Big Apple Games Vol. 3

Scott La Rock Speaks 1

Scott La Rock Speaks 2

Scott La Rock Speaks 3

Two Kings

And how could I forget Stretch and Bob?! They came later but kept my Thursday nights sleepless.

Brand Nubian (No Puba) and (?) Freestyle 1

Freestyle 2

Freestyle 3

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  • bbatson

    watch this video. bridge is over video. Some of the rare video of scott.

    I still have, somewhere.. the audio of tim westwood interuptiong the show to report scott had just been killed.

    It’s crazy to imagine how krs may have sounded if scott hadn’t passed.

  • phantomfoetus

    Damn. Hip Hop’s Lennon & McCartney. It is crazy to imagine what would’ve happened had Scott lived. I hope KRS can get back to that frame of mind on the Duck Down release. He should really do an album centered around Scott LaRock. Bring Scott’s presence to the forefront, even though he’s gone.

  • j

    Shouts out to the Elliot with the old school radio episode. Yo that right there is hip hop battle with words. No disrepect of the man as a man but the art of competitive hip hop. Take lesson young boys. Scott La Rock was that boy. Be clear.