Career Suicide

My Features Editor Dave Bry and his eagle eyes caught this one: Is track 11 on Freeway’s Free At Last really called “Nuttin’ on Me.” “Nuttin’ On Me”???

You can’t tell me nuttin’. That deserves a 1000 Pauses and I don’t even play that game.

Sidebar: It did however remind me of one of my faves, which still isn’t available on CD. Doug E Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew’s Oh, My God! deserves better.

Back in the day, New York radio used to kill this one.

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  • EReal

    If I were EIC of XXLmag,

    I’d stop writing shit ass blogs.

    I’d stop putting Lil Wayne on the cover every month

    I’d kill whoever compiled that list of the “future of rap”

    I’d hire some bloggers that can do their fucking job and arent so pre-ocupied with their own crappy websites.

    I’d have features on real artists and up and coming artists with actual talent.

    Oh and Id stop posting 50 shitty blogs a day, did I mention that?

    I’d save my magazine from going down the toilet, its a sad fucking state of affairs when you goto the rack and you see The Man Sauce has Nas on the cover and XXL has Wayne.


    Enough with the blogs, how about overseeing your crap mag a little better.

    • N.O. 4 life

      i mean it must not be that bad i’ve been seeing name around here for a while nah

    • ill G

      what’s funny is, your at HIS website, that is the online version of HIS mag, tellin him how to do HIS job. Ereal, u should BE REAL and get a REAL job… instead of posting comments about what you want in an editor. hahahah instead of gettin off ya mommas couch and try being an editor for ya OWN magazine. I’m tired of your hatin ass posts eat shit and die

      • EReal

        As a subscriber to XXLmag (which Im sure your bummy ass isnt) and a proveyor (if you know that word) of this website, I have just as much right as anyone who is employed by Harris Publications to voice my opinion. If you think having Weezy on the cover every month is tight and you co-sign that future of hiphop issue, you should just kill yourself. Oh, and “my mommas couch” you ignorant slut monkey, I own my own home and two investment properties. I own shit, fuckboy, and I got 200K sittin in balloon mortgages earnin me 12 points after servicing every year, what the fuck you got? I get money fag, more than your mommy and daddy put together. I see you in the threads, constantly dickriding other posters, why dont you get your own opinion and stay off peoples nutts, lil homie.

  • wood grain grippa

    EReal haha dude you said it point on.

    elliot take these words to heart.

    i used to love xxl. but im sorry ur mag just went the same road most rappers go. a dead end.

    close down shop and build a new one thats what i would do if i was u. but i aint you. so maybe imma start my own.

  • YN

    First, they love me, then they hate me, then they love me… then they hate me again!

  • JuJu Madinez

    Some cats just going to bitch and moan regardless. Have some eggnog and shut the fuck up y’all.

  • BossGame

    Ah man! That second one was my shit back in the day.DAM!!! Good call

  • Cassius

    Lmfao @ nuttin on me

  • render

    lmao @ niggas frontin like they know a damn thing about running a publication with international circulation.

    Get off the internet, stop posting on every damn blog entry on xxl and start ya own damn mag if you really know whats really good. Shittt, start with a blog or something

    stop hatin, start grindin niggas. You aint savin hiphop from ya moms basement

    • Dickrider Hater

      Quit ridin YN’s dick, fag.

      You think he’s saving hiphop by putting Wayne on the cover every month and calling lil boosie “the future”?


      Even HipHop Weekly keeps it mo real and thats some sad shit. Really fuckin sad.

      I hate Dickriders like you.

      • ill G

        and i hate HATERS like you…everything out ya mouth is a fuckin emotional comment, u sound like a fuckin female!! The man is doin his job, you dont like it, find another online mag. Like i said to Ereal and now i say to you…you’re on HIS site, commenting on HIS posts, about HIS job. Go start ya own shit if ur so upset about this mag… if not shut the fuck up!

        • Dickrider Hater

          Everything comin out your mouth is a dick, cause you stay ridin dicks.

          If you would read youd see it says “comments / Beefs ” you fuckin loser.

          Oh, btw, how do EReal & YN’s dicks taste? You fuckin dickrider.

          Captain Save A Hoe over here defending YN’s honor, lol, what a queer!

  • sleep-G

    You do post some shitty blogs homie! I’m with wood grain grippa XXL USED to be hot but it’s wack as hell now. i still come back here cuz i hope you guys wld get it right but it’s still wack. Fuck it

  • DANJA29

    lmaooooo… I picked that shit up in the store and was readin’ off the titles, and when I got to that song, me and my cousin looked at eachother at the same time and said “paaaauuuuuuse.”

  • 6 100

    What was that second song?

  • BossGame

    I think it was called “Only play this at night” The melody was from the movie Phantasm.

  • Ali

    aww cmon YN everybody noticed that lol he ain’t got no eagle eyes

  • StayReal

    fuck ereal wtf he know bout runnin a mag