Gotta Make It To Heaven

Kanye West has always been a pain in the media’s ass. Just ask King’s Datwon Thomas and Jermaine Hall who remember the time when Donda’s baby boy crashed YN’s office to play him early rough tracks from College Dropout. Back then, he pretty much did the same drill for any journalist he could get in contact with.

I simultaneously edited pages on my desk while I ran through his CD in my Harmon Kardon machine. “‘All Falls Down’ is tight but you can’t clear that Lauryn sample.” Then his piece de resistance “Jesus Walks” filled up my office as Ye told me he wanted it to be the first single off his album. “It’s dope. But they’re not gonna let you put a song about Jesus out as a single,” I mumbled dismissively (I guess I mumble a lot. Under-the-breath-slick-talking yellow niggy!)

He of course proved me wrong and “Jesus Walks” became a single and a huge hit. But the other day I was digging through some other selections from my Def Jam cannon and I came across a tune by LL Cool J. It’s the last tune from the undisputed classic Mama Said Knock You Out. It’s a lil song called “The Power of God.”

Now I’m not saying Kanye swagger-jacked and I may be a lil bias (LL turns 40 on Jan 14th the same day I turn 37) but after a few satisfied listens I say:

The Power of God > Jesus Walks

Peep the first verse:
(Note: The whole song is pretty incredible but then again I promised to keep the audio files out the mix)

A basehead cleaned up his act

He stopped smokin’ crack and took his soul back

Decided, he could find a much better way to live

You know the way—positive

Without all the negative chemicals and drugs

Without all the hangin’ with the envious thugs

Never before was a man so far behind

And came back to rule for a long time

Positive will explode when you light me

My enemies lurked, and they held the dagger tightly

Wanted to taste my blood, but they got scarred

When they felt the power of God.

Sorry Rhymefest, I must confess: You might win some but y’all just lost one. You lost one. One! One!

Ha! Starting to get a lil tired.

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  • Brendan

    was never a jesus walks fan. like, its cool what he’s saying in the song, but the actual song (like the music) is cornball to me. when he played the snippet of it on that first mixtape i never understood what the big deal was. good for him for making a big record about something positive i guess.

    Also: lets not forget LL finds God, take two:

  • Blackwater

    you goin’ hard fam. Salute

  • livefromny

    you should be tired. it’s late.


  • K_Lang

    My father is a minister and when i played him Jesus Walks he yelled at me “I said, I dont wanna hear no cussin!” Somehow, the pastor of the church heard it a few weeks later and went into a mini-sermon about it stating that just cuz u mention God’s name (or Jesus) in ur rap doesnt mean that ur for God or the church, pretty much over looking the whole message of the song. Even DMX thru his many prayers to God and mimic-ings of the Devil still displayed a positive message to me. Thats mustard seeds compared to the rest of their content thru various catalogs- I know. But you cant take away from the various points that these songs make. Being called a “church boy” for most of my life(until age 18) I appreciated these songs because even though its coming from “sinners”, its better than 99% of the christian rap they made me listen to.

  • CiTyStArS

    i love xxl for this reason

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  • Pingback: komankhe82 » Gotta Make It To Heaven

  • DP

    You gon’ be tired as a mother fo mayne..

  • barbarian at the gate

    Not that religious, nor a ‘Jesus freak’, but that verse you listed had a well-composed quality to it & it rings true in some real ways.

    Nice break from the typical ‘hoes, blunt, & stacks’ routine.

    Not sure about ‘Bible-thumping’, but man, there is enough crap on the streets to tear ya down if you’re not wary as Hell.

  • http://w thoreauly77

    so as it turns out i am pretty stoked that you (seemingly) decided to leave the really insane stroies for the end; i think they will be even more insane when you have had no sleep. i am with it so far EW. keep it up and good shit.

  • Incilin

    Alright, your really doing it. This has been more fun than I thought it would be (I guess I could refer to this as anecdotal bloggerisms) but please stop writing “HA!” every paragraph.

  • TSF

    I just went back and listened to that Power of God track. Damn if that isn’t one of the most positive songs in all of hip-hop! Thanks for puttin me back onto a classic.

  • Smoove

    yo, F the bullshit Mr. Wilson, throw us the audio of that LL joint cus i can’t find it anywhere…feed these young’ns ears.

  • daz_oc

    this was pretty wack

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  • Josh

    The power of God’s in you. Word to Rebel INS. Show and Prove.