And Here’s Another Hit Barry Bonds…

I would argue that Hip-Hop was twenty eight years old this year. On some Hollywood age shit of course, but none the less. You’re supposed to be a grown ass man by the time your 28, but in the real world that shit don’t always pan out that way. You could find yourself homeless if not for your parent’s basement. If you spend the time wisely you too could end up blogging for the new millennium Jet magazine online cousin.

Maybe you have a bigger aspiration than the aforementioned. Good. Make it happen for yourself. Even in these last days you still control your future. And so does Hip-Hop. As rap music approaches its thirtieth birthday maybe its time for emceeing to move back into its parent’s home again. To save up some equity and develop the kind of character you need to live the rest of your life with. You don’t want Hip-Hop to end up as the old man in the club that no one wants to fuck with?

What’s the key to re-tooling rap music? [ll] pause to the last question. Rap music has enough tools right now. The artistic output is what needs reconfiguration. This new content has to be supported by the consumer as well. How many folks copped that Wu shit today? I didn’t buy it either my dudes, but that’s because I haven’t left the basement since I came home from the Mayweather fight. Floyd Jr. is like the Wu-Tang Clan. Homeboy ain’t nothing to fuck with.

I’m beginning to wonder if you dudes by ANY records at all. None of you bought the Fifty Cent album, rightfully so, but you clowns bought the Massacre two years ago. So what’s the problem now? Jay-Z’s ‘American Gangster’ was unquestionably better than his ‘Kingdome Come’ offering and still none of you have copped ‘A.G.’. You made Jigga struggle to secure RIAA gold certification. I don’t expect Ghostface’s tally from last week to overshadow any of the major label releases this year even though the rumors are that his album is on the level of ‘Supreme Clientele’.

Rap music continues to lose credibility mostly because its fans have lost their faith. Is it because you are all reeling from the deaths of legendary artists and/or up and coming weedcarriers? Are you feeling a burnout from the constant indictments leveled at female rappers while none of them can simultaneously release any music worth listening to? Maybe you dudes are still upset from the inability of your favorite artists to remember rap lyrics? As if these dudes had anything else other than skateboarding in skinny jeans to occupy their study time. T.I.’s arrest put you into a Hip-Hop boycott?

What will it take to get you bums into BestBuy? If you won’t come out and show love to the great artists of the genre then who will you support?


Yeah, Lil’ Wang drops in February.

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    Jay-z already gold and will be platinum at christmas at least get your facts right fatboy

  • Jax

    Rap fans are the most disloyal fans in music, bu t why should I pay 15-20 for sumthin´ I can download in a few minutes for free??!!

    Good Post!!!!!!!

    • best to never do it

      rap fans arent disloyal but why send money on cd’s when you turn on mtv cribs doesnt look like they are starving hell, i support artist not some who only raps cause the trap has dried up. and him and his coons think rap is the new dope game.

  • Makaveli

    Real talk…

    You get what you pay for!

  • Fools Talk Wise men Listen

    Big Doe Rehab was like an audio movie, so was american gangster but I mean people feel like why buy the album when I can burn it from my nigga. I buy my albums, i would feel guilty downloading, stealing etc. an artists work.

    But these rappers man i’m tellin u they not comin hard enough like they did in the 90′s
    One day a rapper gon come and restore the faith and lil wayne…he’s great but he not gonna come with a resonable doubt, ready to die, illmatic type album

  • Around and Around

    That’s easy, all blame can be laid at the feet of free downloads.

    Why pay 20 bones for a CD when you can get it for 200 blank CD’s for the same price and spend hours at the computer filling them up??

  • EReal

    Why buy shit you can get for free?

    • EReal

      (no gangsta grizzzzeils)

  • Combat Jack

    Good post dude. It’s just very focking hard for me to buy music after being raped [||] by the infamous music industry for so many cot-damned years.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    “What will it take to get you bums into BestBuy? If you won’t come out and show love to the great artists of the genre then who will you support?”

