If you're into the Brooklyn hipster-hop scene at all, and I gather that most of you aren't, there's a chance you might have heard of Game Rebellion already. If not, I'm here to school you. As my esteemed colleague Billy X. Sunday recently pointed out in his "Five Hip-Hop Bands To Fuck With When You Ain’t Fuckin’ With No Rap Music…" post, these boys have been putting it down for a few years. I've seen them perform live, and as a dude who's pretty much spent his post-college years at hip-hop concerts, it was really eye-opening to see people of all races, ages, and genders, cramming into a mosh pit and going fucking crazy while these dudes were on stage. I couldn't fuck with that shit though, I'm too fragile.

Anyway, a few weeks back they released a project called Searching For Rick Rubin. It's essentially a re-interpretation- via the Game Rebellion band and their lead vocalist, Netic- of a bunch of tracks from Rick Rubin's catalog. The project was conceptualized by Jon Moskowitz, the cat who brought you the Biggie/Frank Sinatra mash-up mixtape Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy, but because this joint is all live music blended with samples and whatnot, it's actually a lot better from a production standpoint. And J Period came in to blend all the music together with his magic touch, so it's a nice cohesive project. Check out a couple of the songs.

"No Sleep Til BK" ft. Jean Grae, Math, and J Period

"Under The Brooklyn Bridge" ft. Martin Luther

"Mind Playin Tricks" J Period Remix

You should probably listen to the whole mixtape and then go download the entire project. These boys could be signed any day now, or at the very least be making a mosh pit out of your town's local watering hole.

-Paul Cantor