Hammer was garbage, so is Kanye

Note: Like last year, I’m probably gonna take the next week or so off. Unless I feel the overwhelming urge to hate on shit, which is very likely, this might be it for me until 2008. Catch you bitches on the flipside.

This argument between R.A. the Rugged Man and Rude Jude on some satellite radio program would be some of the most amusing shit I’ve ever heard on the radio even if I didn’t think R.A. brought up some great points. It reminds me of some of the arguments I used to have with this guy I went to high school with named Keith, aka Morty from the now-defunct Orange Island.

Take for example the part where Rude Jude tries to call R.A. old. R.A. the Rugged Man was born in 1974, just like Ryan Adams. So R.A. is like, “When were you born, 75?” and Rude Jude is like, “No, 1977.” R.A. is like, “Same difference,” but Rude Jude is like, “That’s a huge difference!”

I know I used a similar argument – I’m older than you and therefore I’m right – numerous times back in the day. And I was only older by about five weeks. (Of course I was always right anyway, so it’s not like it mattered.)

If you haven’t heard the argument already (the R.A. the Rugged Man one), you might want to check that out, courtesy of a site called Fat Lace Magazine. I think Noz may have mentioned it the other day in one of his posts.

R.A. The Rugged Man vs. Rude Jude on Shade 45

[Side note: It's too bad you can't podcast satellite radio. (You can't, right?) Even if you still had to pay the $10 a month or whatever it costs, it would still be worth it. Who the fuck wants to listen to the radio over the radio?]

The actual topic of the discussion is the fact that Kanye West is not a legit MC. He’s not hip-hop, he’s pop. Which is an argument I’ve been making myself for years now. A few years ago, I spearheaded a campaign to have Kanye West disqualified from the Grammys on the grounds that he isn’t a real MC.

R.A. the Rugged Man argues that Kanye West is roughly the modern equivalent of a Hammer or a Kris Kross, but Rude Jude argues that MC Hammer was a legit MC. He was “hard.” He was even once in a NWA video. R.A. is just fronting on Hammer because R.A. is from the East Coast, and people from the East Coast are known to be elitists who live to hate on shit.

There’s an obvious correlation to be drawn to Fiascogate, in which Lupe Fiasco dissed A Tribe Called Quest and then tried to turn it around and paint himself as the victim, arguing that people didn’t listen to A Tribe Called Quest where he grew up, so why should he bother? Of course Lupe Fiasco is full of shit.

For what it’s worth though, Rude Jude brings up a good point, in that R.A. the Rugged Man can’t name the first albums by a few groups, like 8 Ball & MJG and the Geto Boys, who may or may not have been worthwhile at some point in time (I honestly wouldn’t know either), though they remain fairly marginal figures within the entire scope of hip-hop. (Just like the recently departed Pimp C…)

However, I’m gonna have to side with R.A. the Rugged Man in this argument. Beyond the fact that my self-esteem, such as it is, is directly tied to my knowledge of and my taste in music, I think he brings up a good point when he mentions the fact that, while people still bump Rakim, no one gives a shit about MC Hammer these days – Rude Jude’s claim that he would bump “Let’s Get It Started” notwithstanding.

Of course, it wouldn’t make MC Hammer a real MC if he was as popular today as, say, Souljah Boy. But it’s nice to know that bullshit gradually fades while real shit only grows in appreciation over the years. Case in point, just yesterday there was a great feature at the Smoking Section on R.A. the Rugged Man’s incredible verse on “Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story” from Jedi Mind Tricks’ Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell, my favorite rap album of 2006.

I’m sure many of you fruits will beg to differ, but I think R.A. the Rugged Man is right. Not only is it true that artists like Kanye West and MC Hammer are not real hip-hop, but it’s worth drawing the distinction, even if it’s at the expense of someone else’s feelings.

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  • og bobby j

    first off, “real” hip hop has no central definition. Personally, I dont fuck with Kanye like that. However, I wont attempt to discredit his talent. I just think he is a far better producer then he is a rapper.

  • Danny

    You were wrong about T.I. not selling a lot of records so you could still be wrong now.
    (Gets Big Things Poppin)

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    “The actual topic of the discussion is the fact that Kanye West is not a legit MC. He’s not hip-hop, he’s pop. Which is an argument I’ve been making myself for years now. A few years ago, I spearheaded a campaign to have Kanye West disqualified from the Grammys on the grounds that he isn’t a real MC.”

    WTF? U been smoking with eskay? Smfh.

    • Big Dick Cheney

      He’s really not…he’s a good producer..don’t get me wrong. but his raps and flow is weak as fuck.

      I’m already startin to get tired of his album. It has no playback value. At one point in time i thought kanye had the better album than 50 cent. But i’m still bumpin 50 all day, every day…kanye west shit…not so much.

  • LOLl

    you know how i know Fatbody Crawford is a sellout oreo.

    Cause he gives a fuck about R.A. the Rugged Man and his cracker orientated hiphop bullshit.

    • EReal

      Its funny how anything with any acutal lyrical value, I.E. Ra or Jedi Mind (who would smash your favorie rap group) is all “white oriented bullshit”.

