numbers before Big Homie got the cushie office? Hell no! Is Hova the cause of 50′s declining numbers? Hell no! You can’t honestly blame him for that and if you do… you are “blind to facts!”

    But, like Jay-Z said…”that marketing plan was me!” I think he has figured out a solution to the ever-increasing in record sales and I think the powers-that-be at IDJ don’t wan’t to take a chance. I think his ideas probably empower the artists and give them more control over their work. Why else would he remove American Gangster from iTunes? Think about it. That’s a monumental move. Why would he release another a capella album? I’ll tell you why. He doesn’t have to pay any producers (Cha-Ching!) and free marketing from unknown producers trying to make it big by producing tracks with his vocals (even more Cha-Ching).

    He’s been sketching this “blueprint” for years but people are too busy hating to here what he’s saying. Are you listening?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Kingdome Come = 1mil sold (exclude the 750K that Def Jam gave away to friends and family and the 250K still sitting on shelves nationwide).

    It’s not like YOU bought a copy.

    • JASON

      I bought 3 copies of Kingdom Come…. 2 copies of American Gangster. I’m in a different league, I guess. I still buy music.

  • akaTheRealist

    YN prahlly gon’ be on yo ass for this one.
    Then again, maybe not.

  • William Sunday Sr

    Son you suck as a writer.