Don’t Take It Personal

Dear Bow Wow,

Let me preface this by saying, I actually like you and even some of your music. I also predict that when it’s all said and done you’re gonna have an LL/Will Smith-like career. You seem in it for the long haul. But no one is recognizing it. So what do you do? You act a fool. So in turn, you get no respect. But there’s still some other reasons too, homie. Peep game.

26 Reasons Why Sir Shad Gregory Moss gets no respect:

1 You’re short.

2 You’re really short.

3 You still got a baby face.

4 You seem like a mama’s boy. Worst than Usher before the family wrecker came along.

5 Somebody else bumped your girl. 50 Cent!

6 R Kelly punked you out the “I’m a Flirt” song.

7 Your mentor JD gets no respect.

8 You seem like an ingrate cause you’re always shitting on the dude that put you on.

9 You were born in 1987. A year after Raising Hell.

10 You dropped the Lil from your name. Which is worst than being Lil in the first place.

11 You made an album with a nigga from B2K.

12 Lil girls love you. No, they really love you.

13 You call yourself Mr. 106 and Park like that’s a cool thing to be. Who’s your comp there AJ or Terrence J?

14 You call yourself Bow Wizzle like a fake baby Snoop Dogg who never put you on in the first place.

15 Death Row never signed you.

16 You call yourself Bow Weezy and we already got a Weezy.

17 You call yourself the Prince of the O-Town.

18 You come up with bad nicknames.

19 You jack other rapper’s flows and styles.

20 You make bad movies.

21 You got a Napoleon complex.

22 You talk too much.

23 You don’t listen.

24 You’re loud and wrong. As usual.

25 You’ll probably dismiss this and any criticism as hating.

26 You don’t have any hip-hop fans who care about you enough to make a list this long.

Sidenote: Does anyone remember the diss song Bow Wow made against Funkmaster Flex? Am I making this up? Revisionist history? I swear, it happened.

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  • Most Ignored


    I’m seriously laughing over here.

  • Pyth

    #27 You Have Never Written Your Own Rhymes (J.D. T.I.)

  • J. Burnett

    revision to #5

    As a grown man, another grown man did the grown up with your girl. Man, I wrote the interview on this cat for the xxl site and all I wanted to ask him was are you insane for letting Cici go? I mean he must not have known about that slow joint she had coming next. Yall know exactly what video i’m talkin about; the one where she became a grown woman to the nation but before she dyked it out.

  • The Historian

    Props on the 24.

    Could you talk about the story behind one of the greatest XXL covers of all time. The one with Nas burning the Source and your mag. That cover is a classic.

    Could you also touch on the Benzino inident.

  • C.Chery

    Good stuff! Will your convo with Fif be a later post?

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  • J. Burnett

    shot in the dark, but hey it’s the holidays. is there anyway you can email me your email address. technically, i’m a contributor to the site. albeit, not a paid one. but i’m a young, budding journalist that could benefit from your knowledge. looking for a kid brother (II, no fruity of course). i’ve been under the tutelage of bfred for about a month or so.

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  • Cannon

    YN, what I wanna know is whats up with Beef being used as the main marketing tool nowadays. Is it 50′s fault?

    24B-N-24H: I bought a ticket for a whole seat but it seems like I’ll only need this edge.

    PS HIGH-larious list homey.

  • Thomas

    Why isn’t Jay-Z promoting/marketing Bean’s and Free’s Albums and Ghostface for that matter. All three can be placed on “the best hip-hop albums” end of the year list. What’s up with big Homie? Since y’all buddy’s and all.

  • DANJA29

    LOL @ #7… true, JD never gets his respect, even after he dug up Mariah’s career (prob’ly cause he followed that by continuing to bury his girl Janet’s).

    Ironically, JD also suffers from reasons #1, #2, #19, #21, and #25. And #26.

  • DP

    hahah.. you alright, man. You alright.

  • RD


    Inquiring minds want to know…what’s your beef with Gabe T from Def Jam?

  • RD


    Inquiring minds want to know…what’s your been with Gabe T from Def Jam?

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  • DXL

    #27…For disrespecting Will smith in your magazine a couple of years ago, he was really disrespectful,that why he gets no love from me at all.

    #28…For being in love with Ciara more than she was with him, this mofo used to be everywhere claiming her while she was on some chill shit, I remember him saying he was gonna be jumping up/down on his seat like Tom Cruise if she won some award, black card/money can buy you everything but can’t change the fact that you’re a cup cake ass ni99a.Ciara used to hug him, not him hug her
    In Biggie’s voice on the mad haters skit “you’re soft fool, you’re soft”

  • Brendan

    I have to add that he almost had me liking him on that “under 21 with a black card” verse, but then he kinda dropped whatever momentum he had from that.