      Go listen to your TumTum CD, you’re ass.

  • jonathan



      Yo I think you don’t think nigga’s know what real hip hop is now and I grew up with the Rakim’s EPMD Big Daddy Kane’s and ya shorty in the game. Real hip hop is stories about struggles in the hood and over coming that time so see better days like Biggies first album or Pac’s albums or even south nigga’s like Eightball & MJG or UGK the Ghetto Boys etc… I think Kanye is cool as an artist and producer and just because he doesnt fit into the stereo type of other rap artist sounds like nigga’s is hatin on a whole nother level.
      Hammer was garbage and so is Soulja Boy b.s. crank songs. But will I hate that they made paper, I can’t but in 2 years where will them artist be????

  • DirtDogggy

    The problem with Kanye is that he has some crazy ass true hip-hop joints with dope lyrics and makes some nice beats when the stars align. On the other hand, when his MC Hammer side comes out you get that wack ass Hip-Pop with a wack beat to match and his clothing ensamble’s are streight faggotry on some scarffs and turtle neck shit.

    But the mutherfucker to legit to quit now.

    • blacmill

      The problem is everyone hates on everyone else I came up with the rakim and big daddy kane the real rap shit where you knew the artists because you needed some type of skill to rap. Now I get tired of tryin to figure out who the fuck everybody is because it’s always about the same shit GUNS,MONEY,CARS,WOMEN. Talkin about I’m so HOOD, I live in the muthafuckin hood why in the hell would I glorify that shit I want out this shit for real. So the fuck what if Kanye not hardcore or don’t where his clothes too fuckin big or whatever. Folks hated on Hammer when he stared going mainstream and stackin those chips and the same thing is happening to KANYE.

  • The Nicker

    You can make your arguments about Kanye as a rapper but people won’t look at Kanye in 2020 like they look at Hammer now.

  • Mystery

    I wouldn’t put Kanye in the same category as Hammer. You can tell in certain songs that Kanye actually put some thought in to what he was saying. As oppossed to Hammer songs which could have been written by a 5 year old.

  • Jaxx

    Ummm, who on earth is still bumping Rakim? Especially outside of the 212-917-etc. The R.A. side has not legitimate point.

    • captainserious

      umm.i am still bumping Rakim! The whole lot of these lyrically deficient artists could not write one rhyme of substance to mention in the same breath with the R…and you know this even if you don’t admit it.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    1. No one below the Mason Dixon would ever bump Rakim today. Unless they’re one of those transplants or wanta bees that rock timberlands in the summer time.

    2. MC Hammer and Kris Kros had gimmicks. THEY DANCED!! Once your gimmick get’s old so does your career i.e. Luke, Kid n Play.

    3. Kanye is a real MC and producer. Go listen to “Roses”, “Through the Wire”, “Jesus Walks”, “Heard ‘Em Say”, “Crack Music”, “Hey Mama”….. He doesn’t write dance songs his songs have content.

    4. Wouldn’t exspect you or anybody outside the south to truely appreciate 8 ball, MJG, UGK, or Geto Boys b/c they aren’t main stream, watered down, or dance machines.

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      >1. No one below the Mason Dixon would ever bump Rakim today.


      I guess you guys won…


      Homie u have the only reply that I can feel. I grew up on the South, West and East and east coast cats never give the south there props unless its on beats.

    • bomb

      damn that made me laugh. i’m in texas and still listen to rakim every once in while. but i rock strictly timbs in any type of weather and am a transplant from ny.

      but kanye is garbage period. he has no talent at all not even at producing. he is actually one of the dumbest human beings alive. if you don’t feel like you believe that it’s cause you let records companies and dudes like puff daddy and mase come in back in the day and tell you that if you think their ridiculously whack shit is ridiculously whack that makes you a “hater”. they tricked you into believeing that if you don’t like their shit that it’s because you’re a bad person.

      now you can’t even tell the difference between what’s innovative and what’s talentless nonsense a kid would blurt out. your mind is all twisted in knots and confused. people who grew up listening to dope hip hop and still check for dope hip hop now aren’t kanye fans. 13 year old girls are all kanye fans. these dudes really have you bumping shit (and defending it publicly) that 13 year old girls scream and cry about on trl.

      a lot of dudes are walking around like ‘yo i don’t like soljah boy’s music but he’s stacking paper doin his thing so i can’t hate’. but since no one feels like they can call it whack they keep playing the shit everywhere and at some point it becomes so familiar to your brain you start believing that it’s cause you like it. then you start singing it pretending you’re joking but you really just want to be singing it. then at some point you are gone and only listen to the whackest shit possible cause you’re mind is backwards. it’s really real brainwashing for real and it’s all about you buying his ringtone .

      you’re allowed to hate it and get mad and say it sucks 30 times a day on the internet. that’s how life is supposed to be so someone like kanye west would get laughed at and stay in his mom’s house going to a trade school where he belongs. when hammer came out hip hop heads laughed at him and cause it was so ridiculous and fake it was almost like it was a joke mock-rap thing. even if kanye tells you it’s a problem with your thinking not his music don’t believe him. deep down you know kanye is whack as fuck and you want to punch him in the face like all real men do.

      i hate to get this real when kids might be reading this but in reality anyone who likes kanye west is a bitch. because it’s physically impossible for a real man to genuinely like kanye west’s music. which means the only reason you claim you like his shit is because some rich guys twisted your mind up and took control of it and told you that you like it. and homo’s are coming after you with the same scheme to where a few years from now you’re gonna believe if you don’t let them tap you’re ass that makes you a homophobe. then you’re gonna be up on this website talking about how great it is to get nailed from behind.

