Big Baby Jesus

Set it off! The Inspectah Deck:

“I popped a bottle on your born day, God
Tried hard not to cry, I still can’t hide the scar
And I still ask, why to God, analyzing your form
As I stood there beside your mom
And I share the blame, cuz you was calling for help, kid
Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, at the time, I was selfish
I carry on your struggle, each day it really hurts me
I really miss you Russell, hope you forgive me Dirty.”

Props to Jason Hunter. He kept it realer than most on the long-awaited ODB tribute track. I appreciate him being the only one to acknowledge things weren’t always copasetic with Dirt McGirt and the squad that gave him his start. (And what’s up with that weird mix breakdown at the 4:30 mark.)

Sidebar: I forgot that ODB actually collapsed while making a song in the Wu studio. In this cold-blooded era where everything is accessible some engineer today might have sold a gossip site or the fuckin’ Access Hollywoods of the world those recordings. You sickos are sick. Let those who are no longer here, rest in peace. Hallelujah holla back, my sleeping lil homies!

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    If only ODB were here, maybe 8 Diagrams wouldn’t have been Face-Offed.

    That is the biggest travesty of justice I can think of right now.

    But don’t tell Shad Moss’s bodyguard, “Big D”, I said that.


  • YN

    I got Toure in the fair one. Don’t sleep.

  • Thomas

    1st. Thinking the same thing. Deck’s verse>everyone else. He spoke the truth. A friend truley morning. Now if he can put those types of bars on his own LP. That would be nice.


    And Omarion walking around the ring carrying the “Round 1″ sign.

    Then going home crying to remix “Naked” with his brother after Toure cranks that pistol whip.


  • DANJA29

    Bow Wow was really goin’ reckless, wasn’t he? You thought for a second that he was gonna give Toure the Cheo Coker Special, but he was talkin’ bout “holla at me” and walkin’ away the whole time.

    Either way, yeah, ODB coulda saved that abomination… if not with his entertainment value alone, then definitely by his brutal honesty in telling RZA that his beats were dipped in weak sauce.


    Danja is still in the building!!!

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  • Josh

    Wow…How fortuitous (sp?)…I mention INS in a Comment, you mention him in a Blog!