I’m over Xmas already, I’m ready for the ball to drop. Word to Dick Clark and his will to survive. Without further Erykah adieu, here’s YN’s 2008 New Year’s Resolutions:

Send wife flowers. (And not because I messed up. Just cause.)

Continue to lose weight and stay in shape.

B.I. > Friendship

Be a better boss.

Be a better listener.

Organize my music.

Rid myself of crap I don’t need.

Work harder.

Blog consistently. (Yeah I made history tonight but I can’t disappear for two months in the aftermath.)

Finish Jay-Z book. (Whether he likes it or not. Ha!)

Travel more.

Enjoy life more.

Don’t spend dough frivously.

And like my man NCB advises follow the words of Puff Daddy himself: “God first, Get money, and don’t stop.”

LMAO! L’Chaim!

Damn, I’m proud of myself. And props to the young dangerous minds riding with me.