      • http://www.xxxlmag.com Beast in the Streets

        Damn you a big time kanye hater.

  • kingequalityvictorious

    Rap is pop music now stupid aint knowmore true rap .what telling niggas its ok to bang and kill people thats rap I feel sorry for the future niggas and niggets

  • pierzy

    I love Sirius – you can’t necessarily podcast it but they have a thing called a stiletto that is basically an iPod for Sirius… If you hear a song you like, you hit a button and it records it from the beginning and saves it for you. But I just listen online…

  • Rain Man

    What the fuck yall niggas talking bout Kanye ain’t hip-hop! Everybody wanna define hip-hop like they fucking created it and put some rules or requirements to being classified as hip-hop!!! What makes Kanye not hip-hop? Cuz he don’t wear baggy clothes and don’t talk about guns?? What makes him pop cuz alot of people buy his shit?? Well does that make Jay-z, THE GREATEST EVER, not hip-hop?? Kanye isn’t jay’s jock strap lyrically but his lyrics, music production, song topics, and passion exceeds every one in the game. He’s hip hop because he brought something different and new to the game! He design the Blueprint! And the only Rapper in recent memory to drop 3 straight classic albums right out the gate! motherfuckers initially said Reasonable Doubt was a brick!! Souljah Boy is just as hip hop as rapper’s delight or sir mix a lot!! Hell even RunDMC made songs with Aerosmith and a motherfucker can’t fix they mouth to say they not hip hop and say they a rock band! So shut the fuck up tryin to stifle the culture and put it all in box like motherfuckers ain’t hip-hop if they ain’t gansta, gutter, and from New York. Appreciate all aspects of the game and listen to the aspect you like the most!

  • http://putyabootson.blogspot mick

    thank you – west is trash

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    College Dropout was dope. Can’t deny his talent.

  • Moniker

    Who the fuck cares if Kanye is considered hip-hop, hip-pop, or pop. He makes damn good songs that will be listened to for years to come. And honestly Bol, MC Hammer gets way more play than Rakim does now still. Sure, it may not be in that “Oh, shit he’s a fucking legend” way. But you can’t deny “Can’t touch this” was hot.

    Anyway, should Kanye pretend to be hard-bodied as if he’s from the streets? He’s from the fuckin suburbs man. If anything he’s fuckin realer than any other rapper, cause he actually represents himself.

    And why is it worth making a distinction that Kanye and MC Hammer aren’t hip-hop. So people like you can feel good about themselves that they listen to true hiphop? Man, music is music…if it’s good I fuck with it.

  • http://incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    This is strange argument going in different directions. I doubt I’ll be able to give the right response my first try but here it goes:

    Kayne West is a shitty MC, we all knows this. But he’s a great artist, and most people recognize this. But Hammer aint a great MC either, and I sure don’t think of him as an artist. An entertainer? Yes, without a doubt. In fact, Hammer might be one of the great entertainers of hip hop (He’s a lot better at dancing than rapping). But comparing him to Kayne isn’t a good analogy. I can’t think of the right person to compare him to at the moment, but I sure wouldn’t go with Hammer.

    That being said, Kayne is definitely pop music.

  • Clubber Lang

    R.A. the Rugged who? Rude what?

    R.A. would blow a HIV+ crackhead for a Kanye beat… though I am sure his status as a “true MC” keeps him happy as he drives home in his ’86 Tercel…

  • Fernando


    You know why Rakim, Tribe, De la soul and all that other East coast rap gets “appreciated” more over time?

    Because the god damn east coast media and white hipster music critics have more in common with it than say Scarface or 8 ball & MJG.

  • Fernando

    There are probably few things more annoying that hip hop elitists who feel the need to differentiate between “real” and “fake” hip hop.

    There is obviously less talented (soulja boy) and more talented (biggie), but just because you rap about politics, healthy eating, sweaters, and other “enlightened” bullsh!t does not make you “real”. Just as rapping about nice cars, promiscuous women, weed, dope game, and being fly does not make you “fake”. Its all about the musical production and how you craft your raps.

    • Supermanthathoe

      R.A. is far more likely to rap about promisicous women then healthy eating or sweaters. He is not “englightented.” He doesn’t try to be. He’s the one who said, “Yeah, I’m mad negative, you want positivity?/Buy a Mos Def and Talib Kweli CD.” He’s also right. Kanye West is awful and not hip hop. At best he’s marginally hip hop. Hammer was never hard. Rude Jude is a dumbass.

  • VR

    Ye is a musician.

    In ten years, he’ll still be here. Whether producing or still making records.

    He’s like the black Bono.