    Well, if someone can drive me there and the gov. can give me more money, I can buy albums. But nah, I do cop albums that impress the hell out of me. When your boy hits the NY, I will be copping some ish.

  • og bobby j

    The reasons no one is coppin music is because the availability of the music has increased so greatly. whether it be the computer, satelitte radio, hd radio or whatever, shit is just to available. I remember back when you had to get the cd in order to hear the newest shit. Either that or record tapes of the funk flex show (hard to get a ticket…)from the radio. Best case scenario is that you copped a bootleg from the chinese cat on the bus or the dude who comes into the barber shop.

  • jza

    Its not that complicated. Internet downloads, Nuff said.

  • EReal

    I usually go by the ethos of “If you rap about money, you aren’t gettin it from me”

    I support those I think need it. Like charity kinda. This year I copped Red, Joell, Sean Price, Psycho Relm, Immortal, Strong Arm, ect. and some mixtapes here and there. Its a pretty good idea, I think. That and if you do a show in my town. If I havent seen you live in a year, Im not buyin your shit. With exception in a few cases, like Red had been sleepin so I gave him a pass. Most I saw in Miami.

    So if you rap about money and dont do shows in my town, you arent gettin sheeeeeiiiiittt.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Blame taxes and gas prices, oh, and the price of food…

  • ri067953

    Come on Billy, you gots to be kidding me. You don’t know the reason why noboday is buying albums anymore? Hip-hop is a music that is consumed mostly by teenagers. I am 30 and proud of it and grew up in the second coming of the Golden era which was the early to mid-ninties. That is when you had to go to the Sam Goodies and Tower Records to cop shit. The youth nowadays live in a purely digital age and get their shit via computer. They have no idea of what it means to support an artist when the format they listen to their music on is so disposable. They may listen to Ghostface, but going out and buying an album of a man in his late 30′s spitting lyrics isn’t what teens are spending their money on nowadays. Nowadays, I download most of my music because of the convience of it but I will go out and buy an album to support an artist such as Scarface or anybody else that still puts forth time and effort to create great music. Too bad the youth doesn’t do the same

  • Moniker

    People blamin the shit on cd’s costin 10-15 dollars are absolute bullshit. It’s not like there weren’t poor people in the 90s. Get it together and buy CDs. There’s no feeling quite like the hyped up feelin you get when opening a CD.

  • Casper

    Music sucks nowadays, point blank

    Yeah… I didn’t buy Jay’s album, so what

    Didn’t bother downloading either

  • daz_oc

    Yes music does suck nowadays but I still sometimes buy cds. Every Tuesday(depending on whats coming out) you can find me at the local best buy. if shit aint worth copping Ill Itunes it. If someone can tell me a good free way of downloading ill do that. Limewire sucks


    *Co-sign Combat Jack*

    The business gets what it deserves.

    But on another lev, it’s gonna take more Kanyes and less Curtises. We need rappers that take creative risks and can be accepted across the board. Better music, less unnecessary profanity, more cultural relevance, real artistry. Intelligence and the ability to be communicate your views won’t hurt either when you deal with the media.

    And Kanye even proved that downloads don’t affect good product and proper planning, lined up with a good PR stunt that doesn’t make the artist look stupid (like a new murder case). Hell, you don’t even have to be light-skinded anymore to be universally liked, even though Barack Obama is definitely bringing my people back from cultural exile.

    If a really dope Hip-Hop album came out in the next 6 months, on par with The Chronic, The Score, Life After Death, All Eyez on Me, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, The Marshall Mathers LP

    Shit would change.

    Oh, and of course rappers from The South would have to stop biting each other’s songs for ringtone dough (Rocko – Jeezy; all Snap music rappers).

  • Casso

    Quote from Chris Rock:

    “Music kind of sucks. Nobody’s into being a musician. Everybody’s getting their mogul on. You’ve been so infiltrated by this corporate mentality that all the time you’d spend getting great songs together, you’re busy doing nine other things that have nothing to do with art.

