Ghetto Serenade

This may surprise you but I wasn’t always the old married guy in the back of life’s nightclub. In fact, in my savage single days I was known to sprain a heart or two. Simply put, I know what girls like: Music.

I was perusing Bol’s latest post and it hit me: The problem with the new generation of gentlemen is they have no finesse or suave bola to their swagger. Like if you’re sitting there in your mama’s crib with dreams of fuckin’ Angel Lova Lova—get your head out the clouds and step to your business.

Now I’ve never cuddled an Eye Candy myself on even the coldest winter night (Me abuse my power?) but I really don’t believe video vixen love is unattainable. Here’s a suggestion of the type of CD you could make for the chick with the huge fake ass that would make her silly puddy in your hands. Oh young love gets me all misty-eyed. You kids have fun.

Aretha Franklin “Angel”

Marvin Gaye “Come Live With Me Angel”

Stevie Wonder “Angel Baby (Don’t You Ever Leave Me)”

Stevie Wonder “Pretty Little Angel”

Angela Winbush “Angel”

Stacy Lattisaw “Let Me Be Your Angel”

The Montclairs “Angel”

Bobby Valentino “My Angel (Never Leave You)”

Pharrell “Angel”

50 Cent “Angel”

Cormega ft. Havoc “Angel Dust”

Sporty Theivz “Angel”

Kanye West “About an Angel”

Brandy “Angel In Disguise”

Los Angeles Negros “Angelitos Negros”

Pras “Blue Angels”

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  • Casey

    lmao @ including Angel Dust

  • Sinistah aka Piffnardo Davincci

    i got a song called angel dust on my myspace page, wit da sample of the Gil Scott Heron song though…..

    feel free to check it out all, i guess just click my name or something

    nice playlist tho…..

  • Mas

    you obviously just typed in angel into whatever file sharing program you use, 50 cent?

  • Zaid

    What, no “Angel Of The Night”? Angela Bofill get well soon.

  • Zaid

    What, no “Angel Of The Night”? Angel Bofill get well soon.

  • DANJA29

    That Angela Winbush is the shit.

  • ri067953

    Yo, you forgot one of the best ones. Anita Baker’s “Angel” kills it!

  • Big James

    Yeah no wonder YN never piped down a Eye Candy. With corny moves like playing a song with the word angel for a girl named Angel, and then to add insult to injury the fool looks busted. Wonder if he still has those dusted ass corn rolls and that lisp. HA

  • Rae Tha Great

    Ye’s was the best. “He’ll lie on his dick, before he lie on the stand.” I ain’t even gone lie I had to jack that line and add a little something to it. Peace

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