  • http://ifux.alumnah.com/ i Fux aka Etheraldinho aka the Immaculate Erection

    GFTOH Bol, Kanye is an MC that has become a big pop STAR …….he isnt the best MC but he is an MC

  • Josh

    Gotta disagree.

    I’m not a HUGE Kanye fan, but all three of his albums were pretty dope.

    I wanted to hate on him so bad when I heard he started rhyming, but he’s really grown on me.

    And “Graduation,” as far as I can tell, was the best hip-hop album of 2008.

    Kanye’s definitely not pop, but “Stronger” was a pop song. That’s about it. “Barry Bonds” and “Big Brother” and even “Flashing Lights” are so hip-hop.

    And he’s not a great MC, but he’s a pretty good MC.

    Much better than almost any other new major label rapper (but for Joell Ortiz). I’d say Lupe is better than Kanye, but I don’t really fuck with Lupe like that.

    Countless other new rappers aren’t real lyricists (see Soulja Boy, Plies, Jeezy, Gucci, MIMS). And others that are decent (Rich Boy) aren’t stellar.

    If anything, Timbaland is pop. Not Kanye. And songs like “Hypnotize” by Plies and whatever Flo Rida’s song’s called are pop.

    I compare shit like “Laffy Taffy” and “Soulja Boy” and “Chicken Noodle Soup” to the Hammers, and Young MCs and Tone Locs of the world.

    It’s just rap music for the kids. When I was growing up, I just listened to it all. The BDKs and Rakims and KRS-Ones left ever-lasting impressions, and the other stuff just got left behind with my childhood.

    Hopefully that will happen with today’s youth. The real problem is is that the new generation doesn’t have enough of a balance.

    But I would aruge that even though Kanye sold a shit load of records, he’s probably gonna go down in the history books.

    Maybe not as a real MC but as a damn good producer/rapper.

    I mean, shit, Dre doesn’t even really write his own shit, yet he still gets mad respect because of what he does.

    Kanye’s no different in the sense that he’s a really good producer who can put together complete albums, whether it’s him rhyming or Common or whoever (well, maybe not Consequence, but that’s besides the point).

    This reminds me of when Biggie and Jay first came out. Backpackers really hated on them dudes cuz they were materialistic and were all about Versace and poppin’ bottles.

    Those same backpackers now say Big was the best ever and Jay was the best living.

    People just hate on Kanye cuz he has such a high profile and he sells mad units.

    I mean, Little Brother’s dope, and I bet these same people would say Pooh was pop if they blew up like that cuz Pooh’s not a top-notch lyricist. No offense to RA, cuz his shit is ill too, but sounds like just another case of the mad rapper. Word to D-Dot.

    • G Off

      Co-sign Josh

    • Cinsere

      I agree, but sorta disagree.

      As I approach thirty, and leave behind the days of raging against the machine just for the sake of it, I’ve come to realize that “pop” music doesn’t necessarily mean bad (or uninspired) music. It is true that most pop music out there sucks nutsacks, but that’s because most pop artists are A)only marginally talented, and B)trying to emulate what they think pop music is supposed to sound like. Most of these new breed of rappers are no different. But every once in a while, you get an artist with the right balance of talent, passion, forward thinking, and pop sensibility, that hits the scene and blows the fuck up…and gets love across the board because of it. Enter Kanye West.

      See, there is a difference between hating pop music because most of it sucks, and hating pop music because it’s pop music. The former just means you have standards. The latter makes you a hater. People can say that Kanye is not the best MC, and that he dresses “funny” because he doesn’t dress like you or me, and that he’s a crybaby tantrum-thrower when he doesn’t win awards. But there’s one thing people can’t say – can’t nobody tell me that he doesn’t put his heart and soul into the music he makes! You can’t say that he doesn’t pour his passion into his craft! And you certainly can’t say that he sounds like so-and-so or what’s-his-name that you heard on the radio. He’s not a cookie-cutter artist by ANY stretch. Shit…nevermind that he’s talented. The man’s got vision! And ultimately, that is what seperates him from the Hammers and such of yesteryear.

      What I’ve come to believe in recent years, that maybe R.A. doesn’t believe, is that there is such a thing as good pop music. Michael Jackson was (is?) its posterboy. These days, among the infestation of talentless, passionless, uninspired johnny- and jane-come-lately’s that are flooding the airwaves with their latest single cash cow, I happen to think Justin Timberlike is one of the very few who stands out as an example of good pop music. He has that balance that gets him love across the board. And he’s somewhat of a risk taker (the label didn’t want to put out “SexyBack” as a single because they thought it was too “different”, but he pushed for it). And truly, that’s was missing from our artists today. That risk-taking factor. I know it’s said all the time, but too many artists are WAY too afraid of sounding different. I mean, c’mon! Who sounded like MJ when Thriller came out? Who sounded like Prince when Purple Rain came out? Nobody. They made “pop” music, but dammit if that shit isn’t still dope to this very day!