  • livefromny


  • ill G

    #27 you cant take a joke ( see bow wow’s temper tantrum in the feature section)

    #28 you grew up in the industry, but you try to act like T.I. lol

  • cocotaso
  • dead prezident

    27. You let Fat Joe call you a “faggot nigga” on Lean Back. No response. “These faggot niggas even make gang signs commercial. Even Lil Bow Wow be throwing it up. B2k Crip Walking like that’s what’s up….”

  • Korean Slap Boxer

    This is a tear jerker LMAO

  • Autumn


  • Ricky

    LMAO question #5 iz da best all these reasonz r true he should be ashamed of himself!!!

    (sorry no disrespect bow wow)

  • bowsucks

    Chris Brown sold more albums in his 4th week than You and Omarion in your 1st week

    Chris Brown will sell more albums in his 5th week than you and Omarion in your second week

    You acted in Like Mike

    You always talk about money, but that will never buy you respect

    Ciara blew up more than you after you broke up

    Your girl was taken by a nigga with more money, more talent, more respect, more fans, more everything, go and cry.

    You always tryna imitate, You even compared you and Ciara to the young jay and Beyonce, claimed you were gonna buy a ball team just like Jay. Then you wanted to be hard 50, Sound like Wayne, Sagger like TI

    You wrote Outta My System coz you were dumbed yet you want respect?

    You claim you wrote most of your stuff

    JD ate more off your plate than you

    You thought the Screamfest tour wouldn’t be a success without you. Only it turned out to be the best yet, Kanye,50,Jay, Diddy even blessed it in NYC, not to mention 50 showed up every stop with your ex lmao

    You said this about Will Smith:
    ”But to me, honestly Will wasn’t like a real rapper. He was more like a gimmick. Then he zapped in to get a TV show, and it was on and poppin’. Then after that he was in Hollywood. So things came easy for him. With me, I’m a rapper. I ain’t with the whole colorful cornball type things. That’s just not my style.”

    Chris Brown took your audience

    Your next duet is with Tiffany Evans

    You still don’t write your own shit

    You thought you’d go Plat

    You thought Designated driver was hot

    You think Angela Simmons is hot

    Your whole audience is half your age

    Everytime that 50 Ciara video is watched on Youtube,Yahoo,Myspace,BET,Mtv.

    You wanted to be warned before hand that it was gonna be a spoof interview



  • B True

    I normally have mad respect for XXL but Wilson is treading dangerously close to Benzino/The Source territory with this one. Journalist who beef with rappers…? Come on now.

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  • The Kanadian

    B True
    Yer’ str8 stunned hommie, go listen to what’s Beef cuz this aint. This list is just some critasism with a few freindly jabs in there. Wow wizzler would do well to listen. YN just tryna take youn Shad tho chuuuuch!! Peach to the Lad Eliot!! Amen
    P.S,Kane Corleone has a small Pee pee & I’m not french!

  • The Kanadian

    I meant Preach To the lad not peach!! My Bad
    Kane Corleone’s Pee Pee is still small though!

  • The Kanadian

    I meant Preach To the lad not peach!! My Bad
    Kane Corleone’s Pee Pee is still small though!
    Post damn You< I have A.D.D.H.D. I can’t wait 45 Mins 4 my post to show up. And Kane’s a Dumb Dumb With a little Prick!

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  • theworldfamousbp

    wow this shit is Hellas funny

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  • Ziploc Moe

    Be careful, Lil Bow Wow will call his security on you like he did Torae.

  • Ziploc Moe

    27. You did a song with B5.

  • King Trizz

    lol R. Kelly straight b*tched him out his song and went plat off it

  • Hitman

    You just came up with 26???
    How about…….