    “You know how shitty Stevie Wonder’s songs would have been if he had to run a fuckin’ clothing company and a cologne line?… Rap sucks, for the most part. Not all rap, but as an art form it’s just not at its best moment. Sammy the Bull would have made a shitty album. And I don’t really have a desire to hear Warren Buffett’s album – or the new CD by Paul Allen. That’s what everybody’s aspiring to be.”

  • colin

    haha, nice ending to the post..

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso

    damn Billy you ain’t hear Big Doe Rehab yet?

    to me it’s like the New Millineum “Supreme Clientele”……. some people even rediscovered that Meth is one of the illest MC’s to survive the 90′s in his own right between the new Wu collective album and Ghost’s new joint……….

    it’s a very cinematic album and i’m glad Ghost was able to get all the Wu foundation on the album, even some live audio of ODB at, what i’ll assume, was a show at the House OF Blues in LA or perhaps even an old Rock The Bells show out there in Cali via the 90′s………

    but of course this shit will be overshadowed by albums of dudes who rock fruity colors and talk about incoherent ant-shit…….

  • Jew-Z

    the reason is that i just got that lupe while i was reading this post. it’s way to easy to download for free, plus most of the music comin out isn’t worth the trip to the store, let alone the 15 dollars.


    good stuff came out and i am buying it. i could not get the scarface it’s sold out. i bought freeway,beans,ghost,wu,50,kanye and i want my money back from that kanye joint. that cd sucks balls and big brother was a gay letter to jay-z. i bought at least 20 rap cd’s or more this year. it had lots of good stuff that came out.heh jew z you go the first week the cd comes out it only will cost you 10 bucks.

    • Jew-Z

      i rather buy a sack and listen to a burned copy

      • BIGNAT

        the majority of people share your attitude i feel the same way whenever i buy a crappy album.

  • tha_face

    Billy, didn’t you have a blog that said Curtis was fif’s “latest and greatest” album???

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      If he did, I shall smfh.

      GRODT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CURTIS>>>>>>>>>VALENTINE’S DAY ALBUM

      • EReal

        50 Cent is the future > Any major 50 release.

        Even tho Still Will and Man Down are my shit.(Un edited version- its on the sabrina’s baby boy g-unit radio 25)

  • LowEndofDaChi

    Props Billy.

    Its funny how these Hip Hop fans can bitch and complain about the price of cd’s but waste incredible amounts of money on other shit. Continue to keep the weedman in fresh jordans, but won’t support quality albums for shit.

    That shortage of good music argument is really dead. Little Brother, Jay, Ghostface, Kanye, The Wu, Styles P, Freeway, Talib, Common, and UGK have all dropped exceptional albums this year. I can honestly say this has been one of the most memorable 4th quarters in years.

    You ungrateful niggas make me sick. Go support your own and stop complaining about how dead the shit is. On my mama.

  • Incilin

    This is a good post, and yeah I aint bought any record in years. The truth is, if I bought a record I wouldn’t even have a reason to rip the packaging off. Before it gets released I would have it in on mp3 player. What would the point of buying it really be? I wouldn’t even copy it to my computer. The only way I really support artists is by going to shows, that’s bout it.

  • Ali

    I gotta admit I was on tha download game ever since I liked rap (1999) but back then I was a rookie fan lol I downloaded everything & thought it was tha shit………I didn’t develop an acquired taste for REAL hip hop til 06, believe it or not, and since then i’ve been buyin Cd’s…..I bought ghostface, styles p, scarface, and beanie sigel just THIS month….ima get Lupe too……..KEEP BUYING PPL!!

  • Engl 105

    Ilegal downloading is a serious crime. Not only are you stealing from the artist, but you are also taking money from people that work to produce the cd. When you download a song you are not only affecting the singer but also alot of regular people. Buying a cd is the better way to listen to music and be a true devoted fan.