      So Kanye, pop? Maybe. He might’ve put one foot over that line. But I don’t think that’s automatically a bad thing. Because not only can he make good pop-sounding music (i.e. “Stonger”), but his other foot remains firmly planted in his love for pure hip hop. Just look at his resumé over the years: Common, Kweli, Mos Def, Dilated Peoples, Lupe, Nas, Beans, Jay. And that’s a balance that nobody else seems to be able to find. While Hammer dove in head first into the shallow waters of pop-dom (doll, anyone?), Kanye has managed to walk only on that water’s surface.

      Sort of how Jesus Walks.

      • D.R.A.M.A

        damn….. co-sign

  • blacker cracker

    hammer > kanye

    hammer will bust yo ass

    kanye will let you bust IN his ass

  • lukee lefty

    Kanye’s a dope producer and pretty good emcee, thats all there is too it.

  • stoneyisland

    Any muthafucka who’s around 30-40 knows damn well back in the day we ALL were rocking hammer pants and doing his dances. Stop fronting and shit, hell even Big Daddy Kane rocked a pair of bronze hammer pants in his I work video so all you hating ass cocksuckers should shut the fuck up, ESPECIALLY that fat piece of shit named Bol. In his prime Hammer had over 200 people on his payroll, Hammer went belly up employing black people. How many of you broke ass bloggers employ anybody? thats what I thought. I respect Hammer because unlike a lot of you hateful motherfuckers he put his money back into his community so ANYBODY dissing hammer should go kill themselves. You crab barrell ass bitches.

  • BIG O

    is evreryone here fucking crazy!!!???kanye is a dope mc.hes no where near the best but good with definatly a lot of content.he is no where near a pop artist.you can liste to stronger word for word and be inspired not just because of the beat but cause of the lyrics.i never got why kanye got so much hate?is it becaus he does not represent a “gangster”persona?this site must be filled with simple minded lil wayne and dipset fans.of course people will still pump kanye in 10 years,i mean he did put out 2 classic albums.its sooo hard to think of anyone who first came into the game with 2 solid cd’s

    givin that graduation was a half ass album that was weak.i can easily see how you may not like him as a person,but as a rapper and producer its hard to think of anyone as talented overall as kanye


    By the rationale that Bol puts forth, apparently:

    “Real” Hip-Hop = New York backpacker shit.

    I fail to see the comparison between Hammer & Kanye, however….

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    Hammer is from the Yay area ,so what if that nigga danced and shit with them baggy pants he’ll still whoop 95% of the kerrs who posted talkin bout the nigga.& thats realtype


    givin that graduation was a half ass album that was weak.i can easily see how you may not like him as a person,but as a rapper and producer its hard to think of anyone as talented overall as kanye

    BIG O go jump off a bridge. Every Kanye album has been fire.

  • http://AHH Ruste Juxx

    what is hip hop?…is there a 1 way to sound?…do you have to never sell platinum in your career to be considered “hip-hop”…kayne isnt top 5 bar for bar but hes worked his way into my top-10 because you cant deny his 3 albums…he pushes the bar because at the end of the day hip-hop is a genre of MUSIC…hes not your put money on him kinda rapper…but that doesnt make him wack AT ALL…people have opinions, and i respect that…i just dont see how buddy isnt hip hop…what else does he have to rhyme about?

  • mush kid

    “8 Ball & MJG and the Geto Boys, who may or may not have been worthwhile at some point in time (I honestly wouldn’t know either), though they remain fairly marginal figures within the entire scope of hip-hop. (Just like the recently departed Pimp C…)”


    are you serious?

  • http://www.fatlace,magazine.com Drew Banga

    Yeah, I agree, that fat lace site is the best ever thing on the internet.

  • K_Lang

    He’s not a true rapper cuz true rappers offer some kind of lyrical talent to the rap game. But is he hip hop? Hell yeah da nigga hip hop to the core. Y’know the first ever beats in original rap came from jazz and soul records. This man goes sample crazy on his beats and he is SOUL BROTHER NO 1. And what makes a song pop? cuz its popular? cuz people of all races can enjoy it? Stop hatin on artists that make music pop, while Mr. West has his own audience criteria issues, a lot of music that becomes pop wasnt meant to be that.

  • Trey Stone

    i think the fact that no one gives a shit about RA the Rugged Man says a lot about his “opinion” here.

    in any case, West is pop, hip hop, and way better than whatever garbage-ass indie rap you’re hyping this week Bolliam.

  • smog

    you often discredit artists, such as the wu, for not selling well, yet you cant give props to kanye for having the best selling hip-hop album of the year that doesnt make any sense

  • Tray

    Kanye’s not an MC, true. And Graduation was an awful album. That’s not hip-hop, that’s a black down low guy doing some spoken word shit about his clothes over 80s rock.

  • pro-rican

    “Talk that Shit to HAMMER Face. HAMMER WILL whip yo ass” -Big Boi from Outkast

    Ur the same guy that said Gabriella Union was OVER-RATED.

  • Rizzop

    This nigga Kanye helped keep Jay-z relevent in the game, made Common a house hold name….who wouldve said that 5 years ago? has done countless tracks for every MC you can think of. Whats more hip hop than that? And he didnt have to get shot 9 times,pop shit about how hard he is, or have beef wit a nigga to do so….Just pure talent. Name your top five mcs and they had all those qualities about them, except they cant produce records.

