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“You wanna be my friend? Blend.”—Smooth B

Ron G, Grandmaster Vic and… YN? Nah, just cuz you got crispy silver Technic 12′s at the age of 18, it doesn’t mean you can DJ. But you really gotta try to find out. Close your ears! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. No headphones, no skills.

Bad Creator

Flow Like James

Guy Plays Dominoes

Kris Got Papes/Ra Professor

Sucker I Missed

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  • Blackwater

    This better not be what I think it is

  • Ali

    lil distorted but it’s aight lol

  • DANJA29

    LMAO… so this is YN circa ’91/’92 doin’ his best Ron G/ GM Vic?

    A lot of us got these kinda skeletons in our tape collection though. I turned Monica’s “Like This & Like That” into a damn abomination when I thought it would sound great with the “Shadowboxin” instro.

    That MJ “Bad” w/ “The Creator” ain’t that bad when it gets on beat tho’… I think “I Wanna Get With U” woulda fit better, but hindsight’s 20/20, lol.

  • bbatson

    where’d you get that krs pella????? i’ve been looking for that. send that justs way please.

    p.s. the blends are good. it’s not easy.

    p.p.s i’m not sure i fully understand this post.


    Dude do a post on like some of the great eminem moments then mention what you think it is that made him fall off and what he could do to spark that creativity spark again. Hell do a Post on how Field Mob is sadly an underrated southern rap group fuck that underrated group period. At least find out if All Shitstop was right when they said Field Mob broke up.

  • HHF


  • hip hop historian

    yo can you find grayson and jayson old joint “livin like a trooper”…its was like: Living like a trooper so yo dont sleep I big gold rope and a laredo Jeep” …I remember seeing that joint on video music box a long time ago but nobody seems to remember them..they had a single at hit factory and all that….I just want to hear or see the video for old times sake!