Bigger Than Hip Hop

I interviewed Biggie once and wrote 2 articles about it. One for ego trip and one for Urb (and knowing Raymond Roker he prolly still owes me some loot). Guess which one was my fave? Well it’s ego trip. We even had some flicks of the BK don smiling (Rachelle Clinton, where ya at?).

I picked dude’s brain at the Arista Records conference room and the funniest part of the hour long interview was when he made me turn the recorder off briefly so he could tell me about how he likes to puff blunts while banging chicks out. (He had just married Faye so that had to be OTR.)

I remember seeing dude once or twice after that. He would give me a pound and keep it moving. I remember duke had on a Bas Blasta hat at one of the events (I remember thinking to myself Big rocks promo gear just like my broke ass. He’s cool.)

But my favorite Chris Wallace memory is being at a private listening session for Life After Death at the Bad Boy studios. The king of NY was still ailing from the car accident where Lil Cease crippled him. And he sat waving his cane in the head when “Mo Money Mo Problems” came on and nodding with his eyes closed to “Kick in the Door.” All us Source editors sat around in awe like this album is incredible. It wasn’t just the sound system.

At the end of the session, we all had the opportunity to take individual flicks with Big in all his glory. But I (the guy who refused to take his high school photo) didn’t think twice, I passed.

Guess you gotta learn to live with regrets.

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  • YN

    First! Tell urself to stay up!

  • 911

    ..gimme a 2pac story…a few…

    Then in one blog tell what would make the perfect mc, the next blog the perfect rapper (there’s a difference) and a perfect album for another blog…

    • lleyo@dailydosehiphop

      i have to agree, im currently working on some sh!t


    Didn’t you put those ego trip flix of B.I.G. in XXL? I think I remember the one of him smiling. If not, I have an archive.

    Doing good. I know a nig is tired tho, unless you took my earlier advice…

    STAY UP.


    Dog, I don’t even know if that last one posted, but who gives an eff.

    I can’t believe you’re actually still typing. This shit is going to turn drastic in a minute. Mark my words…

    Yo, I’m LMMFAO right now. I can see you with one hand on the forehead and another on the keyboard. Keep it moving, pimp. This shit is a classic.

    I believe in God. I also believe you’re going to turn noodly in a minute. I’m staying up with you *EXTRA NOLO*. You’re in my time zone now, and I’m on my 5th drank. I’m so thoed in the game (25 Lighters).

    What’s next?

  • b-ease


    You’re killin em right now baby!

  • Chi-city

    Any encounters with Eminem YN? I’d love to hear about them!

  • Reymundoooooo

    Dang. See? That’s why I’ve never even pretended trying to be cooler-than-thou.

    Sorry, YN. You lost.

    RIP, Big Poppa.

  • Incilin

    Wow, that was a beautiful post laced with more humanity than most things I read.


    Yo, I just made a horrible drink.

    W. Carter style – three styrofoam cups with Creme de Menthe, vodka and Diet Pepsi. This shit sucks.

    Only the squares are saving the tastebuds right now…

    I’m about to make some coffee.

    STAY UP.

  • YN

    The Underwriter > The Undertaker (And I love ‘rasslin’. Pause.)

  • livefromny

    that’s some nice writing there.

  • ill G

    damn u had a chance to take a quick flick with BIG? and passed? wtf?? wow

  • Dave

    BIG, amazing talent.