Byron Crawford: The Blogging Angel of Death…

Before all of you fucks of pedestrian mentality start flinging your feces let me open this drop with a rest in peace to Stack Bundles, Dr. Donda West and Pimp C. None of their passings were natural in the standard sense of natural, meaning like, being old like that dude Evel Kneivel was. Dude wasn’t even that old either. Maybe all that talk of Americans living longer was just hype to get me to waste more money in Atlantic City under the pretense that I would live long enough to visit again to win it back.

The one thing I can say about Stack Bundles, Dr. West and Pimp C is that they all came in contact(by at least six degrees) with the blogger known as Byron Crawford. This is an ominous sign for Lupe Fiasco and especially revealing for XXL Mag Dot Commenting superstar TPAR and his weedcarrier Around. Let’s just say that Byron Crawford moonlights as the angel Gabriel, you know, just to keep the lights on and pay that premium cable television bill, 2007 has been a pretty busy year. The fourth quarter has been particularly active.

I would say that Lupe doesn’t really have to worry about the blogging angel of death so much since he already committed career suicide during the aftermath of the Vh-1 Hip-Hop Honors awards. How do you kill something that is already dead? I can see why Atlantic Records would want to revive Lupe’s alt-rap corpse since their meal ticket main artist decided to play Blackwater at the B.E.T. awards. Its just nearly impossible to move Lupe’s image forward when he is philosophically against everything that makes him popular. People gravitated to Lupe from the gate because he was the alternative to coke rhyme rappers.

Lupe bristled at the notion of being associated with the backpack set because in his mind he was a gun-toting-murder-death-kill rapper. Everyone can’t be a murderer with a microphone so it would have benefitted Lupe to learn a few of the lyrics of say, a De La Soul, or possibly even a Common. Instead of fantasizing about the gangsta lifestyle Lupe could have been creating the new Hip-Hop anthems that deal with having your school lunch stolen from you or bedwetting.

Lupe could have been the next great emcee. Now he had better drive slow. The blogging angel of death begs no friends

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  • Mean Greene

    So um, this was pointless.

  • Mean Greene

    So, this was pointless. Do you all have some sort of quota or something?

  • BIG O

    yo this nigga must have a quota.that was very stupid.lupe never claimed to be a gangster he just didnt want to be put in a box like all other backpackers who have 4 fans each.and say fuck the mainstream to compensate for not being populer.lupe is a beast and thte cool will be a classic(even though it will probably only do free at last numders sadly)

  • b-ease

    Seems like you rushed this one a bit son. Pretty nonsensical, painfully unfunny. Similar to most of your posts but considering the potential inflmmatory nature of this, i was expecting…i dont know…something.

    On another note, I know people that havent been to this site since the week after you started blogging. Besides for the occasional insight, you’re just not a fundamentally good writer. Or at least you’re not when swinging from bol’s testes. I mean, how can you type “nullus” or reference TPAR so much and feel like independent entity. And does your actual blog (dallas pen??) still exist? That’s rhetorical.

  • LowEndofDaChi

    I can see why Atlantic Records would want to revive Lupe’s alt-rap corpse since their meal ticket main artist decided to play Blackwater at the B.E.T. awards.

    First off, LMAO at the quote above.

    Second of all, you guys kill me with this Fiascogate bullshit.

    Let me attempt to explain something to you here, Billy. Chicago’s a pretty segregated city. I came up on the Low End, which is pretty similar to parts of the West Side where Lupe came up in the respect that they are both fairly fucked up in terms of living conditions.

    Alot of cats that came up in these parts will tell you that groups like Tribe, De La, and Pharcyde didn’t get much burn out here, mainly b/c the internet wasn’t as accessible back then as it is now, and also b/c there wasn’t much interest in the hood for the shit that they spit about.