    27. TI was your ghostwriter
    28. Nick Cannon’s movies made more money then yours (Roll Bounce & Fast & Furious: Tokoyo Drift don’t count)
    29. Nick Cannon, Romeo, Will Smith & Marques Houston had tv series and you only had 2 unsold pilots
    30. Weezy was your ghostwriter
    31. Looks like a pint sized Weezy with all those stupid tatoos.
    32. Was a spokesman for fruit drink (Haiwian Punch)
    33. Called Will Smith a gimmick-Last time I checked that Fresh Prince gimmick paided off and gave NBC their last hit black show
    34. still scared to release a cd with that parental warning
    35. touring with Soulja Boy-you automatically lose all respect
    36. was a spokesman for Campbell Soup-football playesr-yes, you no
    37. At least Romeo put his rap career aside to get an education
    38. At least Romeo can make a basketball team
    39. If Omarion doesn’t have issue with getting dissed by a reporter-why are you getting upset?
    40. dumb enough to get caught on camera drunk
    41. beefed with Romeo-why were you beefing with a guy that most of the black community ignores?
    42. if you are all that, why are most of the songs on Faceoff about you stealing other guys girls?
    43. don’t call out a guy to fight and send in your bodyguards
    44. you’re in HEAT-because most of the songs and your freestyles are about sex. Even Ludarcis moved on from sex songs.
    45. when you start stealing material from Ray J, you have hit rock bottom.
    46. Romeo’s clothing line outsold yours, this is despite the fact Meryvn’s (who sold P. Miller clothing) went out of business years ago.
    47. Nick Cannon got top billing in Roll Bounce despite the fact he had a cameo in the film with you in it.
    48. You did a song about raping drunk girls(Designated Driver) and nobody complained. Yet if anyone else did it, they would get ROASTED!
    49. Are wifebeaters the only type of clothing you own?
    50.Omarion had to save your career! (and ruin his in the process)

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  • splax

    51. The reason why you got so much money is because you started your career ever since you had ‘Lil’ in your name. 50 Cent made 32.1 million off record sales & shows in just 6 years

    52. Who the fuck calls himself Bow Wow. Even gays feel gay saying it

    53. You give people a feeling your next single will feature Elton John

    54. Soulja Boy did better than you in record sales

    55. The ‘Girlfriend’ remix featuring Cassidy and Soulja Boy drowned your pathetic voice out

    56. Your first album was ‘Beware Of Dog’. Starting your rap career with doing a DMX

    57. You were on the Bone Thugz song not because you’re on the same level as they are, but because JD produced the track and you’re JD’s so-called alibi

    58. Dr Dre wont give a fuck about you if you asked for help

    59. You will probably dismiss this as hating

    60. You try to be Diddy, finding ghostwriters, but you will never be as rich as him

    61. Designated Driver wasn’t on the FACEOFF record because it’s too explicit for children?

    62. You give real niggas like Nas a feeling that Hip-Hop Is Dead

    63. Your songs lack street content

    64. Ah, just fuck off

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  • The Moderator

    I don’t think Bow Wow is worried.

    A. The writer of this list is surviving off a moderate income

    B. The writer of this list (according to that picture) looks like a mutated man-rat.

    C. Wack or not, Bow Wow is still a millionaire who’s shitting on your career, accomplishments, and money stack.

    I don’t like Bow Wow myself. I’m not a big fan at all. But I just hate to see niggas throwing hate at someone else’s way when they themselves are scrapping from pay check to paycheck lol.

    Give the kid a break.

    I’d much rather hear him spitting T.I.’s flows then hear Soulja Boi continue to positon our kids.


  • napps126

    He made a diss song to funk master flex????

  • Vixen

    classic….so funny

    Hitman thanks for adding more….haahhahaahhahh

  • http://xxlmag manny78d

    Where is O-town ? How did Bow-Wow become the prince of it ? I just really want to know where O-town is.

  • Korner Kid

    yo i dont know if someone made a comment on this. I might be late. Number 14 is wrong because Snoop did put him on at the Arsenio Hall. get yo facts straight son.

  • elove

    stop suckin this man dick, yall sound like hurt females, bitch ass internet bloggers, bitch ass journalist, yall get less respect then that nigga bowow for bein fake ass hell,he dropped like 6 albums, and been in some movies, and can sit here and say them aint no accomplishements, and thats from the outside lookin in, everybody in his camp might can shit on the lil nigga, but im a street nigga and i dont personnaly respect that man like that but he hustlin tho, nigga got mo money that yall bitch ass reporters got,hide behind your computer screen and say what the fuck you want, that bitch ass nigga with that lame ass afro prolly behind this shit, you a bitch for real (what ever the fuck yo bitch ass name is on that show on bet) i would have got heated too disrepectin me in an interview like he did those two, for the sake of money i prolly woulda walked out on his bitch ass cause i cant afford a case against that fake ass afroman, i dont give a fuck about this shit either way them nigaas aint makin me money but its too many xxl stans in here, fuck bitch ass reporter journalist, do yo interviews and shut the fuck up unless you gone air out what you gone say while you in front of a nigga, “i was jus jokin” bitch ass run to his computer and type up a diss against a nigga, bitchhh., you pussy, vagina ass afro man,

