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“I was never into girls I was just into my music.”—Biz Markie

When I was a teenager, fuck a date, I taped them all: Mr. Magic, Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Marley Marl, Doctor Dre, Jeff Foss, P-Fine, Wildman Steve, Awesome 2—my tape deck stayed in record mode.

Sometimes I would even tape over some previous hot shit (Hey I was a kid who knew rap would last. Ha!) Anyway a few days off gives me a chance to dig for goodies in my tree house.

This old brown box got some gems.

YN does 24 in 24! It’s OK to catch it.

Biz got melody

A popular drink and it still is.

I was 15 and no one would take me.

Essential scratch

Essential blend

Doug E got the feeling

More fuckery coming!

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  • Harlem King

    Yo, that New Edition blend was classic…I remember it and taped it myself..


    Uptown baby!

  • Incilin

    “Let’s go orange! Orange! Orange!” – lmao

  • livefromny

    you’re outta control

  • hatchet

    How do I download that essential blend man?:)

  • DANJA29

    Yo… that Kool Moe shit is beyond hilarious. Minute Maid Orange did use to be my shit tho’.

    DJ Yella Nigga was cuttin’ the fukk outta “Run” on that JMJ sh*t, lol.

  • DANJA29

    Props on the New Edition blend. The actual song sucks, but that blend…