Don’t Blame Me

Mark Morrison “Innocent Man” (The originoo)

Who knew there was a sweet-like-pancakes-with-extra-syrup dance remix with DMX?
Euro soul!

Bonus Break:
Wayne Henderson “I Keep Looking For A Better Way”

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  • N.O. 4 life

    yn if you woulda listened to swizzy and put cass on the cover he woulda got a lil shine and prolly another video….


  • T-Town

    Whats that second break (Wayne Henderson) from…its like on the top of my tongue and I cant get it out help me out

  • Jimmy Jay

    It’ll be cool if when you dicide to drop the original recods you tipped us wich song you want to get at. Because honestly this is an album cut on the last cassidy album wich didn’t recieve much attention. If you want to be a better blogger try to be more accesible.

  • Jee

    nigga it was jay-z he took all the promo money….nobody eats…..LOL

  • Ruby Child

    mann cass dat nigga, North Philly representa, u cnt hate on dat mann, i mean u rite JAY-Z, took all da promo money, and still he wack 2 me, its only becuz of his long tyme journey n da rap game dat he does get his respect…”Reasonable Dought” other than dat he a wach rapper. Cassidy “B.A.R.S” was suppose 2 hit at least platinum