    I mean look at the acts Chicago was known for in the 90′s: Twista, Do or Die, Psycho Drama (never really blew on a national level). Taking their subject matter into consideration, it should come as no suprise that alot of brothers such as myself were more drawn towards Doggystyle, Ready to Die, and It Was Written. Those albums spoke more towards what most of us experienced coming up out here.

    So yeah, Tribe was a legendary group, but they meant absolutely nothing to the kid when they were relevant, b/c I couldn’t relate to them at that time. I fuck with them nowadays b/c the music they made then connects with me on a higher level now.

    Saying that Lupe wants to be this murder/death/kill rapper makes no sense whatsoever. He should’ve picked his words better in the wake of such an epic fiasco(no pun intended), I’ll give you that, but the dude kept it real. Niggas in the Chi weren’t checking for the Tribe like that (unless you lived in Hyde Park or somewhere on the northside where people had paper).

    Sorry for the rant.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    This is an ominous sign for Lupe Fiasco and especially revealing for XXL Mag Dot Commenting superstar TPAR and his weedcarrier Around.

    ^Billy is wilin’.

    • Dickrider Hater

      L M M F A O!

      More like his sack holder (no chronic)

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Your attempt to be funny at the expense of somebody’s death is just wrong.

    And you were doing so much better after your vacation. You may need to take another month off.

  • Colron

    If Lupe doesnt go Platinum by the end of 09, I’m not reading illseed rumors or Byron Crafword/Billy Sunday posts for a month. And if he misses by 3 sales, im not reading for a year!

  • Around and Around

    Billy you’re Byron’s Ho HO carrier

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Around you are an ungrateful bitch. Here it is I place a drop on this site with your screen name on it and you don’t have enough brains to say thank you. No one cares about you outside of an XXLmag dot com thread.

    This place is your personal Brigadoon where you and TPAR exist as imaginary kings or philosophers or statesmen. Whatever you imagine yourself to be disappears when your PC gets powered down. If I ever waste keystrokes again mentioning your screen name you had better be thankful.

    • these posts are racist

      Wow, what an arrogant person. Pride comes before the fall.

      I have never stated that I was anything special. Indeed, i try (although I am sure I slip) to keep my comments in line with what I believe to be logical and brought about through critical thinking.

      You rarely engage in such a substantive good faith debate/discussion, but rather almost always switch the issue to a very personal (false personal, since you don’t know me) attack – which kills any discussion.

    • Around and Around

      Actually I see this place as somewhere that we can debate useless bullshit, get nothing accomplished and pass time while at work.

      So you don’t deny that you follow around Byron w/ a fat sack of those purple haze ho ho’s?


        Ha,ha. Damn funny my friend! Damn funny. If they ever legalize weed, I’m going to summit a proposal to the good folks at Hostess. Twinkies with purp filling. (in dave chappelle voice)We gone be rich!

      • Dickrider Hater

        I can see TPAR likes bein on top, ahahaha.

        You stay gettin owned, loser.

  • 1st down

    ^^ there wasn’t much interest in the hood for shit that tribe called quest was spittin?

    Is that why tribe stayed on top so long in all the 5 boroughs, and had guest spots on albums with some of the most “hood” mc’s of the era like nas, kool g rap, mobb deep, black moon, etc? I can only speak for nyc where I’m from, but in the 90′s everybody had love for tribe, it wasn’t just backpackers and suburban kids.

    Trying to defend lupe for saying tribe wasn’t “hood” enough for chicago is straight ignorance, especially when lupe’s whole style borrows so much from them.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    There’s a difference from being a fan of a group and not recognizing the lane that they created for you to express your art.

    Who was more hard? The rapper who spits fantasy raps about gun-toting or the rapper who tries to find a way to express love and desire. I think most rappers that talk about guns and violence are blatant cowards and their rhymes are their compensation.

    Lupe’s failures aren’t his fault alone because his label has targeted internets sites that have been on the frontlines of promoting and supporting his music. Are you really looking forward to the release of ‘The Cool’? Or are you just saying that because you feel some kind of Chitown obligation top support him (Bears fans stand up)?