    • Fire

      Exactly. Kanye is hip hop, Bol just wants to take shots at Kanye West despite the great music he’s made. Graduation wasn’t as good as his first two, but it was still a good record nonetheless. Kanye West is great at making varied music.

  • hiphop

    lupe is this sh!t. lol

  • Chubb Roc

    Just becuz dude is not on sum block shit doesn’t mean his not HIP HOP. Hip Hop is a state of mind, an culture! Though people hate on kats like Luke, Lil Jon, and more recently Souljah Boy THEM DUDES ARE JUST AS HIP HOP as A Jay, Nas, etc. Everyone has their own out look on what Hip Hop is.

    Bottom line is Hip Hop is an form of “URBAN” expression.

    The Gnarls Barkley lp is just as HIP HOP as Lupe’s The Cool. Mary J is just as HIP HOP as Jay-Z, hell! Gym Class Heroes are just as HIP HOP as The Wu ( yeah I said it). The main difference is the way that particular artist expresses themselves.

    Saying ‘Ye ain’t Hip Hop is like saying Jesus was white, it just doesn’t make any sense.


  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Ric-A-Che is real Hip-Hop.

    *sings “Coo-Coo-Chee” while hitting the L*

  • Bol

    But i’m still bumpin 50 all day LOL

  • zes

    ingrat clowns.
    recognize the talent.
    tired of fake journalists trying to destroy others with fake comments. go get some talent.

    • Rob

      calling this fat turd a “fake journalist” is to give him too much credit.

  • Rob

    Shit Let’s get it started was the shit when i was in middle school. Just cause a song is dance oriented does not mean its not Hip-Hop.
    Like outkast said:

    Run up Hammer
    Hammer will bust your muthafucking ass!!



  • InDaStreet Nigga

    Bol you are a garbage nigga that looks like Freeway’s broke uncle. You ain’t shit, your mama wasn’t shit, you ain’t never gonna be shit. Broke ass nigga writing internet blogs to pay his light bill.

  • MitchyCeez

    Hey man, I’m with you on the whole Kanye tip, dude is phony and his music sucks. But as far as callin’ Pimp C marginal? Come on homey, I know y’all East Coast cats can’t wrap ya brain around this here, but y’all shit ain’t the only one that matters. Now, you mentioned Rakim, and granted he’s one of my top 5 lyricist, dude is an East Coast taste. Pimp C is twice, three times as important to the South than Rakim is to the East. Just sayin’. R.I.P. Pimp C.

  • balu

    yo ye’s good but 50 has the pluse of the streets and kanye is hiphop hes just the lil version of eazy-e but like the metrosexual version.

  • livefromny

    oakland is proud

  • http://myspace.com/moneymercilesz1 Mercilesz

    well crustified dibbs has a point that jude doesn’t seem to get.RA grew up in hip-hop while Jude grew up on MTV.Therefore Jude can’t really have an opinion on who is hard and who isnt because he has nothing to compare it too.if u didnt grow up in ny/nj/ct/philly in the 70s and eighties u didnt even hear a rap record.Thats a fact. 98.7 kiss and wbls were the only two commercial stations playing rap…oh and get this…only at night and oh get this only on friday and saturday.all this hot 97 home of hip hop is bullshit…they didnt start playing rap until biggie smalls was signed…thats alot of missed hip hop.matter of fact thats pretty much all of it missed.Where RA is from that’s the music and the culture u live in but if ur not from the nyc area then u can never know what it was to experience that.NO BODY WORE NO DAMN HAMMER PANTS!!!that was never fly.kane wasnt wearing them either..thats a suit with a taper so who ever wrote that was definitely not from nyc…What RA walked out on the block to see Jude picked up the remote to hear about.When yall have all this “retro” hip hop fashion now you are emulating what kids around RA’s way wore.When you hear outkast or kanye or hammer or ti or eightball mjg you are hearing people emulate what people around RA’s way were doing in the streets,parks,and parties.If you are not from here and you like rap thats not from the east coast then u are hearing imitations of NY\NJ\PHILLY sounds and culture.Rude Jude couldnt even name 1 person produced by 45 king before jz and eminem. TRY QUEEN F$CKIN LATIFAH for one….I mean damn. Latifah is a bigger star than both of them and 45 king is responsible for the whole effin flavor unit.like damn…Thats y RA is pissed…cuz u mtv kiddies don’t know shit about his culture but still try and tell him about it.And yeah yall wear fitteds and tims and jordans and jeans cuz of NY/NJ/PHILLY…don’t get it twisted..yall see a local culture on tv and COPY.Yall rap cuz of TV…Im out bitches

  • ROC

    We buy our way out of jail but we can’t buy freedom,
    We buy a lot of clothes when we don’t really need them,
    Things we buy to cover up what’s inside,
    Cause they make us hate ourself and love they wealth,
    That’s why shortys hollering “where the ballas at?”
    Drug dealer buy Jordans, crackhead buy crack,
    And a white man get paid off of all of that.

    We all self-conscious, I’m just the first to admit it.

    Couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexus.

