“I was never into girls I was just into my music.”—Biz Markie

When I was a teenager, fuck a date, I taped them all: Mr. Magic, Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Marley Marl, Doctor Dre, Jeff Foss, P-Fine, Wildman Steve, Awesome 2—my tape deck stayed in record mode.

Sometimes I would even tape over some previous hot shit (Hey I was a kid who knew rap would last. Ha!) Anyway a few days off gives me a chance to dig for goodies in my tree house.

This old brown box got some gems.

YN does 24 in 24! It's OK to catch it.

Biz got melody

A popular drink and it still is.

I was 15 and no one would take me.

Essential scratch

Essential blend

Doug E got the feeling

More fuckery coming!