    • EReal

      I think Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind, Circle of Tyrants, Swollen Members, and plenty of other murder death kill rappers would disagree.

  • smog

    1st) i was thinking about this shit, cuase i was like damn bol has had alot of people die after he talked shit about them, i was wondering if bol ever felt guilty about that, but them i was like o yeah dudes life is talkin shit, so it was bound to happen
    2nd) co-sign lowend, funny that your name is the title of a tribe album, but yeah im the tribe listen to hyde park dude, lupe is in a differnet league man, dont try and classify him cuase it aint gonna work, thats why dude gets so much hate on the internets cuase all you dudes like to be labelin shit to make an arguement about the state of hip hop, lupe doesnt fit into any of your mc labels man,

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^ TPAR you are the queen of revisionist argumentation. You misquote and miscontrue sentences and whole drops to fit into your didactic and mostly ill-informed opinion.

    It apparently works for you as my style of submitting drops has worked for me. You have been the person to initiate the false personal attacks because I imagine that your computer contains a sarcasm and satire filter. I return all personal attacks with my own.

  • LowEndofDaChi


    Lupe’s handling of the Tribe situation was rather careless, I agree with you on that. I peeped his response to the backlash on okplayer and was suprised that homie actually had the balls to say something so stupid.

    I don’t think he doesn’t recognize the lane Tribe created, but I do think that he responded out of irritation with the hip hop purists who’re quick to crucify anyone from the wackest nigga in America to a brother they hold in the highest regard.

    And to answer your question, yeah, I do have a bit of a personal bias toward Lupe, having been raised in a Chicago household where pork was never a meal option. So while that does play some part in why I want that brother to win, I also think that he’s one of the illest lyricists of our time. I also look forward to the days when the music will once again be enough to speak for itself, b/c the purists are just as accountable for the WWF-ification of Hip Hop as the purveyors of dumbed down rap and the countless G-Unit/Game stans devoid of the capacity for critical thinking.

    Once again, sorry for the rant.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    In this comments section at XXL mag dot com you never need to apologize for ranting or having an opinion.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Wow … Can’t believe you people still be at each other’s throats over these drops.

    Anyhow …

    Billy, I know you appreciate hip hop so in spite of what you tried to convey in this blog, it would surprise me if you didn’t think that Lupe was a decent lyricist (in a cypha type situation). He’s does make great records but he can put rhymes together a degree above a lot of other MC’s. He’s the polar opposite of your boy, Lil’ Wayne.

    Again, this won’t translate into a lucrative rap career, but it will garner the respect of other lyricist (until you start talkin’ shit about ATCQ, but that’s another subject). The BET Award show Cypha’s were proof of this. There was one where Styles P had to come back for a second verse because Lupe killed them with his (then Styles redeemed himself with a lyric that said “my gun’s the barber, who want a part in they head ..”)

  • Kane Corleone

    I never thought cuz was that much of a gangster his rhymes do seem to lean more on the backpack spectrum of rap . I feel like Lupe does I never bumped that ATCQ like that a few songs and shit but not no whole album & I’m from that era . And why ya’ll fuckin with Tpar? Basically I like when everybody debates with the homie like he goes against 12 of you niggas at once and usually Bruce Lee ya’ll niggas .But BXS and TPAR both of ya’ll bring out the best shit when ya’ll go head up.All Hail the Pimp!!

  • dolo


    At dela and tribe Heyday the internets didnt exist. Im sure you had rap city perhaps ? or A Radio. Cats was fukkin wit tribe in da hood,to say otherwise is FICTITIOUS

    • LowEndOfDaChi

      Perspective is a sonuvabitch, ain’t it?

      I can’t speak on “da hoods” across America or where ever you grew up for that matter, but on the Low End of Chicago, brothers were not riding around bumping The Low End Theory.

