Big Apple Games Vol. 2

DJ Chucky D

This is how you drop

The Troop Report

Serious Lee Fine makes a video.

Good luck on Critical Beatdown.

Jalil sounds high… on life. (Allegedly!)

Whodini Pt. 2

Whodini Pt. 3

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  • DANJA29

    LMAO @ homie gettin’ a FAX about the Serious Lee Fine video.

    Jalil is wildin’…

  • Iglooo Sensei

    Magic’s ability to keep egos hell.bent.on.running.amuck at bay – without the entertainment value of the situation being held hostage – is classic material.

    E.W., this was a National Treasure II sized contribution to a rookie culture writer.

    My ego allows me to believe you intentionally posted this to empower me (yesh nigga, I said empower) to one day take one of your peer’s positions. Good lookin’ out, dun sun.

    I lost count of the oodles of “OOOOOOOOOOO” ‘s flying out of my mouth while dissecting those Rap Attack snippets – but I bet it was more times than Soulja Boy said on “Crank That”.