    • 2smart

      I like Bow Wow. I respect Bow Wow. He has worked hard and the first two sentences were accurate and will prevail. He will over time secure a following of fans who love his fun upbeat stylings as I do.( You know people who like good fun music and who like to understandable lyrics rather than droning thuggery ) The things that have happened to him happen to young people , Probably everyone writing on this blog, but their cowardly asses couldn’t stand up to public scrutiny like this dude .I think He’s the toughest little n.. on the planet. I was just lookin at him the other day . So cool and self assured. Super decisions, investments, stores. A reading foundation. Not relying solely on music capital. And the way the other young artists respect him is amazing. That includes stuff I’ve heard from Brandon T. Sammy , Chris , Soulja etal. He seems like really cool peeps to me. Ciara was a first love who used a high profile 17 year
      ( that’s how old when they first dated ) old to set herself up as strong and to ceate the imeage for her new records, She’s actually an Exloiting creep , but sweetness won’t hide her. God saw that ugly and will respond It might look like she got over but..( Her 17 year old could be in serious trouble ’cause Karma is a bitch !) and don’t believe the hype, she gave it up long before fif or Bow. (She only SAID that she thought Pre marital sex was wrong) Not that she hadn’t had It. LOL. Lyin B… Girls lie about that sh… I know . I’m one.

      Anyway basically y’ll assaulting the actions of a teenager ( cause that’s when he dated her ) And right now because he’s young and short and is an EASY bandwagon. But thatis the gang b=mentality isn’t it ? . That’s really some whack ish. Not very Afro Centric either.. Just keep putting those same 6 wierd looking n.. on your cover. Bow wil never fit your bill cause he ain’t sold drugs, delt machine guns, fought dogs,been shot nine times or made babies and babymamas. Those STraight A’ s don’t help either. In fact for me
      ( and this is jut my opinion ‘ cause I don’t know the man at all, or you either so if he’s your best friend and this is planned buzz forgive me for being a buzz kill ) But if not then.. please don’t start respecting Shad. I hope he never makes your cover. That would really be a step down. !

  • Lil Harrison

    Elliott, which college (if any) did you attend and not graduate from? This is disgusting and puts not only a black eye on XXL Magazine, but hip-hop music and music journalism in general. Your arguments are flat and baseless, and most of all hypocritical. You clearly don’t know the definition of “constructive criticism,” nor have you any understanding of the English language.

    Go back to whatever community college you spent a week and a half at, and leave the poor English language alone.

    Suggested reading:

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  • wonderingwhy

    I can’t help but wonder if xxl is this lame? You don’t have any more REAL journalists that actually have talent to write a story with meaning? That is doing nothing but bashing another artist and I ask…..would you write 21 reason why people don’t respect 50 cent or Jay Z. And don’t say because they do respect them, no I know people that don’t respect 50 cent, and I know people that don’t respect Jay Z. Problem is, you too pussy to write a list like that. write real stories or don’t post shit at all.

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  • http://dubcc get off bow wows dick

    lets see bow wow is 5’5 , lil wayne is 5’6 ..shit scott storch is 5’3-5’4 and those guys are livin better than alot of 6′+ homeless bums across america heres some game ..height/LOOKS DO NOT DETERMINE ABILITY

    tha dude mad at bow wow cuz hes gettin $$, fuckin all kind of hoes, and got a bigger crib than he do … get off the next man’s dick

  • Mabs

    51. You left the hood, ten years ago
    52. Not even Damon Dash would sign you
    53. Dash and Biggs sold more with Jay’s Reasonable Doubt on Itunes than Faceoff sold in weeks
    54. JD rather play Wii than work with you (see me)
    55. Lil Mama gets more publicity than you
    56. Diddy has better ghostwriters than you
    57. Chris Brown is taller than you
    58. Your ex-girl is a giant compared to you
    59. TRL fans don’t even recognize you
    60. Faceoff isn’t even in the rap section

  • LOL –

    108. Even Soulja Boy got nominated for a grammy and you never did

  • Danni

    napoleon complex. I’ve been saying that for years. that was hillarious. PWNED.

  • mr kush

    killed his ass

    that faceoff cover is gay as fuck tho

  • Jay3091

    26. your f***ing Omarion.

  • Leeb

    elove Correct…, i hate tht shit when ppl get they feelins hurt thn run an talk shit whn they not face 2 face, tht nigga do make his $$$…, Money Talks

  • moh.p

    hahaaaaaaa…this is one fucked up and funny list…but i dont think bow wow really gives a fuck cos hes a millionaire. and i gotta say hes definetly better than soulja boy

  • exbowwowfan

    fuck you Elove. That Elove person if it’s probably Bow WoW’S Mom, if not that probably Bow Wow’s lover Omarion. LOL!!!!!! Whoever you are. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! Let them journalist do what they got to do. IT’S THE TRUTH SHIT!!!!!! I’m glad and happy and it’s about time somebody needs to expose this motherfucker.

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