    Fuck outta here, trying to put Kanye’s lyrics on the same level as Soulja Boy and MC Hammer. You know what Kanye would say to you Bol?

    You see, if you ever wanted to ever be anything
    There’d always be somebody that shoot down any dream
    There’ll always be haters, that’s the way it is
    Hater niggaz marry hater bitches and have hater kids
    But they gon’ have to take my life ‘fore they take my drive
    ‘Cause when I was barely livin, that’s what kept me alive
    Just the thought that maybe it could be better than what we at at this time
    Make it out of this grind, ‘fore I’m out of my mind

  • fred

    r u fuckin nuts!kanye is a rapper and is raw in lyrics and producing his raps are shit that people will hear for years to come!rakim was a great lyricist but in the game its about sales and mc hammer rolled over rakim in that department!as far as pimp c rip he was a horrible mc but as a producer he is a legend!

  • Jig Insane

    All of this was shut down by the ending comments of KRS-One in an editorial he wrote.


    peep the link, they are all hip-hop although you may not agree with it or like it. I felt KRS on this one, word to the Teacha.

    Stay Up,


    One Luv

  • http://xxlmag.com acmed ralph

    i Love krisskross

  • R.A Fan

    Uncommon Valor verse>>>>>>>Kanyes whole career

  • Cifty Fent

    Look at this “bloggers” picture. Who is this dude trying to ice grill?? LOL internet gangsta’s I will slap your face thru the back of your head. Whatever this “bloggers” name is, You look like you get mad dick slapped on your cheek.

  • Jerod

    You’re all blind if you don’t think Kanye has any talent as a rapper.

    In addition to the fact that he does what the fuck he wants and Americans just happen to think it’s hot.

  • V137B0X

    Wow, a post by Bol without any TPAR or A&A commetns, wow.

  • Bol Of Shiet

    Bol here is why your wrong / stupid:

    1)Hammer was a real G. He did play himself out and the whole world saw that.

    2)Hammer’s early work was respected, and since your fat and nerdy I am sure you never danced with a woman before (at least one without air)

    3) Crustified Dibbs was a horrible shock horror core act that got dropped and had to pay his whole budget to get a Biggie verse that did not help him, except to get some nerdy labels and rappers of the honkie persausion in the late 90s and up until now put out his horrible crappy music (read: Priority, Eastern Conference, Nature Sounds, etc)

    4) Kanye West, is not a great producer or rapper but has gotten better as a rapper and in alot of ways is comparable to MC Hammer or any other pop act who took time to develop. The time period we live in is different now than Hammer’s time and Hammer would not have had to play himself out to be where Kanye is currently.

    5) The fact that you a black man in america choose to listen to and actually name Jedi Mind Tricks a favorite of yours shows your self hate. Jedi Mind Tricks has the worst rapper ever. The guy sounds like hes trying to take a shit, and looks like Drew Carey.

    6) While I respect Rakim, he gets no love in the south. No youth in the north bumps his music either while kids in the south still support and listen to Bun, Pimp, Face, and Ball and G.

    7) Got damn your a fucking nerd.

    8) Please walk around Texas one day calling Pimp C a marginal figure in rap. You will have the margarin beaten from your clogged veins.

    9) Jedi Mind Tricks???? LMAO ROFL

    10) Only other Byron I knew was a retared def red headed kid who wore womans clothes and had a special teacher in 2nd grade. If I did not see your pic at the top, I would have thought that was you.

  • thaTRUTH

    Kanye is an Amazing Rapper like seriously u jus wanna hate on a nigga because he is a very “POP”ular rapper. Byron Crawford U r fuckin mentally retarted and no1 cares wat u think. Byron Crawford U should be fired, You Suck Dick because u r a fuckin moron.

  • marlon

    what a bunch of losers. kanye is a musician. rappers are insecure twats who talk tough over other peoples beats, kanye uses a rap flow but he actually talks about things that matter over music he made himself.

    • SuicideSolution

      You sir know nothing. Cyanide will be provided by the door as you exit.

  • DerKoenig

    One thing, R.A. never said that he hated pop music. He even gave Ludacris props as hip hop but still pop. His arguement was that Kanye isn’t hip hop (which I agree with) and that Rude Jude grew up on pop not hip hop.

  • South_19

    If Pimp C is so marginal tell Jay-Z to quit biting UGK’s rhymes. Listening the Ridin Dirty and then go back and listen to any Jay-Z record you will find at least one UFK verse.
    “Once upon a time not to long ago a nigga like myself had to strong arm a hoe this not a hoe in the since of havin a pussy but a pussy not havin any goddamn since tryin to push me” Bun-B “I got a story to tell” Ridin Dirty
    Does this sound familiar


    this blog dude bol is a dam geek have you seen this herb ? lmao keep people from OAK TOWN OUT YOUR MOUTH YOU FAT SISSY



  • calimovement

    fuck you Bol.. Dont fuck with a legend like Hammer.

  • The Truth

    Hammer made it possible for all this other niggas to cross over and make real money. He was the first megastar in the history of rap. Was some of his shit corny..yes, but dude performed his ass off.

    The same muthafuckas who criticized him for selling out are making children’s movies now.