      And that my friend, is nonfiction.

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  • these posts are racist

    I co-sign Lowend to the fullest.

    I’m about 2 years older than Lupe, and even though his response to the whole VH1 mis-rap was not done tactfully, I understood what Lupe was saying. Lupe characterized my experience with hip hop coming up and what we listened to, Spice 1, etc.

  • Casso

    I really thought XXL had scraped the bottom of the barrel with that talentless blogger Balls (ahem, Bol). But damn, this guy’s writing is horrendous.

    Try creating an outline next time before you vomit all over the page–seriously, this shit is REALLY bad. And I don’t mean the topic (which is fine, whatever it is), I mean the words on the page and the order you put em in.

  • Crocker

    Not that anybody here really gives a fuck what I have to say; but…..Why so much emphasis on who’s gangster and who’s not. God as my witness, if you are really out there….movin weight and performing jack moves, homicides, and etc., uh…where in the hell do you find the time to hone your rap skills. I mean, debating on whether or not Lupe Fiasco is a gangster or not is pointless. Dude is a lil’ self righteous ungrateful bitch who embarrassed himself on VH1 to a worldwide audience, flubbing lyrics to ATCQ and then having the nerve to say he never listened to them. Instead of apologizing to one of the most monumental groups in hip hop’s history and taking it on the chin like a man, he made fucking excuses. How big can a man’s ego really be not to show respect to the people that came before him in his chosen craft. Fuck it though. And on a totally unrelated note, R.I.P. to Chad Butler a.k.a. Pimp C. UGK 4 Life.

  • yeahman

    damn man dont fuck wit the bloggin angel of death like this or u might be next

  • ahaha

    everyone in these comments is gonna die…


    • Around and Around

      There’s a new study just published, maybe you saw it… causes death.

  • ty from linden blvd

    why is this clown still talking about that vh1 shit??

    welcome to 3-4 months ago.

    dude makes dope music.what happens if he drops a classic album??people still gonna hate him?


    no comment!!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    “what happens if he drops a classic album??”

    How are you gonna drop a classic album if you don’t recognize the classics that have come before you?

    Name a classic album that doesn’t recognize, and pay homage stylistically to its predecessors?

    I won’t deny that Lupe lacks the lyrical ability because he does have skills, but what is the point of having talent with no perspective? Sonn shouldn’t be afraid of being considered an imitation of anyone that has come before him if he has the staying power to create a body of work.

    Lacking an accurate timeline is some shit that a lot of you portray. The Vh-1 shit was broadcast on Oct.8th? ‘The Cool’ drops when?

    KanYe > Curtis was 3-4 months ago. What? You don’t have a calendar in your parent’s basement?

    • ty from linden blvd

      man i grew up on atcq,shit i’m from queens,seen the end of the 1st golden era and lived thru the second,lupe not being into atcq was a suprise but….dude’s 1st album was a super solid debut,and in time i think it could be considered classic,the kid is SUPER NICE….

      not nice like a cassidy or a lil wayne but nice like he could be a top 10 emcee with a few more good albums.

      he didn’t even diss atcq.get over it.and yeah i said it was 3-4 months i was wrong but it was long enough ago for u and people like ya self to get over it.

  • b-ease

    December 5th, 2007
    at 10:11 pm

    Casso says:

    I really thought XXL had scraped the bottom of the barrel with that talentless blogger Balls (ahem, Bol). But damn, this guy’s writing is horrendous.

    Try creating an outline next time before you vomit all over the page–seriously, this shit is REALLY bad. And I don’t mean the topic (which is fine, whatever it is), I mean the words on the page and the order you put em in.

    thats what im saying! it isnt even the topics, its all just REALLY poorly written!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Asso and Bitch-eezy,
    Take your bootlegg Woodward and Bernstein act to XXL Block Talk.

    Write your own well written weblogs where you can espouse on how much you enjoy tongue kissing really old men and holding warm spoons under their nuttsachs.

    Oh, you’re too lazy for all of that.


    • Casso

      That’s clever yo: A blogger calling someone lazy. (And the comments about kissing men are real dope too).

      But maybe I do write for a living, and maybe my editors give a fuck about quality in a way that XXL obviously doesn’t.

      Nah, I’m just bullshittin’. Keep it up man–this shit is really elevatin’ hip hop as a culture.

  • DevoG

    This shit right here nicca reaks of dick riding. Fuxed up part is your a better writer than he is. At least your shit aint some shock fantasy blog. Every other BoL
    post is some “I hate my black skin and yours” type shit. Billy please find another hero besids XXLmags resident Uncle Rukus. In the immortal words of Heavy D “dont be down with anybody, let them all be down with you”. Damn I went back for that one. What? You were expecting a lil wang line(lol). GTFOH!!!!!!

  • DevoG

    My bad. besides

  • Ghost Deini

    This is pretty bad. I usually like your stuff. Not a time to be funny and this was far from it….anything to say Bol’s name, huh? Are you Bol’s “weed carrier”? I hope not.


    THE UNDERWRITER is the blogging Angel of Death.


    New obituaries posted. The drought is over.

    Shout to Blacker Cracker, who missed me so much during my two week hiatus that he cried my name…

    blacker cracker says:
    December 7th, 2007
    at 12:07 am

    underspiter ran off with his tail between his legs

    Actually, that was my dick, and I obviously couldn’t run very fast – what with you swinging from my balls like you do.

    Damn, dude. Get a life and a friend.

    As if I ever left this bitch, huh Sunday?


    My cat just took a dump that was about 1000x more profound and stimulating than this blog post.


    Back to the subject…


    Nobody out here in Atlanta is bumping “Superstar.”

    Nobody is wondering when Lupe’s album is going to drop.

    I would be so bold as to assume that nobody outside of certain small stan circles are really checking for Lupe right now. And to be honest, I actually think Lupe is over-the-top dope. He’s a great MC.

    But I’ll be damned if he didn’t piss me the fuck off with that diatribe about Tribe. If he’s too bullheaded to know when to shut the fuck up, he’ll never get where he should be.

    Of course, he’s not going to do what I want, but I’d get over this shit real soon if he said, “You know what? That was some bullshit when I made those excuses about the VH-1 show, and I should have just said ‘I’m sorry’ for forgetting the lyrics. If you can’t forgive me for that, fuck you.”

    If he does that anytime before The Cool drops, I’ll start playing Chi-Town Guevara, that mixtape with DJ Envy, again the very next day. It’s still in the car, but it’s buried beneath Little Brother, Jay, Kanye, UGK, OutKast and yes…

    A Tribe Called Quest. The Low End Theory.

    Never piss off your support base, especially when they are purists. If we don’t get hyped about Lupe, are you seriously telling me that “mainstream” America will buy 1,000,000 copies of The Cool?

    The Drought is Over…

    • LowEndOfDaChi

      You make a valid point here fam, but to be honest, what albums has “mainstream America” bought a million copies of this entire year, hiphop wise?

      I do see where you’re coming from though, and if I came up on Tribe like that,I’d probably be pissed as well.

      I defend the brother (hometown bias nonwithstanding) b/c out of all the emcees of this new generation, he stands out as one that can truly add some balance to the game should he reach the coveted superstar status. How many other “mainstream” artists can you really play with your mother in the car without cringing every other bar?

      He does need to man up and issue an apology though, and even if that doesn’t happen I’ll still cop The Cool. If you really enjoy his shit like that, you should too.

      Let’s bring the shit back to the music, b/c at the end of the day that’s what really matters.

      I’m sure some of you will still disagree.

      Delete their replies for me Billy, I’ll send you a copy of The Cool in return.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Thank you UNDERWRITER.

    I obviously couldn’t have said it better

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