  • RBMC

    Hip Hop Music (Before MTV and BET aka corporate ) vs Hip Pop Music (After Hammer)

    Its all under the same fricken umbrella (ella, ella, ella,)its called MUSIC biatches. Students of Hip Hop Culture know the differeence between Kanye and Melle Mel and those who dont think Wayne is the next great Mc. Folks are mad critical on this topic. When rap music was in the park it was real and now its on the radio its still real just really played. WORD UP!! This ish about east vs west vs the south is just another ploy to attack the culture in its entirerty. I got people down south who listen to Rakim, Beasties, and Cold Crush, not just Face and UKG they also dig Spice 1 and NWA. Stop the BS
    Ever been to Japan?

  • Liqthez

    What you mofo’s don’t know it that HAMMER USE TO PUT HANDS ON FOOLS CON-STANT-LY.

    When ya boi was in the NAVY he won allot of boxing tornaments, and when he became an artist, and employed all those niggaz. If a nigga got out of line, HAMMER MADE THE NIGGA PUT ON BOXING GOLVES, OR THEY GOT IT QUEENSBERRY STYLE(And best beleive them niggaz put the gloves on out of fear!). HOW YOU THINK HE GOT THE NAME HAMMER. CAUSE THAT’S WHAT HE PUT ON SILLY NIGGAZ LIKE R.A. & RUDE JUDE

    • bomb

      I’m guessing you weren’t in the Navy with MC Hammer. So what you just did was hear some stupid story that you probably heard from someone random kid you were smoking weed with who saw something on E true hollywood story. then you came up on this site talking about it like it’s some special inside knowledge you have. i would bet money on RA if him and hammer boxed right now. and what’s any of that have to dow with hammer being a horrible joke who put out shitty pop music that little girls used to sing on the school bus.

  • kristel

    it is so funny what u guys in the states consider as hip hop. i beleive that kanye west has already define himself as an good MC. surely he is not as good as bennie sigel, and others. however he is shown his substance as a rapper on college drop out and previous mixtape that appeatred before the album. as somebody also clearly said, he traced blueprint I,and has ressurected the carrer of COmmon this through Be and Finding forever). the previous examples are just a few of what kanye has acheived in the game as a partisan of your understanding of ‘hiphop’. yes he does have a commercial penchant, at least he knows what hiphop is all about and should not be blamed for understanding how the POP world works.

  • YoungDyce


  • YoungDyce


  • www.UCanMakeBeats.com

    first of all, I am in deep in the South, H-town (Houston Tx) to be exact… home of the candy cars, sippin’ drank and leanin’… RIP to Pimp C (who BEEN major!!!)

    Anyway, I been bumpin The “R” (Rakim to the lames) since back in the game and still do – and by the way, we ain’t riding horses and working on plantations down here in the south! It’s funny how WE continue to perpetuate these inferior stereotypes about our people, like people down south are dumb… REAL TALK… besides Jay & 50 name 3 rappers from the East Coast stackin’ real guap, you can’t! While nearly half of all down south rappers have gotten major indie money moving units regionally, got label and/or distribution deals etc… (Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Outkast, Luda, Jeezy, Lil Jon, David Banner, Mike Jones… I can keep going…) Pimp told yall, to STOP HATING THE SOUTH…

    Now on to Kanye’ – you one of them dudes who are contrarian and you say stuff that you don’t really believe but you just got that hate in your heart so you disagree even when it’s obvious! Kanye is hip hop and just because his musical prowess exceeds what you can conceive and appreciate you call him POP!

    Real Talk, dude is like a Hip Hop Mozart behind the boards and he spits real-life; not the fake thuggery that 1 in 1000 rappers live but love to report! As for marginal your favorite rapper is WAY MORE MARGINAL than Bun & the Pimp…

    by the way, read a book(s) take a vacation outside of your city and open your mind and get some experiences under your belt, because right now I’m thinking you have never gotten off the block you grew up on!

  • machuman





  • Spax

    Oh my shit! Can’t they do any better. People…. Bol is just a furstrated wanna be rapper who never made it. (bet he tried signing wit rocafella) Who ended up as a journalist. Umm wait, NO!! He ended up a blogger!!! He’s probably hattin cause kanye dissed his ugly black ass for an interview.


    Listen to DREAMS- THE GAME, or AMERICAN GANGSTA- JAY Z. or try to remember ENCORE- JAY Z. Or even HEART OF THE CITY!!

    What are you? If kanye is garbage, then ur a bol full of shit.

  • Mr KCMO

    This is the beauty of hip-hop, its what you make of it for yourself. I mean, does Bol consider himself hip-hop? I don’t think he is. Kanye is hip-hop to me. Isn’t his social stances the same thing that made the so called “Golden years” just that? Souljah Boy is an entertainer, not a mc, but that doesn’t mean his music isn’t hip-hop. I hate his music, but there are alot of people who enjoy it and allow his music to pull them through some shit.

  • chuck-tgirl

    You hate on Hammer, he is the reason that hip-hop generates so much money! We do respect Rakim in the south or any one changes tha game. Kanye is game changer,he takes risks! This type of rapper evolves hip-hop.